We love ourselves a good quote and so we asked our community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us and we’ve highlighted some below

Asia Miller | Dancer/Choreographer/Actor

Right now my lock screen on my phone has a verse that says ” Experience makes you more patient, and you are most patient when you ignore insults.” Proverbs 19:11 This verse remains on my lock screen because I find it so relevant to my life and my career. The more I experience, wether it is good or bad, I am always learning something new and I’m so grateful to be able to take whatever I learn into a different experience in my life and use that knowledge. Also, this verse reminds me that not everything is meant for me and I know I will hear a lot of “no’s” throughout my journey. So knowing that, not to get discouraged by those “No’s” and to keep on moving and shining through this beautiful thing called Life!. Read more>>

Francesca James | Author, Intuitive Wellness Coach and Energy Therapist

“Don’t listen to what I’m saying. Listen to what I’m listening to.” ~Michael Bernard Beckwith What does it mean to me? It reminds us that we all have intuitive guidance that speaks to us of our dreams and provides step-by-step guidance. No one outside has answers for another. One must listen within to know what is the Highest good for them to follow. What do I like about it? It provides for me the freedom to follow my own path even when others do not understand. It matters not what others think, say or do because my personal navigation system is providing for me every action to take. Read more>>

Bobby Cuff | Music Producer & Songwriter

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” -Theodore Roosevelt It is my passion to create and produce music. In pursuit of this dream, I have been thrown challenges and have faced daunting obstacles along the way. I came across this quote watching a biography on the History Channel and it really struck me to the core. I connect with its message of resilience in the face of adversity and making the most of any situation. It also taught me to focus and appreciate what I can do at any particular moment. Read more>>

Angeline Herron

I heard Rahul Mehrotra, an architect, say this during an interview on TED Radio Hour. It resonated with me immediately because it speaks to a question that’s always in the back of my mind: How can I reach my full potential if I don’t allow room for change, room to grow. If I become the pendulum that loses its beat, simply resting comfortably in the center without moving, then I become static. I want my life to be impactful. I want to keep my intelligence awake so that I’m ever curious and become the best version of myself even if it’s through a crisis, an inconsistency, or a change. Read more>>

Lindsey Newman | Pastry Chef

“In pursuit of excellence” was written on a plaque in one of the very first kitchens I ever worked in and these words have stayed with me ever since. Whenever I am working on something whether its a new recipe or something I have made a hundred times, those four words are always on repeat in the back of my mind. If you aren’t going to give your best when doing something then why do it?. Read more>>

Heather Parker | Reiki Master/Teacher, Poet & Relationship Coach

“Things are always working out for me, even when I don’t see it yet.” I was listening to Abraham Hicks in 2015. I was building a friendship with my (now) partner. He lived on the east coast. I lived on the west coast. I was considering moving and changing careers. I had worked for my family for longer than I ever expected I would. I was nervous. I was excited. I was in love. I was publishing my first book and aligning with my soul purpose (energy healing/coaching). I hit a few walls during that time. I felt hurt. I felt uncertain. I felt frustrated. I felt discouraged. Hearing the affirmation reminded me that I do not always see the good that is happening, yet that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening and I can trust that “God” “Source” et. al. is conspiring for my good. Be patient. (which I am often not). It is so hard for me to sit still and sometimes my faith waivers, yet this affirmation gives me perspective. Some days I say it 10-20 times before my heart chills out and I can breathe again. Yet it always helps me refocus on the unseen good I know exists. Read more>>

Ashley Adams | Creator & Small Business Owner

I came across a phrase on TikTok a few months ago and it hit me at a time when I really needed things to feel better. The world has felt like a dumpster fire for such a long time now, I was experiencing burnout, I didn’t have any motivation to do anything, I was struggling with anxiety and depression, and it felt like there was no end in sight to all of these horrible things going on. I wrote this quote on my whiteboard by my door so I would see it every time I walked out of the room and would try to repeat it to myself throughout the day. I heard the phrase at a time when I had this “what’s the point?” kind of attitude and deep down I knew these were just intrusive thoughts and I needed to end the pessimistic, negative talk cycle but I didn’t know how. And then I heard it. “Show me how it gets better.” It’s such a simple phrase but it holds power. It was helpful for me because little by little, I started to notice the good things in my daily life. Which in turn helped me slowly pull myself out of a negative headspace and the motivation came roaring back. Read more>>

