While it’s inspiring to read high level summaries of success stories, we think it’s just as important to learn about what drove the success and made it possible.  We’ve asked some of the brightest folks we know to open up about what they believe was the most important factor behind their success.

Jennifer Fabos Patton: Model, Event Producer and Cordinator

Well I still worked a regular job when I was starting my business. I would come home and work on promoting and work on weekends and anytime I wasn’t working my regular job. If you want to succeed, you do need to put in the hours. Read more>>

Nathan Richardson: Owner / Account Executive / Goofy Email Guy

I recently listened to a podcast with tactical training expert Tom Kier on it and felt he summed it up super well. One of his mottos is “Kill Your Clone”. If at midnight tonight, you had to kill the version of who you were 24 hours before would you be able to do it? Our goal is to take incremental steps to better ourselves every single day. Even if it’s a small step, it is still a step in the right direction. Read more>>

David George: Multicultural Marketing Consultant & Speaker

I’m definitely a strong believer that your level of success (whatever that means to you) is highly determined by your habits and what you do every day to work towards your goals. First and foremost, I invest a lot of time in my personal development by reading self-help books. In my opinion, books are the best way to grow your mindset and learn ‘what works’ from people you probably would never meet. Second, I would say developing systems. Of course, I fall off from time to time, but systems help me stay organized and consistent around my habits. I’m someone who struggles with trying to get too much out of one day, and systems allow me to be productive and not just busy. Last but not least, I regularly ask for help. I believe that It truly doesn’t make sense to try and solve a problem with the same brain that caused it (most of the time). So, whenever I feel stuck or unmotivated, I seek perspective from people who I know have grown through what I’m experiencing at that moment. Read more>>

Danielle G. Salice: Attorney at Law

One thing that stands true throughout my work is to treat clients how I would like to be treated. I make it my habit and rule to be open and honest with my clients with the possible outcomes; potential opposing arguments, and in reality what actually needs to be done rather than extraneous work. I also make it a habit to call my clients back right away or email them right away because I know that if I were in their position I would want the same. No matter where a person comes from, I treat them all with respect; and that goes a long way. My clients are going through a very rough time in their life and I am there to guide them through it in the best way possible. Read more>>

Dustin Brayley: Musician and Actor

Be nice. Show up and be a good person to everybody. No matter who they are. Treat them with respect. Treat them as equals. Try to connect with people and take an interest in something about them, even if it’s very small. I apply this to everything and especially in my career. I can’t tell you how many times folks, that I know and work with, have not been hired back or replaced because of a bad attitude. Be prepared. Show up ready. I’ve found that people don’t like their time to be wasted and it’s increasingly more frustrating when you’ve been given ample time to be prepared. If people can rely on you, it’s huge. Read more>>

Fitch Means: Musician

Keeping a positive mindset has helped me succeed immensely. It helps keep the creativity flowing and the stress down. Live life and do what you love because damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I also would say to step outside of your comfort zone. Try a new sound, a new food, or anything that peaks your interest. Read more>>

Ciara Proznik: Composer for Film and Television

I believe my most valuable habits could be summarized as: detailed organization and planning, excellent communication skills, and having confidence in my work while remaining kind and unpretentious. As a composer for film and television I am often met with very tight deadlines, so it is crucial to have great time management and planning; I am meticulous about my color-coded calendar, several categorized lists, and visual timelines! The ability to be organized also allows for more transparent communication between the composer and the rest of the team. I am told all the time by filmmakers that they are highly impressed and grateful for my valuable communication skills – responding quickly to emails, having a plan and keeping them in the loop, answering every question, being clear and descriptive, and always remaining open to criticism and changes. Read more>>

Paul Garber: Visual Artist / Maker / Art Director

Always try to have a good attitude. There are so many factors you can’t control, you might make mistakes, you might not have exactly the right portfolio or the right experience, but you can always go into a situation with good energy. Most of the opportunities I’ve gotten to advance have been because there was a creative director or art director above me who thought they were talented enough to have a huge ego and treat people unkindly, and eventually I ended up moving into that spot because people liked working with me. Read more>>

Brittany Leigh: Professional psychic medium & tarot reader

My business wouldn’t be thriving without discipline, self love, and confidence. I am a one woman operation (as of now). If I’m not promoting my services, checking my emails, taking payments, booking appointments, and mind, body, soul connected for my sessions I wouldn’t be as successful as I am. I’ve been driven as an entrepreneur since I was 13 years old with my own baby sitting company. Read more>>

Ty Dobbs: Conscious Content Creator (Yoga/ Meditation Course Videographer/ Producer)

When I think about the key factors/ habits that have assisted in my success in life thus far, one quote comes to mind. When I was a junior in high school, I discovered this quote, and it sticks with me through the years. A middle-aged Issac Newton is credited with saying, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” I internalized this and found great depth in the understanding. Recognizing how many purposeful individuals can spend decades learning a craft and compiling their teachings into a book that we can consume in a much shorter time period fascinated me. This was only the beginning because as the years would pass me by, I found the same level of importance rested in who made up my friend’s group. I watched my friend’s group more closely resemble mentors and average nearly double my age as I embodied this teaching and surrounded myself with “giants,” as Newton so blazingly coined. Read more>>

