Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Christina Kingsleigh Licud: Writer

Before I decided to pursue screenwriting, I had a career in advertising with all the perks. If I had stayed in that field, I’d probably be a VP at some fancy agency right now. But when I arrived to work every day, there was always something missing. From the outside looking in, I was successful, but I wasn’t excited about the work I was doing. It was scary to imagine leaving a stable career that I’d invested so much time in and so much of myself. But eventually, the fear of staying outweighed the fear of leaving. Read more>>

Jemima: Singer-Songwriter

I’m personally a big fan of risk-taking. I wouldn’t have achieved half of the things I have if I hadn’t taken some risks. There’s a natural apprehension when faced with a decision that could go wrong, but ultimately I think that taking the chance is worth it. It could result in something really wonderful. And if it doesn’t, then you move on and try something new. Sometimes, a “failed” risk can lead you to something even better. Read more>>

Caitlin Watson: Triple Threat & Creative

I live for risk! I believe life is so beige without taking a risk. Some of the most incredible moments and adventures in my life have come about because I took a leap of faith and just went with it. A prime example was in 2019 when I had just turned 23; I moved to NYC without a permanent place to live or a job lined up. Read more>>

Matt Weinhold: Comedian, Actor, Writer, Producer & Podcaster

My life and career in the entertainment industry has always been about taking risks. From wanting to perform standup in the first place, to choosing the type of material I did, I never exactly took the safe road. In life and in comedy, taking a chance is usually worth it. Read more>>

Isa Murphy: Digital Marketing Agent

The first notable risk I took was when I decided to leave a corporate position in the airlines to work as a secretary for a small boutique salon in Beverly Hills. All my colleagues and supervisors in the airlines wondered why, and repeatedly reminded me that the airlines was a “real” career. But I knew I didn’t find joy in corporate structured environments with limited growth potential. Read more>>

Rachel Oto: Singer-songwriter

I think it’s important to take risks, but even more important to be able to recognize the risks when faced with them. Risk is a metric in the decision-making process. It’s reward versus loss. I try to treat it like one more data point to help guide the direction I’m going in. Read more>>

Abby Wren: Professional Makeup Artist & Unconventional Beauty Advocate

I think risk is essential for any successful endeavor. Without it, where would we all be today? It’s the fearless leaders who came before us that put everything on the line to push the boundaries of what we all thought was possible, and shift the needle of the world. Read more>>

Kaleigh Allen: Professional Dancer & Artist

Risk is about being vulnerable. We build walls over time and that’s what confines us. Sometimes we are the first people to shut down our own ideas. Let’s stop doing that, let’s remember no one is as unique as you. TAKE THE LEAP! When I get an idea, especially in regards to my career, I am a total “Yes Man.” Read more>>

David Cruz: Film Director & Photographer

I think risk is something that comes to your life from time to time, and it could scare the hell out of us. But from my point of view that is not the end of everything, the only existing answers can’t be: to get paralyzed or run away. I think there is a bigger reward when we at least try to take and face risks in our lifes. Probably, by not saying “every single time”,  Read more>>

Digiannia: Singer

Any time you are chasing your dreams you are taking a leap of faith. Therefore I am living my dreams but taking a risk on my future every single day. They say nothing grows from being comfortable you have to push yourself to reach success. Though it is scary at times I would not change it for a thing. Success is not taught is learned & I am learning as I go. Read more>>

Kelsie Daily: Senior Stylist and Educator at Luxelab Salon

Risk taking is always going to be at least a little nerve racking but you have to take risks in order to elevate your life. If you stay stagnant in the same place, you will get the same results. I always think about risk taking as a new opportunity to learn from. I always say, if you’re passionate about something and take a risk within that passion, there’s no way it won’t work. Read more>>

Sunny Tianqing Li: Freelance Graphic Designer

I am forsure a risk-taker. I see challenges as a big part of my life drive to keep me always passionate and excited. Moving across the Pacific Ocean to the States has been the biggest risk for me. I had no idea if it was the right decision by the time. The only thing I knew was that I got fascinated by the creatives and designs here and I wanted to be the maker of that stuff. Read more>>

Graveto: Brazilian Band

Taking risks is routine when we talk about entrepreneurship. We assume the risk of “leaving” a stable career in an office, receiving a salary on the right payment days and with some benefits. When we talk about music and art, we take the risk that this can often take us away from family and friends. So, we would either struggle forever with the risk or accept that it is part of our daily lives, and we think it is better to accept it. We would even say that “Risk” is practically another partner of ours. Read more>>

