In our view, values and principles are the foundation upon which our lives, careers and relationships are built. So, we asked folks we admire to open up to us about the values and principles that matter most to them.

Jojo Belisario | Wedding + Event Planner/Designer

Let all you do be done in love – Corinthians 16:14. This means the world to me; so much so that I named my business after it: SixteenFourteen Events. After 5+ years in the music industry, I knew that the next step in my career had to be driven by love — the love for my work, the love for my clients. This scripture is the foundation of my business and my daily guiding light. Read more>>

Chris Fossek

FUN! Life is a gift and it should be honored as such. I try to remind myself to have fun in any situation or circumstance…especially if it is one that most would consider unpleasant or negative. Remember, learning is fun so focus on learning when dealing with a tough experience. Taking on a challenge is fun so embrace a challenging moment knowing that it can make you better and stronger. Being inspired is fun so when all else fails, think of people you admire and try to be more like them in that moment. Take things seriously but do not take yourself too seriously…that’s no fun. Read more>>

Roberto Saieh Yidi | Screenwriter

As a screenwriter, my guiding principle is that, no matter what, every decision I make should be in service of the project. On its face, it sounds simple to the point of being simplistic. After all, no one sets out to write a bad movie. However, filmmaking is, inherently, a collaborative process and with so many different contributors—each with their own priorities—not to mention the project’s financial and production considerations, team politics, and adapting your own style to the director’s creative vision, what’s “best” for the project isn’t always clear cut. For instance, suppose you’re asked to size up a minor role—to the point it would feel shoehorned—in order to woo a certain actor. Is a tighter script preferable to the value the actor’s attachment would bring? Or what if the director wants a specific scene or visual in the script that ever so slightly defies story logic? Or if you simply get a bad note from someone that you have to implement? More and more. Read more>>

Adva Reichman | Writer, Director

I have several values I live by, and the way I explain it to people when asked if it isn’t difficult, is that values aren’t there only when it’s convenient. If I decided to be a part of something or live my life according to a value, then I stand by it. I am vegan, even when the restaurant doesn’t have the appropriate food to offer me or when the store doesn’t keep a vegan alterative to its merchandise. I stand against antisemitism and any kind of discrimination, even when I might suffer the consequences. I use my art to give a stage to subject matters that can be seen as controversial, because I believe this will create the conversation we must have. The values I live by all share one critical principal and that is: Speaking up. Speak up when you see something that doesn’t match your values. Speak up when others get hurt. Speak up, even if and especially when, others don’t dare to do so. Many people speak up when an issue becomes popular and is now considered safe. But that issue was there long before it trended, and they chose to look away. Read more>>

Steph Wilberding | Fitness Trainer & Food Coach

Inclusion in the fitness world matters most to me. I aim to create a space (whether it be in person or online) where people know they can show up, wherever they are on their fitness journey and I’ll take care of them. I spent years feeling out of place and overlooked at gyms. It left me feeling defeated and made it even hard to WANT to come back. When we welcome people to show up where they are…it can be life-changing. Read more>>

Isaac Landfert | Comedian (Producer, Writer, Booker, Editor, Performer, Instructor)

In entertainment, I think it is important to respect the audience. You want to make sure everyone involved, performers, crew/staff, etc., are taken care of, but too often the audience is seen simply as the consumer. I try to look at everything from their perspective. When I am in their position, my biggest complaints are when I feel the product has ben dumbed down or is too self indulgent. Read more>>

Jonathan Brock | Video Producer, Storyteller

I have two guiding principles: First, I believe we are all connected. Gaia: The earth is a living intelligent organism and we are part of it not part from it. My life has been based on this fundamental sense. It is not intellectual but felt and is the driving force that gives me drive to this day. Storytelling is a spiritual undertaking because whenever you successfully tell a story through whatever medium you are connecting human beings together by spreading empathy. People are not all good or all bad. We are a panoply of hopes and conflict and forces and desires. Stories show us how through all our diversity we are actually all the same. Second guiding principle: To quote sage wisdom from the Chinese oracle, iChing: “Perseverance furthers”. Of course, to achieve anything of value one must persist. But for how long? And why keep at something? I think in order to have the staying power to go the distance, you need discipline and discipline is in limited supply without deep emotional conviction why you’re pursuing what you’re pursuing. Read more>>

