We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Clara Rios | Barber, Entrepreneur

Barbershops, just as a concept, are important for any community in the world, and by virtue of that, they are important for the world at large. They’re one of the few communal “hubs” where people from all different walks of life, with different perspectives and experiences, can come together and have a conversation with each other; in-person and without distraction or fear. As the world gets more and more individualistic, I think people are losing sight of the part they play within the overall community. Obviously, each customer is there for a reason; to get their hair cut, but just by being there, they’re connecting with other people in a way they wouldn’t find almost anywhere else. Read more>>

Jada Renee | CEO of The INDI Group, LLC and Founder of The Destination Dream Foundation

Our Business The INDI Group, LLC along with our non profit The Destination Dream Foundation works to help the community by focusing on the inner city youth and guiding them with the resources and tools they need to succeed at creating their own business models and grow in their creativity. The youth of today need to be educated on the topics that will ensure they are prepared for the flow of society today as it relates to our constant updated technology, access to education on economics and business development along with education on how to turn their artistic ideas into profitable business models. Read more>>

sha’ri smyth | Certified Holistic Health Coach

There are 84,000 chemicals registered in the United States with only 200 being assessed for safety and over 4000 known toxic chemicals being labeled as fragrance. 4 out of 5 black women are overweight, 12.7% of black women 18 and up are diagnosed with diabetes yearly where as it is only 7% for white women. Women of color are 3-4 times more likely to die during pregnancy. There are so many scary statistics that are not discussed when we go to the doctors, the root problem just isn’t being addressed. I love western medicine but there is a huge gap in what is wrong and how to address and there needs to be a holistic approach in the way we educate and implement things regarding our health. Read more>>

Kenneth Marshall | Senior media production manager @ ATT & Founder and CEO of open.clothing

Open stands for Ordinary People Expecting Nothing. It is a clothing and an LA-based nonprofit focused on inspiring positivity and creativity in our communities through the support of programs in the arts, education and exploration. Our team provides support through entrepreneurship and philanthropy to raise awareness and funds for our partners. While primarily self-funded, the proceeds from apparel sales, and donations, help our foundation to provide financial support and resources to our partners. Read more>>

Christie Garcia | Ego Management Expert and Founder of Mindful Choice

Mindful Choice originally started to help bring humans back to business. Over the years the meaning behind that has evolved and has helped a lot of very ambitious people be more successful in all areas of their life not just work. Too often managers, leaders and business owners fall into the trap of working long hours and not shutting off work. They are so focused on accomplishing the next big goal, or completing a hard task, getting a new client, or helping their team succeed they forget about the rest of their world. Read more>>

Matteo Cossu | Book Producer, Art & Illustrated

I’m a firm believer in that everyone’s story is unique and part of our collective culture. And books are physical documentations of those stories, they enable us to pass our knowledge forward, to share, and connect, and ultimately, to inspire. Read more>>

Kristy Newstrom | Founder and Executive Director of Divine Equine Assisted Therapy Center

Divine Equines is a nonprofit in Soquel, CA. Our mission is to help facilitate connection between horse and human to promote confidence, belonging and independence beyond the diagnosis. We are dedicated to creating a safe space for the purpose of making a positive impact on the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of individuals with functional diversity (special needs). We offer therapeutic riding lessons, both on and off the horse. Read more>>

Cynthia Orduña | Career & Business Coach

Growing up in a Mexican family, my passion for social justice started early on. As a woman of color, I’ve had many instances of prejudice and microaggressions both in and out of the workplace. This is one of the many reasons I’ve dedicated my career to uplifting diverse voices in the workforce by coaching on career development and advocacy. I’m extremely passionate about creating a diverse and inclusive workforce while empowering people from underrepresented communities to move upward in their career. Read more>>

Gordon Whitehouse | Entrepreneur & Father

The idea for Prōjectagram came to my partners and me in the early phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. We were all fathers with full-time jobs when all of a sudden, we were forced to merge work needs and family needs everyday, all day. We each defaulted to TV, iPhones, iPads to entertain our children while we needed to take conference calls and presentations and the results were always the same…the children finished their shows groggy, cranky, and more disruptive than before. Read more>>

Bia Borin | Actress & Entrepeneur

I am an actress and also co-founder of Brazilian Play and Learn, a cultural initiative that teaches Portuguese as a Heritage Language trough Brazilian Culture. Through working with what we love, we use art as an instrument to help to raise our own Brazilian children abroad, nurturing a deep sense of connection with Brazil. Read more>>

Ashley Roberts | Creator Ashley Speaks Up-Addiction and Relationships, and of the associated site www.ashleyspeaksup.com

