Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

Isaac James Williams | Music Producer & A&R at 153/Joombas Music Group

I feel in anything that has a high reward, there are always going to be some risks a person has to take in order for them to achieve what they’re aiming for. That being said, when risks are involved there always comes feelings of fear, self-doubt, disappointment, and insecurities. Over time I’m come to understand that when taking risks, there is going to be a possibility that things may not work out, but you must be willing to embrace your unsuccessful moments in life and learn from them. One of my favorites quotes has always been that that “failure is not the opposite of success, but it’s part of success”. I have taken many risks in my life and career from moving from Chicago to Los Angeles to opening a recording studio/event space, to even working for music video directors and record labels for free in hopes of a potential opportunity. Read more>>

Nick Bison | Artist, Songwriter, and Producer

When I think of the risks I’ve taken or am about to take, the first thing I think or see is the opportunity to benefit; internally, externally, by yourself or with other individuals, it depends on the circumstances of the risk. I think that taking risks, depending on their size and how beneficial/detrimental they are, have the potential to change the course of your life. Looking at my life up until the present, I feel I have and currently do take a lot of risks. In the past, I would not take a lot of risks due to fear of what may or may not happen given my actions in a situation. As I grew, I realized that my inaction in situations had caused me to miss out on a lot of opportunities throughout my life even if the risk was great to me at the time. I felt like I was missing out on living by just remaining neutral in every situation. My inaction had gotten so bad to the point that it was hard for me to voice my opinions off the risk that what I say might not sit right with those I’m talking to. Read more>>

Lindsay Anastasio | Renaissance Woman/ CEO The New Paradigm Finance Movement

I have always been a risk taker but my traumas have always held me back from true success and abundance. Only recently have I had the real courage to step up my game and take a very big leap of faith beyond my wildest dreams. I believe that when we can get comfortable with being in the unfamiliar and feeling”unsafe” is the moment when the magic and miracles start occurring and we are in a flow with the universe. Read more>>

Patrick Antonian | Music/Jewelry Artist

Risk taking is important for growth. A person who is happy with their level of accomplishments might have achieved success but is not necessarily growing. For example, say this person has a good career with a strong annual income, has their living situation figured out, & has enough income to provide for everything needed. They can stay at that level forever if they are happy. But in order to grow, you must take a risk. Not a wild risk, but a goal oriented calculated one. This will push you into the next tier. Now, If you’re happy at this NEW level then just continue the hustle. If you want to keep pushing & believe you can achieve more, then again take a piece of what you’ve earned, mix it with the new knowledge you have attained, & TAKE A RISK! This has played a major role in my life/career. Don’t let fear stunt your growth. Most times that I have taken a risk, I’m happy with the result. Wether it worked or not. I feel accomplished knowing I tried & leave with a positive attitude and take with me anything I’ve learned. Read more>>

Fern | Visual Artist

I tend to think a lot in general and I’m always in my own head trying to decipher decisions so when it comes to risk taking I usually try to think of all the possible outcome scenarios and although there’s no predicting what will happen next, it’s good to be 20 steps ahead so you can pivot when you need to. At this point in my life I think I’m more afraid of being comfortable than taking a risk. Being a full-time Artist would not have been possible if I didn’t take that leap and opportunities that have come my way would not be imaginable if I wasn’t readily available to take them on. Today I feel like the one of the ways I can grow is to experience things and gain wisdom through risks. Read more>>

Imani Watts Alexandria Hadley | Founders of Bazaar Los Angeles

When I think about life, and what it means to live, it boils down to taking risks. Without taking risks, are we truly living or just simply existing? Our reality is the result of our decisions, and taking risks in life is what makes that reality so beautiful. With this understanding, I can conclude that risks play a major role in my life, and the way that I operate from day to day. Growing up, I have always been the spontaneous and adventurous type. Whether it be exploration in what hobbies I chose, or even just curiosity in the way things work in the world. I think this has all led me to my truest passions which are entrepreneurship and choreographing. I remember one of my first businesses at age 8 called ‘Glitter Girls’, where I reconstructed denim jeans into purses and even lunch boxes. I had no idea how to sew so I used craft glue and staples to hold them together. I didn’t have the resources or knowledge to start a real business at that age, but I had a vision. Read more>>

