There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Sally Hayes | Prenatal & Postpartum Massage Therapist

There is no substitute for educating yourself and putting in the work when it comes to achieving success. I’ve been practicing massage therapy for 21 years and the most important factor behind my success is my reputation. The majority of my clientele is through word of mouth from previous clients that I’ve worked with through their pregnancy and postpartum period. Read more>>

Baily Hancock | Collaboration Consultant, Workshop Facilitator & Host

I’d be nowhere if it weren’t for my community of friends, colleagues, partners, and clients who have supported me in countless ways throughout the life of my business and long before I ever became an entrepreneur. My very first client came through a connection from a former coworker, and nearly every client since has come from a referral of someone in my network. Collaboration isn’t just about promoting one another’s brands, it’s about the ongoing support you give your partners by amplifying their messages and making connections whenever possible. Nobody achieves great things alone, and my community is to thank for any success I’ve ever had. Read more>>

Khoa Nguyen | Wedding Photographer

One of the most important factors behind my success is always seeing my clients as people as opposed to a deal or contract. I have always taken pride in the relationships that I have built with all the clients that I have worked with and in some situations we have become great friends. I am a very compassionate and understanding person and I work with all my couples in times of hardship. When it comes to my photography, I love to capture special and candid shots that help tell their true love story. I enjoy getting to know my couples and having them feel comfortable with being themselves during their photo session. Seeing their personalities shine through the lense is why I enjoy doing what I do. Read more>>

Dominick Aznavour | Photographer

The biggest factor I would attribute to the success of my photography is starting out as a jack-of-all trades. I think it’s incredibly important to be well versed in multiple genres of photography BEFORE really nailing down your brand. There is such a misconception now to find a niche from the get-go, especially in the world of social media. Although that is incredibly important down the line, I don’t feel that you can achieve a truly solid foundation to your niche unless you’ve experimented with multiple categories. The more I experimented with photography whether that be food, portraits, fashion, engagements, etc…. there was something I learned from each category which further solidified my voice as a photographer. Read more>>

Amber Monique | Plus-size Model

The most important factor behind my success is, applying myself. Application creates success, because you never know where one attempt can get you. Never get tired of applying. Read more>>

Sandra Jersby | Fascial Stretch Therapist, Certified FRC Mobility Specialist, Thai Massage Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, & NASM PT/CES/PES

The success behind my brand have been an on going combination of constantly staying current in my field by always learning new things and new modalities in both the training and bodywork area that I provide to my clientele. In addition, the human connection factor of reaching out and networking at health and wellness events, and keeping a good report with current and past clients. For me I’m very passionate about what I do and I have a genuine care for my clients and their success of their health so keeping a relationship beyond just being my client and really becoming more of a trusted friend have nourished my client relationship and led to numerous other referrals and the growth of my business. Read more>>

Chhavi Verg | Miss NJ USA 2017 & Miss USA 2017 First Runner-Up

“Aim for the moon; even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.” I first remember seeing this quote in my 7th grade English class. To this day, I am not sure why this quote, out of the many I have encountered in my life, has stuck with me; however, I can tell you that it has pushed me time and time again to step out of my comfort zone. I think for any sort of growth to occur; you need to push yourself to do uncomfortable, challenging things. I think one of the most significant factors behind all that I have achieved is setting goals for myself that are so big that I usually don’t even know how to begin accomplishing them. I set the intention that there is a way for the goal to be met and start researching ways I can achieve it. The process of working towards a goal is where I learn the most. Read more>>

Vicky Nguyen | Business Owner of Yummmm!Bar & Yoga Instructor

The most important factor behind the success of my brand are my customers and strong support system of mentors, friends and family. Without them, my drive and passion could have easily dissolved. One of the best advice I received from a friend was “The minute you feel like quitting…DON’T.” Surrounding myself with people who are eager to dream BIG is extremely important because doubt and fear can easily leak in our minds and paralyze us. During these unprecedented times, pivoting with purpose has been my new norm. In moments where everything seems to change daily, I lean heavily on my support system to lift my energy, stir up creative ideas, and discover solutions to challenges. Read more>>

Rawl Paredes | Dark Goth Photographer

I think staying consistent in what my style is. People know when they work with me, its going to be different then your ordinary photo shoot. Always reminding people on social media that i am still here doing what i do. Taking chances is major, you have to be persistent but not pushy, its a fine balance. Read more>>

Jerome Shaw | Photographer, Director & Photobooth Business Owner

The most important factor behind my business is practice, patience, and persistence. Over the past 12 years, I have learned my craft as a photographer from constant learning from trial and error and being persistent with the idea of leaning to get better. Without these, I would have not survived as a photographer. Read more>>