Heather Basile | Business Owner & Maker

“A little time alone in your own room will prove more valuable than anything else that could ever be given to you.” – RumiTo me, this quote speaks to perseverance, self-reliance, and authenticity. Despite the heartbreaking tragedy and loss that COVID has brought to so many, it has also served as a reset button and a time for self reflection that many of us desperately needed, shining a light on social injustices and bringing up some of life’s biggest questions. Who am I? What is my purpose? What do I value? How do I live in harmony with my true nature and those around me? How do I live without those around me? In Self-Reliance, Emerson warns against “foolish consistency”. I think of that all the time in everything I do. Am I doing things the way they’ve always been done because that is what works best or because that is what is expected?. Read more>>

Rocio Alquati | Fantasy Artist & Art Director

From a song by the neighborhood titled Afraid. The entire song is about imposter syndrome and fear. This particular line speaks to me about integrity. As an artist and creative you have to sell part of your soul in your work as it’s created and crafted with love and a part of you. However set your boundaries, you call the extent to which people have access to you. You do not need to do anything you do not wish to do and stick to your hard limits. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Hoatrio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” This is a quote from William Shakespeare’s hamlet. The original emo boy of literature. I keep the quote right next to me when I work to remind myself that my own narrow vision of life isn’t all there is. As well as a reminder that whenever someone leaves ignorant comments that they cannot fathom what they do not know. You can only meet others as deeply as they have met themselves. Read more>>

Sadia Alao | Writer, Filmmaker, & Director

My favorite quote is by Nina Simone. In an interview with Andy Stroud, she proposes that “an artist’s duty is to reflect the times”. Only a few words but they hold so much weight. It’s about creating art that can be immortalized as a glimpse into history. I believe it’s my responsibility, all of ours, to communicate the current world we live in — the good and the bad — to future generations. It’s a way to have a legacy that endures and succeeds ourselves. And this isn’t to say that artists can’t dream in fantasy or in alternate realities, but to say that our art must speak to humanity and inspire change, present day. Read more>>

Abraham Heisler | Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs

“The degree to which a person can grow is directly proportional to the amount of truth one can take about themselves without running away.” I love this quote because we live in a society where it’s easy to run and numb. Run from our pains, fears, etc. And numb out with TV, shopping, social media, etc. Yet, if we truly want to grow – personally and professionally, then we have to stop running and start confronting. Read more>>

Sam Hirschmann | Movement & Breathwork Enthusiast

One of my teachers in acting school said this to us in class and it never left me. I used to write “nothing human is foreign to me” down on the top of my notebook every day before acting because if you didn’t know, I worked in finance before going to acting school so getting up in front of my whole class to perform a scene was slightly terrifying to me. The beautiful thing about acting is that it pushes you to live out every single emotion, even the ones that you have been shamed to maybe feel. So reading that quote every day reminded me “wait a second, I’m a human and I’m allowed to feel it ALL with no shame, no guilt, and no punishment.” Since acting school I’ve taken this quote with me everywhere. I take it with me to my Breathwork classes, to Instagram, to my relationships, to movement, you name it I take it there. There is this very sneaky undercurrent out in society that makes us feel the need to look “put together” all the time. If we don’t we look messy or we look crazy or if we show our true feelings we’re too much. Read more>>

Trishala Bhansali | Founder & Designer

If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities. Maya Angelou. I love this quote – it is a favorite AND an affirmation. I think it is applicable to so many industries and so many different kinds of people. It speaks to the power of dreaming. I think we all want to have a positive impact on the world and/or on the people around us, whether or not we acknowledge that and whether or not that impact is small or large. I also love that this quote addresses how lucky we are to be ABLE to impact others. That is truly a privilege. One idea, one dream, or even one act can have beautiful repercussions for those around you, and that encourages and motivates me. Read more>>

