TV, Movies, and culture in general sometimes paints a narrow, specific image of what success is, but we know from our conversations with some of the best and brightest that success can mean vastly different things to different people.

Ari Kyle | Musician

This is always an interesting question because goals are ever-evolving. When we both first started in the music career, we each had a similar very achievable outlook. Adam said to himself that he would be happy with just one physical release on vinyl and I wanted to release a song on a record label. Once that happened for both of us new goals kept emerging. I think the interesting thing about success is that it never really feels like you’re there. You may have small celebratory moments but they are always fleeting. In any career, but especially a creative one, I think success is really defined by never losing the motivation to set new goals. Everyone will have their dream goals – win a grammy, play the main stage at Coachella, etc., but when you set and achieve smaller goals, growth becomes inevitable. Read more>>

Katie Wells | Background Designer & Landscape Painter

The American work mythos preaches “Make Your Mark.” But when it comes to traveling in the outdoors our objective is to “Leave No Trace.” You pack out everything you bring in. You throw rocks and leaves over your campsite to disguise it. You wash your bowl 200 feet from water because you don’t want your soap harming frogs and fish. Hell, I don’t use soap most of the time. I scrub my bowl water and pine needles. I step around the flowers. You want every person who goes through there to feel like they were the first human being to stand on that spot. You recognize that the forms of nature are inherently beautiful and that you are one of those forms. You recognize the inherent worthiness of all life, including your own. I think that’s why my work is so observant of the natural world. A mountain isn’t “succeeding” – it’s just being. Have you ever tried to measure yourself to a mountain? Which of you is mightier? I think that’s why I come back time and time again to landscapes, particularly those of the Sierras. People, when I include them, are given equal weight as the rocks and the mule’s ears and the broken trees. Read more>>

Cory Sargeant | Founder of Sargeant PR + Designer of @ladysargeant

I define success by how my work makes me feel rather than reaching a specific goal. Success to me is having things be in flow, a sense of ease, and synergistic partnerships. If these elements are in play, the tangible results naturally fall into place to meet our goals. Read more>>

Tara George | Actor and Singer

I’ve come to realize that as long as you are happy doing what you love, then you are successful. You define what success is not people around you. Dreaming big is beautiful, but even if things do not get as big as I have pictured them, I will still be happy and successful because I absolutely love what I do at any level. Read more>>

Daniella Villanueva | Photographer

Over time I have realized real success is being genuinely happy, it’s not about how rich someone is or how famous they are. . Finding true happiness in any aspect of your life is true success in my opinion. Read more>>

Mauricio Lopez | Visual Communicator

I think what defines it is not the accomplishments of what we once aimed to obtain, but the process to get there. Success is built with our perseverance and courage to push through, even when difficult times, self-doubt, and criticism knock on our door. It is found in the people we meet on the way, the experiences we live, and the lessons we learn that help us get to that state. Success more than money, fame, and recognition, is to find something we love and fight for it until proves to us how far can we go, how much we can grow, and that what we thought was impossible is possible. Success to me is what fills us with wisdom and happiness and there is no greatest success than that. Read more>>

Ishnoelle Chin Richardson | Pastry Chef & Business Owner

I have always believed that “Success without purpose is meaningless and empty.” Success is not just about money. It is about following that dream, believing in yourself, supporting others, and learning about your own values. Trying your best in all aspects of everything you invest your time into, even if it doesn’t lead to big results, is success. Read more>>

Molly Miller | Guitarist

Success is having something you look forward to each day. Read more>>

Katharine Kimball | Actress

It may sound cliché, but I think about the way my childhood-self would feel if they could see me now. I think it’s important that my younger self could look up to me. I was one of those kids that adults would refer to as an odd -I mean old soul. For a second grade assignment, I once wrote that when I grew up my dream jobs were to be a waitress and an actress. My teacher just laughed, but I was dead serious! Even at eight years old, I felt a deep connection to performing for an audience, and the rush it gave me. The feeling was pretty similar to the sensation of sick-glee I felt, watching my mother’s horrified face as I nearly dropped her fine china while clumsily “playing waitress”. I couldn’t get enough of that feeling. I’m lucky to have always had a clear vision of the life I wanted to live: simultaneously thrilling and down-to-earth. When I got my first job at a restaurant, I snickered to myself “there’s one life goal achieved”. That job paid for my move to Los Angeles, with everything I owned packed in the back of my car. When I got here, I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t have a place to stay, but somehow I made it work like I have always done. Read more>>

Soraya Azzabi | Model/Film Director

The definition of success is personal, it starts within. It’s a goal we set ourselves and know the success of once our goal is achieved. But is there a science behind it? Is there any laws that determine that success? So many believe that there is a secrete behind success, I think the secret is that there is none. There is only certain principals that have worked and have been proven though time. So what are those principals? Will power, self confidence, creative thinking, enthusiasm, courage, perseverance. Everyone can acquire those qualities, at one condition, if you really want to. That it is personal or professional not matter the hardship that you may face the only thing that can truly stand in front of you and stop you from that success is you. Success is a subjective concept so of course my response is personal and I believe that, once you can align your thoughts with what you say and what you do, that’s when your success is reached. Read more>>

Tasha Caufield | Writer & Comedian

Knowing who you are, and having the courage to follow your own north star, is how I define success.  Success requires taking the time to study yourself – who you are and what makes YOU feel joy and fulfillment – and then doing those things that satisfy your soul. That requires courage because your unique path will only allow for so much understanding from the outside world.  To do this you have to know your worth and care about how you feel.  That is your daily work.  And each day you honor yourself in that way is a successful day. Read more>>