One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Teffani Taylor | CEO Official Bonafide Boutique & Teen mentor

My business gives back to the foster care community each month. A young lady currently in foster care is selected to receive a one on one mentoring session and free item(s) from Official Bonafide Boutique. Recipients are selected based on reaching teenage milestones associated with aging out of the child welfare system. As a former foster youth supporting this community means lowering risks of low self esteem, teen pregnancy, self harm or re-traumatization. Role models aren’t always available for these young ladies, by being a fashionable guide we create bonds and pull the curtain back on womanhood and being successful. Read more>>

Madison Caivano | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Being a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I provide a safe space for individuals of the community to work on their mental health. Through my practice, I hope to remove the negative stigmas surrounding therapy and mental health. Seeking help should be viewed as a sign of strength, not weakness. A core idea I typically reinforce: “it’s okay to not be okay.” I strive to show my clients, the community, and the world that mental health is just as vital as physical health. If we can make time for our physical well being we need to make time for our mental health. Neglecting mental health can have severe consequences and often leads individuals to substance abuse or even suicide. Read more>>

Eve Sturges | Psychotherapist & Podcast Host

I am here in Los Angeles offering psychotherapy, which I hope is helping the community’s soul in myriad ways! It makes me happy to help others, and being a therapist has afforded me the opportunity to witness some amazing journeys. People crave connection, and I love that my job allows me to create a space for that day after day. Read more>>

Rita Kakati-Shah | Award-winning Career Strategist & DEI Expert

Uma is a strategic coaching and training platform that empowers confidence, inspires success, and builds leadership and resilience in women and minorities around the world. We are diversity, equity and inclusion experts, with over 25 years experience advising teams, organizations and policymakers on building and sustaining diverse and inclusive teams. We have successfully coached and mentored schoolchildren, girls in STEM, university students, women survivors of domestic violence, military veterans and spouses, C-Suite executives, entrepreneurs and mothers transitioning careers from cities around the world. Read more>>

Stacy James | CEO of Dazzle Africa, Adventurer, Guide, Dreamer

We are a bringer of dreams. Dreams of fresh water for families who have no access, young students who never imagined they would be able to attend college, to the elephants and other animals as they are protected from poachers and we help those who have the dream of safari to travel to the motherland and give witness to the beauty and wonder of Africa firsthand. Read more>>

Ry Toast | DJ/Yoga Teacher & Creatrix of Yoga & Mixtapes

My mission with Yoga & Mixtapes is to make yoga accessible & fun for everyone, especially those who have been traditionally marginalized by western yoga. I do this by removing the barriers that keep most people from ever trying yoga. The biggest obstacle is the cost. It’s expensive. The price of a yoga practice is obscene. This makes it feel exclusive, when yoga is for everyone. Because of the high price, many studios develop sh_tty cultures. Read more>>

Kitty Felde | Children’s Book Writer and Podcaster

It breaks my heart to read about the latest partisan battles on Capitol Hill. The divisiveness goes beyond politics. It tears at the very fabric of who we are as a democratic society. And if I feel that way as a grownup, what must kids think about Washington? How can we expect that JFK mantra “ask what you can do for your country” to be taken seriously by the next generation? Read more>>

Tyrone Hazen | Co-Founder & President

At Puffin Coolers, we started our company with the intent of benefiting more than simply our owners, employees and customers. We want to have true impact external to ourselves, and this philosophy is integrated into our DNA. As a start-up, it’s a great challenge to simply make ends meet, let alone contribute to something that doesn’t directly and positively impact the bottom line. But, we committed to the goal and continue to improve our ability to affect change. Read more>>

Wolfman Raymond | Influencer, Promoter, and Host

I started WOLFMAN’S FOOD HUNT to help support small and local businesses. Small businesses have been struggling and closing down at a rapid rate, especially during the pandemic. I’m dedicating my time and talents to promote local restaurants and to help create a foodie scene and community. Buying local is more important now than ever. Read more>>

Meg Lee | (Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs) Artist & Activist

The main goal around my small business, MegEmikoArt is to use my creativity, art, and apparel to make folks in the QTBIPOC Community feel seen, heard, represented, loved, and most importantly safe. Growing up, I never saw myself represented in clothing brands or mainstream media, which is really what motivates me today to help the younger generation feel like they can live in this world as their most authentic self. I want to create a safe space for QTBIPOC folks and especially the trans and gender non-conforming communities who often feel pressured to conform to societal norms and expectations. Read more>>

Gabrielle Jackson | Founder and Executive Director of The Joy-Jackson Initiative

We aim to set a new industry standard for the American Theater and other arts organizations. We want a world where BIPOC artists, administrators, and audiences are truly valued, safe, and uplifted. This goes beyond solidarity statements. Radical change requires radical action. We want to be a catalyst for that radical action. By providing organizations with tools for self-reflection and the guidance necessary to formulate and implement changes, we will help to create the safest possible spaces for the BIPOC collaborators who enrich the global arts and entertainment industry. Read more>>

Dr. Leada Malek | Board-certified Sports Physical Therapist

I wanted a means to continue to reach people during something as isolating and overwhelming as the pandemic. My business allows me to reach people from all over to help them take advantage of their physical health and continue to move as pain-free as possible. Read more>>