Haley Joelle | Songwriter

There’s a couple values and principles I try to live by – kindness, honesty, and vulnerability. I know it sounds cliche, but you never know what someone is going through, and how a simple act of kindness can impact them. And of course being kind is so easy, it actually takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown!! But another thing that I think is just as important is honesty and vulnerability, which go together in my mind. Lately I’ve been posting my music online and I was so surprised that it was the songs that are so explicitly personal about me and situations I’ve been in that have done the best. People relate to them the most, which is starting to make sense to me now. We all go through the same things, and because I was honest and vulnerable through my songs, I guess people really related in their own way. And in turn we all feel less alone because of that. Read more>>

Danny VonHorror | Artist

Never quitting in the face of adversity and keeping a Positive Mental Attitude! PMA will help you weather any storm, as long as you truly believe things are going to be ok. One of the keys to my success is not allowing anyone including faith to dictate what my future will be. I chose what happens today which will impact my tomorrow. Yeah eventually things end but you have to realize that while you are alive you are in the driver seat. Read more>>

Christy Williams | Actress, Producer and Podcast Host

Truth. My guiding principle is to continually search for truth and to in turn share my own truth. This is why I’m an artist and why I am committed to creative work. Vulnerability is a requirement for successful artistry and ultimately it is without a doubt what has brought me the most success. Whether that be success from my work as an actress, success building my business or connecting with the listeners of my podcast and it’s been always the key to thriving in any of my relationships. Read more>>

Robin McDonald | Creator/Founder KINDri Los Angeles

When I decided to start KINDri, the number one thing I was not going to negotiate was that every single product and its ingredients were 100% cruelty free. I knew that I could attain the same beautiful aromatics, the same efficacy and the same total beauty experience that comes with any high end skin care line but without animal tested components. It just took a lot of work! Since 2014, KINDri has been Leaping Bunny Certified ( the ultimate in cruelty free certification for personal care and household products) guaranteeing that no animal testing occurs in a lab or otherwise in our manufacturing process.. The idea of harming an animal on any level for the purpose of human vanity is abhorrent to me, There are so many cruelty free choices that can easily be made with all the information we have available to us right now. I encourage everyone, if you’re not doing it already, to expand your journey in this lifetime by making cruelty free and sustainable consumer decisions! Our future depends on it! KINDri promises to always be kind to the skin, kind to the earth and no animals get hurt. Read more>>

Eden Shea Beck | Actor

The principle I try to always follow is to be true to myself. I’ve found that when I show my true authentic self whether it be at an audition or in life, good things come my way. It can be hard to stay in that mindset in the world we live in today with instant access to other peoples views and opinions in this social media crazed world. I’ve found that the most successful and admired people are the ones who refuse to be anything but themselves. I believe it is a quality people are drawn to and necessary to succeed in life. I’m a work in progress, but I strive everyday to continue to try and accept myself fully. Read more>>

Ethan Wellin | Producer, Writer, & Animator

Empathy! Maybe this is reductive, but I think learning to think about a problem from another person’s point of view, and particularly learning to imagine that problem from inside not just their logical, but their *emotional* reality, is the beginning and the end of what is required to be a good person. It is hard work to develop and employ empathy, because empathy requires laying aside preconceptions and often admitting that we are wrong– or at least that we don’t know the full picture from our own narrow experience. I suspect humans are not hard-wired for that, at least not on a scale grand enough to meet the moment of a globally interconnected, multicultural present. We have to actively strive for it. And that’s where storytellers, and frankly all artists, have an important role to play. For me, empathy is the engine beneath everything I want to create. Why tell stories– why listen to them– except to try to express and understand the multitude of emotional realities of our fellow homo sapiens. Read more>>

