Our community is made up of brilliant artists, creatives and entrepreneurs, but many of them are also dedicated parents and so we asked them an in port at question: If you are a parent, what do you think is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent in terms of the impact on your children?

Ace Cross Crook | Actress/Content Creator

Legacy over currency. I hope to have more people at my funeral than more money in my pocket. I hope to pass that mentality to my children. Of course, they will understand the importance of work ethic and I will teach them the value of a dollar, however, to instill the core values of being a friend to others and to spread love and kindness is the best type of wealth they will ever have to offer. Read more>>

Lorinda Hawkins Smith | Actor, Comedian, Writer, Musician

Believe them. And believe in them. I was torn between answering two of the questions. The other question I wanted to answer is the risk question. I believed my children enough to take them seriously when they said they were being hurt by their fathers. I tried everything for help. I tried the family court system, the police, child psychologists, but nobody was able to do anything to end it. Part of the problem in being taken seriously is that I was in a domestic violence marriage and I was arrested because of the self defense marks on my ex-husband from me fighting to save my life. Read more>>

Amber Dorsey | Flatlay Photography Specialist, Writer & Content Creator

There are so many things I’ve done as a parent but the best gift I’ve given my kids is therapy and working on healing myself. That allows me to be a better human for them in the moments they need me most. Learning to listen to my own inner child and work on healing those wounds has allowed for my relationships with them to further deepen. Particularly when raising a teenage daughter. There is so much angst in the mother/daughter relationships during those years and I realized very early on in order for us to not just “survive” the teen years, but also thrive, I had to start with me. Read more>>

Nita Flores | Yoga Teacher, Trainer, & Therapist

Leading by example is really easy to say. Although, to do so is where the real impact occurs! Martial Arts, Meditation, and Yoga have all been a part of my life before motherhood. The self discipline, awareness, and humility that come with the practices of all above mentioned arts and sciences are all very impactful factors in my own motherhood experience, as well as the personal development of my four children ~ shoutout!~> AJ, Kaya, Elijah, & Malena! Read more>>

Joe Daccache | Pop/R&B singer/songwriter

Growing up, the words “give up” had such a bad connotation. If ever I find  myself questioning whether to keep going with something or to just give it  up, I ask myself one question – is the thing I’m considering giving up brining  me any sense of joy or purpose? Or is it distracting me from my normal  state of peace and happiness? If the answer is it’s distracting me from my  peace, then the obvious answer is to give it up.  Read more>>

Nancy Hadley | Designer/Artist

I have passed along a very strong work ethic balanced with the idea that work will take up more of their waking lives than anything else so they should pursue work that they love. Pursuit doesn’t mean jobs will always be lovable. Sometimes paying dues in a job opens up your eyes to options you never dreamed were possible. My children have watched me volunteer my time to have a creative outlet when my day job has been exclusively for cash flow. This has always kept my creativity alive and well and because they are all highly creative I think this has helped them process their decision making. They have also observed the evolution of my work life balance which has gone from workaholic to my current state of curating my jobs carefully to allow time for my family. Read more>>

Allisa Batista | Owner of Massage A Vu Mobile Studio

The most important thing I’ve done as a parent that has impacted my children is give them a chance to live out their dreams. They have watched me over the years work for other Companies as loss prevention, a barista, receptionist and a massage therapist. I used to work day in to day out and sometimes only see them once a day. As a mobile massage therapist I now make my own schedule. I no longer use child care or have to ask for days off.  Read more>>

Madie Dee: founding manager at The World is Home

That’s easy, giving my children time. Taking time from my career and offering undivided attention to my 3 boys, was my biggest investment ever. It has allowed me to slow down and notice a world I forgot existed, but also to find a different meaning to work and value of things. This has totally changed my life priorities and I believe this time is an unparalleled foundation for my children. Read more>>

Joanna Bavero | Artist & Mother

I have an 18 month old daughter and I think the most important thing I’ve done as a parent is to show her by example that my job and role along with being her mother is to also make room for being an artist, doing what creatively motivates me and speaks to my soul. It is extremely important to me that I teach my daughter self care in the form of doing what makes you feel inspired and full as a whole person, not just a mother. Read more>>