Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Michael Vest | Singer/songwriter & Owner of Earthstar Creation Center ( recording studio)

Well, I don’t have much of an artistic career but I did choose an artistic life because that’s how you best express your emotions (which might be the whole meaning of it all). My only thought process is to keep writing songs until I get a good one. I do jump around styles and genres a lot (for better or worse). I am still kinda searching for my true voice. But nothing in the world feels better than making a catchy melody or finding a poetic cascade of words! Its bliss. Read more>>

Elijah Perkins | Music Artist

I’ve been deeply invested in music for years since I was a kid. After getting involved with songs as a teenager, it made sense to transition into an artist and pursue a career. Read more>>

Sofia Echa | Artist

I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I was on a different path at first – I thought I was – when I was a student at a Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia, working hard on my degree in Japanese Studies. I have been drawing and painting since I can remember, but I was in my teens and didn’t see where I can go with that, so I chose a path of three of my family members and studied Japanese language and economics. Read more>>

AJAE | producer, musician, playback engineer, audio programmer, and visual creative

My folks started me on piano lessons early, around age 5. We had no particular musicians in the family, but being the grandson of a painter and a businessman, I think I was subtly shaped to be both imaginative and practical – crucial attributes in any creative industry. I guess… I was also getting into drawing and painting back then too. Read more>>

Jen Fullmer | Jewelry Designer

Art has always been in the air I breathe and the blood that flows through me. But, by nature I tend to play it safe. I guess you could say that art has always been a hobby, but the practical/rational need for security has always lead me down a different career path. In college, I almost switched my major to art, but was advised to stay the course in teaching. Read more>>

Riri Tamura | Designer & Art Director

I pursued my creative career as a Designer and Art Director because ever since I can remember as a child, I always was either drawing or doing something related to art. Growing up, I was surrounded by creative individuals. My grandfather is an oil painter and taught as a professor at an art university in Japan. My aunt, who also lives in Japan, is a crafter where she sells hand painted goods. With my visual arts background, I soon fell in love with the design world. Read more>>

Wacko | Propaganda machine

Because literally everything else besides art and creativity sucks ass in the bad way not the fun way. This world is a hellhole, tbh I don’t think many of us would be alive and well without our ability to express ourselves thru art Read more>>

Nicolas Ejchenbaun | Music Producer / Audio Engineer

It’s a blessing to create everyday, it’s how I’ve decided live this life. Spending time making tracks with artists in the studio, playing shows and connecting with people around the world it’s enough for me to feel complete. Read more>>

Paige Polito | Dancer & Teacher

From the time I could walk, I was dancing. My grandmother signed me up for my first class when I was four years old because she could see that I had a true love for it. From that day forward, I never stopped. So why did I pursue a career in dance? That was the only option. At the age of ten, I started telling my mom that I was moving to New York to go to college for dance. Read more>>

Lisa Roumain | Actress

When I was 8 or 9 years old, my beloved Aunt gave me a collection of little art books, and she told me that she knew that I would love them because I was an “Artist.” I remember searching the pages of these books, over and over again, looking at images by painters like Picasso & Van Gogh, and they filled me with endless wonder, questions, and insecurity. Read more>>

Anna Lownes | Wardrobe Stylist

I’ve always been a creative person. Growing up I took tons of art classes – pottery, drawing, jewelry making – and attended creative and performing arts camps in the summer. I loved to draw and do crafts, and often had pens and paper with me. I was always daydreaming and doodling in my notebooks during school. I remember all the kids in my class would ask me to draw things for their projects because I was good at it. Instead of being outside running around at recess, I’d stay in and help re-decorate the bulletin board. Read more>>

Kevin Moses | Music Producer & Filmmaker

You’re always told that art, music, film, whatever creative industry you’re in, is a hobby. That you can’t make money or there’s no future in it. When I was younger, I listened to the detractors. While still dedicating hours to my craft, I did the “normal” thing and worked jobs that, although I excelled in, wasn’t spiritually satisfying. Read more>>

Asia Taber | Visual Cannabis Artist

I’ve been a creative my whole life! Creating with art started at a young age when I was always excited to put together elaborate projects for school. As I got older it evolved into making jewelry, painting, upscaling furniture, and more! The ways in which I create has always been a way in which I cope and deal with life’s adversities. The outlet of streaming my emotions into making something more beautiful outside of myself became like meditation. However, it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I made it my my career, and only about 3 years ago that I even considered myself an “artist”. Read more>>

Enchantress Thee Babbler | Medicine Woman / Coach

This creative healing career path is a true calling for me. I am public with my creativities now but it has always been that way in some shape or form in my life. I feel called to follow my passions and it is now where it is solidified into my being that I am indeed divinely led, divinely guided and protected on my career path that is a part of my life path because this is my Journey to help thee collective elevating to evolve. Read more>>