There are so many things that any one person can be dealing with at any given time, and some may be easier to handle than others. And some of those more difficult ones can also come with the added challenge of not being as acceptable nor talked about as much. My name is Ashley, and my now-husband is in recovery for drug addiction. It’s something that we have been dealing with for years, and while that whole topic is under-acknowledged in itself, the role of the partner is even more so. Read more>>

Sonia Iris Lozada | Writer, Podcaster and Actor

Poetic Resurrection podcast began because during the pandemic. There was much uncertainty in our lives. I saw Black Life Matters and others donating their time to feed and help the needy. They were all taking risks. I felt I needed to contribute to better others’ lives. The prevalent dichotomy of this time was clear in the news. Even though there were some views I didn’t agree with, I still saw fear in them. So, I thought why not work on the fear and teach through guests and my own talks and meditations to accept themselves. If we have self-acceptance, then everything else should fall into place. With acceptance, you don’t blame others for your life. You understand it and know the change has to materialize from within oneself. Read more>>

Serafina LoGiacco | Capisce Founder and Photographer

I think running a business doesn’t have to be super different than how you live your life. You get to make so many choices each day that affect our world and your direct community. For Capisce it’s so much about sourcing – were the crops sprayed with pesticides? How are the farm workers treated? Was it shipped from afar? Taking the initiative to seek local and ethical sources is always top priority and that trickles out to community health and a positive environmental impact. Even from packaging and re-using boxes to help create less waste. The choices are endless! Read more>>

Yohan Serrant | Math Learning Specialist

As often as I hear “Everything is math.” or “Math is the language of the universe.” I have found a woeful lack of people who actually feel comfortable with the subject. All it really takes is one bad math teacher to throw a student off the course of their higher potential. While I provide a simple service, the real core of it is addressing people’s anxieties and the emotional side of math that many people don’t talk about. Arithmetic and all the tools you really need to understand math come by about 5th grade, but as certain concepts turn more complex, people become more concerned with making a mistake. Read more>>

Don Kingfisher Campbell | Poet and Editor

Spectrum Publishing provides places for poets and artists to get their work shared and seen. Originally christened the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly in 1998; for 16 years, I, as the host of the Saturday Afternoon Poetry series in Pasadena, California, simply wanted to get poets together at the Santa Catalina Branch Library to share and perform their poetry and create friendships, publishing their works in a saddle-stapled paper zine. The Quarterly also became a treasured historical item documenting this burgeoning SGV poetry scene. Many local poets were first published in SGVPQ. In 2015, after I fell into a little money, SGVPQ was rechristened Spectrum, now a perfect-bound journal, to signify the new magazine’s continued total inclusiveness. Read more>>

Sküt (Scott Lewallen) | Artist, Designer, Entrepreneur

I made a conscious decision in my art career to benefit charitable causes and organizations that I feel strongly about. The best way to make an impact is to help others, and for me that’s through my voice as an artist. I’ve contributed to the Los Angeles LGBT Center via proceeds generated from a collection of Pride-themed rainbow art, in and around West Hollywood. During my solo and curated animal-themed exhibitions for Earth Day 2021, I was able to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund, Birch Aquarium at Scripps, and Aquarium of the Pacific. When I create a new piece I ask myself “who can this help?” and the rest flows naturally. Read more>>

Jada Fire Tam | Shamaness, Embodiment + Dance Medicine Guide

Raise the vibration of joy, transmute shame and develop personal and empowerment and healing for the collective. Access our own inner healer. Read more>>

Jason Weissbrod | Co-founder and Head of Film & Acting at Spectrum Laboratory

Spectrum Laboratory, is a nonprofit based out of Los Angeles, that empowers and educates autistic and neurodivergent artists in acting, film, music and animation. We prepare and coach our student artists for the entertainment industry setting them up for success! Spectrum Laboratory’s mission is to create inspiring stories that helps bring out their student artists talent, confidence, unique abilities and in return, improves their quality of life; which makes the world a better place . Read more>>

JOHNNY SANTIAGO | Johnny Of Inspired By Cannabis

I am a true believer that we all have a civic duty to look out for each other and give back our communities when possible. Inspired by Cannabis is a lifestyle company that focuses on breaking the “Stoner” stigma through clothing and education. What started with a few of my friends in June of 2020 we initiated a movement of cleaning up our Southern California coasts. Myself and a few cannabis industry leaders host a monthly beach cleanup through out Southern California and on average we bring out 30 + volunteers and on average pick up 100+ pounds of trash. Read more>>

