We’ve always believed that forming a strategy is impossible until your clear on what your values and principles are. Without values and principles to guide you, making decisions can seem impossibly difficult. Given how important setting values and principles is to decision making we asked folks we admire to tell us about the values or principles that matter most to them.

Simply Vika | Writer | Rapper | Singer

Honesty. Staying true to yourself. Especially now days, with the social media and all, we see a lot of “fake”. Many people are trying too hard to be something they are not. People are trying to be perfect and say the right thing. I am not going to lie, I fell for that myself. Especially as an artist, I was constantly trying too hard to post the right thing, say the right words, upload the best looking photo because “It has to be perfect, I have to be perfect” … Read more>>

Luuk, Elyon | Artist

Definitely making what I do, say and create last. I want these things to outlive me. I want what I do to age well and continue to be useful to this world long after I leave this world. Making things timeless and universal. Versatile and indispensable in any age , demographic or walks of life. That the impact i make is potent and stands out and most of all valuable and beneficial to those around me and of this world. I think that’s what this life is about. Read more>>

Claire Thomas Morgan | Creative Director

As a designer, I really value inclusion and the ability to freely express yourself however makes you comfortable. Fashion and clothing are such an intimate part of who we are, how comfortable we are, and how we express ourselves. Design, in essence, is both form and function. As designers, we must continually challenge ourself to create things that are both beautiful and function on a deeper level, be it emotional, physical, or spiritual. Read more>>

Stacey House | Author of the book “Hauling Hollywood”

Value is hard to find these days, We look for it in our careers, relationships, traveling, etc. We try to find our identity wherever we can. Value is a unique thing, it’s like finding a gem in a treasure chest, it may be something only you can offer. I believe God made me one of a kind, so that in the world, when I present my products and talents, it say something about who created me. The value in your product matters because it does something for the customer. Read more>>

Heather Rickman | Owner & Resident Booze Slinger

One of the most important values that I pride myself & my business Read more>>

Kyle Stimpson | Founder & CEO, Steep Into It

Integrity. Because it takes 10 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. With my business, this means always having the customer experience in mind. Starting with providing a high-quality product, following honest marketing practices and delivering on promises even if it ends up costing me money sometimes. Read more>>

Tiffany Wright | Psychotherapist, Wellness Consultant, & Self Love Ambassador

As a Therapist, I often support other’s in their journeys of reconnecting to themselves and exploring their identities. In my work with my clients, I’ve come to see so many emotionally and mentally imprisoned by their thoughts and the impacts of painful experiences in life. I’ve also come to understand that as someone is doing work around learning about or really defining themselves, one of the very important aspects of identity is one’s value system. Read more>>

Amy Hogan | Life Coach, Retreat Leader & Breathwork Facilitator

The value that matters most to me is being real with people. I never want to speak to someone in a way where I’m trying to get something from them. If the conversation is going in a way that feels fake or we’re in performance-mode (saying something because we think it’s what the other person might want to hear), I speak to it. I find when it’s addressed the conversation ends up going in a totally different direction that creates a lot of connection, builds on our relationship and it’s also way more fun because we are both so engaged in what’s happening. I think you can be honest with people in a loving way, we don’t have to hold back who we really are. Read more>>

Julyah Rose | Model, Actress, Singer

The value I always live by, something my mom taught me growing up, is called “The Golden Rule”: “treat others how you would like to be treated”. This value is especially relevant in today’s society. In today’s society we have so many groups fighting for equality and fair treatment; women, LGBQT, trans-people, people of color, people in the black community, and people with disabilities. Unfortunately, because of social media and a “me centered” culture we also have many very self-centered and individualistic people who are living inside a bubble, completely unaware of the experiences of others.  Read more>>

Matt Hall | Artist & Songwriter

I really thrive on honesty! Both on a musical level and on a personal level. I love being no bs – what you see is what you get. Those are my favorite type of people. Story telling plays a huge role in my songwriting as well, which I feel goes hand in hand with honesty. I strive to talk about super real things in a way that will hopefully allow other people to feel like they can too. I don’t believe in holding back what you fell! Read more>>

Shalida Askanazi | Author, Poet, and Activist

The biggest value that matters to me the most is giving people a voice who are normally ignored. I’m black and disabled. I’ve been disabled my whole life and people tend to view the disabled community as people who should just be grateful and never complain. Adding in being black I have dealt with quite a lot of racism and ableism. That’s completely wrong. This country is not kind to people with disabilities. We’re not even allowed to marry without losing access to extremely important healthcare. Read more>>

Luis santana | Visual Artist, Photographer, Curator, Teacher, Entrepreneur

Something i’ve learned over time that i value immensely as a principle is keeping your word. Understanding that verbally communicating an impression or expectation is far more valuable with following through then any other principle. Its a development of trust,connection and reliability which can be boundless in a business, if you take yourself seriously, others will do the exact same! Read more>>

Melanie Whitney | Teaches Mindfulness & Communication

Authenticity. The reason authenticity is the value that matters most to me is because it means I am showing up for the moment/the event/the person wholeheartedly. I lived a lot of my life inauthentically growing up because I was closeted and didn’t come out as a member of the LGBTQ community until I was an adult. Most of who I presented to the world was a compilation of what society told me I should do so that I could receive validation, praise, and approval. Read more>>

Hugh McCrae Jr. | Actor

There are so many important values and principles for us to live by especially when we are confronted with conflicting issues or circumstances. Principles such as accountability, honesty, and loyalty are a few that cross cultures and time. The one that matters the most to me is integrity. It’s not just about being honest but also adhering to a certain moral or ethical code. Upholding yourself to a standard regardless of who is around and especially when no one is around. Read more>>

Devonna Dionne | Marketing & Communications Pro

Reliability. Reliability is something I value on a personal and professional level and it plays a significant role in everything I do. Marketing and communications work comes with a lot of collaboration so being reliable is an integral part of establishing trust and it brings so much opportunity. It’s like that saying, “people may forget what you said, but will never forget how you made them feel”. People never forget who they were able to depend on in times of extreme stress! With it, comes great responsibility though. I’ve had to learn major lessons on balance and I am always working on boundary setting but reliability speaks to character and often times sets me apart. Read more>>

Ariana Mastain | Tattooer

Be yourself. No need to be fake or something your not. Just be yourself. Don’t worry what other people think. Life is just easier being yourself. Read more>>