Kiaundra Jackson | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, TV Personality, Award-Winning Speaker & Bestselling Author

There are four important elements (C.O.P.A) to my personal success and the success of my brand: Consistency, Opportunities, Prayer and Authenticity. Consistency: This is one of my superpowers. Consistency will always separate you from those who are lack tenacity, energy or drive to reach their goals. My motto has been to show up consistently across my brand online and offline. So when people meet me in person, read my books, see me on TV or hear me speak on stages, they feel the true authenticity of my brand. Opportunities: Another important factor to my success is seizing opportunities that come my way. I take calculated risks with my brand. I am not afraid to invest money, time, energy or collaborate in a manner in which I have not done before. Staying in your comfort zone will keep your business stagnant. Scared money does not make money! Read more>>

Angela and Joy Wabi | Hair Stylist

Let’s be real, people see all the photos on Instagram of girls with flawless wigs and baby hairs laid to perfection. They want to achieve that LOOK. You see, the most important factor behind the success of our brand is simple. We figured, let’s make that look possible for everyone! Here at WabiWigs we pride ourselves in providing quality, beginner friendly units that will give you the confidence to be able to do your hair yourself, so you too can develop your inner stylist! Read more>>

Nisié Palacio | Professional Makeup Artist & Licensed Esthetician

Bad Gyal Certified would not be successful without the team of people that support & believe in me. That is the driving force that propels me forward everyday. Not only do they keep me grounded, but they give me the confidence to take risks I need to make to succeed. Your team not only has your back emotionally, but will also be your mouthpiece when you’re not in the room. I have been fortunate enough to work on projects with big names because of the referrals that were spoken on my behalf. Those moments are blessings. I am a firm believer in “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Then you show up and pass every professional expectation. I honestly wouldn’t have been given these opportunities otherwise. Read more>>

AJ Schmidt | Business Development, Online Trainer & Dancer

There are a couple of different things that are the most important factors that relate to my success. The first thing is who am I listening to, meaning only listening and taking advice from people who have what I want and have been where I am at. Secondly I consider my teach-ability index to be extremely high. What I really mean by that is my willingness to learn and willingness to except change to further my success is always there. I have been able to sacrifice certain things such as time, money, and having a balanced lifestyle in order to be successful. I will be teachable until the day I die. The next one is the fact that I always go forward with things because of the why first and the how second. The why is my dreams, my goals and my ambitions, and the how is my actions, strategies and action steps to get to my goal. Read more>>

Donna Sugimoto | Jewelry Designer & Owner/Partner

If you can turn your creative ideas and concepts into something people resonate with, all while enjoying the process, you and your brand are on the right track. The basic foundation behind SOLSISS is jewelry with intention. We aspire to spread more Solful Synergy—Positivity, Joy and Harmony— into the world through each handcrafted piece we create. We’ve been fortunate to have such positive responses from our customers and community who are wearing and sharing our designs. When we hear comments like, “I don’t know what it is about this bracelet, but I don’t want to take it off,” or “I love how I feel when I’m wearing my jewelry,” we feel our intention of spreading good vibes into the world is manifesting. SOLSISS is fulfilling our purpose and it inspires us to keep on “keeping on.” Read more>>

Megan Child | Director of Hospitality and Concierge Services

When building our services, we start by standing in the shoes of our clients – we envision their lives and forecast what it is that they’ll require to alleviate stress and meet the needs they don’t even know they have. Before being a fashion company we are a service and experience company, so we ask ourselves, what would shopping look like if it were easy? What kind of experience would make personal style rewarding, as opposed to overwhelming? We create audacious goals and then work backwards, trying to find ways to implement them. Putting ourselves in the world of our customers, seeing everything through their eyes rather than our own, is what has led to the success of MiKADO and allowed us to stand out amongst our competitors. Read more>>

Aline & Alena Petunia | Petunia Twins Ink

Our success is to be unique and colorful. Our two pink Tattoo shops called “Petunia Twins Ink” bloom in the heart of Hollywood. They are focused on professional high end tattoos and custom designs for an incomparable customer experience. Our inspiration is our nature so we live the vegan lifestyle and offer vegan tattoos as a special service. Since vegan lifestyle is on the rise, many people want their tattoos to be cruelty free. We chose the petunia flower as our brand, because the flower reflected us. Everyone searches for the best way to live and grow. So like the petunia flower, petunias will grow in positive energy and therefore develop strength. Like our pink Tattoo Shops! We love vibrant colors and it’s very important to us that tattoos keep their shine over time. Read more>>

