There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Kendra Hall | Founder, Author, CEO, Survivor

The most important factor behind my success has been positive thinking. Being abandoned by my parents while I was 13 and pregnant, allowed me to experience a multitude of scenarios I was totally unfamiliar with. I had to rebuild myself; over and over, no matter the magnitude or stress of the situation. Read more>>

Ericka Lopez | Owner & CEO of HoneyBox Bakersfield

People matter the most to me! When I think of being successful I think of the kind of imprint both myself and my product are leaving. It’s important to me that the people who entrust us to create spreads for them feel heard. valued, and seen. We love to create a custom and individualized experience that “wows” but also feels intentional. Read more>>

Nolan Harmon | Actor, model and fashion designer

I’d say for me it’s not been just one thing. It’s been a variety of different factors. For one, my work ethic. I refuse to be outworked and am easily my own harshest critic. Definitely a double-edged sword, but I want to be the best so bad that I will do anything until I reach that level. Read more>>

Tiffany Young | Christian & Realtor

The most important factor behind my success is my relationship with God. My relationship with God is the anchor and foundation for my success that has provided the faith I needed to believe all things are possible with him (Mark 10:27). As a human, I have many limitations but with God there are no limits. There is no lack of opportunity in him. Read more>>

Hannah Furrier | Founder

Gold Baby’s success can be attributed to the relationships with build with our clients. Our mission is to provide a creative, hands-on experience our clients enjoy, and a finished product they’re obsessed with. Working side-by-side with our clients gives us an up-close understanding of their needs, and gives them a behind-the-scenes look at the thoughtfulness (+ love) that goes into each custom order. Read more>>

Annie Varvaryan | Licensed Clinical Psychologist

There are many essential factors when it comes to success so it is hard to narrow it down to only one. But when reflecting on the progress we have made at Couch Conversations Psychotherapy and Counseling, Inc., the biggest factor that comes to mind is consistency. Read more>>

Debbie Adler | CEO of Global LA

I think the most important factor for me personally – and I hope for Global LA – is being genuine, authentic, and trustworthy. I focus my energy on the people I’m meeting and take an interest in what they need and who they are. I listen, ask questions, and am sincerely curious about what makes people tick. With respect to my colleagues, partners, and stakeholders – I care about the well-being of others and always come from a place of being that cheerleader and champion for other people’s success. Read more>>

Corey Byrdsong | A independent hip hop artist better known as Ice Meez “”

The most important part about pursuing a artistic career for me has been focusing on consistency. I learned that if you do anything long enough you will develop the ability to do it more efficiently

Faith Emmanuel Faith | Human Resource Professional and Employability skills trainer.

I am largely driven by the need to add value to others. I am keen about the impact I am able to make by creating a product (digital and physical) or offering services that provide solutions that meets people’s needs. Read more>>

cheni yerushalmi | Founder of Cielos / ReGrouping Movement

Personal success is from learning from the past to learn how everything connects. I am a serial entrepreneur who has learned to adapt and understand what makes me happy to extend to a professional level. For the brand, it is focusing on authentic connection that comes from bringing like-minded people together. Read more>>

Dinah Sampson | Post Op Guru

The most important factor for me is the name of my brand, Legacy. I chose the name because as a daughter of 2 immigrant parents leaving something for generations to come is important to me. Leaving a Legacy so that my children and childrens children have something’s to have gives me so much joy. My father was a businessman, not a successful one 😂but 1 thing about him, he never ever quit at trying. I get that from him Read more>>

Betsey Carter | Potter

Be kind. These two short words are, I believe, at the heart of our interactions with each other. Simply being kind to one another would resolve so many of our issues, misunderstandings, and conflicts. Read more>>