Sophie Silverstein | Jeweler

While perhaps obvious, creativity is my #1 value. It’s what drives my business and the jewelry I make. I think a lot about how to create unique and authentic art when our current world exists on our screens and we’re constantly imbued with trends and advertisements. I have found that I’m most creative when I have time to myself to amble, think, draw, and explore. While I’m of course influenced by other makers, modern art, nature, and more, it’s giving myself the space to metamorphosize that input that allows me to create something unique. I also absolutely love doing intentional collaborations with other artists – I find that often, both my and their work can be elevated when ideas and mediums are combined. Read more>>

Ray Chang | Kinetic Sculpturist & Animator

Lately it’s been: “That it’s ok to always be learning,” even when you think you have a strong understanding about something. My practice in kinetic sculpture and animation rely heavily in trial and error. Sometimes I fail miserably, but I try to use these times as a moment of reflection. I’ve made many things that have jammed, shattered, or collapsed on itself and all I was able to do was watch it happen helplessly right in front of my eyes. How it breaks my spirit whenever that happens and at the moment I would feel like I wasted so much time and energy on something so worthless. I think everyone can relate to these situations in some respect, and I am someone who subscribes to the ideal that one can find a means to transform these regrettable events into lessons of improvement. Not only for my sculptures, but for myself as well. Admittedly, there are plenty of times where I don’t know what to make of a failure; unable to see any silver lining. I think that’s ok too, though it drives me crazy. Read more>>

Eric Robison | Creative Director, Disney Artist, Filmmaker

This is a good question because I don’t think about it purposely. I rely on my instincts at a very high percentage of every decision that I make. I listen very deeply to the voice within, and most of the time it wins over logic and “overthinking” life decisions. Sometimes this gets me in trouble, but I can’t deny its success rate in my career. Whenever I over-analyze or listen to too many opinions, it doesn’t seem to work out in the end. So, I guess that you could say that I believe that Nature will steer us if we listen intently. As Paulo Coelho writes; “The World will conspire to help you.” Read more>>

Veronica Kusmuk | Account Executive and Host/Co-Producer of Charting Her Course Podcast

I would say I value honesty and authenticity the most. I think those are things that you can exert into any area of life, whether professionally or personally. To me, making sure that I approach people from a real place and that they feel that they have the space to also be their true selves is very important. Being able to have an open dialogue and to hear different ideas or ways to approach things can only happen if there’s space for others that feels genuine. And I’ve always believed that if you live your life in your most honest and authentic way possible, then others will mirror that back. I hope to always be a resource to someone where they feel they can ask any question or bounce any idea off of. I was lucky to have that as I have moved along in my life and my career and I think it has been the biggest blessing and asset. Read more>>

Quiana Chef Q Jeffries | The Soul Feeder Chef

The value of being able to remain spiritual -which is my naked true self. I am a spirit having this beautiful amazing journey as a being here on this earth in this exact moment in time- which is space. Maintaining who I am spiritually is very important to me. Being able to show what and who God created. Allowing my light to shine and to be seen which is symbolic to my creator being on the stage. Life allows me to be an aid- a vessel- in order for those around me to experience and embrace what pure Love feels like- what it looks like- how it taste. Love is energy and allow pour it into my food- into my creation. I create a feeling inside the soul – not just your tummy BUT your whole entire being will feel LOVE- will taste LOVE- will experience LOVE. Love is the highest form of JOY. My purpose is to feed the spirit- feed the mind- feed the heart- feed the SOUL. I am here on this planet to provide healing with what we call food. I love what I do – it feeds me to feed others. Read more>>

Colette Miller | Artist and Creator of The Global Angel Wings Project

kindness and integrity with out integrity you do not have much. without kindness you lose an important part of yourself that is always a better choice. Read more>>