Lilie Garofalo | Artist

Since I was a child, I have always been very artistic . I just love everything that involves a creative process. Despite my parents wish for me to work in an office, my professional path led me to be a painter. With a brush in my hand, I am the happiest person in the world. Read more>>

Sava Ramirez | Beauty Influencer/Content Creator

The reason why I pursued an artistic and creative career as a beauty Influencer and content creator. It all started with my love for art and how you start on a white canvas and mix colors to create something beautiful. Makeup to me is like art and my face the white canvas where I can just create and express myself with color and techniques. Read more>>

RaneRaps | Rapper & Producer

I’m a musician for a myriad of reasons. The simple reasons: 1) it’s the most legal way to act a fool and get paid for it and 2) the high of creating a new song is unmatched! Admittedly, my first point was half sarcastic but it’s the truth! The more complex reasons are that 1) it affords me a means to learn about myself through songwriting, which is deeply reflective and 2) relate to my childhood heroes like Rick James and Prince. Read more>>

Nicole Jolly | Singer/Songwriter

Music seems to have been the first memory that I recall. I can still see glimpses of myself as a child, sitting on the piano bench, my little chubby fingers reaching across the black and white keys, trying to match the pitch of the song I had learned that day in pre-school. I kept playing the keys over and over, until they seemed to sound right to me. My grandfather, Pete Jolly, was an impeccable jazz pianist from the West Coast, well known for his work on movie scores, compositions, and his own personal music. He is the reason we had a piano in the living room. I was three when I became knowledgeable in playing piano. Read more>>

Johno Faherty | Filmmaker & Photographer

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be behind a camera. I had such a strong love for movies my entire childhood and such a desire to learn how they were made so I don’t think it was ever a question what I wanted to pursue in life. I couldn’t imagine myself in business school or sitting behind a desk all day crunching numbers. That just wasn’t what I ever envisioned for my life. I’ve sat in a cubicle before for a job and it makes me want rip all my hair out. The joy I get from developing a project and bringing it to life and the freedom of creativity and expression that comes with it is what I live for. Read more>>

Tess Mon Pére | Singer & Recording Artist

I’ve been in love with music for my entire life. I’ve sang since before I could even speak and began playing the piano at around 5 years old. As a child, I was constantly writing new songs and putting on concerts for my family members and classmates. I remember my first time performing in front of a large audience at my school’s talent show at eight years old and knowing that that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  Read more>>

Rita Krasniqi | Writer & Director

I never forget the day I first saw Milos Forma’s Amadeus. I was astonished. The imagery of it felt as if a neoclassical painting was moving and telling a story. The mastery behind the directing made you forget you’re watching a movie. The acting grabbed you for the very first moment you meet Salieri. The laughs, the cries, and the genius follow you from the very first moment to the very end. About a year and a half, almost every night, I would watch this movie and dream that one day I would be able to tell such stories that will make the audience leave the theater in awe. Read more>>

Noah DeBonis | Filmmaker

I’ve always loved telling stories and entertaining people. When I was younger I was a bit of a class clown, and as I got older I started to explore filmmaking as a creative outlet and a way to make my friends laugh. Filmmaking gave me a means to take my silly ideas and stories and bring them to life. I had so much fun making short videos with friends, but I never saw it as a viable career path. Read more>>

Amélie Pimont | Writer & Film Producer

It was the only career where I found myself happy and making others smile, creating is by far what makes life worthwhile for me. If I don’t create for more than a few days, I feel like the fire that burns in me disappears. Read more>>

Paige Poggione | SInger-songwriter

The simple answer to this question is that there is truly nothing else I have ever wanted to do with my life. There is nothing that fulfills me or inspires me in the way that music does. I vividly remember being a little girl sitting in waiting rooms and daydreaming about being the world’s first successful 6 year old pop star. While that obviously didn’t happen, it’s definitely telling about the dreams that I’ve always had and the way they’ve only grown stronger over the years. Read more>>

Jamie Parslow | Director, Writer, Producer

I grew up exceptionally poor as a child. Either living in trailer parks or dingy, roach-infested apartments for the first decade or so of my life. We didn’t have much, but what we made sure to splurge on when we could were movies and television. I had seen everything HBO, Showtime, TMC, and the occasional trip to the movies had to offer. Our home, wherever we were for the short amount of time we were there, was a movie house, and I soaked it up as a nerdy red-head. Read more>>

Peter Kim | Music producer, and Artist (Ya.Kim), Board-Certified Music Therapist,