Luis Angel Tarin: Producer, Photographer, & Cinematographer

During the course of my career, risk taking has always been something I’ve associated with opportunity, especially with something I’m always doing; networking. Many people understandably can get too intimidated to reach out to someone with a DM or approach someone in a social setting that they have a desire to work with, to the point to where it can really frustrate and limit the opportunities that they may have available to them. Read more>>

Lydia Caradine: Writer, Actress

I think everything about pursuing a creative career is a risk because there’s always some level of uncertainty. Being an artist is mining your vulnerabilities, pouring everything into your creations, knowing that art is subjective and asking a (not always but often) noncreative person to pay you and validate you. Read more>>

Adrian Christian: Singer, Actor and Philanthropist

Everything about my career has been about a series of risks. There are always risks when pursuing a non-conventional approach. In the beginning, it was about being an out and gay artist in pop music when no one was openly gay. Then it was about being a gay Christian recording artist, and the amount of those artists I could count with one hand. Read more>>

Maria Garcia: Latina Business Owner

I like to think that taking risks has been a reoccurring event in my life. Whether that meant joining the varsity soccer team in high school without any prior experience, or starting my own youtube channel with nothing but my cellphone camera. It’s always been so exciting to start from an idea and creating something tangible. That’s how Del Carmen was born. Read more>>

Darnell Brown: Entrepreneur, Investor, photographer & future Mogul

Taking risk is like walking into the abyss, I think about risk as just having faith in things that are not seen but that are hoped for. The very first time I told myself I’m going to invest in “ME” is the role I took in taking a risk because you don’t know what lies behind that. Read more>>

Harley Gusman: Founder, & CEO

I’d like to say that my whole life has been based around taking risks, but a better way to put it would be to say that I am just a risky person. And, that sounds terrible, but I don’t ever second guess my risks, I always take them. And for the most part- I believe that’s what has gotten me far in life. Read more>>

Nick Samson: Musician/Actor

I think risk sort of comes with the territory on our journey through life, especially for artists. We’re always putting ourselves out there without really knowing for sure how people will react. We create something and hope it’s greeted with understanding, or at the very least, we force someone to think deeper about what it is we’re presenting. Read more>>

Gianinni Semedo Moreira: Dancer/Choreographer & Film Director

To me, taking risks has been one of the most imporant things in my life and career in order to find success. You’ve got to play the game, in order to win. I keep reminding myself that no one makes it out alive and that life is extremely short, so why not take risks? It can be a strange thought to think that in 100 years, there are new people all over the world – while we (the ones that are here now) will all be resting in peace. Read more>>

Elena Valecci: Professional Dancer

Many people are turned off by risks. It is actually easier and more comfortable to sit down in the safe spot and wait. But, this is what distinguishes the doers from the dreamers. While the dreamers is still sleeping and waiting for the best moment to take action, the taker has caught the rewards. Read more>>

Marlo Jaye: Media Personality

I feel as if taking risks are a necessity in life. You start by taking risks as a child when learning to walk. You take the chance to balance your baby body on these new Bambi legs and take steps. No one told you that you had to walk, you just naturally begin to try. Read more>>

Liliana Brito: Fashion Designer, Small Business Owner & Content Creator

I believe without risk there is no gain. As exaggerated as the motto goes, to see real change and growth in all aspects of our life we must risk our comfort zone to achieve them. The journey I decided to embark was a risk as a whole by deciding to pursuing a creative career versus a more linear one my immigrant Mexican family would have chosen for me.  Read more>>

A’Noelle Jackson: Actress, Producer, & Entrepreneur

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been taking calculated risks in order to succeed in life. Before moving to Los Angeles, I worked as an actor and a production assistant in the Greater Seattle Area. At that time, I was the only African-American Female to work on major productions as a PA in Washington State. I knew then, I wanted to share my story with younger people who have an interest in film but did not know how or where to begin. Read more>>

Meghan Medlin: Workforce & Reentry Consultant

I’ve been a pretty big risk taker my entire life. I think from a young age I decided I didn’t ever want to look back on my life and say “I wish I would have (fill in the blank),” so, despite how scary things are, I tend to say “let’s do it” – no matter how scary it may be. Read more>>

Ranee Vespi: Photographer + Creative Director


I think in any creativ

e career risk is inevitable. It’s not an A to B, go to school, get a job, buy a house kind of life you’re looking at. And that’s huge part of the appeal to me. I like not knowing what’s coming next, it makes it all feel like an adventure. Read more>>

d. E. Rogers: Author and Screenwriter

As the old saying goes “No risk, No reward.” Risk taking has become apart of my DNA makeup. My entire life and writing career probably wouldn’t exist if I didn’t take the necessary risks. Growing up in a black community I saw a lot of ups and downs along my way to adulthood, but what always stood out to me was the people who never gave up on trying to succeed in various aspects of business, social justice, sports, or entertainment. Read more>>

