How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

John Q Kubin | Entrepreneur // Voice Over Artist

Life’s a gamble! If you’re not taking risks, you’re not living. I’d rather be broke, alone or a total failure when all of this is finished, because I know I’ll have a better story to tell than most people at parties. Taking risk comes with a price though; it is a lonely and much harder than you think kind of journey that most aren’t prepared for; self included. If I would have known how hard this would be… I might of had second thoughts. Read more>>

Frank To | Contemporary Artist

I think to me, risk is all about the drive to break from the norm. Risk has definitely played a major part in my life. For you see, I grew up as first generation of Chinese in the UK; mainly Scotland. I was raised within two cultures which were Scottish and Chinese. Ever since I was small, I was taught and constantly lectured on how to be a good ‘Chinese’ and do what would be good for the ‘Chinese’ homeland (China). This to me was all about conforming and to me that was (and still is) utter nonsense. I definitely knew that I wanted to take the risk of breaking the norm. Hence the reason I chose to study and make a career in art. Read more>>

Justin Eldridge | Founder of The Number Thirty Three

Risk plays a very important part of multiple facets of my life. As a professional skateboarder for the last 20 years, I found myself taking risks on a daily basis to achieve goals. Through this experience I learned at a young age, the value of both trial and error and risk and reward. Coming from the skateboard world where I was very well known, to the golf industry that I was foreign to with a first of it’s kind product (The Original Tee Pick) was one of the greatest risks I’ve ever taken. Big or small – I feel like in life there are many risks we all have to take. If you love something and truly believe in it the risks become easier and more rewardiing. Read more>>

Marie Monti | Singer/Songwriter

“Victory without risk brings triumph without glory”. This quote is one of my Dad’s favorite and one that marked me early in life. Both through my education and my experiences, I understood I would need to get out of my comfort zone, forget everything I thought I knew and be willing to sacrifice if I wanted to achieve my dreams. Every stepping stone in my life and career was marked by a risk I took. I took the risk to disappoint my parents, by following a creative path they didn’t approve of, I took the risk to move to L.A. to pursue my dream, leaving my family, friends and my boyfriend behind, and now I am taking the risk to sing in Spanish, my 3rd language ! Risk is scary, it is challenging, it is lonely, but I love it! It keeps me going and pushes me to be a better version of myself. If it weren’t for the risks that I took, I wouldn’t be where I am today. The road is still long and I am ready for the journey, whatever it may bring. Read more>>

John-Michael Byrd | Artist/Writer/Educator

My work is all about taking risks. And, just like life, it involves more questions than answers. The risky nature of manipulating paint: working against a watery image is always a struggle between me and the medium – a constant interplay of romanticism, esotericism and trauma. I once had a long conversation with a cousin, to whom I was very close growing up. We discussed our respective life choices: she decided to stay and attempt to make a life in our small town, and I left. She said she was so proud of me and all the things I’d been able to see and accomplish. Read more>>

Sarah Ganzenmuller | Founder of Ripplfect

I believe risk-taking is essential. Without risk there is no innovation. When I assess risk I ask myself, do the potential pros outweigh the cons? Is fear of failure the only thing holding me back? If the answer is yes, I often take the leap. I moved across the country to California the summer of my Sophomore year to live with a bunch of strangers and work on a solar startup company. It ended up being a crazy experience, unlike anything I imagined. Although I didn’t necessarily get what I expected and originally hoped for out of the risk I took to move out there – I wouldn’t change a thing about that summer. You are almost always rewarded for going out of your comfort zone. Even if it is in ways you do not anticipate or expect. Read more>>

Angelica Goncalves | Podcaster, Photographer & Small Business Owner

I love taking risks, I was brought up taking risks. If you really want to do something, it doesn’t hurt to try it. Be realistic with yourself and if see if you like it or not. I started the podcast (A Little Bit Of Everything With Me!) back in 2019, I was super nervous and didn’t expect much from it. I just wanted a platform where I can speak and gain confidence in myself in being a self advocate for my learning disability. Once I got comfortable, ideas came to mind where I was able expand and grow my podcast to what it is now. I never thought I would be a two-time Latin Podcast Award Winner and a Platinum Award Winner. If it wasn’t for self push of doing it then I wouldn’t have these amazing opportunities that I have today. I don’t like to have regrets, if you taking a risk remember to remain positive. Read more>>

Jess Dahl | Integrative Life Coach & Social Entrepreneur

Risk Taking is absolutely necessary for anyone who knows they are created for a life that is going to impact others at any capacity. I truly believe that is everyone. The older I get, the more I realize I don’t know a whole lot..what I do know is that I can figure it out along the way. I can take a risk and trust that as long as I break past any fear, try something out of the ordinary, get messy, and actually take action, then there is no way to lose, only to gain. Read more>>

Jimena Caballero | Songwriter, Composer, Singer, Pianist

Deciding to pursue a career in music was a big risk – I left my country, my family and everything to start a brand new life. Not only that, but music is a path that is not set or straightforward, where every step I’ve taken has felt like a make it or break it type of situation. But when thinking about risk, there are three things that have helped me get through: Read more>>

Zachary Lee | Actor, DJ & Model

Risks have been the bridge and springboards to my success. They create a way where there are none. Imagine your whole life you have been on this big iceberg and suddenly the temperature starts to change and it begins breaking apart. Now you have to decide which part of it to stand on: the part you always have that’s comfortable and familiar or the part that’s smaller that will lead to a new beginning with limitless possibilities. Read more>>

