Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Brittaney Elise | Female Founder, Interior Designer + Creative Director

When I think about risk, I ultimately am thinking about the potential outcomes for any situation and lean toward what feels right within my core. Risk is a factor we all experience in our daily lives — in decision-making that may be a huge step or a small detail; from business to personal — in my experience, our well-being and ability to perform is affected by the risks we choose or choose not to take. This is true to the journey of our career paths, but also so valuably to our many varied relationships as well. I founded my first company — BE by Brittaney Elise, a traditional boutique Interior Design services firm — nearly a decade ago. At the time, all of the risks I took in business mostly affected me personally. Deciding to leave a steady paycheck and drop working for any other company as I set out to establish a business on my own, was a huge risk in income and survival. Read more>>

Sanjana | Singer-Songwriter

My choice to be a full-time musician is a major risk. A career in the arts is something that literally everyone advises you against, especially in the South Asian community, from childhood. But I firmly believe that without taking risks we can’t grow or explore who we are or the world around us. I take risks believing that the result of it will be the best possible outcome. Of course, it doesn’t always end up that way- life has a cruel way of putting you in your place sometimes. But most of the time, I have been surprised by the abundance of fruitful opportunities that have come my way! When I dropped my debut EP, Water, I’ll Grow, I was so afraid that people wouldn’t connect with it or that it would fail in some way. After releasing it, I was surprised by how people received it and connected to it in meaningful ways. Read more>>

Lani Cooper | Female Founder, Entrepreneur

I genuinely believe taking risks is essential. Whether in love, in business, your career, or in life, it’s necessary to transform our perspective on risk-taking. It strengthens our brain, heightens our senses, and takes us out of our comfort zone. I have found everything worthwhile is on the other side of our comfort zone. In business, I feel if you don’t embrace risk-taking, you may need to reconsider being a business owner! To build something new, you have to be prepared to do something different. We are more adaptable than we give ourselves credit for and by putting in the work and taking the chance, we give ourselves permission to be the (pro)active force in our lives! What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Without reaching out for that window of opportunity, I wouldn’t be myself. I have become an expert at bouncing back. I am passionate about pushing boundaries and playing my part in moving humanity forward, one transformation at a time. This is what inspired me to create MOBOT. Read more>>

Timothy Robert Smith | Muralist

Being an artist in & of itself is already a risk. There’s no financial security; no stability except the stability you create within. So, (if you’re reading this) you’ve probably already made the commitment to that risk, and that’s a fucking big one; so you may as well take risks in your work. Read more>>

Laquan Copeland | Actor & Musician

For me, risks are something that I look forward to. I think about them as I would a challenge or an obstacle. If the task does not scare me, challenge me, or change me then I don’t do it. I equate risks with those same aspects. When I take risks I think about how this will shape me and living life with no regrets. Those two factors are what drives me in risk-taking. We only have one life to live, why not live it fearlessly. Imagine your last day on this earth, think of how you would feel if you did not take risks if you did not take the chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do, if you allowed fear to cripple you, you would not like that feeling. When I decided to move to Los Angeles, that was a huge risk for me. I didn’t know anyone here, no family, no friends, I just had a dream and I knew I wasn’t going to let anyone or anything stop me. I took the risk of coming out here with no job, no blueprint, and I made something out of nothing. Read more>>

Jennifer Stewart | Owner of Stewart Design Inc, an Architectural Interior Design Firm

I feel that a certain amount of risk is a necessary and integral part of a fulfilling life both personal and professional. Mind you, it has to be calculated and thoughtfully considered, but after a certain point, I trust my instincts to lead me. More often that not, the risks I’ve taken have always been the right choice. I’m very much looking forward to more risk taking in the future with my career and in my life. There’s a vitality that comes from taking the leap. Given the current state of life with the pandemic this past year, exposing myself and my daughter to good risks / new experiences is quite an exciting goal and something to look forward to. Read more>>

Christopher J. Cozzi | Music Composer For Film and TV

Taking risks is always scary, especially when you’re starting out in a creative career with no real sense of stability. But if I didn’t take the risks that I did with a project like Cracka, I would not be where I am right now. It was real scary, because the whole crew was getting death threats and hate mail from white supremacists for a while after we released that first trailer, but I knew in my gut that it was better to stand for something controversial and provocative than say no to the project and not get the chance to use my voice to make a statement with the filmmakers. Read more>>