Melanie Lin | Entrepreneur & Yoga Instructor

Authenticity, 100%. The entire motivation behind Myridian and starting this company was to remain authentic to my personal values and goals in life. Through building this business, I have had the opportunity to translate my authentic passion for health and wellness into a full-time career of empowering others to living their most powerful, healthy selves. As a part-time yoga instructor, I have connected with hundreds of students and have been able to provide a safe, sacred space for them to learn, process, heal and grow. It has truly been an honor to be able to make lasting, positive connections with my students, and I was able to do this by simply staying true to myself and authentically sharing my voice & experiences. And as an entrepreneur, I have not acted any differently. Read more>>

Stephy Wong Nash | Portrait and Wedding Photographer

A logo is only that until you add a face, personality, and reputation in front of it. That’s when it becomes a “brand” When someone recognizes your logo as a successful business, that’s how a brand is made. A brand includes your name, your speech, and how you deliver greatness to your clients. These are some quotes from multiple reviews I have received and as you see they all have similar things in common, which brings up an important part of my brand and that’s consistency. “Stephy has such a great personality! Shes outgoing, fun, and professional.” “Aaaand the reason why I think Stephy is THE BEST is because of her professionalism. She’s prompt to respond (sometimes it’s literally instant), super experienced (both as a photographer and a businesswoman), offers top-notch customer service, and I love her bubbly personality. Read more>>

Lezlie Mitchell | Writer, Actor & Model

I would have to say it’s remaining authentic. Because I have worn many hats in my lifetime, I’ve had to find creative ways to remain true to who I am and what I want to represent and create, regardless of the season that I am in. The foundation for everything I do has always been love, and I think that it has been the thread through all of my decisions within each project I say yes to and my overall brand. Read more>>

Jeff Christensen | Showcase Basketball – Founder

The people we have surrounded by us. From the coaches working with the players to the families entering the program, everyone is bought in to the culture of long-term development and supporting each other for the greater good. Everyone involved is here for the right reasons, and we couldn’t be happier spending every day with such caring, supportive, and positive people. Read more>>

Monique Bell | Personal Trainer

The most important factor behind my success is tenacity and teamwork. I’ve always been determined, and continually seeking higher education has made me a better coach. I’ve had mentors throughout my career and those experiences made a huge impact on the way I run my business and the level of success it has reached today. Read more>>

Yegi Danosian | Piano Instructor

As I touched on in my previous interview, my focus is to teach piano to people who like to play songs they truly enjoy learning and playing. Sometimes you really like to play a song but it’s really hard to learn, so you may get frustrated and give up. In my classes, I arrange any song (classical, pop, etc.) to my student’s particular level so the student can play it and enjoy it, in turn motivating them to continue! I like to call this tailor-made instruction – specializing in song arrangements for any level and any taste. Another important factor behind the success of a teacher in particular is the importance of having a great sense of humor and making classes fun and enjoyable for all ages. Oftentimes fine arts teachers are known to be strict and serious. Read more>>

Candace Cayer | Assistant Principal

It is hard to choose one important factor behind my success. I think it encompasses four elements: Professional Mentors, preparation of learned skills and experiences, dedication and commitment to the profession, and family support. Read more>>

Lesley Brog | Chief Animal Lover & CEO

I believe in order to be successful at something, you must believe in yourself and be passionate about what you are trying to achieve. In my case and in the case of Wags and Walks, I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to sit back and let dogs suffer due to overcrowding in the shelter. I knew that if I could showcase dogs away from the bars in their kennels, capture images of them around people and families, that barriers and stereotypes could be broken about what shelter dogs truly are. When I started Wags and Walks (and to this day), I never let anyone tell me that something couldn’t be done including working with bigger dogs and helping to change the perception of the larger breed dogs. I started saving dogs, one at a time and enlisted the help of any volunteer willing to join the mission. Read more>>

Betty Hernandez-Tupta | Chiropractor & Crystal and Sound Healer

The old adage of ‘you are only as strong as your weakest link” speaks to the success behind Back Benders. I feel that a powerful team plays a large role in the success of a business. I think of my business as an extension of my family, except with my business I can actually choose who I want to be part of that family. I’m very blessed to have a group of highly skilled, compassionate and like minded women as part of my team. Each of them have unique gifts that they bring to the table. As an all woman multidisciplinary practice, passions can run high but they are tempered with grounded spiritual work. There is an under current of calm and connection that I think is crucial when offering body work. Read more>>