It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, but it’s important to stop and ask: what’s the end goal? Knowing where you are trying to go is step one in getting there and so we’ve asked some folks we admire to tell us their end goal and where they want to be by the end of their careers.

Kellin Sproul: Story Artist

By the end of my career, I want to have been satisfied with the stories I’ve told to the world. As an story artist and teller, my aim is to connect communities that are often overlooked to a broader audience, from LGBTQ identities to struggle with mental health. Too often in social media are these groups either marginalized, misrepresented, or flat-out ignored. So much of the beauty of struggle is lost when we choose to highlight only what we deem will get the most attention. What I aspire to do is to tell these unique and compelling struggles with the world, to spotlight them and to move audiences from joyous laughter to tears of sadness. Read more>>

Courtney Spears: Mobile Chef and Massage Therapist

My end goal as a mobile caterer and massage therapist would be to ultimately have my own restaurant and spa. I’ve always loved the idea of having a one stop shop, so to be able to combine the restaurant and spa into one brick and mortar would be amazing. Read more>>

Sheila Jaye: Minister of the Gospel, Actress, Writer

So in life we have this thing called, “your desires”. Hopefully, as we grow and mature our desires are refined by our life experience. This is done by getting to know ourselves more intimately, and being closely aligned with our highest calling. Also sometimes our desires are just wrong! We may have been going down a path that is not in alignment to our truest selves, so there is a recalibration that takes place. I say all of that to say, the end goal for me and has always been since i was a little girl, is to work professionally in film and television. I have worked towards that my whole life. However, since the Pandemic shut down I have had a complete plot twist! I am answering a Ministry calling. For those who may not know, Ministry is the work of reconciling people to Jesus Christ. All people! Whether you are black, white, gay , straight, poor, or rich Jesus wants to take residence in your heart!. Read more>>

Prince and Fox Studio Studio: Art and Design

As a husband/wife team we are constantly bouncing around ideas about what’s next; today, tomorrow, and ten years down the road. Honestly, that’s the beauty of working with your favorite person; you get to ask questions like “what’s next? Does that sound exciting? Should this piece be 10x bigger? Are we sure we like this?! What if we get tired of it?” and it’s rare that we disagree with each other’s response, which is a relief. We can honestly say that we really haven’t touched on the subject of the end of our career; because let’s be honest, artists never retire, right? Also it’s kind of scary, but it’s one of the reasons we selected this question as it poses a challenge for us. There’s a lot to consider for the end of a career, but ideally what sticks throughout the duration of your career is the passion and bottom line of why you started the business to begin with. For us, it’s the passion for making by ones own hands, and the sense of release when it comes to relinquishing control of matter and materials. Read more>>

Joycelyn Adeoye: Artist Illustrator & Painter

My ultimate end goal is actually not the end. I want my artistic role and business to go beyond my means. I go by the principle of “rather than think “what if”, think “next time.” I am always thinking of new ways to excel as a person and girl boss and have good faith that my dreams will come through even if it takes time. However, as I go through this journey I want to be recognized as the woman who puts a smile on people’s face with her art. I want to be recognized as the woman who has a huge platform that inspires people and helps other artists. I want to be recognized as someone who stands out. I want to be recognized as the go-to artist for celebrities, families, homes and more. Read more>>

Los Chacon: Director and Creative duo.

The end of our career sounds a bit dramatic. We don’t believe there is an end necessarily but an evolution of our creative minds and the way we approach the projects we work on. If we talk about a timeline, the end goal is precisely to be able to pick and choose the projects that align unconditionally with our style, our storytelling and our creative vision. Ultimately dedicating time and effort and only working on projects that we believe in and that we truly want to share with world, is the dream. In order to get there you have to put in the hours…the years. Read more>>

Jess Lamworth: Maker & Artist

I have some big, crazy dreams. I plan to have a flourishing art business that keeps me busy with big-name commission projects, gallery shows, and product development/launches. I’d love to have a brick-and-mortar retail shop/gallery/makerspace that gives back to the community by hosting workshops, talks, and free shows. Another dream of mine is starring in and producing a TV series where I visit artists all over the world and interview them about their processes, their businesses, and their dreams. As a creative generalist, I will be well-known for unconventional art, prop fabrication, video production, crazy cool event planning, set design, and fun collaborations. Read more>>

Nina Cereno: Food Blogger, Host, Producer, & Marketing Manager

As a foodie right now, I focus on releasing content on a variety of platforms whether it be TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, etc part time. At the moment I’m setting up my own marketing agency where I specifically work with restaurants and I’m hoping to build up my clientele. I feel that I have an edge because I know what it is like to be a foodie, how to engage effectively, how to obtain quality content, and how to share the food/story of a restaurant. There is a whole business side and even etiquette in the foodie community that most people won’t know, so I want to assist restaurants’ brand management in this area. On the flip side as a content creator, I also work hard on my long form content including: my interview series, Neighborhood Nams, with restaurant owners; and my game show, Battle of the Foodies, to which I am the host and editor. Hopefully in the future I can pursue content creation full-time like having my own official show where I host on a streaming service platform such as Hulu or Netflix, plan large events/food festivals, and other creative outlets. Read more>>