We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Nicole Spaulding | Mom, Wife, Master Laser Engraver

What makes me happy?? What a great question. I would say what makes me happy in my life is being able to inspire others or bring joy into their life. What I love most about our business is that we get to do just that. When you have the abilities to create something that is custom for your client there’s usually a story or meaning behind their order. Not all of the time but most of the time. There are some orders that make you smile and some that make you cry. Read more>>

Christina Davis | Director, Producer, & Cycle Instructor

Being able to express myself fully makes me happy. I grew up in a traditional Indian household where I was expected to pursue a career of my parents’ choice and marry someone they approved of. There was a point in my life where I worked in the Silicon Valley making six figures and married to an entrepreneur. Many of my decisions revolved around making my parents proud of me, so I took on jobs I didn’t care for and I ultimately felt unfulfilled. Read more>>

MARC SUCIU | Father, Husband, and Small Business Owner

Having a positive impact on those around me makes me happy. I try to look at every interaction I have with people to be honest and truthful to who I am. I feel this gives everyone a genuine version of me, which in turn allows them to be themselves and be happy. Read more>>