We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Clare Cunningham | Singer/Songwriter/Performing Artist

My biggest goal in life is to be remembered as a person who touched/saved many lives with my music. Through my own pain and personal struggles I want people to remember that no matter how hard life got I found a way to survive and still inspired others to do the same 🙂 A relentless hardworking artist who never gave up and helped spread love not hate!. Read more>>

Mystique Anderson | Model/ dancer/ Singer

I’m so honored and grateful to have another feature in this amazing magazine. Thank you so much for having me. Creating a legacy and “top tier” Name for myself is something that is extremely important to me. To be a pioneer in the modeling and entertainment industry along with inspiring people all over the world to follow their dreams is my number one dream and goal. My passion for modeling runs deeper than just the art itself. But to know that I can inspire the world to follow what ever dreamed they may have by accomplishing my own goals, having faith, ambition, promoting self-confidence, and self love, And turning my very own dreams into reality., That’s where the passion and drive comes from for me. I would just want my legacy to be meaningful, powerful, and inspiring. Read more>>

Christina Sanchez | Catrina Christina

I want my legacy to be leaving the world a better place than I found it. I do this by trying my best to improve the lives of the friends I cherish, as well as doing positive things for the community such as art contests for kids & adults where I give my own money. I try my best to keep it positive and give wherever I can. It is also most important to me to keep the memory of my father alive and pass on that love for him and all my ancestors to my 3 year old daughter. Read more>>

Justus Keaton | Event Planner & Designer

I want to leave behind a legacy that inspires people to pursue absolutely everything that they’re passionate about. Never limit yourself, do everything you want to do. Humans are multifaceted being, who have many skills and passions. Life is to short to only pursue one, you must strive to be fulfilled in everything you love. Following my passions have elevated my brand, business strategy and uniqueness. There are so many ways my passions have became innovations in my business. For example, as a kid I had a passion for graphic design. As I got older, I shied away from that passion trying to devote myself to one skillset, but the moment I chose to pursue everything I love a world of new opportunities opened up for me. With my graphic design skills I’ve been able to design my own logo, website, and branding material. I’ve been able to transfer those skills into 3D design in the form of wood. And now my company manufacture rents, and sells life size wooden props for events and companies. Read more>>

Roy Kim | Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and Podcaster

I immediately gravitated to this question because my entire business is based on this question. It’s the reason why I called my business “New Legacy Counseling.” I believe in redemption. I believe that we can rewrite our life story. Whether young or old, we can completely change how people remember us. Personally, I want my legacy to be that of someone who used every bit of his life to bring healing and empowerment to others. I want people to remember me not just for the things I do well, or for the things I curate, hoping that people will not see my weaknesses and darkness. Rather, I want people to know my shameful side, and in turn be inspired and freed to share their own shameful side. Only then can there be a path to redemption and healing. Read more>>

Estela | Virtuoso. Pop. Pianist.

I want to be someone that really crosses the divide between classical and popular music and makes it acceptable to love both. Classical music often carries so many stigmas around about being stuffy and elitist, underneath the facade it is just music. I felt frequently as a little girl and growing up that I didn’t fit the mould of what a classical musician should be; I talked on stage, I made jokes, I wore untraditional outfits, but it was all an attempt to bring more people in and help them see the wonder of the music. I also want to strongly represent the female aspect of being a performer, in particular a classical one, that doesn’t have to be overly “sexy”. I want female artists to be able to sexy and feminine or masculine in their own right without having to wear the tiny dress and 6 inch heels. I want to go on stage and be a strong female role model, wearing a suit, being a boss and blending classical music with all the different genres and that is what I want people to remember. Read more>>

Shiva | Artist & Activist for Spiritual and Human Rights

When the time comes for me to go, I can only hope that with the work I put in now in the present the seeds that I am planting will eventually grow into a forest. My work is for the people and if in my last days I can look back on my life to see that I spent everyday fighting and standing up for the people, that’s a legacy I can pass the torch on with. That’s a legacy that I envision for myself. Read more>>

Andrew Samples | Songwriter & Recording Artist

“Damn. He could write a great song.” Read more>>

Carlin Schiedow | Wealthy Soul

What I want my legacy To be know for is the woman that never gave up . The warrior who fought many battles the woman who despite though all the hardships she always had a smile on her face because she loved to Live life and she knew she was built to do amazing things . But most importantly The love she has for people . What I want people to remember me by is my smile my heart confidence and humor . A woman who is strong fearless ,fighter but also has a big heart and loves helping others. Read more>>

Peter Foltz | Storyboard Artist/Revisionist

I think when I started in animation, I really wanted to be remembered for bringing something phenomenal into the world. Most aspiring animators want that; To be admired for something that you conceived that now has life and lives in the minds of others. Now, having only really just entered in the workforce, I think that to simply be a part of a vision I believe in would be enough. It’s a stark realization when you are surrounded by such talented working artists to see that your voice isn’t particularly unique or groundbreaking. You are a small fish in an otherwise enormous pond of people who are far more committed and have a much stronger vision for the future of animation than you do. For me, to become one of those people might be too great a cost to the other things that are important to me. That isn’t to say that I don’t care whether my ideas are heard, rather, I’m learning that there is a beauty in simply being a part of something bigger than yourself. Read more>>

Nicky Allado | Voice Teacher & The Creator of My Father’s Studio

I want to instill to everyone who comes into the studio that their voice serves as a purpose for them to let their light shine however it is meant to be poured out. I am continuously creating, educating, and coaching the art of singing because it’s so much more than singing – it is getting to know yourself better through the art of your voice. I want people to remember me as the singing coach who made an impact in their lives not just by coaching them on singing techniques, but nurturing the idea of the gift of voice, confidence, and purpose. Read more>>

Adrian Michael | Musician, Artist

When it comes to legacy, it can be a tough subject to quantify. There are so many different avenues in life one can take and so many different lessons one could give. It’s all incredibly subjective, so the only thing you can do is live by your own beliefs and experiences. With that being said I’d want to leave a legacy of self-acceptance, hope and learning to trust oneself. All too much in life when we pursue goal or ideals, we can be swept up in how failure and comparison can affect us negatively over the good it teaches. More often than not (especially in an artistic industry) it’s easy to see others success and feel like you’ll never be there or encounter failure after failure, tempting you to give into the idea that you aren’t good enough. While we know “not being good enough” is mainly mental and everyone is special, climbing out of that valley can be a lifelong struggle. Success is what you make it and you have to approach everything one step at a time. Read more>>

Ron Dizon

The thing the repeats in my head is i wanted to be the greatest (father, husband, brother, son) of all time, I believe its what keeps me grounded in making decisions. I want to be remember as a human who got the awareness up for our country of the Philippines. Read more>>

Cobaine Ivory | Music Composer

Music is a gateway to something bigger, but also is in line with my mission. I’m allowed to do what I love for a living because certain conditions were met in my life to give me the space to do so. Imagine a world where everyone gets to pursue what they truly love without financial and psychological hinderances. This is the legacy that I’d like to leave behind. The ideal end game would be that all of our basic needs are met, every child learns psychology, money management, goal-setting and are educated as critical thinkers. Read more>>