Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Fredaysha Fluker | Rapper & Law Student

Success does not have one definition, it is something that has to be defined for yourself. Success to me is finding your purpose in life and living in it. Read more>>

Alexis Avery | Business Owner & Spoonie Founder

When I initially started my business I though of success as a specific dollar amount. As time has gone on I’ve have come to define success as the amount of flexibility and freedom that I have without negative financial impact. How much time I have to do the things I want to do, how little time I am required to spend on domestic duties, the ease of taking spontaneous trips… I now use those parameters to define my success. Read more>>

Adrian Virlan | Artist & Author

Everybody could define success in their own way and they would all be right. We probably imagine success as the ultimate result of a long or short term process of intense energy and time investment. I think it’s a concept with one of the widest range of meanings out there. Success can mean anything depending on the perspective. Two sales men were sent to a poor country to study the market landscape over there. They were considering the possibility of expanding the shoes company they were working at. They came back with different answers despite having been to the exact same place. One of them said “Nobody wears shoes here, we are wasting our time”, while the other said “Nobody wears shoes here, this is our chance”. To one of them, that trip was a waste of time and a failure. To the other, a business opportunity, and therefore an absolutely promising chance for success. Despite the already existing universal definitions, I still believe the meaning of success is deeply rooted in the most personal way in each of us. Read more>>

Hope Bartimioli Thal (H.B. Thal) | Song Writer & Composer

I personally like this question because it’s about how YOU define success. Success is just that, a personal definition. For me, success has always involved getting to work & collaborate with other creative people I’m inspired by. My hope has always been to pay my bills that way as a marker for personal success. The amount of money I earn is only relevant to the amount it costs me to live in Los Angeles. I think sometimes other people have markers of success for you but that is entirely unfair and just a quick way to kill your joy. Read more>>

June Shelton | Actor June Shelton Drops New Album “Reflection”

Anytime I focus and complete something I set my mind to. Success itnt just one thing, its a million little things you do to accomplish a goal. Read more>>

Casey Garbers | Curator & Freelance Artist

Since I could remember, I’ve had a pretty clear vision of what success means to me. I know people may disagree due to the influence that society holds over us and will most likely think I’m speaking from a young, and quite frankly, “dream state” point of view. But success seems quite simple to achieve in my eyes. Happiness equals success. Plain and simple. Whether you work all day, are a stay at home parent, or are navigating a new life for yourself, if you can sit down at the end of your day and find happiness within your decisions, you have found success. I think it’s very easy to claim that if you are successful, in the sense of money, power, and authority, you will be happy. We are all familiar with the phrase “Money can’t buy happiness”, and yet, we believe (especially as artists and designers) that we will not receive respect (justifying happiness) until we are presented to the rest of the world on a shiny platter, engraved SUCCESSFUL ARTIST. This very thought that if we don’t work for a hip, top-rated company and produce something extraordinary for people to praise us for means that we aren’t successful, is garbage. Read more>>

Arun Narayanan | Writer & Web Series Creator

I don’t have a strict definition for success in my career as a screenwriter/filmmaker. Equating success with the achievement of specific goals is a recipe for a never-ending cycle of depression and anxiety: until I achieve the goal, I’ll be depressed that I haven’t achieved it yet, and after I do, I’ll be anxious about not having a goal anymore. Instead, I treat pretty much any validation of my work, however small, as a success. It could be positive feedback from a fan, a request from a producer to read a script, a call to come in for a general meeting, or a placement in a festival or a competition – I count just about any event that makes me feel good about my writing. But on the flip side, I try not to see the lack thereof as failure, because the timing of these events tends to be outside my control. I believe in my talent (and I’ve met enough people over the years that seem to believe in it too, so I know I’m not delusional), so as long as I’m consistently writing and generating new material, and putting that material out into the world however I can, I believe the next event will come before too long. Read more>>

Silas Mwenda | Film and Television Actor

Success is achieving the ultimate goal and purpose of which a thing or a person was created for.Reaching that stage where an idea,vision,desire,or plan materializes and become so tangible and it’s comfortably able to solve the need of which it was intended to. I believe every human being was created with unique talents, special abilities and purpose to solve and satisfy problems and needs to their level best in excellence. You see the couch am seated on right now is successful.The moment am able to get that service and comfort from it in my home reflects the reason WHY it was made.My bed, car, TV ,my shoes are all successful .I use them daily so they are all serving the reason WHY they were made.LA voyage magazine is successful.It’s finally giving a platform to me and other people like me to air our voice boldly and connect with each other and I believe that’s one of the core reason of WHY it was started. Unfortunately, my generation definition of success is a bit wanting and confusing. Read more>>

Sofia Bragar | Actress, Singer, Dancer, Model

Success can mean many things to different people, and whatever that meaning is, it still makes a huge impact on everyone’s lives to have achieved that point of success or not. For me, success is living everyday focusing on those things that make you happy and enjoy, and it is also achieving those long term goals that one has. Even deeper, success for me is training and working in the film/theatre/singing industry, achieving short term goals among those, and having my own space to focus on me and my relationships. If I have the opportunity to do one of these throughout my day and be able to eat well, sleep under a roof and live one more day, then I have everything to be grateful for. I am successful. This of course, does not mean that I am not always willing to achieve more goals and keep building my success; it is an ongoing process. Read more>>

Maison Kitsanu | Music Producer & Content Creator

Success is defined as attaining for the right things. It brings you results using amounts of accumulating. Success is sometimes pensive, and an issue if you don’t respond. A downturn if you lose an issue. Most people can’t find success, and the sad part is that everyone I believe can be their own form considered for what defines success. My success will come from an attitude set for me to share an attitude with. That’s my definition of how my success will look like. . Never my preference. It will always be because I will be present for it. Read more>>

Rachel Green | Baker

Success! It’s such a simple concept but we all complicate it. To me success is my health (mental and physical), my happiness, my passions, and making sure that no matter what I do in life, I am doing what makes me happy. I don’t want to live my life trying to please others or conform to societies norm. We get one life to live. I want to make sure I live it to the fullest. Read more>>

Tess Cacciatore | CEO Global Women’s Empowerment Network | (GWEN Global) Director, Writer, Producer, Humanitarian, Lover of Life!

This question of “how do I define success” seems to encompass many of the questions that Shout Out is presenting, regarding taking risks, life/career balance, and the pursuit of happiness. To me, success is defined by the internal feeling of knowing that the best has been done with a sense of peace at the end of the day that goals have been met. The external signs of success are how much love you have in your life. Success does not equate to personal belongings, as anyone could have houses, cars, and possessions, but that does not buy you, love. Success in my career is always being defined differently in the various stages of my life. As long as I am fulfilling my destiny, making a difference in the world, and following my purpose and passion then all is great in the world. Read more>>

Kimberly 國子 Taylor-Pestell | Artist, Illustrator, & Small Business Owner

For me, it’s in knowing the purpose behind everything I make, stand for, and believe in, and choosing to live it out with intention both personally and through my art business. Success becomes a lot of little things: dwelling in a learning posture always; pushing myself and creativity in new ways; engaging in this world with kindness, openness, and compassion; and tending to my personal wellness with gentleness and honesty. Success is in the little acts of courage I choose to take each day amidst fear and second-guessing, as well as the larger, more calculated risks that come with growing an art business in a sustainable, loving way. Living each day with care and making some movement (however gradual) towards the sharing of meaningful things and important stories is at the crux of it all. Read more>>