Josh Mancell | Soundtrack Composer & Music Producer

I really like the affirmation is “the best way out is through” – this quote has its roots in both Hindi philosophy and the poetry of Robert Frost. Essentially it means the best way through a challenge is to face it and work your way through it. I’ve added the variation “the best way to it is through it”. This de-emphasizes the challenge part and focuses on the “it” on the other side – meaning successfully working toward a goal or achievement. A word that is not visible in the affirmation but is very much present is ‘intention’ – which is the fuel or mindset that propels you through all the difficulty. This is especially helpful when applied to creative work. More often than not, solutions to work-related puzzles are hidden and require persistence, patience and yes, more creativity!. Read more>>

Max Berg | Co-Founder and Head of Revenue for Eliqs

“Everything works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out yet, then it’s not the end.”― Tracy McMillan I’m a huge fan of this quote because it is only slightly cheesy and can be applied to both your personal and professional life, while evoking a level of optimism that, to me, isn’t SO over the top that it actually enables me to see things a bit more clearly. I love that the idea of something “working out” is extremely simple and subjective, and can provide a positive spin on nearly any situation or circumstance. The flexible nature of the quote leading to even a slight mindset shift toward becoming a bit more hopeful or persistent is always a big win. Read more>>

RaLonda Copeland | Candle Creator & Book Club owner

I am and who my brand, The Well-balanced Conscious Woman is. In life we get trapped in the everyday hustle and forget the importance of self-care. Self-care to me is picking up a book and getting lost in it while I light my favorite candle. With everything that is going on in the world due to covid-19 and also trying to be a responsible adult sometimes its not feasible to catch a flight but reading can take you anywhere you imagine. The power of the brain is so amazing especially when you add aromatherapy benefits to it, which is how I created my business. I began The Well-Balanced Conscious Woman to share my love for reading with my girlfriends. We often get so caught up in our busy lives that we forget how important and enlightening that reading can be. I wanted to bring excitement back to picking up and reading a great book. The Well-Balanced Conscious Woman is a company who promotes the importance of reading. Our objective is to get you into LIT(erary) while you get LIT. We currently have two aspects that we cater too. Read more>>

Sara Azzi | Wedding & Event Planner

“An event shouldn’t be just an experiential thing; it should be an emotional thing.” Creating space for real emotion: for the couples to feel, experience, and remember deeply with their families and friends. Your experience at your wedding, to create tangible memories you will hold dear all your life: this is what matters so much to me. As a Wedding & Events Planner, I always do everything I can to treasure this. Wedding days can go by too fast. Suddenly, you are surrounded by friends, family, and coworkers as you are dressed in a beautiful wedding gown or tuxedo. You will be the center of attention, often being pulled in various directions to talk with all your guests and take photos, and your wedding day might end up feeling surreal. To allow the couple to focus, I always make sure to create a timeline with a buffer room. This precaution will keep the bride and groom at ease since they know they have plenty of time worked into the schedule to be flexible with however the day goes. They will use those moments to enjoy the details: the sound of the laughter, the champagne taste, and the perfume of the bouquet. They will truly feel what is going on, and this is priceless. Read more>>

Alexander Monét | Artist, Producer, Engineer, Graphic Designer, & Video Editor

“Follow Your Dreams”, it means everything to me. The angelic number 222 translates to the “Follow Your Dreams” I live by that. I see 222 everywhere weather it be the time, a number on a license plate, on a recipient, etc. I even have it tattooed on my face. whenever I see this number it reminds me that im going the right direction. I truly believe that you can do anything you set your mind to and that goes for anyone. I make sure to let the ones important to me to me know that. Read more>>

Alex Garcia | Cinematographer

Do What You Can’t. Probably one of the only quotes/affirmations i’ve ever resonated with. To me this means what it literally says. DO WHAT YOU CAN’T. I like that particular affirmation because to me it proves that despite if you’ve been told by others that you cant, it’s never the case. You always can. Therefore. Read more>>