Vivian Ahn | Actor|

Risk is important in our lives. If we want to fight against the status quo, usually it would mean getting out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith. For me, if I didn’t take the risk to go after my passion – acting, which involves investing a huge sum of money into my acting education and also quitting my job and moving to Los Angeles, I would probably be spending my life behind a desk with maybe a 9 to 5 job. Not that it’s a bad thing if I were going after stability and money, but the creative and passionate side of me would be screaming to be liberated. I would always be left wondering “what ifs”. I remembered before I made my move to LA, I would sit in the dark in the middle of the night wondering what is the point of my existence and feeling really depressed and deprived because I wasn’t going after what I love! One of my acting teachers said that your should never make decisions out of fear. I think it was the best advice! I’m not scared of failures, I am more scared of being regretful not following my heart. Taking risks is also extremely important in acting. Read more>>

John-Paul Panelli | Writer & Director

I heard a great quote in my early 20s from George Bernard Shaw, I’m paraphrasing here, that says, “People are always blaming their circumstance for who they are… the people who get on this world are the ones who look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, they make them.” Any “risk” that I’ve taken in my life or career has always been under the guise of there is no other choice. If you take anyone’s actions and hold them up to another’s, many of those choices can appear inherently risky from their perspective. In actuality, there is only one decision, at any given time, to be made for each person. These are two competing ideas here in a larger conversation of whether we merely have free-will or the illusion of it. But in truth, it doesn’t really matter. If you want to be a master of your craft, graduate top of your class, travel to 40 countries by 40… you go outside of your comfort zone, you put in the hours others won’t, you plan that trip abroad every year. Read more>>

Marsella Reyes | Fitness Trainer

Taking risks is literally the only way I have managed to pave the road to my success. I have realized that taking those leaps of faith shows the universe I truly believe in myself and that tends to set off a vibration that comes around full circle. Any life-changing opportunities were 100% backed up by taking risks. Read more>>

Sarah Magida | Life Coach for Artists and Artist

Risk taking at one time was something I felt very adverse to. Looking back I’m amazed that I played it so safe and felt so afraid of risk because now I have such a different view of what some may find “risky”. I think it has to do with my mindset shifting after art college. I realized that going to art college was in fact a risk! I had thought I was making a strategic career move and college was a necessary item to have under my belt in order to succeed as an artist. I tried to not show my work in galleries, though I was introduced to many people in the gallery world, because it felt too risky to show as a student. Again- Looking back I would as my older self, I would of told my younger self to go for it! Take a risk, risks move you forward, even if you fail or end up with a bruised ego, risks are the energy of momentum. Becoming a creative entrepreneur has been a dive into what some may see as a risky life style. Read more>>

Lily Fassnacht | Freelance Photographer

I realized how important taking risks were later on in my career, and made it a point to challenge myself. Risks aren’t always what you’d think, like putting yourself out there by cold calling companies or agencies for work, but also the financial ones. Is it worth it to spend out of pocket cash on a studio to improve your portfolio? Would buying a new camera and lenses benefit my work more than it already has? Does paying for hair and makeup for your creative shoot change the outcome of your photos? All of these questions I would answer yes. After experiencing such a hard year due to Covid-19, I took risks like these and spent money on the side to see how they’d pay off. By creating new relationships with in companies, along other freelancers related to the business, while creating professionally planned shoots with work to show from it, I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my hard work. Read more>>

Veronica Lane | Professional Makeup & Hair Artist

I have been a freelance Makeup & Hair Artist for over 25 years. Being a freelance artist is all about taking risks. There are financial risks, sporadic work, lack of benefits it is the ultimate responsibility. In the 1990’s, I worked for Sebastian International hair care and makeup company. I received a regular paycheck. I knew the amount I would make each week and received bonuses. It was a great time and of course I loved the company. It was also part of the Beauty Industry which was a plus. In 2000, I went completely freelance. I had to start all over again. I had no clients, no production prospects, nothing. It was up to me to let people know that I was looking for leads for possible jobs. This business is a lot of who you know. I was lucky enough to have been introduced to an Art Director for an advertising company that photographed for a major department store’s weekly clothing catalogs. I was put on a two week rotation with other artists making 2,000 a week. Read more>>

