We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Daniel Ellsworth | Artist, musician, producer, & professional dog lover

When I started pursuing music professionally, the end goal was never fame or fortune or whatever movies make it seem like it will be. It was always to be able to do what I love and make a living doing it. I think that’s what made the first 10 years so tough. I was pursuing my dreams but constantly failing at reaching my goal. Always scraping by, but never making a living. Pursuing music as a career was (and still is) a constant series of back and forth between failures, small victories, and – if you’re lucky, dedicated, and patient – some bigger successes. I’ve been incredibly lucky these last few years to feel like I’ve achieved my “end goal.” It’s not at all what I thought it would look like or where I thought I would be, but I’m thankful for all of it. Read more>>

Obrien Hutchison | Producer/Screenwriter

I plan to be an accomplished writer and producer in the film world as well as have my company at the level of the top production companies in the industry. Read more>>

Jennie & Aaron Berger | High Vibe Collective

I guess to start, we have to say that we prefer to have smaller attainable goals that in the end will get us to our desired outcome. Last year we only dreamt of where we are now. Aaron is working fulltime for High Vibe and honestly, we didn’t think it would happen so soon. That was a huge accomplishment in just a year’s time. With each month that passes, we have new dreams/goals/manifestations of where we see HV going. Right now, we’re trying to build our brand and get our name out there. We’ve been building such a loyal following within our local community and that was just a dream two years ago. We’ve had two very successful pop up shows this year and are booked with custom work through the end of this year. All these things were smaller attainable goals we set in the beginning of the year and are slowing lending a hand in getting us to where we ultimately want to be. Read more>>

Jan Hvizdal | Professional Guide and Photographer

The end goal is to learn and try to get better and educate myself every day of my life. I would also love to create an environmental and educational panel for kids to help to protect Planet Earth. Read more>>

Christian Foster | Writer & Cartoonist

A lot of the pop culture figures we idolize today were created decades even centuries ago: Spider-Man, Sherlock Holmes, Romeo and Juliet. I want the the characters in my comics and movies to last forever. Able to be retooled and adapted for each new generation, so the values and morals my characters represent can continue to influence people long after I’m gone, allowing new, diverse voices to come in and tell their stories through my characters. Read more>>

Will Wildfire | Recording Artist

So for me, my goal is peace in knowing that I used my gifts fully to the glory of the Most High and in doing so I was also able to provide a way for my family and loved ones. I’d like to be comfortable and taken care of but I know if you seek the kingdom of heaven everything you need will be granted to you. Read more>>

Cameron Willoughby | Freelance Photographer

My goal is to own a Creative Management Company. I want to be able to professionally manage and help provide jobs and gigs for other photographers, videographers, stylists, etc, especially for those entrepreneurs of color. Read more>>

shae briannah | everything beauty

The end goal is financial freedom for my family. The overall goal is to have established multiple avenues of income that generate a significant amount of income properly to both support my family and all business expenses Read more>>

TMC | Artist/Songwriter

My end goal is to influence the next generation and say I changed the game for artists/songwriters, When I hit a point where I feel like I’ve made music that changes the world, I’ll start to sign artists to my label and develop them, Read more>>