Tiffany Hume | Therapeutic Bodywork & Spiritual Counseling

“Your task in not to seek for Love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Rumi My purpose in life & intention with my work is to facilitate the opening of hearts and waking up to the Love, Light and truth of who we are as Divine beings with Infinite potential. I think of my work as unwinding the inner and outer knots that keep us from this remembrance. I love this quote because it recognizes that we are already Love at our core/ essence and we have simply learned to create protection mechanisms as a result of life hurts and traumas that have made us forget our Love. Once we realize these are learned misbeliefs they loose their power and we Awaken to the truth of who we are. Rumi’s brilliant wisdom reminds us we are not separate from Love and it is not outside of us; in actual fact it is our very beingness. Read more>>

Jasmine Newkirk | Purpose Chaser

My favorite affirmation would have to be “I attract success by being my authentic self.” This means your super power is unapologetically being yourself. NOT who social media wants you to be, NOT who family/friends want you to be but who YOU desire to be. After all being you is what makes you different in this world. It’s just something amazing about waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror, and affirming that you will succeed by being yourself. If you really think about it, when it comes to success we already have an assigned journey in this world all we have to do is live it. I like to call that “assigned journey” our divine purpose. When you go after your divine purpose success will automatically come to you. In other In other words. you no longer have to chase the bag, let the bag chase YOU!. Read more>>

Ulrike Kerber | Creative Director + Motion Designer

“We need braver leaders and more courageous cultures.” by Brene Brown What do we need to learn to be more successful leaders in a complex, rapidly changing environment where we’re faced with seemingly intractable challenges and an insatiable demand for innovation. What is courageous? I think for example giving honest and productive feedback while not avoiding tough conversations is an act of courage. And why is it so hard to be straight-forward and direct? I think especially girls are taught to be nice and “accommodating” but nice is not kind. Being “nice and polite” is sometimes leveraged as an excuse to avoid tough conversations. Here is the deal: when you avoid tough conversations, you may experience: 1. Diminished trust and engagement; 2. Problematic behavior, including passive-aggressive behavior, talking behind people’s backs, pervasive backchannel communication (or “the meeting after the meeting”), gossip, the “dirty yes” (when I say yes to your face and then go behind your back); white lies, etc 3. Decreased performance due to a lack of clarity and shared purpose. Read more>>

Saturne Tchabong | Activist, Filmmaker

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” By: Rumi. So much of my artistic work surrounds love, loving, and being loved–holistically. If more of us carried love in our hearts, the kind of love that repairs and mends, we would live in a world that is significantly different than the one we are currently experiencing and that our ancestors experienced. Read more>>

Brittany “Celebrity Brenea Murphy | Hair Extensions Business Coach

“Less Bitter More Glitter” People always focusing on the negative things that happens and not on the positive. Your life is what you make I want my life to be filled with GLITTER aka the positive things. So I focus on that and learn from the negative. Read more>>


Mike Pinette | Artist, Musician & Holistic Life Coach

I need this reminder often. It can be easy to get ahead of myself and worship the space between where I am and where I want to be instead of bringing my attention to where my own 2 feet are planted. It’s a simple equation to say “Joy = Doing > Done-ing” , but I find it to be accurate no matter where and what I’m creating or bringing into my life. Doing any simple action with joy is more important than the finished product and the most generous way we can be with ourself, others and our future is to give everything to the present moment. From there we can plant higher quality seeds for our future and enjoy the journey. It can be as simple as dancing to some music while I brush my teeth or massaging my feet with a lacrosse ball while I do my taxes. The small and mundane moments can be infused with joy if we aren’t waiting for a future outcome to make us happy. That dangling carrot is almost impossible to catch because we hardly ever take the time to appreciate o. Read more>>

Katelyn Marie Piz | Singing Songwriter

“Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”. I think I heard this in the Mighty Ducks movie as a kid and it has always stuck with me. It’s so easy to let fear of failure hold you back and this quote reminds me that if you don’t shoot, you can’t score. Read more>>

Marc Kayem | Facial Plastic Surgeon

Even before Nike used that quote, it was always my affirmation. Life is full of opportunities, that too many people turn into missed opportunities. When you ask yourself “I wonder if this could work?”, you are really saying “Of course this could work, I just have to make it happen”. Read more>>

