A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Brian Swanson | Film and Television Editor

I’m inspired when I see hardworking, creative, and successful people who are also kind and fun to work for. There have been a lot of prominent figures in the film industry with a reputation for treating other people badly. Some get away with it because they are so good at their creative profession. Read more>>

January Neal | Chief Brand Officer of New World LA Agency

I’m really inspired by entrepreneurs. They are so passionate and contagious. They come from many different walks of life and their stories are always unique and inspiring. Each entrepreneur solves the problems familiar to him or her using their perspective and the resources available to them. Read more>>

Andrea Yang | Career & Life Coach for Lawyers

I love this question! There’s so much, including: 1. Acts of kindness, compassion, and wisdom. Generosity without agenda. Unconditional love. 2. His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other monastics who’ve devoted their lives to understanding the nature of reality and working for the benefit of all sentient beings. Read more>>

David Reis | Film Director and Cinematographer

I’m an observer, the poetry of the universe is all over for free, the symmetry, the parallax, the unbalanced composition, the patterns, this is natural in the world and I open my vision and my soul to let me be impressed by these small arrangements. Let the world hits you with casual-visual-poetry. If we don’t extend the limits of these sensibilities, how would we transcend the expectations of our hungry audience? Read more>>

Adam Feinsilver | Producer, Writer, Kids Content Creator & Attorney

There are a bunch of things and people that I draw inspiration from, but they seem to always include a combination of positivity, optimism, determination and energy. When these elements come together to make people smile, laugh, or walk away feeling good about themselves and others, I’m inspired. I draw inspiration from Walt Disney; theme parks; cartoons that make kids smile, laugh, and think; genuine people; innovative technology; and my family. Read more>>

Liviera Lim | Storyteller & Educator

Gosh. I am inspired by so many things, and I think that’s the beauty of living this life – that inspiration is everywhere. Whether you can harness that inspiration and turn it into something you like, and that you find worth creating, is a whole other challenge though. That being said, there are a few broad categories and places that I can’t help but look to for inspiration. Read more>>

Nailah Harvey, M.A. | Book Editor & Book Coach

I am inspired by my city. Los Angeles is filled with courageous and resilient residents. With Hollywood being the land of dreams, there’s a sense of pride and ambition attached to the city’s overall culture, and I love it. I LOVE LOS ANGELES! Read more>>

Azia Cherry | Healing Artist, Spiritual Consultant & Certified Life Coach

In terms of my life & career, there are two things that inspire me the most and those are the hope of healing & my desire to live a life poured out.  My hope of healing is my belief that as I actively work hard to wholeheartedly love myself and do what it takes to rewire my mind & establish safety within my body I will be able to fully heal from the many things that hold me back from fully showing up as my True Self & experiencing life from a place of happiness and fulfillment. Read more>>

Stewart Eastham | Film Composer and Songwriter

To sum it up in a single word: Everything. Everything inspires me. Sometimes I find inspiration in the most obvious places and other times in places you would never think. As a film composer I listen to a lot of soundtrack music. But I also listen to alot of music across genres. Read more>>

Matt Kirner | Graphic/Apparel Designer

I’m inspired by those who work hard, and consistently reach the highest heights of their medium. I try to work with and surround myself with others who pride themselves on their work ethic, and commitment to making incredible work. Also, I’m constantly inspired by those around me digitally as well as physically. In terms of general inspiration, I get inspired by everything from cool signage or logos I see while I’m driving or walking around, to things that come up in daily conversation. Read more>>

Quavondo Nguyen | Photographer & Director

The main inspiration and spirit behind what keeps me motivated is my mother. We immigrated to America from Vietnam when I was 7. She was a single mom with five children, a language barrier, and no family in a new country. Read more>>

Christina Galisatus | Pianist & Composer

I’m inspired by musicians and artists who make honest art. It’s hard to do that with a lot of external and internal pressures getting in the way, and I have such respect and admiration for those who do whatever they want in pursuit of self-expression in whatever that means to the artist. Read more>>

Dr. Kiki Steiner | Decolonizing Education Coach & Consultant

Today, I am inspired by the presence of my adoptive, biological, and chosen ancestors in my life. Through my decolonization journey, I have deepened my relationship with my ancestors, which has strengthened my relationship with my self. Read more>>

Samone Smith-Brown | Motivational Speaker, Published Author, TV Host and Intuitive Reader and Medium

I’m inspired by people! Plain and simple. Their perseverance, tenacity, their light and the fragility of it all. When I see within someone what either they don’t have or have lost, it gives me a fire to spring into action. I want to always give anyone I’m blessed to come across the power to believe and say, “YES I CAN!” Living in a dark place can kill you, I just want to bring light and life again to those places and spaces. Read more>>

Jocelyn Ueng | Strategist, Chef, Storyteller

On June 15th, 2020, we lost the patriarch of our family. Grandpa Liu, gong gong, passed peacefully in his sleep. My gong gong fostered my love for food and culture. He instilled in me advanced techniques from Shandong province (northeastern China) that date back to the tail end of Qing Dynasty. Read more>>


My inspiration comes from a variety of places. Mostly from movies, books, poetry, nature and lost places, conversations with people, other artists, dreams and also nightmares, trauma, fears, depression, and our fast society. I admire people who choose different and unique ways in life and are not afraid to see the world with different eyes. Read more>>

Sherry-Lynn Lee | Music Producer & Renaissance Woman

Challenge is a big one for me. I’m most driven when I’m trying to win a bet I made with myself. I’ve used this strategy to finish projects ahead of deadlines, to create a sold-out first musical for my high school, to write my first song, and to become a producer and mixer. Read more>>

Siena Friend | Singer-Songwriter & Producer

Inspiration is a mysterious force. In my creative life, I’ve had to work to find the balance between waiting for inspiration to strike, and going out in search of it. Usually my songwriting is inspired by being in nature, traveling, taking long walks around new cities, and having new experiences. Read more>>