There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Lux Angeles Studios | Film Studio

We would say work ethic… Mixed with the fact that we all specialize in different aspects of the business. Individually, we all have the capabilities to be successful freelancers, but when you combine the 4 of us and take into consideration our individual work ethics, we can’t be beat. We got to where we are because our clients trust us and we’re reliable. We’re also very transparent with our clients and we always put the maximum effort in to make sure that whatever we’re working on is done to the best of our abilities. Read more>>

Natalie Nicole Gilbert | Writer, Songwriter, Producer & Vocalist

Learn the rules, then break them. It’s not just an idea or concept, and it’s frankly not comfortable to do. You will always face backlash and whiplash for not going the same direction as everyone else. But as much as everyone likes to follow and lean into trends, you’ll never set the trends if you wait to step into them when they’ve already begun. To be the trendsetter and break free from the mold, you have to dare to try things before others and before you feel fully ready. Read more>>

Patricia Gispert | Cookie Baker – Dessert Enthusiast

I always believe that in anything we do in our lives, if it comes from from a good place in our hearts, it will always thrive, and Cookie Chaos is not an exception. When I started Cookie Chaos almost 2 years ago, I took the opportunity to use my passion for baking to create and share delicious cookies & desserts with Filipino/Asian-inspired flavors to the community. This is also translated to making sure we use top-quality ingredients and utilize best-practices when preparing these cookies. Read more>>

Dr. Brendan Nierenberg | Doctor in Psychology, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I think what’s important is authenticity and genuine kindness. We live in such an advanced world today and there are so many options when it comes to directions in life, opportunities, technology, and services. But unfortunately what we are lacking greatly is a pure authentic connection to one another. I make it my personal mission to make sure everything I do is authentic from social media, podcasts, and speeches to psychotherapy. When people watch my videos or reach out for therapy services, I want them to know they are seeing and connecting with a real person who whats to understand them and help them. Secondly, we need kindness, Read more>>

DJ Fraioli | Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Bodybuilding Prep Specialist

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand, goes all the way back to 2013 (before I even knew what I was building). You see I was overweight my whole life. I used food as my coping mechanism, during good times and bad. It was my go to during my parents divorce. This poor relationship with food also led to me reaching 245 lbs. I was depressed, not exercising and now being in college I was drinking a lot. Read more>>

Ziari Aguilar | Realtor

My success in my work and in my life has always come from building relationships. Buying and/or selling a home is not just transactional. There are a lot of emotions involved in this life-altering decision. Because of this, it’s important to me that my clients feel safe and informed when they talk to me. Relationships are important in Real Estate and I’m proud to say that I have many repeat clients who trust me and refer their friends and family. I’ve always found that being completely transparent in both easy and difficult situations that arise during the sale is what generates the best responses from my clients. Read more>>

Marc Afzal | Real Estate Investor & Broker

The most important factor behind my success and success of my brand boils down to these 5 important aspects: 1. Being intentional and taking ownership 2. Moving on from the research stage quickly into action, being afraid to take actionable steps can hold anyone back. 3. Focusing on money making objectives instead of spending time on shiny objects. 4. Take Action and stop avoiding action, and show up everyday with intent to succeed. Read more>>

Alexandra Kiladjian | Social Media Manager & Content Creator

Believing in myself! The more you believe in your brand, the more successful it’ll be! I spent a lot of time doubting my ability to create a successful business and once I stopped feeling “imposter syndrome”, I was able to think outside the box and grow my business into something I was proud of. Read more>>

Nelo Phiri | Life Skills Instructor

The most important factor behind my success is God. God is the reason I maintain faith in the ability to exceed my possibilities. The success of my brand is based on self awareness. I don’t do it for the gram, or yearn for a like or a share. I do, what I do for the purpose of instilling fundamental values and to journal our growth, including my own. Read more>>

Paige Zilba | Content Creator

I firmly believe that success is defined differently by each and every person. Where life often presents opportunities for us to follow set pathways towards a goal, I have found felicity in creating my own roads less traveled. My mindset on success has granted me the confidence to express myself and find opportunities in authentic ways. I remember growing spending hours upon hours learning how to do anything music related if I could. A lot of people say, “kids are like sponges,” but often forget how dignifying it is to maintain that desire for learning in adulthood. Although I too get distracted by the exhausting responsibilities of adulthood, I have not lost my excitement for learning and discovering new things. Read more>>

Shonta Gibson aka Queen G | Entertainment Blogger /Interviewer, Author, writer mother, wife

Keeping God first, and following the path of my heart. Usually the direction of my heart and intuition never fails me. I’ve been an entertainer for almost 30 years, and every step that I take, I pray about it and step out in faith. Read more>>

Jean Pierre Fouladian | Jean Pierre Jewelers

Honesty and trust are the single most important factors behind the success of Jean Pierre Jewelers. That, with providing high quality jewelry and unparalleled workmanship, have allowed me to gain the trust and loyalty of the community, and now nationally. The couple I helped purchase an engagement ring 25 years ago comes back for every birthday, anniversary, and special occasion in between; now, I am custom designing their daughters wedding ring. We are the local jeweler that has been on the corner for as long as you can remember, and with that comes a tradition of honesty, trust, and exquisite workmanship. Read more>>

Eloiza Tecson | Managing Partner

The most important factor behind my personal and company success is surrounding myself around people and mentors that can elevate me. I believe in the quote, “If you want to go fast, do it yourself. If you want to go far, do it together.” Whether it is through my podcast, The Drift, where I invite incredible thought-leaders to share their experiences, or whether it is through my venture firm where our team supports founders and entrepreneurs in fueling their company through relationships, capital, and strategies, it is important that we lean on one another – learn from each other – to grow personally and professionally. Read more>>

Danny Cortes | Miniature street artist

God ! without him none of this would have been possible he gave me a talent to make a way when the world shut down , also my determination and will to never give up another important factor is my love and passion for the craft. I enjoy what i do i love the joy my art gives people. Read more>>

Mady Maio | Founder & Podcast Host

Community is the reason Camber exists and is successful today. Before we even started working on the prototype of our app that allows you to share your favorite places with friends, we created the world of Camber. We wanted to crystallize the feeling of exploration and giddiness that washes over people when they access the brand. Because of this, people instantly feel a part of what we’re building. Read more>>

Travis Tomasie | World Champion

Without a doubt the most important factor would be unrelenting persistence. There have been so many challenges and obstacles along the way. I’ve had to stay focused, and at moments, take one step at a time and never allow an impediment to stop forward momentum. I’ve found it’s beneficial to reframe these challenges as a positive experience. One that will ultimately make me better at what I do and create a stronger overall brand. Read more>>