Lily Lyon | Singer Songwriter

I think representation is extremely important and as a Brazilian American artist, my hope is to make my community feel represented through my work. Read more>>

Victorine Deych | Scent Maker & Terpene Expert

The entire foundation of my company has been built on healing in an accessible form to as many people as possible. Alternative wellness modalities such as aromatherapy can offer a sense of calm while navigating the storms of life. Additionally, I source all ingredients from individuals and companies that adhere to best business practices. This means that we collectively focus on getting to know and supporting the local communities in which we work to grow, harvest and distill. These methods lead to job creation, security and the spread of overall wellbeing. Read more>>

June Milham & Eric Martin | Small Business Owners

As an independent small business, one thing we do for our community is provide something distinct and unique that just wouldn’t exist otherwise. Something that’s not part of the big box commercial landscape. Something intimate. Something personal. And it makes a difference. Read more>>

Gemma Habibi | Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner

Ayurveda is a holistic medical system that has been used around the world for more than 5000 years. The Ayurvedic approach to wellness is through creating balance and harmonizing the body, mind & spirit. Chandra Soma Ayurveda provides traditional Ayurvedic treatments, that embody and honor the most ancient medical & whole body wellness system. Read more>>

Nona Chiang | Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Mentor

My work as a yoga teacher helps people to live healthier, happier and more peaceful lives. Through the physical practice of yoga postures, we learn how to work with our bodies in a peaceful, loving way, exploring the many possibilities available to us. We literally get to know ourselves better through our practice of yoga. “What are your habits, your tendencies, your preferences?” is something you might hear me say in class. Read more>>

Ciara Quarles | Herbalist Healer & Entrepreneur

My business helps the community by helping women heal. I created skincare and wellness products to help women feel good about themselves, heal, and achieve optimal health, naturally. I am a firm believer in alternative medicine and natural skincare, I pride myself in creating versatile and meaningful ways to help promote healing remedies and improvement of health and skin. My true passion is healing the body in the most natural way possible Daily I make it my purpose to teach others about how to take care of themselves in a more holistic, balanced manner. My products promote healing factors, in particular, the CBD healing body balm. Read more>>

Aleks Pevec | Surfing Instructor

If there is one thing that I took away from this past year it’s that we are all equally responsible for making sure that everyone feels like a human being. Yeah, I teach surfing. That isn’t necessarily going to change the world. But I do feel like this “fixing” starts with encouraging any person to believe that they can do anything. That there isn’t a barrier holding them back from succeeding and trying something new. When I started Lipsmack Surf, I wanted to create an inclusive environment out in the ocean where an LGBTQ couple, a person of color, or a child from a different socioeconomic background all could feel comfortable taking risks and riding waves. If I can build a community of surfers who look out at the water and feel like they belong, even for a moment, what better gift to give a person who might usually feel alone. Read more>>

Elysia Skye | Life Purpose, Mindfulness and Clarity Coach

When I began as a mindfulness consultant for global brands, the immediate impact we noticed was the reduced stress and anxiety occurring in corporate culture. This is very fulfilling because of the domino effect it has on, not just the business, but the families of the employees and their communities. Read more>>

Monica Barrett | Owner/Operator

MJ Reliable Transportation has been a true staple in the community. We believe that engaging conversations help us identify the gaps in services that are lacking in the community. These engaging conversations often lead to action! In August of 2020 we kicked off our first fundraiser by offering free transportation to clients that had exhausted their maximum number of trips allotted by their health insurance company. This is usually caused by critical health conditions that require multiple visits for services like dialysis or radiation chemotherapy. Read more>>

Alanna Rizzo | Founder & President of Guidry’s Guardian Foundation

Guidry’s Guardian Foundation’s sole purpose is to help dogs get off of the streets and out of high kill shelters. It is our mission to provide financial assistance to those organizations & individuals committed to helping these dogs get the medical attention they need and the forever homes they deserve. Read more>>

Jaelin Phillips | Fashion Designer & creative business builder

Our main focus is on improving the creative consciousness We do this by providing opportunities, & resources to independent creatives of all mediums Our proudest achievement so far is paying out over $10,000 to creatives- through bookings, commissions, merch sales & more. Our secondary ( but equally important) goal, is to combat Detrimental Ethical And Environmental Consequences the Fast Fashion Industry Has created. No Rivals sets to combat this with reworked vintage pieces & garments made with upcycled & recycled materials for each order individually. Eliminating waste & giving life to forgotten items & materials Read more>>

Lynette Sonne | Founder & Herd Boss

My hope is that both local and visiting guests who attend our on-farm workshops will take away a small, yet significant piece of know-how to better their decision making and choices when next buying their food & self care products. Sharing how every being makes a difference when shopping and supporting our local family farms and learning to grow and make their own is what we strive for. Read more>>

Elizabeth Monoian & Robert Ferry | Founding Co-directors, Land Art Generator Initiative

With a mission to advance a just and equitable energy transition in response to the climate crisis, the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) helps design places for people that share land use with distributed renewable energy generation and other sustainable infrastructures. We work with public and private organizations to help them meet their greatest potential as they plan, design, and implement new clean energy projects and build regenerative communities. Read more>>