There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others.  We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Cary Hokama | Personal Mentor & Content Creator

The most important factor behind my success is my relentless, almost obsessive pursuit of becoming my ideal self. The two most potent factors of this has been have been self-belief and persistence (with a burning desire). The goals and dreams I’ve set and the achievement of them are a phenomenal byproduct of my own pursuit of these two. My current success or realities is nothing more than what I believe about myself and what’s expected by design for my future. Read more>>

Marta Miller | Co-Founder

Without a doubt, the most important factor is that we care about our clients. Lefty Production Co. was founded to provide a level of support and customer service that we just couldn’t find anywhere else in the industry. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and to be a partner as they grow and flourish. We work with a wide variety of clients ranging from aspiring entrepreneurs and emerging designers to large, established brands and we work hard to give each of them the attention they deserve. Many of our clients become our close friends and stick with us because they know that we truly care. Read more>>

Evelyn Rudie | Theatre Artist

When my husband/partner Chris DeCarlo (we are co-artistic directors of Santa Monica Playhouse since 1973) returned from Vietnam, he said the experience changed his life – it made him realize that in order for our society to survive, we had to put the “human” back in “humanity.” We met at the Playhouse and fell in love in a workshop there on his first night back from Vietnam (I know that’s answering another of your questions but it has a bearing on this one). I had been a child star (star on Hollywood Blvd’s Walk of Fame, youngest actor to ever receive an Emmy nomination). Read more>>

Ashley Tani | Makeup Artist

I would love to say that the success of myself/my brand is my talent but that’s really not the case. Haha. There are so many talented makeup artists out there. But what I believe set me apart are my work ethic and the bond I share with my clients. I spend 10+ hours per week corresponding with potential and long-term clients- some of which have become life-long friends. I genuinely enjoy my job, half of which is being personable and engaging with people, and I believe that comes through to everyone I work with. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best in the game, if you’re rude or hard to work with, people won’t work with you. Be kind to everyone, work hard, and see how far you’ll go. Read more>>

Julissa Prado | Founder

The most important factor behind the success of my brand Rizos Curls is what I call the three C’s — Curls, Community, and Culture. These are the three things that lead the passion within me and what has lead to monumental success for the brand. Rizos Curls is a trifecta of my products for undeniably beautiful, healthy curls, my Latino culture which we celebrate at every touchpoint and the community we honor and uplift. Whatever I do with the brand I make sure those three things are always incorporated. Read more>>

Kai Boyer | Personal Trainer

I believe one of the most important factors to our brand success is our dedication to helping people change their lives, versatility and community. Myself and my team of trainers really work hard to connect with each client individually and understand their challenges and hurdles to overcome and find solutions to help them stay motivated and on track to reach their fitness goals. Our team really goes above and beyond to support and educate our clients in areas like what to shop for, how to prepare healthy meals, how to maintain their weight loss, how to manage their chronic pain. Read more>>

Matt Macedo | Film Director

Trust. There’s a lot of fear when it comes to making a film; fear of the unknown. When it comes to this craft, and industry in general, trust is key. Trust in the universe that things will work out. Trust in the cast and crew. Trust in the studios or whoever is funding the film. Trust that we’ll even get funding. Trusting and believing. Read more>>

Samuel Rojas Loera | Artist & Designer

The most important Factor for the success in any of my work is word of mouth referral. There is so much more that can be done to advertise, post more content, share brand insight etc but what generates the most business are direct referrals. Not only that but the referral turnover to new business rate is in the 90-95% range. Read more>>

Griselda Arredondo | CEO and G Luxury Lashes Creator

The most important factor behind GLuxuryLashes is the knowledge and experience I have in the Makeup industry. As a Makeup Artist I am now able to provide a more personal approach in my Eyelash Business and Beauty Line. As a Freelancer I was able to work with different types of people and it allowed me to create a more unique Brand by paying attention to Detail. Consistancy and hard work. Read more>>

Kristine Lisman | Make-up Artist

I would say loving what I do, being persistent, always having a good attitude, and most important finding my niche are all factors behind my success as a working Makeup artist. I am trained in different areas of makeup, but I love doing natural looks and I’ve worked hard in mastering that skill. I also enjoy working red carpets, glam makeup, editorial shots, film and commercials. It’s all a lot of fun, all different ways to express my creativity and I enjoy all of it. However for me it was important to concentrate on one area of makeup, set goals and go after them. In my case that was Headshot photography. Read more>>

Tim Nasimul | Founder

The most successful factor behind the success of my brand is thinking of the customer first. Customers are what make up a business. If they are not satisfied you are not going to have a brand that will be able to survive and grow. Once I changed my mindset from thinking of the business first and instead focused on what value I’m providing to our customer and society, everything started to change. My goal is not to simply satisfy our customers, but over deliver. When you focus on over delivery you not only satisfy the customer, but then grow your business because of all the friends and family that they will refer you to. Read more>>

Dayn Gilchrist | Founder and CEO

Passion. As Steve Jobs famously said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” I am fortunate to love what I do but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been obstacles and struggles along the way. However, it is your passion that keeps me going. I live by the motto – EAT, SLEEP, HYPE REPEAT. Being passionate is built into our core values. The Hype! Agency is built around the energy and enthusiasm I bring to the office every day and the passion our team has for the work they do. Read more>>