Tony Bartele | Professional Actor

When it comes to risk, I think that it is inherent in everything we do. Walking out of your front door is a risk. Driving to a friend’s house, is a risk. Anything can happen to you at any time. So I look at it as, why not take it further, and go for whatever it is you desire? “No risk, no reward” is how the saying goes. Yet there are times when the size of the risk doesn’t pay off in the way we expected. That is to say, there is always a lesson or something to take from it, even if it isn’t the outcome we foresaw. I took a huge risk, moving to LA and pursuing my dream as an actor. I jumped ship. I walked away from a “comfortable” life in hopes of acheiving something greater. The bigger risk, to me, was staying complacent and not going for it. I risked mediocrity, and potentially regretting the decision, had I opted to stay. My choice has paid off in so many ways. I’ve been through a lot of trials, but they are just as plentiful as the lessons I’ve learned. Read more>>

Kara Richard | Hair Colorist, Educator, & Salon Owner

I believe that when you tune in to your own personal intuition, signs will appear that guide you from step to step. Risk is always a factor in everything we do, but when I feel this pull from my intuition, it’s like a voice is speaking much louder than the risk. Each time I overcome a fear its like I’m strengthening a muscle that helps me continue to grow without the constant worry of failure. When something doesn’t work out in my business I can quickly move on to the next idea or plan that I feel called to. I’ve learned that its better to go for your ideas instead of waiting for your idea of perfection to guide your next moves. This has helped me also find what works and what doesn’t for my business. Read more>>

Alex Ziemba | Fashion Designer & Recording Artist By The Name 9HEADSHAWTY

The choice to take risk or the choice of safety. I personally don’t think its as simple as that. I think risk is engrained into life, in the way that essentially everything, every choice, is taking a risk. Even the most fundamental advice of being yourself is taking a risk, because there’s that chance that maybe people won’t accept you for you. Doing anything creative or the process of creating something is taking a risk because there will always be those thoughts of “what if I fail?”, and in all truth, failure is always a possibility. That’s why I think, when it comes to personal creative ventures, risk should be approached with a different perspective. For me, I feel that risk is inherent in everything I do. As a practicing recording artist and clothing designer, everything I create contains risk because really, my work reveals pieces of who I am to the outside and judgmental world. Being an artist is a risk. You engrain parts of yourself into your work, and people aren’t always accepting of that. Read more>>

Jack Armstrong | Adventure Filmmaker/Photographer & Director of Terraform Creative

Every time I take out a camera into the water or into a snow storm, there’s a significant chance that expensive things are going to get broken. In addition to the gear/financial aspect, there’s almost always significant risks to my health and safety. For me, risk management is pretty systematic, and it begins with having my priorities set straight before entering a potentially risky situation. That way, when I am forced to manage risk under pressure, I have a solid, rational foundation to look back at and build my decision on. It’s not a perfect system, and it’s one that I’m constantly improving, but it is a system that has been instrumental in the development of myself as a person, of my company, and my art. There are so many shots I wouldn’t have captured, relationships I wouldn’t have taken the chance on, and moments I wouldn’t have been able to treasure if I didn’t approach those risks in a thought out, rational manner. Read more>>

Chiara Nicole Gero | Worker and Activist

I am a control freak, a triple Aries, someone who enjoys structure and balance, someone who is filled with anxiety and dread when a rule (that I have usually made up in my own mind) is at risk of being broken. That being said, I have found that my life would not have gone the way it did if I did not break the rules I and society have absolutely made up. Maybe I would have been in Croatia still, following a timeline that was different than the one I am loosely following now. Or on the East Coast, where my friends have been residing since we graduated. Or I would have still been less aware of who I truly want to be one day. Lately, I have also found that taking risks for me has meant leaning into who I am and how I feel completely and unapologetically. I think we are somewhat taught throughout our lives what is “correct” or “expected” from how we dress to how we love, others and ourselves. Ever since I graduated, I have tried to take risks emotionally, if you will. Read more>>

