We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Sienna Leone | On-Camera Entertainment Host

When I think about the risk I have taken in my life there are so many memories that come across my mind. Some of the scariest but most rewarding risks I have taken was going to boarding school at the age of fourteen, running for Miss Teenage British Columbia, moving to Los Angeles alone with only the idea and dream in my mind of making it as an on-camera entertainment host, to my first time hosting at a red carpet as an on-camera entertainment host. Read more>>

Lana Love | Music Artist & Entrepreneur

Let’s talk about risk. I’d like to step into this conversation through the back door—google says it might be dangerous, but I really can’t talk about “Risk” without “Fear” slamming into me on the way in. These two have become abnormally close friends in my recent experience—partners-in-crime if you will —and I must say it’s really quite irritating that they’ve befriended each other more than their host. In fact, I don’t think they care at all that I’m suffering at their expense. It seems as though they laugh at my every fall and short-coming. I can hear them now “OHP. Read more>>

André Griffin Jr. | Traveling personal Chef / Business owner

In my eyes, life without risk would be one hell of a boring one. It’s all about one’s perspective of risk; whether or not the outcome is positive or negative. I believe the experience and lessons gained from the outcome is all that matters. Some of my best life experiences were because I decided to take faith-filled risks. One of my most riskiest and defining moment of my life happened my junior year in college. While attending Penn State University, I was offered the an unpaid internship opportunity at Caesar’s Entertainment in Las Vegas, NV. Read more>>

Amy Huynh | Nibbs Club – Premium Dog and Cat Treats

Risk is the fire that burns in your belly when starting a business. It is the marriage of uncertainty but the belief in yourself and what you believe. Risk made me anxious when I was about to embark on my business journey. However, once I started, risk gave me the momentum to continue to pour my own foundation. Regardless of the unknown of a business, you have your unwavering belief in the path. Risk ends up be a positive force rather than a terrifying one. Read more>>

Alex Charles | Music Artist

I think it’s extremely important to take risks especially when there is a potential for those risks to provide value on the other side or unlock something deep down you’ve been holding back. It’s taken me years to get more comfortable with risk but I think it’s an absolute necessity for music artists and entrepreneurs alike. I believe taking risks is best when you are honest with yourself and are in touch with your instincts. Easier said than done but when you have that indescribable feeling of affirmation in your stomach, you should go for it. Read more>>

Jósa Goodlife | Creator & facilitator of Healing, Art & Yoga

Risk is to me = living life fully Risk means : I don’t know the outcome, and am not supposed to! It takes 100% trust to lean into risk-taking. It can be fun and it can be frightful. Taking a risk will always stretch us farther than we usually dare to imagine. In general my point of view is that we are always taking risks, every time we make a choice. Read more>>

Nana Churcher | Talk Show Host & Author

Risk taking is defined as willing to take an action that involves danger in the hope of a desired result. Risk is huge and one has to examine and understand when getting into business or even a relationship. I think risk allows us to confront our fears and the uncertainty of the future. You’ve got to be in touch with a much greater purpose in life to take risks.. Read more>>

Guo Guo | Producer

Risk always comes with opportunities. When I was growing up, I always was the type tries my best not to step outside of the box, trying to be the good kid. Until when I graduated from college and got the offer to go to one of the most prestigious film schools in the world, I felt like my dream came true. However, a few days later, I was told that my father’s investment company went bankrupt and my family was burdened with over $1.5 million debt. I decided to stay and support my family, putting off my dream. Read more>>

Kyle Krauskopf | Artist & Doer of Good

I like to think I’m a leap-before-you-look kind of person, but that’s just me being dramatic. I always take a peak before I jump. Coming from the analytical stock of my father- an income tax accountant, and my mother- an insurance sales person, my left brain won’t let me be too wildly reckless in my decision making. I take calculated risks. However, the more I go through life the more I prescribe to the idea of asking myself: “what is the actual risk?” Read more>>

Abigail Vettese | Creative Alchemist

To this day my family teases me for my infamous childhood tagline, “you gotta take risks!” In myriad ways, my life is a tapestry of calculated risks. From dropping out of college to pursue fire performing, to moving cross country and paying rent by selling drawings, to living in a car for two months while hiking through national parks, the path I’ve chosen hasn’t been conventional. It has been absolutely exciting. Read more>>

Kiaundra Jackson, LMFT | Licensed Therapist | TV Personality | Award-Winning Speaker | Bestselling Author

Taking risks can be very scary to most people. However, taking a calculated risk can be one of the best decisions if you want to live a fulfilling life. Doing the same things in your life, career and family day after day is called being in a comfort zone. Comfort zones are designed to be safe, making one not want to leave them ever. But some of the greatest people in our history has taken chances and risks that yielded them a great return. Read more>>

Victor Valle | Founder at Siempre Agency

Ah, yeah. This is an important one, for sure. Risk-taking seems to be a pretty massive pillar for me in everything I do, both professionally and personally. I once watched this documentary about some of the early tech companies in Silicon Valley and really fell in love with this quote–this mantra, I guess you can say–about prioritizing risk over stability. I think it’s easy to get some sort of business off the ground when you play by rules that have been set, when you operate under guidelines that give you some semblance of a path or northstar-esque direction. Read more>>

Jason Sereno | The Get Lost Losers

Risks are required for any adventure. Just look at Scooby-Doo. Would people watch a show about nerds who didn’t take chances? Of course not. And, like Scooby-Doo, our most memorable stories are when we veer off course. Maybe a boating trip leads to a haunted island or your van breaks down at a farmhouse, which is next to a haunted airfield. Anything can happen when you commit to taking risks. Read more>>

Andrew Gray | Actor & Producer

Risk, for me, is vulnerability. Every day presents a new obstacle. To take it on as a positive challenge is what life is all about. “A happy heart makes a face cheerful.” (Proverbs 15:13) I’m going as far as I believe. Read more>>

Mikaela Baker | Mom| Plant lover| Flight Attendant

My personal motto is, “there’s only one way to find out”. I don’t think about risk because i’ve committed to the idea that every choice we make each day is a risk whether we know it or not. I make my “riskier” decisions knowing everything will continue to “work out’ the way it always has in the past. Therefore, taking risks never truly feels risky. I try to always do what I want to do and not do what I don’t want to. The only true risky decision is the decision to not at least try. Read more>>