We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Katarina Tickel: Refugee worker/Artist/Founder

I wouldn’t be where I am right now without embracing failure. When the other co-founders of our company and I sat down to talk about our vision for the company, it was very idealistic and pure. Some of us were coming right off of a big success at our previous endeavor and feeling like we could accomplish anything. Read more>>

Michael Sarreal: Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

While there were several decisions that contributed greatly to the success I found with my brand, I believe the most important one was deciding that my goal was ultimately to always help and inspire others while doing my best to leave this world in a better state than how I found it. Read more>>

Milan Mathew: Beauty/Fashion Creator & Model

To always have my own back and never give up even if no one is in my corner. You don’t need anyone’s approval to keep believing in your self and keep going. There were so many videos that I kept creating and posting, that didn’t get any significant attention but at the end of the day I was and still am proud of those videos and you can’t be upset if it doesn’t “go viral”. Going viral shouldn’t be the goal but you should enjoy what you are doing for YOU and not to please others and you attitude really does change in this industry. Read more>>

Jordan Fox: Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

I’d have to say that the single most important decision I’ve made that has contributed to my success was moving from St. Louis, MO to Los Angeles, CA. I knew at the beginning of my career that I wanted more opportunities than what was available in my hometown so I worked hard and saved my money until I could afford to move myself out to LA. Read more>>

Vernon G.: Founder + CEO | SOSS®

The decision to wrangle my pride and deny my ego has catalyzed my personal growth, as well as the growth of SOSS®. For me, pride and ego are self-inflicted, potentially-fatal wounds, if not contained early in the growth process. Read more>>

Brittany Lester: Barber/Hairstylist

The single most important decision that I have made that has contributed to my success is, my sobriety, definitely my sobriety. Without it I wouldn’t have had the many opportunities I have had in my life. I’m from Marietta, GA and in my opinion if you struggle with any type of addiction there are 3 ways out. Read more>>

Hyla Frank: Artist

To make what you love and what your customers love! I definitely had many ideas of where my business could go or what I could make but I saw a pattern of my customers loving custom pet portraits so I continued to make that. Read more>>