There is a wealth of research that indicates that certain habits can help increase your productivity, creativity, and/or drive. So, we thought we’d reach out to respected members of our community and ask them what habits they feel helped them succeed.

Philip Watt | Private educator, theatre producer, actor, trumpet player

I don’t give up. Once I secure an idea, whether it is to form an English literature tutoring company, to adapt the works of Dylan Thomas to the stage, or to put together a jazz play exploring the life of Chet Baker, it usually is just a matter of time. In terms of my bread and butter, which is Mr. Watt’s Literary Services, I worked very hard in the first few years to build out units of study that I felt would be valuable for students for years to come. Offering secondary school students author studies is virtually unheard of. Read more>>

Caleb & Adam Watkins | Hair Professional & Business Entrepreneur

Re-defining what success meant to us is key in genuine happiness! That will look different for every person out there. Social media has its strengths but one of its downsides is it often causes the general user to compare their life to others. You should always strive for more but there should also be a level of contentment and pride in where you currently are on your journey! Read more>>

Jenny Mitchell | Bridal Hair Stylist

Practicing!! I bought a wig and started playing around with braids and updos trying to create different styles and techniques that I would learn from watching videos and tutorials. It definitely helped me improve and fine tune my skills. I also posted consistently on social media helping my following grow which lead to more inquiries from brides about my services. Read more>>

Danielle Sabrina | Celebrity Publicist and Founder of Tribe Builder Media

Making self-development a daily habit is something that has not only helped me succeed but is the reason I’m able to maintain that success. No matter how busy my schedule is or where in the world I may find myself, I start every day by doing some type of intention setting. I also make it a point to reflect on how I personally play a role in any areas of contention that might be popping up in my life. I like to take full responsibility for everything in my life so I can learn from my mistakes and not have to continuously repeat them. My team and I apply this same mentality to the work we do with clients and I believe its a major driver of our success. Read more>>

Natasha Perez | Performer (Actress/Musician/Comedian) Writer

Family, Education, mediation, envisioning, preparation, hard work, and luck Read more>>

Lindsay Richardson | Makeup Artist

Never settle. Always know that you got where you are through you’re own navigation and instinct. Trust your ability to know what’s best for you and never settle for anything less than what you believe you deserve. Read more>>

Ian Campbell | I am a hip-hop artist and battle rapper. I am also an entrepreneur with my own skin care brand ‘Royale Flyness’.

Consistency is key. There is nuance in insuring you are moving in the correct direction but once you find a direction that is moving you forward you have to KEEP moving forward. If you start a youtube channel and you notice your audience slowly, moderately or quickly growing you need to keep p with supply and demand by ensuring you are constantly giving the people what they want especially if you are witnessing tangible results. Read more>>

Angela Parretta | Fitness Studio Owner

Perfectionist? No not really. Consistent? Hell yeah! Being consistent is the number one habit that has helped me succeed. You know the saying “How you do anything is how you do everything”. That’s just a great mindset as a business owner, a parent, a partner, a friend, the list goes on. The way you show up day in and out for yourself and others, if it’s consistent really makes people feel comfortable, safe and loved when they are around you. Read more>>

Cezar Mansour | Business owner, Author, Instructor, and just all around great guy.

I’ve learned that my biggest opponent is me and my procrastination! Therefore, having a specific set of habits, that I stick to is what I feel has helped me to succeed. Systems and procedures are what make any great company succeed, just look at McDonalds’ the whole place is run by teenagers, they have a system and procedure for everything. My company name is Beach Lending, Inc. I call my systems “Bliss” “Beach Lending internal standardized systems”. Read more>>

Sammy Listoe | Singer-Songwriter

I truly feel like I’ve explored so many different habits, rituals, tactics, staples etc. throughout my life and the different paths or pursuits that I’ve navigated. Of course dedication, having great perspective, and remembering “why you started” all come to mind, but I’d have to say the number one thing that has taken me the furthest, is the idea of falling in love with the process. The work you find in the day to day. The triumphs and the failures. Because if we are only focused on finding fulfillment in the end goal, we’ve missed the point. Read more>>