Saif Rehman | Surreal Photographer & Entrepreneur

I believe there is a risk involved with anything and everything that we want out of life. Some risks are more volatile than others, but those are always the ones that offer the possibility of a more valuable reward. There’s always a lot of ups and downs that come with each risk, but if you stay focused on the bigger picture you’ll see there are way more ups than downs. At the end of the day I can only speak for myself, but I truly believe the universe will reward you for the risks you take. I moved across the country to chase a dream, there was a lot of fear and doubt that traveled with me, but 3yrs later and I can confidently tell you that risk changed my life for the better. We all hear the success stories, watch the movies, and everyone says the same thing, they all took risks to get to where they are. So I’m like why not take the risk and get a chance at a slice of the pie, id be punishing myself if I didn’t try. Read more>>

Todd Herfindal | Music Production & Engineering

I think it’s fair to say a career in music is risky, and not for the faint of heart. It seems that those who work at it, learn, and grow, are the ones who persevere. I think when we are younger we tend to care less about risk or consequences. That’s definitely true for me. In the past there have been several projects where certain skills were required. My answer was to say “yes” to these opportunities because I knew that if I needed to learn something to do a job, then I would undertake teaching myself. The risk was coming up short, or missing out entirely by saying “no.” For me, the rewards to saying “yes” turned out to be way better than playing it safe. Read more>>

Will Buck | Alternative Singer Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist

I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t taken any risks. I vowed very young that I would be a professional musician and there is almost no way of avoiding risk in that decision. I never wanted to look back on my life and say, “gee I’m sure glad I played it safe.” This has resulted in two things: 1) I’ve lived a very exciting and non traditional life and 2) I’ve paid for some serious mistakes. For me, number one outweighs number two and thankfully I’ve gotten a little wiser over the years so I’m grateful for this attitude overall. I’ve realized the difference between a calculated risk or “trust fall” as I like to call it and getting caught up in the thrill of risk taking. I’ve lived both sides of this coin and as you can probably guess one has given me faith in the universe and the other has gotten me in trouble. Either way I wouldn’t change a thing and I’m thankful for the life I get to live. Read more>>

Mars Rodriguez | Diy Artist, One Person Band, Producer and Music Engineer

Huge role! risks has literally taken me where i am i guess…making music, performing, moving in and out of places, trying new ways to make art, learning music production and other skills . Risks have taught me to adapt and do the best with what i have at the moment. Im very intuitive and kind of impulsive with making decisions, if i have a gut feeling about something, i have to go and do it , i don’t to overthink stuff too much. Read more>>

Phobia The Greatest | Rapper

opportunity I’ve had came with taking a risk. If I don’t take a chance how will I ever know what may have happened? I don’t want to leave a situation reflecting on what could or would have happened. I want to know that I did everything I possibly could at that moment. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain when I take a risk. Read more>>

Ebony Williams | Indie Writer & Director and Media Personality

I think risk-taking is necessary in life. For me, I am constantly taking risks and betting on myself. I’m from Anchorage, Alaska, where my school teachers in elementary school told me I would never graduate let alone be successful in entertainment. I have grown to be a top radio personality in Anchorage until I took the leap of faith and moved to Texas. In Texas, I also had a number one radio show, which got me to Denver, Colorado where I again had a number one radio show which landed me in Los Angeles. In LA I’ve produced, written, and directed four shorts and a comedy pilot. I’m a freelance writer for a few major magazine publications, I booked a pilot, a Nike + MinDDBra AD, sold a script, and work for another major entertainment corporation. I also signed a few major deals that I can’t speak on just yet. Read more>>

Patrick Boylan | Actor | Pianist | Singer

Risk has always been a part of my life. I went to school for acting originally, then changed to sociology but still wanted to be an actor… what riskier thing could you do!? Kidding of course, but yeah, I think that risk has always been a thing I’ve been comfortable having in my life. You have to trust your instincts when you take a risk. Sometimes it looks like luck when it succeeds, sometimes it looks like a well thought out plan. Truth is, it’s usually just a gut instinct and thankfully 99% of them have been correct. Story time: I was a waiter and semi-professional actor for 5 years here in LA before I started moonlighting as a pianist/accompanist/singer at Tramp Stamp Granny’s, Maggiano’s, and Larsens. I always had some piano love in me (I moved out here with furniture, clothes, and my half ton upright piano). It never left me. But when I decided to pursue acting, I needed to find a day job, and piano wasn’t that in my mind, it was waiting tables. Read more>>

