One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Rick Lundgren | Actor & Film maker

I think what inspires me the most is being told “No” or “You can’t do that”. We also have numerous opportunities that are ours for the taking. We also live in a day and age where we can not only do things cheaply, but we can do them well. In this industry, whether it’s acting or writing, producing or doing whatever it is we want to do to express ourselves creatively, we are told “No” a lot. “No, you’re not right for this role.” “No, we don’t want to rep you right now.” “No, nobody is interested in that subject right now.” No is just an excuse for somebody who doesn’t want to take a chance. So when I hear “no”, I say “watch this”. I’ll go to this agent over here. I’ll produce this on my own. I’ll submit to THIS festival instead.’ It may not always bring the immediate success you want, but it creates another avenue and gives you a different answer. Read more>>

Evelyn Jerome-Alexander | Certified Educational Planner & Founder

I’m inspired by the incredible team of counselors who have joined my team, and the amazing relationships we build with our teenage clients, and their parents. I wake up every day knowing I have success ahead of me, and feeling grateful that I have a job that helps reduce the anxiety in a stressful process for my clients. Read more>>

Chris ONeill | Actor, Filmmaker & Comedian

Good qualities in human beings. If someone hasn’t done their homework when they’re talking to you about a subject, then you’re not actually talking about anything. Doing your research. Finding out what you need to know about the people you’re dealing with and places you’re going. Not only is it something you should be doing out of interest so you know what the playing field is, but you should do it as a courtesy to the people with whom you’re going to interact. Example- if you’re meeting someone for business, whether you’re an actor/writer/comedian/director/agent/executive, the smart thing to do is research your subject. If you don’t, then people will doubt you. And feel disrespected. And nobody wants to work with someone who they doubt and are disrespected by. Read more>>

Tim Murray | Comedian, Podcaster & YouTuber

I’m really inspired by other gay comedians creating their own path in this business. Watching Drew Droege, Michael Henry, Brian Jordan Alvarez, and Jimmy Fowlie basically being their own one-person production company on YouTube were really what made me realize I didn’t have to wait around to do what I love. I can just do it! Then seeing people like Peter Kim, Matt Rogers, and Bowen Yang starting their own unique ways of making their comedy their business (specifically through podcasting), made me feel really excited to just keep doing my favorite thing in the world, making people laugh, and figuring out a way to get paid for it. Read more>>

Paolo Martinoglio | CEO

I’m inspired by good people doing excellent work— much like the brands I work for. My clients are constantly inspiring me to think outside the box, to do better and strive for something greater than myself. I am inspired working for Brands that I believe can make a difference in this world and they align with my personal values. I try to be selective with the brands I work with and support those who go far beyond delivering a product of service to clients but rather they are environmentally conscious, give back to the community or merely bring joys to one’s life by either great products or delicious food. I love things that are built with passion, care, and attention to detail; I like promoting craftsmanship and design as a form of art because I believe that in today’s saturated digital ecosystem simply getting louder will not bring brands more attention from their customers. Brands need to be strategic, authentic, experiential, and conscious of what’s happening in the world today. Read more>>

Tiffany-Ann Huang | Cake Artist & Owner

In terms of design, what I am inspired by is everything that is in art and nature. Whether the combination of colors are on a corner piece of an abstract painting, the colors of a beta fish or on planners (because planners are all so cute nowadays), I take photos of objects that catch my attention and find a way to incorporate them in my work. Most of my favorite designs that I create to adorn my cakes, cupcakes and macarons are heavily inspired by florals and greenery. In terms of flavor, my favorite flavors to bake with are infused with tea, like Earl Grey and matcha tea, or floral notes, like lavender and rose. I love experimenting with these more sophisticated flavors that step away from the classics and see how they can be incorporated in my treats. What truly inspires me to keep creating my treats is seeing the joy in my clients’ faces and hearing the “oohs and the ahs” when they try my treats. Read more>>

Jessica Lee Sanders | Artist & Studio Manager

So many things! But if I had to narrow it down, I would say true, raw emotion. When people approach me and say that they can sense what the person in my painting or drawing is feeling, I know that I have succeeded. Many times, people are resistant to share how they are truly feeling. I aim to evoke that emotion through my work. Traveling, meeting new people, and exploring different environments & cultures inspire me to become a better artist. Read more>>