Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Lauren Searles | Tantric Love and Sex Coach, Erotic Writer, Heart Healer

I feel my entire life I have taken risks, often the first in my peer group to do so, and just go after what I want without considering risks or doubts. I was go-go dancing in Denver when I was in high school at clubs because highs school parties were too boring. Read more>>

Mikayla Martinez | Writer, Well-being Expert & Founder of Unmastered Collective

I think risks are such beautiful gifts in life. The older I get, the more I realize how short and fragile life is, and I think most, if not all of our greatest triumphs and lessons come from being willing to take risks and try new things. Read more>>

Trevor Franklin | personal trainer and group fitness professional

I like to think about risk as an opportunity that most are not willing to take. in my life, risk is the only reason I am where im at today. When I decided to drop out of college and move to Nyc, I didn’t have a job lined up, I didn’t have a place to live or a lease signed, I didn’t have more than $5,000 to my name, Read more>>

Amanda Hedstrom | Tattoo Artist

If I hadn’t taken the risk, I wouldn’t have a career at all. I spent years trying to bridge the gap between the safety net of a day job and following my passion for tattooing. Read more>>

Sunshine Powers | Tiedye/ Rainbow/ Sparkle Entrepreneur & Collector

How do I think about risk…What role has taking risks played in my life/career? I mean, let’s get real, walking out the door in the morning is a risk, being a small business owner…massive Risk! Dealing with 175 different “hippie’ Artists…well now that is just silly… Read more>>

Oliver Wong | Stand-up Comedian & Adult FIlm Director

I am a huge risk-taker. I think that by taking risks, the scope of my life is expanded. Taking risks is a bit like gambling; sometimes, you get the result you want, but sometimes the result disappoints you. But I always ask myself, “What’s the worst that can happen?” And usually, the answer is, “Not much.” Read more>>

John DeFaria | Musician,Producer,Composer

Wow this question resonates with me because I’ve had to overcome fear at key moments in my life. I have so much respect for people who are courageous, People who are afraid, but run toward the fear rather than away from it. As they say fear can be a great motivator. I’ve tried to live more from that angle. Read more>>

Lucy McRae | Sci Fi Artist, Body Architect, visting Professor at SCI_Arc

RISK TO INNOVATE. Risk, vulnerability and openness to the unknown have been a cornerstone to my growth and career path. If I have known the risks and compromises involved to getting to Now, I would have steered clear – not knowing is uneasy, but the outcomes are far more reaching. Read more>>

CC Flight | Model, Photographer & Creator

When I think about risk, I think about opportunity and what I might not have the chance to experience and learn from without it. One of my college professors once said, “You’re afraid to apply for this scholarship because you don’t think you’ll get it? Well, you have a guaranteed 0% chance if you don’t apply, but at least you’ll have . Read more>>

Kimber Chronic | DJ / Music Producer / Creator

Life is constantly one big risk. As a person living with trans experience, just walking outside is a risk in itself. My transgender brothers and sisters are getting killed almost on a daily basis. Which is why I don’t take one moment for granted. Read more>>

Brittney Nichole | Creator & Artist

Typically when people hear the word risk, they automatically associate it with danger. Now in most cases, when you read or hear of people taking a risk something bad comes out of it. But then you have those risk takers who combine faith with risk to produce success. Read more>>

Jon Hechtkopf | Director, Videographer, Producer, Luxury Locations Manager

Risk taking is a huge part of my life mentally and psychically, and has always been since I was younger. I was super into sports like surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding at a very young age, so theres lots of psychical risk that comes with that. Read more>>

Livia Shi | Architecture & Furniture Design Firm Owner

Risk taking has been a key component in my success as a business woman thus far in my career. I believe most entrepreneurs have risk taking as an innate character trait built in their DNA. Read more>>

Bree Leche | Sex & Relationship Coach, Artist, Mother & Wife

Risk is essential to living authentically. I have always challenged the definitions of categories that have been assigned to me. My life as a sex positive mother in an open marriage is risky in that I leave myself open to judgement from others. Read more>>

Thomas Hollow | Actor, Tenor

My experience in entertainment has made me think the whole gig is about taking risks. In particular, weighing the pros and cons of opportunity costs. I feel like the jobs I have had have always come at the same time that other opportunities have presented themselves to me and I am constantly picking and choosing and hoping I made the right decision. Read more>>

Priscilla Moy | Actress & Fashion Model

Honestly the word “risk” is what I have always associated with my career. I am a full time actress and model with a background in fashion, styling, dance, gymnastics and art. I was never graced with the stereotype to physically fit into the career that I chose.  Read more>>

Maria Zakhar | Comedian & Wardrobe Stylist

Risk taking is something I am naturally drawn to. Whether it be while I’m solo traveling and decide to jump off a dangerous 35 foot cliff in Bali or quit my job to pursue a career in something I have always envisioned myself doing. Read more>>

Ray Chao | Actor/Producer & Former Lawyer

Risk is always going to be a part of life: personal and professional. I try not to think of myself as being either a “risk taker” or “risk averse,” but try to assess the pros and cons of every decision. As a result, I don’t think of taking risks, but rather maximizing potential. Read more>>

Jermaine Scott | Barber/Inspirational Influencer/Trendsetter/In

Risk Taking Has Played A Major part in my life actually me being here in LA was the largest risk I took only knowing one person and moving across the country to chase my dream Working in West Hollywood At The Rich Barber Read more>>

Dawn Garcia | Writer, Series Creator, Founder, Activist, Mom

Risk is, in my opinion, the only way to truly live out your dreams. Playing it safe it was most people do, but nothing great or exceptional ever came from playing it safe. The magic happens when you say “f” it and stare risk in the eyes like it’s a long lost lover. Read more>>

Amie McNee | Author, Creativity Coach, Public Speaker, Book Doula.