Matt Hudson: Actor and Drama Chameleon

Consistency is perhaps one of the most essential keys toward building relationships with other people in the entertainment community, perhaps even more so than in any other endeavor. You have to be clear in your mind that every thought and action that you do, or neglect to do, signals to others what they might expect from you. Are your words chosen with understanding for others’ feelings? Are you interested, engaged and well prepared when you show up for a shoot after weeks of rehearsal and planning? Can your team rely on you to make efficient use of the time and resources at hand?. Read more>>

Remy Smith: Photographer & Artist

The most essential element for my success is self-discipline. There are days in my life that I just don’t feel like doing something that I need to get done. Motivation waxes and wanes, and mental health or life just gets in the way sometimes. Self-discipline is important in those moments, it helps me to stay focused on what I need to do. It goes both ways too, self-discipline isn’t all about being productive or organized, sometimes I have to exercise self-discipline to simply rest or do something fun. There’s a time to work and a time to rest and being disciplined helps me in every aspect of my career and my life. Read more>>

Ericka Woods: Philanthropist | Volunteer Junkie

My number one rule is ALWAYS being Consistent, during times when I wanted to give up I always remembered why I started and how many people can benefit from what I do. Success can mean different things to different people. But whatever it means to you, getting into the right mind-frame and having the right attitude will help you to get there. Read more>>

Reonna Johnson: VP / Director of Growth Strategy & Community Builder

I’m a creature of habit. I’ve woken up at 5am for years. The early wake-up allows me to focus on myself. I spend time in the morning gathering my thoughts, organizing what I’ll focus on for the day, sitting in silence for a bit with my coffee, reading spiritual guidance books to help me stay grounded, then I’ll eat breakfast and exercise. I do all of this before 9am. There’s no confusion on what I’m focused on for the day. And I’ve already grounded myself by taking care of my physical, mental and spiritual needs. These habits have helped me manage my time more effectively. Being a creature of habit, I schedule just about everything. I have an electronic scheduler for work, but I also have a handwritten day-planner for personal projects and personal care appointments. I make sure I reconcile both calendars daily. I complete a task for my professional work, passion project and personal care each day. Read more>>

Hodaya Singer: Singer – Songwriter

Growing up performing in competitions representing Israel made me comfortable on stage at a young age. I feel like this puts me at an advantage! Also spending years studying music in Los Angeles at the Musicians Institute helped me really grasp this industry and how to be a powerful artist. I owe a lot of my success to my confidence! I gained a lot of confidence in my years competing around the world, the more I performed the better I felt about making this a career. Although it did knock me down at times, I was constantly reminded to keep chasing my dreams and keep working hard to make them happen. Winning 1st place at the Discovery Festival last year in 2020 definitely gave me the edge I needed to thrive as an independent musician. I wouldn’t have been able to work with the wins or the losses if it hadn’t been for the support of my parents. All in all I truly owe my success to them. Read more>>

Chieh-Chih “Joey” Liao: Illustrator

Be curious about everything, And always be prepared for the imminent tasks. Try my best to achieve perfection in every assignment. Read more>>

Tonique Puritty: Writer, Painter

The first habit that I would call essential is self forgiveness. It doesn’t seem like a habit in essence but when practiced habitually, it can be life changing. There are so many days when I get down on myself for not getting a project done or going to a show, or networking and being social, and these moments and decisions can anger me. My inner voice condemns me for not doing enough or being enough, but what is most important is learning to let go of that voice, telling myself that I am putting me first; and allowing myself the time and space that I truly need, regardless of how the world around me is presenting itself. You could call me anxious, or self involved, and maybe I am both of those things, but I have had to teach myself not to apologize for taking care of me. Read more>>

Sam Bierman: Songwriter / Producer / Keyboardist

I’ve always been driven to pursue people, figure out who’s who and how I can reach out to them. I’ve also taken advantages of opportunities to connect with and meet new people, either through attending events or participating in programs tailored to my interests. I think it’s played positively into my reputation – people know me as the guy who “know’s everyone.” I do follow around 2,700 people on instagram, but I do my best to keep tabs. Read more>>

Voyce: Recording Artist & Creative

There was only one habit that helped me succeed and that was practicing being discipline. I realize if I made a goal and disciplined myself to achieve each goal, everything would be possible. There might be some set backs but that wouldn’t stop me from reaching my goal. Read more>>

Billie “Bowtie” King: Cigar Brand Owner

I study a lot. If there is any topic that I am either interested in or feel that I require, I study it. This habit keeps me moving forward consistently. Read more>>

Jensen Vinca: Director & Colorist

At the start of 2019, I took the leap and quit my full-time job to pursue working freelance as a director and colorist. Outside of the fears of no longer having a steady income and knowing if I would be successful or not freelancing, the transition from a typical workplace environment to working from home and being my own boss was something I was not fully prepared for. Over the years, I’ve developed a few habits of my own that helped me to stay productive and learn to work from home in a healthy way. Here are 3 habits that have made working from home successful for me. Read more>>