We asked some of the brightest folks in the community to open up to us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Cara Hansvick: Professional Ballerina & Teacher

To choose Ballet as a career path has been beautiful, challenging, heartbreaking, but always rewarding. It has taught me so much and fully shaped me as a person. Perhaps the most important lesson that it taught me is the value of working hard and having trust . It takes so much dedication to dance ballet professionally. Read more>>

Alan Artin: Music Producer

Don’t overthink shit. Keep putting out content/music that isn’t perfect because that is the only way you will 1) get better 2) find what works 3) learn the value of consistency Read more>>

Melissa Gidney Daly: Mother, Founder, CEO, Photographer and Widow.

One of my favorite highschool teachers once told me, “do what you love, then tell people why they need to pay you for it”. I’ve essentially kept this in mind my whole life, knowing on a deeper level that happiness will follow when you are living an authentic life doing what you love. Read more>>

Joel Johnstone: Actor

To put it into a sound bite: the business has taught me to grow from failure, not succumb to it. I’m going to take a left turn here, but I’ll bring it back to business… I’ve been a baseball fanatic my whole life. If someone told me I could play center field for the Brewers tomorrow, I’d drop everything (just putting that out there). Read more>>

Maya Keane: Breathwork Facilitator, Guide, & Space Holder

That I need to believe in myself and what I am doing first and foremost. In the years leading up to making the jump to start my own business, all I wanted was for someone to tell me that I should do it. I wanted someone to tell me that I was good enough and that what I wanted to do was important – that this was my purpose. Read more>>

Shontel Horne: Writer, Producer, and Founder of VINOTES Wine Tasting Notebooks and The Wine Notebook

I’ve learned so many lessons since launching VINOTES Wine Tasting Notebooks, but the one lesson that was the most important was simply learning that self-doubt comes with the territory when you’re doing interesting work and you have to push forward anyway. I almost pulled the plug so many times. Read more>>

Jay Kim: Character Designer & Visual Development Artist

The most important is ‘Always grab the opportunities when you get them.’ In life, opportunities often come from unexpected places and times. Whenever it happens, we used to debate whether to accept the offer or not. No matter what the result is going to be, I think it is important to give it a shot. Read more>>

Aurora Meneghello: Transformative Coach and Founder of Repurpose Your Purpose

For the past few years I have been working with people who would like to change careers but are not sure what they want to do next. It’s been an incredibly rewarding and also challenging journey. The more I get to know people, the more I am inspired by their resilience, innate wisdom, and their desire to live a life of purpose. Read more>>

Brittni Richardson -Fontleroy: MUA/ Beauty Business Consultant & CEO of B.Rich Collection

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my career as an entrepreneur; would have to be learning the ability to be kind and open to meeting new versions of myself. As a creative who didn’t initially start my career in the beauty space, there were frequent occasions where I felt challenged and overwhelmed to release one phase and pivot to the next. Read more>>

Chef Darrell “DAS” Smith: Celebrity Chef, Culinary Entrepreneur

The most important lesson that my business/career has taught me is that you will always have room to grow, and to surround yourself with those that inspire you. Read more>>

Krystle Mitchell: Content Writer & Environmentalist

Patience!. For a long time, like many people my age, I would thrive from instant gratification, but running a business has reminded me obtaining the best things in life require patience. Read more>>

Veronica Pincoski: New & Nostalgic Co.

Be open to possibilities that do not coincidence with your planned career path. Seize opportunities and deviate from the original plan, you’ll be a more interesting and enriched person for it. It’s the journey that teaches you where you want to be. Read more>>

Gia Mirze: Chandler of Candles

The lesson I have been taught is do not be too proud or afraid to ask for help. I may have the ideas for my business and knew what I wanted to do, and how to go about the process, but a lot of times execution was a roadblock for me because of not knowing where to start. Read more>>

Corey Taylor: Actor/Talk Show Host

I think the most important lessons I have learned in my Acting/Talk Show career is to always believe in myself no matter what…focus on the positive…be honest and have integrity at all times…networking is essential…take chances and do things that are out of your comfort zone, never rely on anyone…expect the unexpected, and always have a backup plan. Read more>>

Megan Tibbits: Artist

The most important lesson that my music career has taught me is that my identity does not, and cannot be rooted in what I do. My identity must be found in who I am and who I was made to be. I have learned that what I have to offer when I walk in a room is not the fact that I can sing, or that I am a musician, but what I have to offer is who I am. Read more>>

Ravit Darougar: Founder & CEO

There is always “yes” for every “no” that you get, there are enough people out there that will want to work with you and grow your business. As a human nature, I used to feel disappointed if someone told me “no” and it wouldn’t let me focus on growing my business. Now we are getting so many opportunities, that we are focused on moving forward. Read more>>

Charli Elise: Social media influencer, singer, actress, model, and dancer

The most important lesson that I have learned as an influencer is how important it is to stay true to yourself. Your authenticity is what makes you special. You won’t always be able to please everyone, but as long as you are following your heart and doing what make you happy, that is what truly matters! Read more>>

MuFeng Han: Cinematographer

As a filmmaker, I believe the most important lesson that I learned is becoming a cooperative crew member. When I said I’m a filmmaker, most people’s first reaction is I’m a director, thta’s a very common misconception. The truth is there are hundreds of even more positions in the film industry. Read more>>