Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Nicole Niki Lips” Lippman | Personal

For my personal styling business, I try to work on teaching my clients how to dress to make themselves happier while also pushing them to reach their goals and desires. We all get anxious about getting dressed if we feel like there is a risk. So for, many people, they’ve played it safe for years. I’m helping my clients conquer much of their appearance anxieties and helping them find clothing, so the person on the outside matches the person on the inside. This can be huge for someone’s mental health. Read more>>

morgan filler | Founder and Owner

I am an athlete mom. It means being a motivator for my girls to be solid swimmers and to love the water. The way to do this is by being in the water with them – Teaching them their strokes and playing in the waves. This has carried through to See Her Swim mentoring and coaching swimming to girls in the pool and open water. Read more>>

Lyndsey Hull | Certified Advanced Aesthetician & Founder of The Wit

In the medical aesthetics field, I’ve noticed that one road block patients often face is not feeling comfortable, safe, or supported in seeking the treatments we offer. When I started The Wit one of my top priorities was creating a space where every client felt welcome, supported, and properly informed so that they could confidently make decisions about their treatment plan. Read more>>

Katrina Ubell, MD | Master Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach

At Weight Loss for Busy Physicians, we help and support women physicians who struggle with overeating and their weight through life coaching. Over the last six years, we’ve helped over one thousand women physicians lose weight permanently while also helping them improve their relationships, resolve their work-related burnout, and negotiate for better contracts and raises. By helping them feel more fulfilled in their lives, they often fall back in love with their work and why they chose to go into medicine in the first place. Read more>>

Abigail Parker | Musician, Founder and Digital Marketer

My business, ‘Alpha Waves Music School’ was born out of the pandemic. Personally like many others I was struggling with the isolation and loneliness. To keep busy and maintain a routine I through myself into music production, something which I had fallen in and out of many times over the years.
During this time I joined meetup to find meditation groups and stumbled across a small group ‘London Music Production Lessons’ that was in need of an organiser. Read more>>

Manny Lopez | House Hats owner

When starting “House Hats” the community / social impact was at the top of my priorities. We focus on growing and blending the house music genre while also spreading positivity and creating outlets / opportunities for all artist and creatives involved in the scene. We have really helped many up and coming artist and have showed many new members of the house scene what its like to be apart of a community. We know the importance of being able to get away from your daily life and enjoy a night of dancing. Read more>>

Mayjah Payne | Professional Recording Artist, Author, Producer

My children’s book “Two Homes One Love” was created to inspire family values. I feel in these days and times, our children need some food for thought. When I was a substitute teacher for LAUSD, the best part of the day was “storytime”. After my reading sessions with the kids, I felt I had to make a project that helped bring the household together. As an artist and an alchemist, I am always finding the story or beauty in everything. When life happens (good or bad), we make art out of it. Read more>>

Veronica Tharmalingam | Luxury Handbags and Jewelry Designer

SLOW Fashion All our forever pieces are wearable works of art featuring exclusive, rare, and unique designs that are unparalleled in beauty and intricacy, SUSTAINABLY SOURCED We source handcrafted textiles and trims already available in the market in India that are produced during each festival seasons thus we keep our carbon footprint to the minimum and are careful to not contribute to the fashion industry pollution. This results in fabric colors and patterns variations keeping all our handbag models unique every season and every collection. Read more>>

Emma Seo | Lash Lift Instructor

It seems that more and more customers want Korean and Japanese style lash lifts. I want to fulfill their desires by teaching many others my own lash method. I hope that it will not only improve other people’s livelihood but also spreading this beautiful method properly just as I had learned from my teacher. Read more>>

Brian O’Hare | Writer/Filmmaker

‘Help’ is a strong word. More accurately, I believe my writing simply provides an alternate perspective on well established institutions—sports, the military, masculinity etc. Another ‘voice’. Much of my work focuses on ‘demythologizing’ the hero myth, especially as it relates to a specific kind of American manhood. Given where we are as a culture, the time has never been better for such an exploration. Read more>>

Meredith Edwards | Psychotherapist

I’m a psychotherapist, so my work is centered around service, which is my top core value. I believe psychotherapy helps us heal, evolve, and grow into the person we’re meant to be, the person we desire and deserve to be. In its purest form, the therapeutic process instills awareness, relief from pain and suffering, and a safe, secure attachment (between therapist and client) to meet the psychological needs that most of us have not received. Read more>>

isaac joseph | art consultant

I believe in taking risks to support growth, playing to your strengths, aligning with a like-minded community to build upon what is already in motion, cultivating new opportunities for brand development, and highlighting the fact that success and social commitment can thrive hand in hand. Read more>>