Ngozi Kim | Actress & Creative Multihyphenate

In my opinion the only way I know to live a fulfilled life is by taking risks. My biggest accomplishments have come from me taking risks with my dreams, purpose, & passion. Moving to LA has by far been the biggest risk I have ever taken. “Will I get rich and famous?” is usually the question others have about embarking on a life in Los Angeles. For me, it has been: Will it be worth it? & the my answer is ABSOLUTELY! I never knew what was actually on the other side of moving to LA, but taking the risk was needed to find out. I’m still finding out, learning, & expanding here. It has been my best risk ever!. Read more>>

Kristien Owens | Artist

My pop has always told me to take “calculated risk” and that has been the difference in me having a career and not. Fear is never allowed to hold me back. Read more>>

Ashley Roberts | Photographer

I definitely have had to take complete risks to be where I am in my career. Starting with spending all of my money and going into debt taking a huge risk to buy expensive photography equipment and the cost of traveling to LA from WA multiple times to do shoots. Honestly if you don’t take the risks you can’t achieve your dream most of the time. Fear is what holds you back. I could have said I shouldn’t try photography because I probably won’t succeed and I need to keep a stable job. Taking the risk of not having a steady job and signing a lease in LA was the biggest risk I’ve ever taken. I truly believe risks are required to obtain big success. Read more>>

Shelby Bernstein | Photographer & Photo Editor

To be honest, I don’t think about risk too often. Sometimes that might not be the best or smartest thing, but what fun is life if you don’t take risks? I have limits and boundaries, but career wise I feel like take a risk can have a massive reward. I’m also a pretty impulsive person, so risk taking just sort of happens for me and I don’t necessarily realize that until after the fact. Obviously, some times taking risks doesn’t work out in your favor, but for me I’m always happy I did because ultimately it’s what I wanted to do and I won’t look back on it wondering what could’ve happened. Without taking any risks career wise I wouldn’t be where I am today. I took a risk quitting my job in Scottsdale and moving back to LA without any real job prospects. I let all of that fall to chance and accepting anything that came my way even if I felt like it would be too challenging or far out of my comfort zone. Read more>>

Alexandra Vino | Actress, Writer/Director, Fine Artist

I’ve always taken a lot of risk in my life. It can be dangerous to embark upon a creative line of work without anything backing you financially. I’ve always believed deeply in my work and my work ethic is not something I have to manufacture. I’m full of energy and passion for creating my visions, and finishing is the ultimate pleasure. In my work I tend to go out on a limb to make sure I’ve tapped myself out completely. I never have to second guess myself when I do that. I say “I’ve pushed myself beyond my comfort zone.” Which is where the growth comes in. Doing that consistently makes for a lot of growth very fast. Personally, I am invigorated by collaboration and witnessing people I admire live in their creative process. Also, when there is struggle, I find the most lessons in those moments. I risk for people. When I see injustice I stand for people. I’ve done this personally and professionally. I’m always standing up for the underdog. It has gotten me in trouble. Read more>>

Scott Hove | Artist

Risk taking is crucial to personal evolution, but it needs to be done in a way that is somewhat aligned with your experience. Risk takers are not looking to follow preexisting paths and rely on instinct. It’s liberating to be able to trust yourself and try something new. Along the way you learn the boundaries of what you are capable of and where you need improvement. Failure, while devastating, gets easier each time and creates a certain kind of mental fitness, and should never be considered the end of the path. Read more>>

Arielle Antoine | Costume Designer

The willingness to take a risk is essential to success as an entrepreneur. The path is not always laid out clearly when you are in a creative field following your passion. It is the faith that you find in yourself that creates the stamina to keep going even when you can’t see the profit in front of you. I have found this to be true many times along my journey as a Costume Designer. Originally even just believing that there was an option to follow a career path that didn’t look like everyone else was a risk that was worth taking. In fashion, risk can come in many forms. Trusting your vision as a creative allows you to bring about change in peoples perspective of what is beautiful and what is interesting. But first you must trust in yourself, be willing to risk judgement and distaste, and know that you have a story to tell with your vision. Read more>>