Tori Dickson: Portrait & Product Photographer

There’s a lot of risk involved when pursuing a creative career, big and small, from sharing your work with a dream client to quitting your day job or moving to a new city. It can be pretty terrifying to put things on the line like that when so much is at stake, especially if you’re working as a freelancer and you have to pay rent. Read more>>

Emi Ellis: Actor & Producer

My father is an actuary and my mother a statistician, so I used to generally think about risk in terms of numbers. What percentage of actors make a livable income? What percentage of films make their money back at the box office? Those numbers are intimidating and don’t paint a hopeful picture for aspiring filmmakers. In those terms, filmmaking is incredibly risky. Read more>>

Lissette Camacho: Screenwriter

Taking risks embodied a massive part of my life, from opening my mouth to say my name, hoping I wouldn’t stutter, as a kid, to moving cross country knowing no one in sight for film school, and taking the challenge of directing projects. I was afraid of taking risks most of my life, but choosing to manifest happiness was the hardest one to date. Read more>>

Scotty Baker: Writer, Director & Steadicam Operator

I often think about risks in the terms of “What’s the worst that can happen?” In day to day life on set, it’s about the safety of myself and the other crew members. Is there a potential that someone could get injured doing a specific shot? But in the larger sense of my career and life, I’ve tried to imagine myself at the end of it all looking back. Read more>>

Justina Shandler: Songwriter, Sync Artist, and Teacher

That jittery nervous feeling I get before a performance, the sweaty hands before I introduce myself to a new person, the imposter syndrome when I ask for more money than is being offered, the mornings I don’t snooze my alarm because I’m ready to wake up and show up… whether it’s a whisper of adrenaline or sheer terror, that increased heartrate is a measuring stick of growth.  Read more>>

LaToya Anthony: Owner of Lady Luxe Boutique

I think taking risks can be scary for anyone, however having the desire to attain or achieve something has to be greater than the fear of any risk. For me personally, I like stability and security but lets not confuse the two with complacency or stagnancy. Read more>>

Kara Talve: Composer

Miles Davis once said, “Do not fear mistakes. There are none.” I’ve always believed that every decision one makes takes you to where you’re supposed to go, even if it seems risky or scary at the time. Anyone would probably agree that trying to make a living through music is a risk in itself. However, in my experience, taking risks brings the best opportunities to the table. Read more>>

Lucas Ford: Lucas Ford | Producer

I’ve been thinking about risk in a more holistic and non-linear way recently. By that, I mean that risk-taking is more complex than the outcomes of success and failure. I like to ask – does this opportunity advance or help me move towards the direction of my North Star? Or does it push me further from it? You can always give yourself several reasons why you shouldn’t do something the more you overanalyze it, but if you are aligned with your end in mind, I’ve found that to be helpful no matter the result. Read more>>

Mia Yarborough: Model, Actress & Writer

I believe if you never take risks in life you will most likely always stay stagnant and that’s a feeling I never want to endure. When I was 19 years old I took one of the biggest risks and moved from Baltimore to LA all on my own. I did that because I have big dreams and I knew staying in Baltimore was not going to help me achieve those dreams. Of course taking risks comes with a lot of ups and downs but it’s those struggles that help you build character, confidence and a strong sense of self. Read more>>

Barshay Yestrdy – Clay: Artist / Business

As a young black man with a vision every time I leave the house its a risk, I just happened to learn how to take that and apply it to my craft. Risk is that feeling in our stomach we get before we go into something that we know can be life changing, New ideas whether its music that only I may like or clothing only I would wear I take a risk. We all take a risk when being vulnerable with the world. Read more>>

Jasmine Denise: Actress and Film Producer

I think of risk as a sacrifice, you can only give what you put out. A lot of time risk taking can be challenging, specially when you’ve only take a risk to a certain extent. With risk taking it levels, you have the small risk that gives you comfortability and wiggle room and then you have the big risk( the all or nothing). The big risk is putting it all at the table and not knowing what you have to fall back on, or what the outcome maybe. Read more>>

Fjolla Nushi: Actress

Taking risks is a must in life. To achieve a goal requires courage to face fear and uncertainty. The outcome may not be as we expect, but we grow through the process and become more resilient and confident. I have always been a risk taker while facing challenges in my life.  Read more>>