Sally Jenkins | Animal Communicator & Energy Worker

In reality everything we do has some risk attached to it and if you focus on that you’ll be fearful of doing anything. If everytime you got in your car you thought that you could have an accident or the car could breakdown you’ll have a very different experience from someone who gets in the car excited to meet their friend for dinner. It doesn’t mean you don’t keep yourself safe – car maintenance, insurance, wearing a seatbelt etc but your attention is not focussed on what could go wrong. In my life and career, I’ve often gone against what was expected or accepted as the path I should be following on numerous occasions. I’ve changed jobs and even career paths and I still use skills and lessons I learned from every single role. I think it’s also important to say that I didn’t have this planned out. I had no idea the route my career would take. So for anyone reading this that feels pressure to know their career path, it’s ok to not know and it’s ok to change your mind. Read more>>

Aimee Mandala | Artist

I believe risk is a necessity when it comes to personal and professional growth. You won’t get anywhere you want to go if you don’t put yourself out there. My ambitions in the art world came unexpectedly, but quickly became a force larger and stronger than even I completely understood. All of the sudden, I needed it in my life more than ever, and once I started, I couldn’t stop. I wanted more. After three projects I decided I wanted to start showing my work, which was both an exhilarating and scary prospect. But I truly believe that if something doesn’t scare you, it’s not worth doing. Risk for me meant I was going to just do it. Just go. Create. Start connecting with people and very publicly say my goals out loud (over and over) so that everyone knew. There was a sense of vulnerability in being so open about my aspirations, but I didn’t care. Read more>>

Tiffiney Davis | Co Founder & Managing Director

Growing up labeled “at risk” stood out to me. It was a stigma for me. Those are words used to make Black people feel less than. The risks that are meaningful are the risks that we choose to take. Writing this is also a risk for me. I’ve been told too many times that I don’t or can’t express myself well in writing, so continuing to do this feels like a risk to me. And taking that risk is also powerful because it allows me to challenge myself and to have grit, and to face this fear of being less than within myself. That also stops me in other areas where I know I can be successful! By taking that risk and putting my thoughts and experiences into words, I show myself and other Black people and especially Black women, that that is possible. During this pandemic, I took the risk of putting myself out there and reaching out to see who could put food in my hands that I could distribute to the community, and that allowed more and more restaurants and individuals to be part of the movement to feed Red Hook in a time of great need. Read more>>

Courtney Barriger | Eco Fashion Artist and Creator of Holding Court Inc

There are no breakthroughs without risk. I think a lot of people hear the word “risk” and consider all that they could lose. I hear the word “risk’ and think, “this is where I need to play my sharpest and deliver my best.” For everyone, there is an edge to your comfort zone, one that can either keep you in check, or be embraced as the fertile ground where magic is born. This is the place where risk lives – a place of vulnerability, pressure, and speed. A place unknown to you. Trust me, magic is rarely made without taking a risk. We could all do to live more outside our comfort zone. It is the surest and fastest way to grow. But be deliberate about it. You can have risk, and also have trust. In my business I’ve taken a risk by choosing to only work with products that are sustainably sourced and certified, made in California. Why is that a risk? I’m sure you’ve compared prices at the grocery store between the organic aisle and everything else. Sustainability is expensive. Read more>>

Jessica Coro | Film Editor & Director

Risk is everything in my opinion. One of my biggest risks was coming to Los Angeles by myself to do what I love. Life is all about trial and error; you have to try and see if what you’re doing is what you really want to do. The key is to keep moving and never give up. Read more>>

Emeline Lotherington | CEO Dance-Break.com

When I was 3, I was at the playground with my grandpa asking him to push me higher and higher on the swing set. When I was at the peak of the swing pendulum, I announced with a smile, “Grandpa, I’m letting go!” and released the safety of my swing, giving my grandpa a moment’s notice to save me. Thankfully, he managed to catch me and I’m still here to tell the story, so you could say that risk has always been a big part of my life. I’ve made an effort to experiment with risk in lots of different life areas; testing how much of my fear is perceived rather than from calculatable outcomes. This includes social, professional, and artistic situations; for example, showing up to auditions or applying for jobs that I want but have big doubts I’ll get, “making the first move”, or in terms of Dance Break, launching new programs or workshops where you never really know how people will respond until it’s out there. Read more>>

Lizelle Jackson | C0-founder of Color The Water

Risk has played an integral role in my life. All of my greatest successes have risen from the times I was willing to take the biggest risk. Knowing I have something to lose forces to me to stay focused and put everything I have into the endeavor. Read more>>