Angelina Hong | Owner & Founder of Gourmand Group

I started my business because I truly believe that food is our number one connector, and that it can be used as a way to authentically navigate and communicate with the world. At first glance, owning a social media management and digital marketing agency may not seem to have a social impact. But it’s the way that I run my business and view my work that helps communities. I use social media as a tool to create community around food. It’s a way for chefs to tell their stories and share their recipes. Read more>>

Britt Duffy Adkins | Founder of Celestial Citizen, Host of Celestial Citizen Podcast, and First Space Urban Planner

Celestial Citizen is a space media company with embedded urban planning values. This organization seeks to provide storytelling and opportunities for public participation across a diverse range of media in order to encourage conversation and civil discourse around how to democratize access to space and make space futures more inclusive. The majority of humanity is getting left out of shaping our future in space, and we are repeating the same mistakes that we’ve made on this planet (settler colonialist attitudes, racism, sexism, ableism, anthropocentrist viewpoints, extractivism, and a general lack of representation). Space is also becoming an increasingly polarizing topic, and the current trajectory of the industry seems to be primarily controlled by wealthy, white men. Read more>>

Endia Richardson | Owner of Womb Therapy Endeed. Vaginal Steaming, Organic Feminine Products, Fertility Specialist, Doula, Women’s Health Advocate

My business helps the community by giving women support without judgment, hope and holistic alternative to everyday issues and more serious issues. I have supported numerous women through trauma, fertility issues, fibroids, Pcos, endometriosis and many more all while educating them on ways to have a healthier lifestyle and reproductive system. Read more>>

Anna & Sarah Lesinski/Hall | Co-founders of Hiccups to Harmony

Hiccups to Harmony began as a blog a few years ago and has since evolved to also include our eco-friendly craft business. Through our blog, we hope to inspire and encourage people by being vulnerable and authentic. Everyone encounters hiccups in their lives. We believe there is power in mindsets and value in finding harmony in the midst of the bumpy road. Knowing you’re not alone and finding community with others is an important part of that. Our business was created from a desire to minimize the amount of single-use items our families used and to eliminate as much exposure to harmful chemicals as possible. Read more>>

Jenna Klawitter | Photographer & Visionary

I started doing photography because I want to make all people feel positive about themselves. I believe that culture has truest destroyed the definition of beauty for many people. Social media is definitely working on building people back up, but it still only represents/celebrates such a small demographic of people. I myself take pride in genuinely loving each of my clients, and taking the time to get to know them. It’s so important that we take the time to empower each other in a society that is constantly trying to break people down for “not being enough”. Read more>>

Andrea Amaral | Licensed Esthetician

I firmly believe that my impact is direct with my society, especially with Latinos, as an immigrant I realized that Latinos do not have the same education or precaution to take care of our skin unlike other ethnic groups. I want to make a difference by educating and guiding my people to take care of their skin and not only to have clean skin but to protect us from skin cancer. Did you know that about 5.4 million basal and squamous cell skin cancers are diagnosed each year in the US? It is an huge sum! So my mission is to educate and create aawareness in my community!. Read more>>

Danielle P. Jeter | CEO, Artist, & Speaker

My firm AOI Events & PR is all about amplifying the social impact work and messages of our clients or partners through media exposure, publicity, and finding creative ways to spotlight their missions on a grand stage! Everyone loves those stories of highly successful CEOS who not only manage to scale an incredible business but who also cares about serving the community.  Read more>>

Lonnie Bennett III | Financial wellness coach

As some may know, anything worth any value and accumulates to wealth credit is necessary. Just think about it, in order to get a mortgage loan, house refinancing, Income property, car loan, etc you need at the very minimum good credit. Knowing that I get the opportunity to contribute to families in my community break the generational wealth curses that’s been passed down by generation, is an awesome feeling. I always wanted to help people but I wanted to impact the urban community most importantly. Teaching about financial awareness and its importance is my calling. I have come to learn that chasing money is a failure but chasing my passion of serving others is fulfilling and I will always have an abundance of wealth making opportunities around. Read more>>

Ramin Schultz | Founder & CEO of Keebos

We plant one tree for every Keebos product sold. We work with the NGO One Tree Planted. It was really important to us to collaborate with a reputable and trusted organization. We want our customers to trust in our mission and understand that their support furthers a real sustainable mission. Planting trees has 6 main environmental impacts, so for each tree planted there are immediate and long term positive implications to the planet. Additionally our packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Read more>>

Marina Dabcevic 

My business is called Awaken Now because I believe it is time to Awaken to your mental and physical health, to a healthy lifestyle for you and your family, awaken to the world around you, Awaken to YOU! It has been an interesting year to say the least. For some people health has become their biggest priority and for others the pressure of staying indoors and away from others has done a number on their physical and mental health. Read more>>