Amy Fang | Visual Designer

My favorite quote is by Nina Simone: “How can you be an artist and not reflect the times?” I love this quote because it constantly reminds me that my design/artistic practice is larger than myself, that as a creator I have a duty to represent as well as critique the world around me. Read more>>

Klaudia Jaworski | Former Talent Agent & Author of The Commercial Actor’s Manual: From A Talent Agent’s Desk

There are three quotes that I favor and often refer to especially when coaching aspiring talent, so much so that one of those quotes can be spotted on the very first page in my book (The Commercial Actor’s Manual: From A Talent Agent’s Desk). That quote being – “A goal without a plan is just a wish” – Antoine De Saint-Exupéry, and the second and third tying right into that same message by unknown writers being – “The distance between your dreams and reality is called action” -followed by – “Study the industry, make a plan, and execute to your full potential” -Unknown. Those three quotes remind us that one’s goals, dreams, and aspirations need a plan, an action, a start, and continued movement towards achieving them, and as obvious as that may seem, all too often we can find ourselves derailing away from our actions towards our goals whether through everyday distractions and/or surrounding noise. If our goals and/or dreams are something we wish to truly attain we have to make them a priority. Read more>>

Nikki Eason | Speaker | Creator | Coach

My favorite quote is “the two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why” by Mark Twain. When I first encountered this quote, it gave me a sense of meaning and purpose. Often times, we forget just how precious it is to just exist. To have the opportunity to enter the world, considering all of the circumstances that it takes to create a life alone, is a blessing. I love this quote because it reminds me to be humble and grateful for life. This quote pushed me to love and accept myself, search for my why and to respect and understand it once I realized what it all entailed. When you know your why, you are more intentional and purposeful in your decision making. We tend to compare ourselves to others as if it is some sort of competition. Thinking that we are not good enough because we don’t act or look like them or have similar possessions. When we understand that how we are the way we are is enough. We begin to celebrate our own journey. When I found my why, it gave me the confidence needed to live authentically, intentional and on purpose. Read more>>

Amelia Allen | Composer & Songwriter

I remember reading the poem Invictus in middle school and the last two lines of it struck a chord and have stuck with me ever since; “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”– William Ernest Henley I think the reason it resonated with me so strongly is that it was the most eloquent way I’d heard of saying a mantra that I’d already lived by my whole life and continue to live by today. I believe that I am the only one I can hold accountable for my failures and successes in both my personal and professional life, and I think the reason I love this is because it lights a fire under me to always be pushing forward and making moves or decisions that will get me where I want to be. Now, that’s not to say that other people can’t contribute to or influence your path, but simply that at the end of the day, you can’t point the finger at anyone but yourself for the decisions you’ve made, and I love that. Read more>>

Floyd Miles | Creative Visionary

Although I have quite a few one I feel that will always force me to have some accountability is “be the energy you want to attract.” Majority of the time we are projecting our own feelings positive and negative on to each other and recycling them amongst our peers. So it is important to stay conscious of the energy you’re giving other people. whatever you want or require you have to be first. Read more>>

Patrice Royal | Future International Supermodel

One of my favorite quotes that keeps me striving is “Life is what you make it, make it beautiful”. This affirmation is a constant reminder that no matter what life throws my way; my reaction to the action determines the reaction. So, I must make sure my next move is my best move and make sure it’s beautifully done. What I admire about this quote is that it reminds the reader to take accountability for their current situation and know it’s their doing. Rather being good or bad it’s never to late to make it beautiful. Read more>>

Shadia Martin | Actor

It might sound corny, but one of my favorite movies is A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff. The main quote from that movie is “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” That always sticks with me. I love how simple, but powerful that quote is. Fear is definitely my biggest achilles’ heel and every day I try to remind myself that although the fear will always be there, it should never – and will never – get in the way of my dreams. Read more>>