Genevieve Vincent | Composer

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” I try to navigate my career and live my life with that in mind. You need to take risks to grow, and growing can be uncomfortable. I consider the pros and cons of my decisions, weather that pertains to a musical choice like choosing a pallet of instrumentation for a film, taking on a new job, or a personal life decision like relocating, and then I just do my best! A carefully considered risk feels less like a “risk” and more like a move. If you keep your long term and short term goals in mind, you can back out some moves that will help to get you to where you want to be. In 2013 I relocated to LA and left behind a career in New York as a music supervisor. That was probably the biggest move I’ve made (literally.) The decision looked a bit risky to some of my friends and family, but it was a cliff I had to jump off of so that I would be able to dedicate all of my time to composing. It’s working out 🙂. Read more>>

Doza | Hip Hop Artist

I view risk as thinking about how much you’re willing to bet on yourself. Going into a creative career essentially is betting on yourself. Once you think of it that way you can start to really assess how much you believe in what you’re doing. Maybe you’re doing it on the side as a hobby and only put small amounts of time and money into growing that hobby. Or maybe you’re living and breathing it, putting every bit of downtime and expendable money you have into it where it becomes your life. I can tell you that it’s possible to build a successful career out of a hobby but you’re way more likely to succeed if you give it everything you have. And that means sacrifices: It could be as small as not meeting up your friends for drinks or using your PS5 money to put into something else that would help push your career along. Risk has been very important in growing my knowledge about what I’m doing. There’s been so many hit-and-miss moments I’ve had trying to navigate the world of being a musician but you just have to look at those as “paying your dues”. Read more>>

Mark DeBonis | Comedian

I personally think risk-taking is what separates good from great. You can be good at what you do, but until you have the confidence to take risks and fail you may never achieve greatness… IN my opinion at least… When I started stand-up I didn’t know anything about it or the industry so I would take bigger risks not knowing the impact it may have on my “presence” or “name” in the comedy scene. Since that time I have toned down the number of risks, but still, take them when needed. Read more>>

Geovanna Brown | Artist / Graphic Designer

You always have to take a risk. I feel as though me waking up one day and deciding I want to start a business was a risk in itself. I don’t come from a background where people own businesses, but I come from a background of hustlers. In the process I’ve taken a lot of risk and what I’ve learned from it is that if you don’t try you don’t know what will work for you and your business. Growing up I seen my mom take a lot of risk to ensure I always came out on top. I lost my dad when I was six so seeing my mom hustle and make sure I didn’t miss out on nothing plays a big role in the risk I take when it comes to my business. Read more>>

Kristine Gerolaga | Actor & Filmmaker

I think risk is so necessary to progress in life and in your career. Without taking risks, we deprive ourselves of different possibilities that could really improve our lives and help us move in the direction we want to go. We would also deprive ourselves of the challenges that help us grow as people and as artists. If I had decided that pursuing an acting and filmmaking career was too risky, I know that I would still be spending my life trying to please other people. I think about all the progress I’ve made and the things I’ve achieved along the way and I wouldn’t have come this far if I had stopped myself from taking the risk. I continue to get signs, both big and small, that tell me I’m on the right path, and because of that, I will continue to take risks! Lastly, be wary of any advice given by people who don’t take risks. Read more>>

Samantha Stevens | Political and Government Relations Consultant

Risk is seen as a negative – something can go wrong. But we all know that sometimes we need to take a risk, in order to achieve a goal. I try to look at risk as a positive – if I take the risk, I will get the reward I seek. I am fortunate to be able to use hindsight to see the results of the risks I have taken. I hope that helps me make better decisions today and in the future. As a young person, I don’t think I realized how many risks I was taking, which is probably normal. I got involved in politics and political issues when I was in junior high school. My immediate family didn’t work in politics, I didn’t know much about the business side of politics, but I knew many people who advocated for their beliefs. They were my inspiration. One day in school, a classmate told me that I would not find a husband if I spoke out about politics and supported adding the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Read more>>

Samantha Margret | Artist, Balancing Maximalism on a Backdrop of Minimalism

I am not a natural risk taker. As a kid, I didn’t go on the monkey bars for fear of falling; I, quite literally, colored inside the lines; I’m cautious and I like to conform to the rules. Yet, somehow, I quit my day job to become a full time musician. I spend my days pushing the boundaries of my musical abilities and coming up with unusual ways to put that music in front of people. My shibboleth in songwriting is “never write the same song twice,” In other words, “always take risks.” Early in my music career, I tried really hard to do what a musician “should” do. I went to conferences and wrote music that conformed to traditional song structure. I sent polite, cold emails to people in the music industry introducing myself and offering a sample of my music. Honestly, it made me super boring and super bored. When I think about my favorite songs, they’re my favorite because of how they are different from everything else. Read more>>