Elaine Roberts | Executive Producer & Co-Founder

Chase Your Dreams Productions believes social responsibility is what allows for society to strengthen and improve towards a better future. Our company is committed to creating positive impacts in all sectors and feel this should be the standard way all businesses should perform. Being based in Miami, Florida allows us to be close to the ocean and along with having the access of enjoying beautiful beaches, we engage in the responsibility to keep our oceans healthy by applying sustainability methods in-house as well as for our film productions. Our films include important themes regarding climate change in order to help voice this critical matter through our entertainment platform. Read more>>

Brandi Waller-Pace | Founder and Executive Director, Decolonizing the Music Room

Decolonizing the Music Room does something that is not seen often in mainstream music education- centers the voices, knowledges, and experiences of BBIA (Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Asian) people. Our nonprofit challenges the historical dominance of White Western European and American music, narratives, and practices. We are direct in our approach, and have found that when other racially minoritized folks, who have already been doing powerful work, see what we are doing they feel as if they have a visible community which which to connect, and are further emboldened as they move forward. Creating this visible solidarity and co-conspiratorship has had a large impact. Read more>>

Lauren Chew | Food Entrepreneur

I created The Superfood Cookie, which is a high protein, clean label cookie for women because I saw there weren’t any products in the category that specifically were made for us. In addition, if everyone ate more plant-based or flexitarian, we would dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions up to 70% from food production. Also, it is healthier for you and is linked to reducing your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and lower blood pressure. Read more>>

Gina Calderone | Physical Therapist

Gina Calderone, MPT, physical therapist and founder of the Empowered Health Foundation, has treated hundreds of children, adults, and families with multiple diseases and disorders that are deep-seated in childhood trauma at Centripetal Force Studio® in Southern California over the last 18 years. She detects and heals the emotional and generational roots of pain, injury, disease and disorders that often repeat generation after generation. Her pioneering work with Adverse Childhood Experiences led to inventing Physioenergetic Therapy™, a unique solution that combines intensive investigation of life experiences and physical rehabilitation to restore the autonomic nervous system and biomechanics disrupted by the unresolved trauma and toxic grief stored in the body. Read more>>

Sahar Sanjar | Entrepreneur

With Sundree , we are actively working towards normalizing discussions around mental health. We support this effort in a couple of ways: 1) 1% of every sundree.com sale goes to the Mental Health Coalition
2) We use our digital platform to provide tips or ways to check in on your mental health – a way to normalize the conversation. With laChambre, our Incubate program offers a short term pro-Bono service to a few minority owned brands every four months to support and guide them with regards to growth, their launch, business fundamentals, strategy support and/or exposure. With I am a voter. , we work hard to ensure everyone is engaging in civic duties nationally and locally. Read more>>

Kathleen Sheppard | Founder of Tiller Swim

Tiller Swim is a sustainable swimwear and apparel brand creating high quality, versatile swimwear made from earth-friendly materials. We operate on the mission to consistently be evolving our sustainability journey by innovating the types of materials we use, empowering people at ever stage of our supply chain and closing the loop in our processes. With our Summer 2021 collection, we’ve launched with a collection made in our home base of Los Angeles with a new fabric that is engineered to break down when disposed of in a landfill. Read more>>

Amanda Riley | Salon Owner, Stylist & Beauty Community Advocate

We are a sustainable salon by recycling our salon waist with a Green Circle salons. Green Circle takes things like hair color and turns it into renewable energy or asphalt, metal as in our hair foils and turns it into recycled metal for things like bicycles. Our shampoo bowl has a special water filter that helps preserve water so we are not overusing it. Additionally most of our salon furniture has been up-cycled or re-purposed. We’ve also partnered with local small businesses and hosted them for pop-up shops in our outdoor garden space. Each of our pop-up shops have donated 20% of profit to local organizations as well as Summer Hours has partnered with My Friends Place for donations as well. Read more>>

Susan Jackson | DoV Club Founder & Executive Director

Susan Jackson, Founder and Executive Director of DoV Club Organization “A girl can change the world” DoV Club Organization ( Daughters of Virtue), is a non-profit mentor program to EMPOWER young ladies from the ages of 10 to
18 years old, to develop virtuous character. The social impact of Dov Club inspires DoV Participants to develop DoV’s Seven Principles which are Leadership, Academics, Responsible Social Media usage, Community Service, Emotional Intelligence, Etiquette, and Entrepreneurship. Also, we discuss Healthy Habits topics to ensure DoV Club Participants are taking care of their bodies inside and out. Read more>>