Marco Apicella | Pianist & Composer

Risking, to me, is a synonym of living. Unless you live in a hole in the ground or on a desert planet, you are dealing with risk every time you make a decision in your life. People think of risk as something negative, and often tend to associate it with failure: “if what I’m about to do doesn’t go as planned I will fail”. But what we often don’t see when making assumptions like this, is that while we are “risking” to fail we are also “risking” to succeed. So what does risking actually mean? I think it means that we decided to do, to act. We decided to get out of our comfort zone and to take a chance in life. In my career, the hardest choices I had to make involved leaving friends, family and relationships behind, risking to lose what I had built with blood, sweat and tears. I was afraid of the unknown and I wasn’t sure of what expected me on the other side. At the same time, I knew I had no choice but have faith in myself and in the process, and to be open to the possibilities. Read more>>

Faith J. Wilson | Founder and CEO

My Father often tells me that I “love to live life on the edge” for the simplest matters like bike riding 8 miles up Pacific Coast Highway solo but, in actuality he’s absolutely right. I battled a chronic illness for the majority of my 20’s, leaving me at times hopeless and unsure if my life would ever seem or feel normal. After several surgeries and treatments, I was healed and no longer bound by my health. From that moment, I promised myself to make up for all the years that were lost and to live life with no regrets. One year later, I packed my 2-door Chevy Camaro and, with the help of my brother and his best friend, I moved to Portland, Oregon, from Los Angeles. My intentions? Be the best “TT” to my nephews, niece and LIVE! With $175 to my name, I started working at LA Fitness one day after I moved, making the same amount of money I made at the job I left in Los Angeles, which was barely enough to maintain my current bills. Read more>>

Nicole Freitag | Photographer

In my opinion in order to succeed, there are risks that need to be taken. I have juggled two careers for as long as I can remember. Personal training, which paid the bills, and photography, which fed my creative soul. I always knew that photography is what I was meant to do, but cutting off my other source of income was terrifying. I made a promise to myself that one day I will make my dreams come true. I will be a full time photographer and get to create art for a living. In order for this to happen I needed something to change so I packed up all of my things and decided to head from New York to Los Angeles to start an entirely knew chapter of my life. I had no game plan. No idea where I was going to work, no idea where I was going to live and no idea how I was going to make it but I took the risk. Fast forward to three years later I am doing photography full time and I am truly happier than I’ve ever been. I am grateful to have amazing people in my lifetime to support my risk taking. Read more>>

Dre Lamparello | Sfx/Makeup Artist

Growing up I was never one to take risks unless it came to something I was passionate about. I grew up in Edison NJ and most of my family is still there. The biggest risk I have taken was nine years ago, when I moved out to LA to pursue my dream career as a makeup artist. This was new territory for my family and I, but with their love and support I went for it. After attending school at Joe Blasco (where I was working two jobs ,totally unrelated to makeup) I began take jobs that had little to no budget for the makeup artist. Working 12 hour days with minimal pay just to rack up credits and network was a risky move. I persisted and continued to take risks and it paid off. I now am a full time professional makeup artist with my own client list and finally am paid what I am worth. I still continuing to grow but I am a ace in my life I never would have imagined nine years ago. I am living my dream and always continue taking risks to advance my career further. I learned to step outside my safe comfort zone, and it has paid off beyond my wildest dreams. Read more>>

Leslie Nesbit | Comedian & Improviser

I love taking risks! Improv is all about taking risks. And I’ve been improvising for 16 years, so taking risks is now a part of my whole being. In improv, You never know what’s going to happen in a show but you have to put yourself out there or else there is no scene. Improv also sets you up to accept failure which is the risk of taking a risk. What you find out in improv, and also in life, is that when you fail, there will always be someone there to pick you back up. Read more>>

Doctor Savvy | Artist

I think the only way to get anywhere or anything is to take a risk. I took a risk on music, but honestly I consider anything out of my comfort zone a risk, so everyday is a risk it almost feels. But in my life, risks have taught me that you’ll never know unless you try, so why not try everything at least once. I’m learning to live by those words. It’s a long and hard process. Read more>>