Makayla Gordon | Professional dancer & Creative

When I think of risk taking it’s excites me. I feel like when you take risks you have a willingness to grow. I believe the greatest moments come from risk taking and sometimes it’s necessary to reach a certain goal. My whole life screams it, I started pursing a career in dance at the age of thirteen and took the leap and moved to LA fresh out of high school, at only eighteen years old. Thus far I’ve had to use this strategy to keep pushing myself to new heights in order to get myself to the place where I know I’m meant to be. Read more>>

Natalia Anderson | Model & Influencer

Everything I achieved in my life was cause I once took a risk. When I was 21 yo I took my first risk. I left everything behind, my family, my friends, my job and moved to a different country on the other side of the globe. I was scared but I wanted it so bad, so I took a chance and that’s how I ended up in LA. After 4 years living in LA I risked again. I had a boring office job, good paycheck but I was extremely unhappy. And I realized unless I change something I would spend my whole life like this. So I took another risk. I quit my job, started growing my instagram and looking for a modeling gigs. I didn’t know if I would succeed or not but I had to try. Now I’m here where I am. I’m modeling full time, working on my own schedule, making money on social media and traveling the world.
Always risk, life is too short. Read more>>

Lucia Cifarelli | Recording Artist, Singer, songwriter, music producer

When I think of risk I’m often reminded of the example Alan Watts gives when he speaks about the film Kon Tiki, where a man sails from South America to the Pacific Islands. Once the man set his plan in motion he discovered all sorts of unexpected natural factors cooperated with him along the way for him to succeed Risk requires an act of faith. You have to believe 100% in the decision made and the journey before you. I’ve seen this example play out in my own life in various ways. The earliest one was when I accepted a challenge laid out by my high school English teacher to enter an internship competition. Read more>>

Dhairya Patel | Visual Artist and CG Lead, Dapper Collectives@ Dapper Labs

I think of risk as a very essential thing, especially if you consider yourself to be an artist. Having the confidence to handle the consequences is crucial, if you don’t, lie to yourself that you can and when the consequence hits, you will be busy dealing with it anyways! Not the most favored advice but, I strongly believe in it. Not to say I live it day and night because sure! I have my moments of self-doubts and fears but I try and live by them as much as I can. Especially in an industry where there’s constant innovation and talented artists blowing sh*t up daily! Read more>>

sonya klaus | Nurse and Racecar Driver

I define risk-taking in multiple ways. I look at risk-taking as both imperative for growth and fun. Yes, I said fun. My perspective of risks is that it’s a choice we are given to make a difference in our own lives. I think the defining difference in risks is in calculating the overall risk. That could include timing, the risk’s significance, and who it affects. Whatever your opinion on risks, there is one inevitable point- is it necessary and unavoidable. Since it is unavoidable, it allows us to make the calculation based on our specific situation and then choose the risk accordingly, which can be extremely powerful and humbling, sometimes at the same time. Read more>>

Ambyr Michelle | Actor & Filmmaker

Taking risks opens doors. There are two kinds of people in this world: people who take risks or people who play it safe. When I would play it safe, opportunities would never present themselves. When I made the decision to take risks and allow God to do the rest, my life completely shifted. It’s about executing even when you don’t know the outcome; that’s when the blessings come. Don’t think too much, just do. Read more>>

Deborah Hadfield | Film Director & writer

I think risk is a matter of perception. For me it’s more an opportunity to explore the possibilities that life can offer. Risk has played an important part in my life and career. It was a risk to leave a staff job in television for a chance to work in film.. But as movies are my passion it felt like a risk worth taking. Making our later film We Too Together was a risk I chose to take with my producer Jackie Witney. It paid off as our film is now streaming on Amazon, plus many more VOD platforms. Even if risks don’t take you where you hope to go it will always expand your education and you will learn something valuable. Taking risks can lead to the greatest adventures. Read more>>

Linda Frank | CEO/Founder

“Risk is a very powerful word. I’ve never believed that there’s any difference between a “big risk” and a “little risk.” Risk is risk, and there are always consequences to taking risks and I’ve never been afraid to dive right into a project regardless of a negative outcome. My definition of risk is living by faith. When one truly lives by faith, you have peace in knowing that no matter the outcome, you will always land on your feet. So in taking any risk(s), whether it be in business or my personal life, I know that God will always have my best interest at hand. Read more>>

Natasha Noorvash | Artist & Designer

The risks I have taken opened up my world and strengthened my intuition. There’s a freedom when you follow your intuition and go through the unknown, which allows you to be more authentic. The risks I took as a dancer connected me with my intuition and led me to create everything I am making today. I started dancing with 5 Rythms about four years ago, when everything in my life shifted. In class, I began to open up, be witnessed and experience the beauty of others, all while moving my body in a flow of mystery, not knowing how, when or where I would move next. The class became the highlight of my week where I learned to lean into my instincts. Connecting with my intuition became less of a risk and more a way of life. Read more>>

Vintage V | Serial Entrepreneur/Singer Songwriter/Discover of Life

Risk taking is the ability to move fearlessly into a path of uncertainty to obtain the outcome of all your goals. Risk taking has played a huge role in every aspect of my careers as well as my life. As a child, my father would always “brag” and tell everyone, that I was fearless. That I would be the one to do everything that I desired because of my barely and ability to take risk and move forward by any means necessary. Read more>>