I love it. It’s what keeps me going and makes me feel alive. Before deciding to make my own music and share it with the world, I didn’t have the drive and the passion to continuously strive for something better. However, once I started to make music, it has given me an unquenchable thirst to pursue a better sound, better music, and better connection with my listeners. Read more>>

Dri Sommer & Nicol Biesek (SVN QNS) | Directors

We are both in agreement that oftentimes you don’t choose a life dedicated to the arts, rather, there is this grip it has on you. Whatever the medium, it hardly feels like a choice to pursue it. I (Nicol) was drawn to photography very early on in high school and Dri was editing videos ever since she can remember. The visual arts were what intrigued us the most from an early age. My curiosity of making a career out of it didn’t start until 2013, at which point I chose art school in San Francisco. For Dri, she decided to follow her directing path when she moved to the United States from Brazil in middle school. Read more>>

Amy Rutledge | Actor, Meditation Guide, Ceramicist

Id like to say the Artistic/Creative career chose me! As a small child I felt the profound special magic of performing and creating whether that was through singing, acting, dancing, playing the piano, or creating artwork. It was something that was always inherent within my being. My mom helped cultivate my love and drive by taking me to plays, shows, introducing me to music, and teaching me to create using many artforms. As I grew it only seemed natural to pursue an artistic creative career. Its something I cant live without and brings me great joy. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Read more>>

Tyrin Brewster | Singer Songwriter

I used to have the hardest time expressing myself to my friends and family. Not to say that I still don’t struggle but, making my own music has really helped me over the years to be able to keep my thoughts and emotions somewhat organized. Also I was born into a family of creatives so whether it be music, dance or art etc.. I was bound to find my own path at some point and I’m very glad i’ve found one. Read more>>

Julio Hanson | Entertainer

The easy answer is that my father was a classical pianist, and my mother was a classical singer. I have always been around the arts. Much of my childhood is a blur, but what is clear is the first time that I sang in my father’s church next to my mother. The song was, There’s Something About That Name. I still sing it today, and occasionally, when I perform, I will ask my mother to join me on stage. Read more>>

Leanna Kaiser | Experimental Filmmaker and Musician

I’ve always wanted to be an artist and tried many other jobs but always ended up coming back to art and music and being happiest that way. So I decided to just put all my energy into art. Read more>>

Riley Yahr | Graphic Designer & Photographer

I decided to pursue a career in the creative field because that’s what makes me happy. I’ve always wanted my work and career to be fulfilling and make me happy considering so much of our lives are spent working. Read more>>

Daniela Soberman | Sculptor and Writer

I come from an extremely creative family and although being artistic was never forced upon me, the thought process that creatives go through influenced me from a very young age. I actually initially thought I wanted to pursue a non-artistic path, but my brain and body rebelled against it and I eventually listened. Read more>>

Kelly Edwards | DIY’er, Designer and Television Host

Out of high school, I went straight to college. It’s what you did. No clear path, no clear major, but a zest to live on my own out of a few egg crates. I ended up with a degree in business. A major that was non committal enough to take me anywhere. I realized quickly that corporate America wasn’t the path I wanted to pursue. I would watch the design shows on HGTV and TLC and dreamed of what it would be like to be creative for a living. Read more>>

Andy Leo | Film Director

Pursuing a career in directing films was never a choice for me. I’ve learned that the hard way. It was pure coincidence or maybe luck that I had found myself on a shortcut towards finding my purpose, but I was just giving into the invisible gravity that pulled me towards film school. Read more>>

Terron Brooks | Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Author, Producer, Motivational Speaker

I think I was the one who was pursued by The Artist. I was a very shy kid who at first glance no one would ever say I’d end up performing for thousands and actually enjoy being in the people business. I realized I had a God given gift and no matter how hard I tried, the calling followed me. Once I accepted it, my whole life changed. Because I feel I was being given an opportunity to serve, I don’t subscribe to chasing endeavors down. Read more>>

Greg Berman | Comedian

Why not?! It’s what I love to do, why wouldn’t I do it? I think there is this romantic perception of what a creative career is that we have all determined is this BOLD lifestyle choice, I think that’s silly. We have made creative careers this big what-if, like this fleeting mystical desire, that only some are brave enough to pursue, but that’s exactly what holds so many people back… I think. It’s like anything else in life, incredibly competitive and incredibly rewarding, if that’s what you’re into. Read more>>

Jennifer Collins | Actress/ Producer/Acting coach

I always loved acting. In college, my friend, Martha Owens, encouraged me to pursue it when I went to LA for a summer internship at a major law firm through my uncles firm. I was so green, yet an agency picked me up and I went with it. Read more>>