Richart Ruddie | Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Expert

Risk taking is an essential part of life. I recently finished the book “Thinking in Bets” by famous psychologist and poker player Annie Duke. Life is all about taking calculated risks and understanding if something doesn’t pan out as you had planned that saying “I Should’ve known better” or “How could I have been so dumb” are not neccessarily the correct mindsets on how to deal with risks that do not turn out positive. I’ve been a big risk taker as the ones who don’t take any risk tend not to be successful to the degree that they are happy. Proper mitigation and chances are needed to both start a business and to grow any successful venture. As you get bigger you start to get more targets on your back so it’s important to properly monitor and navigate the waters accordingly. I’ve invested millions of dollars in different ventures and while not all of them have panned out the ones that do have far outweighed the ones that don’t. Read more>>

Ohajij | {Oh-Ha-G}

I look at risk like rolling dice. It doesn’t require much skill or knowledge. You can win or lose big, but the guts that it takes to put it all on the line could be quite rewarding. Taking risks for me played a big factor in where I am and where I could be honestly. At times I’ve overweighed the risk factor But nonetheless, it was the chances I took that got me the best results. Read more>>

Brian Distance | Actor, Writer, Producer & Wall Street Lawyer

You should always take calculated risks. You can only grow if you take risks. When you take a risk, if you succeed you will be happy and can lead, but if you fail you will be wise and guide. Risk has always been important in my life. If I would not have taken any risks, I would not have left my hometown to go to college; I would not have graduated for Marquette University with a degree in Mechanical/Industrial Engineering and worked as an engineer; I would not have then gone onto Tulane Law School and then graduate with a Juris Doctor degree with an emphasis in maritime law; I would not have passed the California and Louisiana Bar exams; I would not have practiced maritime law, then political law, then finance law; I would not have been a successful and industry-recognized Wall Street finance attorney; I would not have graduated from William Esper Studio. Read more>>

Marcus Allen Thomas | Known as Saint James Jr. ( Artist )

“If you can’t avoid death, at least die with glory” This quote, which is tattooed on my ribs, defines what risk means to me as an artist. To evolve you have to take risk. It’s a sense of fearlessness & belief in yourself. It’s a significant role in my career because I had to fail to make progress. I never wanted to think what if, I just accepted that if I wanted to make it out of my neighborhood I had to keep. Read more>>

Christopher Tait | Musician & Non-Profit Worker

From the beginning of my career as a musician, to my now-ninth year of sobriety, taking risks has been a big part of the journey. It has always been scary making big leaps, but those big leaps have always been the most rewarding sea change-moments. I remember the group (Electric Six) being in Glasgow in early 2003, and our mgmt announcing the upcoming year’s worth of dates. We were #2 in the charts at the time, and it became clear the next year would be spent on the road. Our singer saw me troubled in front of the gig and said “It’s a big commitment, I understand if you need time to think it through.” I was terrified, but we spent the next two years on tour, and I don’t regret a minute of it. Likewise, my sobriety was a big risk because I couldn’t imagine a world where I was a touring musician (or a human being in general, really) that could no longer use alcohol to cope with my issues. Read more>>

Tess Trotter | Founder and CEO

“Success is on the other side of fear.” This is something that I try to repeat to myself on a daily basis. Because honestly, it is easy to forget. I have learned (and am still learning) that risks are very necessary in order to make progress and create the life I want to live. So often I want to retreat back to my old habits and ways of doing things… but then I remember that I didn’t come this far by playing it safe. And while I don’t think I will ever get used to the nervousness and anxiety that comes with risk-taking, I have no problem getting used to the results that it will surely bring. Read more>>

Virginia Tucker | Actress, Director, Writer

I like to do things that scare me. Let’s be real…trying something new can be scary, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. I recently pivoted into directing. We shot our film during COVID, which was a challenge. Creatively, I always need be growing and trying new things. The risk turned out to be completely worth it, and I absolutely love directing. Even it I hated it, that would have been OK too. Shoot to succeed but give yourself the freedom to fail. That’s how you grow. I had to learn a lot, but directing felt like second nature. I love movies, storytelling, and actors. Good leadership is also something I get really excited about. I enjoy serving each person and helping them shine. In this role, I get to combine all these passions. Read more>>