Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Katerina Kaouri | Actress

I find this a very tough thing to define and I’m sure my answer will change with time, as it has through the years, but where I am right now, I would say that success is being happy with myself and myself alone. Not depending on anyone else to make me happy. Success is being content with where you are in life, recognizing what you have achieved and being proud of it. It is also being satisfied with what you have and truly feeling that you are enough. Read more>>

Rah Davis | Owner, Producer & Director

I define success is the state of being positively charged, while elevating to your level of comfort to sustain yourself. I asked my 10 year old son how does he define success and his reply was “being able to accomplish a goal(s) that only you set.’ Read more>>

Darcio Fao | Hair stylist

The definition of success for me to live in peace with myself, with my family, be grateful all day for having it and being able to work with what I love most. Read more>>

Molly Webb | Voice Teacher & Business Owner

There are a number of ways I define success, but for the purposes of this interview, I’ll limit them to ones that apply to the music school my husband, Travis, and I run. The most obvious one, but probably not the most important to me, is the musical careers of my students. It’s, of course, exhilarating to get to see a student singing on Netflix, getting cast in their dream roles, and being accepted into the conservatories of their choice. I’m always thrilled for them and so proud of the part I get to play in their lives. But there’s less visible success too: like watching students grow up at our school, whether they take lessons from me or one of our other wonderful teachers. It’s amazing to see kids who at first won’t sing or play a note in front of other people proudly perform at our recitals as they gain in confidence. Read more>>

Iryna Krechkovsky | Musician & Educator

I think success is when you have the opportunity to do what you love and feel truly passionate about. Being part of something meaningful and having the ability to positively affect or influence others is the best kind of success. Read more>>

Bader Howar | Portrait Photographer & Studio Owner

“Success” is a funny word. I think of my parents back in the days of grown up cocktail parties where small talk always revolved around a strong drink and litany of questions regarding one’s current goals and achievements. That generation loved to exchange competitive success stories of their offspring. So if I happened to overhear my father boasting proudly of my accomplishments then I gleefully felt like I had obtained success. Not that I craved or depended on his absolute approval, but that feather in my cap felt good and he seemed pleased that his investment in my education had paid off. Not always an easy feat when you are in a creative field. Nowadays, I would characterize success as anything that gets you excited to jump start your day with enthusiasm. If you feel good when you plant your two feet on the ground each morning then you are definitely doing something right! Read more>>

Jehad Choate | Film Composer & Sound Designer

I think success, much like personal happiness or self-actualization is unique to the individual. I also don’t think it can be anchored into one all-encompassing moment, because we humans are far too complex for that. I think this perspective of success has made all the difference in how I’ve been able to deal with all of my failures. Success is that moment where an idea, a belief, a motivation is tested, and the benefits out-weigh the cost as a byproduct. Where one writer finds success in selling a million streams, there are others who find success in simply finding the time to write in their own style. Every time I can pay a bill with the money I make from doing what I love doing is a success as much as getting a glowing recommendation from a director or producer to work on someone’s next project. Read more>>

Kyle Lerner | President

I feel that success is a mental place where one has passion, confidence, and humility in their actions. Whether that be with family, a partner, or a business practice. Without passion in what you do, confidence in what in achieves, or the humility to revise it and make it better; then I don’t believe one has reached euphoric success. I believe Lerner IT Consulting has done particularly well because we have passion in what we do, and bring a humanistic experience to an otherwise technical world. Read more>>

Scott Deckert | Actor

To put it simply, I believe you have to keep this in mind – Never lose sight of the passion that drew you to acting, but find the right mix of that and treating your career as a business. When you get to the point where you’re earning a living, be conscious of your financials so that you can continue even if you hit a rough patch. Also, appreciate the opportunities and foster relationships the right way. Don’t be the person who comes across as trying too hard on that front. As Will Ferrell said in his latest film, ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga,’ “Hey, be a cool guy.” Being someone that others look forward to seeing the next day on set after an already fifteen hour day contributes to why people love the experience of making films and shows. It’s such a unique journey and when you get to do it with people that feel like instant family, it’s easy to understand why it’s so addicting. Read more>>

Chaynler Joie | Creatress and Flow Facilitator, Singer-Songwriter & Producer

It’s such a divine ‘coincidence’ that this question has presented itself to me now. Quite recently, while driving alone on a road trip, I had to really ask myself this question and figure out what that answer is for ME specifically — because there’s no general definitive answer. And we’re all so bombarded with these different perspectives + projections of ‘success’ that may not necessarily fit our narrative and life journey. It all depends on one’s priorities and what is the most heart-centered + grounding + fulfilling experience for them. For me — BEING HAPPY, SELF AWARE, AUTHENTIC. KIND. Cultivating your FLOW. Living through love of self and others — and not even to sound corny or anything — that sh** REALLY MATTERS. But for more ‘on the surface’ level- Freedom. Whether that’s spiritually or financially. Freedom in ALL SPECTRUMS. Read more>>

Julie Ngu | CEO

I’ve always defined success financially. What number would define that? How much customers would I need to get there? How many employees will get me there? Over the last 35 years, my parents just kept going and never stopped. Some years we would smash our year end goals, others miss it completely, while sometimes just barely reach it. As the daughter of the founders and the current CEO, I now know that success can not be defined by a number. We make differences in people’s lives. From the employees to the customers to the suppliers from all over the globe, we create smiles and feed families. I’m so proud of our team and so grateful to our customers. Success means love and spreading love through our bread makes me feel like one of the luckiest people on the planet. Read more>>