We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Ann Mosely | Celebrity Makeup Artist, Licensed Esthetician & MicroBlading/Ombre Educator

Having Integrity. It being Quality Service vs Quantity. Being a professional with great customer service at all times even with the ups and downs of being an Entrepreneur because honestly, clients can definitely try your patience when it comes to the service that I offer. Read more>>

Jessica Orcsik | Actor, Writer, Producer & Educator

Everyone needs to have a home away from home. A place that they feel safe to explore their creativity and share their thoughts and feelings. As an Australian living overseas creating a sense of family has and will always be the number one priority behind building the AAFTA brand here in LA. Heath Ledger used to have a house here in which actors would stay and feel like they have a home away from home. He’d share his time, space, energy and heart to any Australian regardless of where they are on their journey and help them feel apart of a community here in LA. Despite its huge population, Los Angeles as a city can sometimes make you feel more isolated than ever before. Heath made sure people never felt alone, undervalued or unrepresented. This is what AAFTA does and so much more. Read more>>

Juan Sebastian Valencia | Filmmaker

I have always been a very organized, determined and responsible person. I feel these are specific qualities that always differentiate me from the rest. But there is no success without two key factors. One is creativity and the other one is the ability to dream. I see creativity like a muscle that needs daily training, I approach it like going to the gym, and in my case I like to workout this skill daily. I’m always creating whether it’s trying to come out with a new script, developing a new movie or working exercises with other movies from famous directors. Read more>>

Francesco Sansone | Celebrity Private Chef & Events

Authenticity. Alongside that… Adaptability. To find success, I need to adapt my approach when working with different clients and at different events. I need to adapt how I fit and relate to clients all while still staying true to myself. I consider authenticity to be about being true to your intentions, your objectives and your commitments. If my clients can feel that from me, then I have succeeded. Read more>>

Venk Potula 

Being ‘unique.’ I’ve been told my whole life I’m unique and I hated it. I didn’t like my dark skin tone, I didn’t like being shorter than every other guy, I didn’t like that people made fun of me for reasons that I didn’t even know. I never wanted to be different. All I wanted was to fit in! But the cool thing about being different is that you also have a different point of view. And the great thing about being an artist is that you can share that point of view. Being unique and being truthful to that uniqueness gives you something to say. And that counts for a lot. Never be afraid to put yourself out there. You have nothing to lose, ever. Read more>>

Brian Hoff | Artist

The most important factor behind any individual’s “success(es)” is defining what “success” means to that individual. Everyone is going to have a different definition of what “success” means and within those individuals their own interpretations of what “success” means will change as well. Unfortunately… or maybe fortunately enough for us, life does not exist in a static state. Just as life ebbs and flows from pleasurable to painful times, success too will always be followed by an inevitable failure. Perfection is not something that humans can continuously maintain and thank god or whatever may or may not be out there that we f*ck up and make mistakes. Because in those mistakes and failures we will find our greatest successes. Read more>>

Joseph Glorioso | Founder

People and trust. It starts with me and my business partner, Robert Banez and works its way down to our content creators and then expands out to the athletes we shoot, our fans on social media and anyone who interacts with our images and videos. Every event we go into we’re looking to tell a story, and show the best side of whoever the subject may be on any given day. We give our creators the freedom to cover these events to each individual’s unique skill set. Our purpose and our content team’s talent makes for a perfect match that our audience and the athletes themselves love to see. Read more>>

Jeanna Crawford | Queen of Christmas – Known as Jeanna Loves Christmas

Authenticity and accessibility! I am Christmas spirit in human form. After a 20-year career – that’s still going strong – as a high-end holiday designer, I took to social media to spread Christmas cheer and share everything I know. I cannot decorate every space in the world but I can sure leave my mark by empowering and loving others through the most wonderful – and oftentimes difficult – season of the year. My fandom, who are all lovingly referred to as “Christmasers” came for the Christamsing but stayed for my unfiltered and glitterful take! Read more>>

Raghav Mehrotra | Drummer/Musician

The most important factor behind my success as as a musician has definitely been being over-prepared for anything I do. In fact, I’d say that being “over-prepared” is being “adequately prepared”. I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way!) that by being “over-prepared”, you’re able to enjoy the event and take creative risks, while not being afraid of messing up. Read more>>

Pamara Sanders | Creator/Owner of Passionately Living, LLC

Inspiration is the most important factor behind the success of Passionately Living, LLC. Passionately Living is a trademarked brand created to inspire the world to live passionately everyday. The brand was created to inspire individuals to live out their passion(s) in life, no matter how big or small it may be. Our motto is: Live Passionately, the rest is easy… One entity of Passionately Living, LLC is :Passionate Conversations. Passionate Conversations provide insight on specific careers, lifestyles, and/or areas in life where success has been achieved by a passionate individual. The goal of every conversation is simply INSPIRATION. Read more>>

Chris King | Adventure Enthusiast

I think for us, the success of our brand, and our own success comes from who we are at our core; we are our brand. In a lot of ways, I think just being our authentic selves is what drives our business’s success. When we first started Next Adventure, we knew there was a need for what we have to offer our local communities. Being who we are; adventurous, caring, fun, authentic, pragmatic, communicative, and knowledgeable about the Central Coast has been the biggest factor of Next Adventure’s continued growth. People often tell us that they enjoy working with us because we are easy to talk to and work with–and that lets us know we’re doing things right! Read more>>

Andrew Cervantes | Artist and Writer

I believe it would be being honest to myself and my brand. I grew up in artesanias and they have always been a big part of the joy in my life. When I went to art school, I realized what they considered art was a very Western perspective of art. Even though a lot of the elements and styles were identical, Latinx art wasn’t given its due respect, except for a few exceptions. I had to think about this and follow my truth. I left art school and decided I was going to create art on my own terms and I was going to give importance to my heritage. What I found was, the more honest I was, the more people connected with the artwork. My work celebrates my culture, my community, and my family. Read more>>

CEO Vicious$ | Music Artist & CEO of Yung Billionaires Inc.

Success is driven by my passion to do great things. Becoming the hardest worker in room is critical for me as it allows me shape the landscape of my future. Nevertheless, working alongside talented professional and moving brainstorming has contributed well to rebranding my business. Read more>>