Jasmine Canales Canales | Artist | Singer, songwriter, educator, yogi

One of my favorite quotes ever is from Bob Marley “My heart is at ease knowing that what is meant for me will never miss me. and that which misses me was never meant for me.” Every time I feel any self doubt or anxiety about the future I remember that quote and it always helps me become grounded in the present moment. It’s a reminder that we all have our unique path and to just be grateful for what and who you are in that moment. I think that life has many phases and the experiences we go through shape our frame of mind. Sometimes we expect things to go a certain way and when it doesn’t it can be soul crushing and maybe even take you in a new direction. So, just remembering that it’s all part of the bigger plan for your life and to accept things we can’t control at times. Read more>>

Simo Liu | Illustrator/ Animator/Designer

I like a quote by Norman Vincent Peale, it’s “ Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” I like this quote because it uses the stars and moon to represent ideas that everyone might already know, but in a visual, vivid and romantic way. Reach for a higher goal and do your best. Even though success cannot be guaranteed, the result is usually not bad. Read more>>

Mason Kennerly | Actor

I definitely think that if any affirmation were to ring true throughout my life, it would be “Be Here Now”! I first heard the phrase from my favorite spiritual seeker and teacher, Ram Dass, and both this being and his wonderful words have completely transformed the way I walk this journey of existence. Although it’s such a simple concept, in any and every situation these words remind me that all of the weird thought patterns, anxieties, and projections into the past or future are just a symptom of the beings that we are. It’s like being able to just completely zoom out of whatever narrative you’re putting on your life and see it just as it is, an interesting part of conscious experience as a human being. Being an actor, these words are especially potent. Each and every moment of life has in it all of the tools we need to come to a place of peace and love. All we need to remember is to be here now, and trust that we have all we will ever need when the present moment arrives. Read more>>

Hootan Zandifar | Facial Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

I have a quote that has been at the signature line of my personal email ever since I was in college. It’s a quote by Albert Einstein. The quote goes like this: “Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.” There is so much I can say about this but truly what it says to me is that no matter what situation you find yourself in, there is always something good that can come of it. You just have to look at it from a different angle. I have tried to incorporate this in my business and my approach to daily challenges. It’s a reminder that sometimes all you need is a fresh set of eyes or a different outlook. It lets you push on even if you are faced with difficulty and in the end you are usually successful. It reminds me to not be myopic about my surroundings. I should always be open to other ways of looking and approaching things in the hope of finding the opportunity in the middle of difficulty. Read more>>

Remy Campbell | Makeup Artist

“Change is the only constant.” My dad would say these words as a response to my various struggles growing up to adapt to change, on any scale. I have always preferred certainty, consistency…not exactly sameness, but an even flow of experience. I quickly learned that is not, in the slightest, how the world works. Learning to accept this as a universal truth has been essential in pursuing my career as a makeup artist. The ability to adapt to change as it comes is so critical in determining success at a baseline, especially in an industry that revolves around continuity, and time efficiency. The phrase “change is the only constant” now finds me as a reminder of my Dad’s support-I look up to his success as my greatest inspiration, transcending any particular industry. I hope to continue my growth as an artist by embracing change, and always embodying adaptability. Read more>>

Raina René | Entrepreneur

One of my favorite quotes is: “Don’t just go through it, grow through it”. I’m not sure who said it, but this is something I say to myself all the time. I love this quote because it reminds me to make sure I’m learning from every situation. You have to learn from the good and also the not so good. We all experience “things”, what matters is how you develop from them. I constantly have these “moments”, and I love them because they force me to pivot when I need to, adapt when I need to, just overall always evolving and making things better. Read more>>

Jillian Bullock | Award Winning Filmmaker and Mental Health Advocate

This is my quote and I came up with it years ago when my memoir HERE I STAND was published. Considering the horrific experiences I had to deal with growing up including rape, homelessness, drug addiction, prostitution, and teenage motherhood, I shouldn’t be where I am today as an award winning filmmaker, author, transformation speaker, mind-body-spirit coach, and fitness expert. Many times when people look at someone’s past they are so quick to dismiss them as a loser, but I am living proof that one’s past doesn’t reflect that at all. I was able to transform my life from a victim to a victor and I want other people who are going through hardships, challenges and obstacles to understand they can turn their lives around as well. Read more>>