Sarah Gray | Director, Photographer, Creative Director

Honestly, my entire career has been a cluster of risks; quitting my job in New York’s Financial District, giving up my comfortability, knocking on production company doors in the hopes of speaking to someone, moving to different cities, turning down glamorous positions that I knew weren’t aligned with my path, making the conscious decision to share my work…the list goes on. Risks are imperative for growth. Some of my risks had more favorable outcomes, while others definitely taught me valuable lessons. Either way, both circumstances worked in my favor and have allowed me to become more in tune with myself. Being willingly exposed to the unknown assists in you stepping outside of your comfort zone, propelling you forward to a level that you have manifested and prayed for. Take the step. No matter how big or small, you need those steps to advance forward. Forward is better that stagnant. It’s not ideal to remain in the same place, wishing a move was made when you had the opportunity. Read more>>

Lara Jean Sullivan | Actor, Dancer, Singer, Choreographer

In my line of work, risk taking occurs almost every day. Whether that be to dive deeper into a character. Jump higher in a dance. Audition for a role you might feel doesn’t suit you. These are all little risks that play a huge part in growing my career. There are so many roles I have gotten in dance shows or films, all because I just said, why not, and went for it. I am 5ft tall, so if I always went by the description, I would never be able able to audition for anything. I have to take that risk and go for it, and honestly, 75% percent of the time, I get the part. You can’t judge yourself, to the point where you hold back from taking those risks needed to get the job. Read more>>

Kelly Piliouras | Actress, Comedian, Athlete & Entertainment Executive Assistant

Risks can be really scary; they typically put us out of our comfort zone. So I allow myself to go through the motions of it; how it makes me feel, why I feel that way, and then seeing if I can think through all that and ultimately decide the risk is worthwhile and for my best interest. Sometimes we need those positive, calculated risks to help us grow and get us to where we want to go. Although we can’t plan for everything in life — and the year 2020 was certainly a reminder to all of us on that — it’s important when we’ve decided to take a risk to prepare ourselves to the best of our ability before leaping. Risks are scary because we are afraid we will fail. So, if I have decided to leap, I am going to make sure every part of my being is prepared to do it, so that I have the highest chance of success. Read more>>

Steven Hellmann | Steven Hellmann | Writer, Executive Producer, and Distributor Of Taking The Fall (Feature Film)

I developed a personal criteria for taking risks and to me it boils down to two factors. The first being is how important is the thing I’m pursuing by taking the risk and the second being what is the probability of this risk paying off. Making a feature film was the most important personal goal of mine so I was going to do whatever I had to do to make “Taking The Fall” a reality. I have never poured more into a goal than making this film from a mental, physical and especially a financial standpoint. I had a sneaking suspicious that I was going to make a quality film because I wanted it so badly, I put in the work and I exhausted all my resources to make it happen. I don’t want to be anything else other than a filmmaker so taking my one big financial risk on making a movie had to be the basket I was going to put all my eggs in. Read more>>

Ben Collotta | Hip-Hop Artist & Actor

Life as in independent artist is 100% about taking risks. You have to truly believe in whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish and go all in on yourself. Nobody every achieved greatness by playing it safe and without risk, there can be no reward. (at least of significance anyway) There are many occasions where I contemplate whether or not I am making the right decision by chasing my dream. Financial struggles and societal expectations put pressure on my shoulders to get a “real job” but I have worked that 9-5 life and it is just not for me. I believe in my dream. I am confident in my ability. I will continue to take risks and whether I succeed or not, I will always be satisfied in the fact that I tried. History has only proven to me that taking risks is beneficial whether it ends up in your favor or not because you can always learn a lesson from failure. Read more>>

Vanessa Tremain | Artist Illustrator

I have always been a person who likes to take risks. When I was little I grew up surrounded by people who loved me but also people who were dying while I was very young. That made me have a deep fear of death but over time the fear faded and became a deep desire to experience life, that led me to take more risks and open myself to new people, places and new versions of myself. Coming to NY a year ago was a major risk for me; I did not have the language, money, a job or family here, like many people who come to this city. I came thinking that putting myself in a situation that would challenge me strongly was the best way to know my potential and find a more genuine version of myself, as if that was something that was outside of me; However, that change of circumstances led me to find art in myself and it has been art that has led me to understand more deeply things about myself and how I interpret the world. Read more>>

Cameron Kude | Founder of Cafablanca

Taking risks is the only reason I have a career. Some risks will pay off big and other risks will blow up in your face, but if you honor your vision it will always end up worth your time. Read more>>

