We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Akiko Coats | Floral designer, Business Owner, Mom

I simply followed my passion for creating flower arrangements that touch people’s lives. That is what keeps me working on projects and events no matter how hard the conditions are. For weddings, flowers play such an important role as they recorded in wedding photos and videos that people cherish throughout their lives. My heart is filled with joy when customers share with me their wedding photos with my bouquets and flower arrangements, My main goal is not to create a profitable business or expanding my brand, but to provide the most memorable flowers to inspire and brighten up people’s lives. Read more>>

Emily Rudnick | Painter

When I entered college, I had no clue what my future would look like or what subjects mattered most to me. Not much seemed to make sense to me at the time, but as soon as I took a color theory class, a major shift occurred. Everything resonated with me clearly through the lens of color theory and art, and I noticed myself getting excited about learning new things in that realm. I chose to pursue a career as an artist because since that class, nothing has helped me make sense of the world in the brilliant way art has. Read more>>

Brenda Reynosa | Entrepreneur

I’m a Mexican-American business owner from South Gate, CA and the founder of Urban Glory. I grew up in a nurtured home with my two parents and sisters. As a child I’ve always been free-spirited and ambitious with life, which I embraced more as I got older. Although I faced numerous barriers throughout my life, I’ve learned to appreciate those hardships and watched it unravel to who I am today. Read more>>

Danita Hayes | Kingdom Entrepreneur

I am from Norfolk, VA. I grew up in a single parent home raised by my Mom. My grandparents helped as well. We didn’t have much growing up, but my mother gave us a lot of love and she taught us how to pray. I always say one of the best gifts my mom ever gave me was her teaching me how to pray. My upbringing has impacted my life today because when you come from not having much, it requires you to hustle. I have always found a way to make money, even as a kid. Read more>>

Joseph Bennett | Clothing Line Creator & Photographer

I’m from Pomona California. I can’t necessarily say my upbringing was hard, but what I can say is that my city helped mold me into the person I am today. I wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t for my city, my community was there at times when family wasn’t. So I feel I owe a lot of thanks a recognition to the city that love to call my own. Read more>>

Billy Chadwick | Musical Artist & Songwriter

I chose an artistic/creative career for the same reason somebody would lick the business side of a 9-volt battery.. Because it was too much fun not to. I joke, but there’s some truth in there. My mom always says “the Chadwicks are the types of people that will touch the hot stove despite people telling them it’s hot”. I’ve learned through risk, I’ve gained through risk, and I’ve had fun through risk. To feel this sense of being alive and creating a new feeling that wasn’t there before, that’s a huge reason why I chose a creative life. Read more>>

Danielle Fiers | Voice Actor/Commercial Actor/Singer

Like most people, I was let go from my corporate job in 2020 at the start of the Pandemic. I decided to make lemonade out of the lemons I ended up with, and decided to try my luck and take a risk and start acting. I knew I moved to Cali to be in entertainment, so I decided to give it a solid try instead of being so nervous and wanting to work in a corporate office. I took a chance, a risk. I stepped out on faith, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Read more>>

Shelby Baldock | Filmmaker and Editor

Even before my family ever had a camcorder, I was making puppet characters out of my hands and creating whole backstories and worlds for them. Once we did have a camera at home, the M.O. was to shoot with your friends every single day. That’s basically how we hung out. In the midst of that, my friends and I were always drawing cartoons and long form comic books we called “movies.” The point is that an artistic or creative “career” was never in question. Read more>>

Ruiqi Zhao | Film Composer&Song Writer

Doing something creative has always been my passion. When I was young, I tried so many things that might be a potential for me to pursue in the future. I learned piano, vocal performance, dancing and everything. I just find myself really attracted by artistic stuff. I am always really intrigued to learn new skills that are creation-related or art-related. In addition, I think doing something artistic and creative can express and release my feelings and emotions in a good and healthy way. I feel like I can find my true self when I do these stuff. At first, I love everything that is art- related expect painting.(It’s not in my gene for sure haha). Sometimes I hate that life is too short to explore everything I like. Read more>>