We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Jerlicia Hobson | Professional Makeup Artist

Some habits that helped me succeed were definitely to follow my own voice and allow myself time to indulge in self care. Often times were caught up in what everyone thinks, does or says, so for me, I had to find ways to deal with people and things thrown my way by finding my own voice on what I believed and wanted for MY business. It became healthy to create the narrative I wanted for what I considered successful. The best habit I developed came from me knowing that I need to make sure I’m good before I can be good for anyone else. Self care is definitely key. Read more>>

Geo Santini | Film maker/Actor

I found that the most important habit to succeed is time management and dedication. For myself to succeed at any goal, I have to structure it in a time frame and in that period of time, dedicate 80 percent of that time in achieving that goal. So just a quick example. Im working on a show that I need to have the pilot script ready by the end of the year, so my time frame is to have the complete 40 page pilot in three months, so that means in that three month I will dedicate at least six days a week on writing with five days of that week dedicating a minimum of 5-7 hours towards that project and on the sixth day a minimum of 2 hours. Then I will plan the rest of my life around that schedule until that goal is complete to 100 percent of my satisfaction. I think this works well for many things some might require more time some less but I believe, at least for me this is a great way to accomplish my professional goals. Read more>>

Scott Ash | Video Editor & Motion Graphics Designer

Always be working, always be looking, always be learning. It takes a ton of hustle to succeed in any creative field. As a video editor clients always want to see a very specific work sample that pertains to their project before they’ll consider hiring you. I’ve developed a habit, for better or for worse, of taking on new jobs constantly and casting my net as wide as I can. This way, I’m continually getting exposure to new video genres and styles. It makes me a more versatile candidate when searching for new gigs. Read more>>

Michael Sutherland | Composer for Film & Media

I feel that, in order to be successful, one of the most important habits to have is to constantly ask yourself – “am I being effective?”. As humans, the most valuable resource we have is time. To get the most out of yourself – and the most out of life – it is important to check and see where you can simplify and round out edges in your life, and reduce time wasted. Read more>>

Andre’ Pelzer | Actor

I think the main one would have to be discipline. When I decided to move to LA, discipline was going to be key because there’s so many vices that can keep you away from your destiny and get you easily distracted. Also, I think being grounded and knowing who you are as an artist helps in business transactions and how you deal with the people in this industry. A daily morning regiment of stretching and reading positive affirmations has always helped me get my day started. It’s great because some of these daily habits I do subconsciously without even thinking about it. Read more>>

Paul Lauden | Actor, Producer, Thriver

When producing my sketches, I make a conscious decision to treat the project as an experience that could positively impact everyone involved. My goal is to create a fun memory while working together toward a goal. Taking this approach gives the attention to the group, including every individual so they know they each person carries value. I feel it benefits the cast, crew and ultimately the outcome of the film…creating a wonderful memory. Read more>>

Leo Gonzalez | Content Creator & Producer

I have continued to explore different opportunities when certain doors closed or when there was a lot going on in my personal life. I didn’t want to stop working, or stop trying to see if something else would work– even if I didn’t see something blossom immediately, I felt that it was adding to the overall picture, or the overall experience. I just have always kept walking. Read more>>

Patrick Cunningham | SAT / ACT Tutor and Educational Director, MightyPrep

“Staying close to the customer” is a habit I continue to cultivate in my work as an educator and business person. I’m continually learning how great teachers not only guide their students, but also accompany them. Carefully listening to young people — to their anxieties, goals, and dreams — is the first step to helping them succeed in a meaningful, sustained way. Likewise, the same principle holds true when working with their parents. As a parent of school-age children myself, I know that, while I want clear answers and expert advice, I also want an ally and a sounding board. Read more>>