Christopher White | Composer

I have always been a believer in just saying yes, and then gone with the flow of what follows. I try to take onboard the advice of Seth Godin who so wisely states that one should ‘dance with the fear’. There have always been points during my career when I have had to say to myself, just breathe and you’ll get through it. More often than not, these moments have been whilst being on stage with Van Morrison who would frequently put us in a position that could be described as edgy. But I have never regretted being in the room at those times. The bottom line is, I feel risk is a defining factor in shaping where one’s career is going, and so can’t be avoided. It’s hard to not feel that safety is perhaps thousands of miles away in my home country of New Zealand – the point at which I started this journey – so perhaps now more than ever, low risk and safety are not an option. Read more>>

Dayna Li | Film Director

I spent a good portion of my life in an environment where I felt that most people were driven by fear of failure. I grew up in Palo Alto, which is in the heart of Silicon Valley, so risk-taking did exist in the context of entrepreneurship, but really, making it big in tech seemed like the only widely celebrated risk. There were very few people around me who said they wanted to make it big in the arts. Working in film seemed like an unattainable goal, more unattainable than becoming, say, a CEO. As I got older, I realized that this was only because the arts involved so much more of that scary element, “risk.” There is no clear path to becoming an artist. And it is amazing how fear of taking risks drives people. After college, I decided to go to New York to figure out how to be a film director and actor. As soon as it was apparent that I did not have a clear plan how to do so, everyone around me was expressing their doubts about what my plans were and the side jobs I was taking. Read more>>

Bertram Knight | Artist|Photographer

As a freelancer there are often periods of time where a number of factors in my career can be unclear and the future can be a bit foggy. Over time I’ve trained my mind to focus on the aspects of my career that I can control. Those aspects are: my approach to my craft, my execution of my craft, my belief in my ability to execute my craft. I’ve always believed your attitude determines your altitude. Manifesting the life you want for yourself and believing in said manifestation are the first steps to making your goals your realities. I have held this mantra very close to myself over the years, and will continue to do so as I mature as an artist and a human. Read more>>

Onayeme Jelugbo | Fashion Blogger & Aspiring Attorney

I look at risks as challenges. Risks sounds dangerous whereas challenges imply that some sort of victory is possible. I like a challenge, the chance to try something new is exciting to me . So I try to continuously challenge myself, sometimes it pays off sometimes it doesn’t. Read more>>

Eldrick Vale | Animator, Digital Artist, & Art Instructor

I think that to move forward in life, taking a risk is necessary. For the first half of my life, I had always stayed within my boundaries. It was safe, yes, but it was dull and I didn’t have any drive to keep going. As I got older and my responsibilities piled up I found out that I needed to take some risk to achieve my goals even if it is hard. At least I am happy doing what I love. Read more>>

Gwen Yeager (C-IAYT, E-RYT 500) | Certified Yoga Therapist / Hatha Yoga Instructor

I believe risk-taking is an essential component of personal growth. During our life’s journey, we hopefully learn to negotiate what is a healthy degree of risk. Some risks I took when I was younger were not the healthiest. I was working stuff out, and it was what I had to go through to grow. Now that I’m older, my relationship with risk is much more calculated. For example, in my career, I’m willing to try things without a guarantee of safety or success—like how I had to expand my yoga therapy business online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One area where I am not terribly risky is with my personal safety. No one would call me a thrill-seeker! But I did go ocean diving with sharks, so it’s relative. Read more>>

Courtney Grant | Vegan Chef & Actor/Model

I feel everyone should do in their life. I think it’s such a big part of who I am that I feel without it I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am. Being safe you don’t lose anything but you also don’t gain anything and will never know if you should have done it and will always wonder “what if.” I took a big step when I dropped out of college and started modeling, the first year I didn’t book anything and I was so worried but I kept pushing myself to go forward with the career I actually wanted. I ended up moving from Orlando doing nothing but working my day job to Tampa FL. I booked several commercials when I got an agent and made another big jump to LA where I had to start all over again to make and do more. To this day I don’t think I will ever not take risk, just way my options more. I now started a vegan YouTube channel in order to start working with amazing vegan chefs and people who want to do more when it comes to health and environment. I think the next risk is going to be a great one! Just like all the other ones I’ve made. Read more>>