Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Hillary Lewis and Yaya Margarita | Owners of Shine Studio Fitness

We came up with the idea for our business because we saw a need in our local community. A need for a workout that empowers and excites you. A space where everyone could be themselves, and become an even better version of themselves! Read more>>

Morgan Dazey | Creative Marketing Director

Believe it or not, I was scrolling on TikTok, and I stumbled upon a virtual assistant coach! I was off of Instagram for an entire year and a half before finding out about the virtual assistant world and that’s when I went in full throttle! It really just checked all the boxes for me.  Read more>>

Briana Netherly | Mother & Owner of Zola’Amari Vegan Hair Products

When I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl, I was so happy! The first things that popped up in my head were I hope she is healthy, I can’t wait until she talks and I can’t wait to start styling her hair lol. As a baby my daughter experienced a lot of baldness but I didn’t worry about it too much because she was only a few months old. Read more>>

Twinky Couture by LBtwink | YouTuber & Fashion Designer

Since I was younger I was always into wearing bandanas as accessories. One day I was out shopping and came across a bunch of really cool printed ones, since I would always wear them around my head I was super excited about getting a whole bunch of cool new designs. Read more>>

Linda Cassio | Founder/owner

It started with my passion of traveling. While visiting my native country of Mexico I realized how beautiful were the Artisanal products and how misrepresented these were. I decided I wanted to dedicate my self to promote and preserve this beautiful craftsmanship and sell meaningful products. Read more>>

Jacob Israel | Co-Founder & CEO, Gotama

Gotama was essentially born out of necessity — we couldn’t find the products we wanted, so we made our own. My co-founder had an insanely demanding schedule between martial arts, teaching, and stunt work. Read more>>

Kiamiccia Boone-Neal | Mom Blogger & Entrepreneur

It was actually my husband, friend, and I that was thinking about how to use what Im good at or something that I enjoy the most to create a business from it. I started out with modeling but due to the pandemic, it was tough to get into the modeling world with everything being shut down. Read more>>

Dara Firoozi | Discursive Sensory Designer & Founder of Adarabella Designs

I developed the concept of functional jewelry for anxiety and stress relief while in undergrad at University of Michigan for product design, and in therapy for PTSD, combining what I was learning in both worlds to make self soothing Wellness Wearables. Read more>>

William Bryant Rozier | Writer, Art Director & Black Belt Creative

It’s all in the name. Scrambled Egg(s) Design and Productions is a print and media production company. Like a lot of kids, eggs were the first thing I ever learned how to cook; I was around eight or nine. I’m not a big cook, but it was the sense of independence that resonated with me the most. It was that kid logic, the realization that… is this what people do when they’re hungry… they just cook food? Read more>>

Colbie Johnson | Brand and Web Designer

I used to have a t-shirt business. I tried to hire freelancers to design the shirts and create the branding, and it was not good. Not at all. I think I went through four designers trying to get the look I wanted, and completely wasted time and money. So I decided to try and design it myself, and fell in love with design. Read more>>

Kennedy Reese | Founder & Lead Designer, Instinct Home Design

I’ve been passionate about interior design since I was about 13 years old. Even back then, I understood that home is more than a place. It’s more than an address. It’s more than furniture or home accessories. Home is a feeling, and that feeling is central to our truest ability to feel safe and at peace. Read more>>

Jamal Hill | Non-Profit Founder & Pro Swimmer

I used a tried and true model called the “Eulerian Destiny”. It’s a way to determine what you should be doing with your life using information you already have, or have experienced. I learned that if you can align your experience, strengths and skills, you will have the shortest, easiest, most productive rise to the top of your chosen field. Read more>>

Alex Chester | Actor & Editor-in-Chief

I was a child actor in Los Angeles, and so often, I was told I was not Asian enough to play Asian, and I definitely was not white enough to play white. The racist stories I could tell would take up this whole page. Read more>>

Kris Benotti | Baker & Owner of Benotti Baked Goods

I always have loved baking, and watching the smiles generated by handing someone a surprise cookie, or other treat. My friends encouraged me to start my business. One of them bought me a food scale and Benotti Baked Goods baking adventure began. I , along with many loved ones have food allergies/ sensitivities and I started creating recipes with that in mind. Read more>>

Alex Dry | Model and DripDry Swim Founder

Alex Dry started working on DripDry in 2019 when she saw a disconnection in the swimsuit industry with accessorizing swimwear styles. This was the start of her a mission to create a new style that has not been created which introduces a trendy versatile design that can resonate with all women.  Read more>>