As an author and a creative coach, taking risks and letting myself be seen is an integral part of all my success. Being an artist means you are an inherent risk taker. Creativity, in any form, makes you vulnerable, and vulnerability is risky. Being seen is risky. Read more>>

Tessa Bell | Cabaret artist and film producer

In the mid-nineties, to heal from a terminal diagnosis of leukemia, I change the direction of my company and began producing live off-Broadway cabaret shows. That was a big risk, but cabaret literally saved my life. I had a prim and proper one until I was diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live. Read more>>

Nicole Lenora | Retrofit Media Founder & Creative Director

When I was younger, I considered myself to be pretty “safe.” Even though I was always a creative person, went to creative schools and worked on very creative projects, I was never that “daredevil.” The spice and weirdness stayed in my screenplays. Read more>>

Ari Loeb | Novelist, Cirque du Soleil Acrobat, Photographer

In order to think about risk truthfully, you’ll have to understand first what the word actually means to you. Not all actions have some kind of “risk.” If you have a personal approach to that word – my advice, for example – it will not apply to everything. You can’t write off your fears as “high-risk.” Read more>>

Ana Nieto | Transformational Health Mentor and Coach.

Risk is an interesting word as most people think of it as dangerous and try to stay as far as possible from it as they can. For me risk means following your desire, your life force and having the willingness to put your self in not so comfortable situations when you know your intuition guidance is telling you that is the way to go. Read more>>

Harlen Lamb” Lambert | Retired police officer & K9 trainer”

My first recollection of taking a risk was in 1941 during the Great Depression. My family was a large blended family living in the deep south. The youngest at five years old, I learned quickly that when Mom called us to dinner we needed to stop what we were doing and come in to eat – or risk going to bed hungry. Read more>>

EJ | Singer/Songwriter (Fake Bears)

I’ve always considered myself to be a calculated risk taker, only taking the leap if I felt it was worth it. But sometimes that resulted in me never taking risks at all. The biggest risks I’ve taken were constantly re-adjusting Fake Bears until I finally got to what Fake Bears is today. Read more>>

OG VERN | Musician

I thank risk taking is very much so part of the journey. It makes for a cool ass story when its time for the documentary about your life. My whole thing with taking risks is you really never know what can come out of it, its like if it dont work its a lesson and if it do its a W. Read more>>

Paul Goodman | Filmmaker

Most of my career I’ve been juggling real world risk in many ways that are uncommon in filmmaking. One of my first bigger gigs was a videographer and sound mixer for Discovery’s Whale Wars (later rebranded to Eco-Warriors). Read more>>

DeVogue Johnson | Model & Animal care worker

There is a lot of risk being a freelance model. I have to vet photogs, locations, and even other models to make sure they are safe for me to work with and potentially others. Risk are human trafficking, sexual assault or harassment, physical harm depending on the project, which could happen too. Read more>>

Sam Chavez | Filmmaker, Editor, Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Creative Director

I have been thinking a lot about risk lately actually. Risk is scarier the older I get because what I have to lose is everything I have built on my own. It’s harder to see that when you’re completely supported and backed up by either family or an institution like a college. Read more>>

Chele Roland | Entrepreneur, Author and Creator of My Own Freedom

Wow, answering how being a risk taker has played a role in my life is a very layered answer. Basically, I’ve been a risk taker since the day I graduated high school, and left home from my farm town named Puyallup in Washington state. I drove my car filled with all my belongings to begin college in Southern California with no job, Read more>>

Karina Paz | Soul Coach & Spiritual Guide/Tide-Eye Manager

Risk is the motion you need to take in order to move forward with your life. I am saying this as if it’s the easiest thing to do, but I know very well that the energy before taking a risk can be debilitating sometimes. Read more>>

Steph Evison Williams | Actress

The biggest risks I’ve taken in my career I think, have been location moves. Growing up in Adelaide, South Australia, I knew I would have to move interstate if I wanted to keep playing make believe and hopefully even get paid to do so. When I got accepted into the VCA Musical theatre program, I was beyond scared and young, only 17. Read more>>

Nazhi “Thee Baker “ Forrest | Kidprenuer, Sickle Cell Advocate, founder of Nazhi Thee Baker Angel Foundation, Pastry Chef

A risk that has played in my life is people rejecting learning about Sickle Cell Anemia, People has also rejected our Organic treats…because their either scared that it’ll taste horrible or either feel like our cause isn’t important. Read more>>