One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Angie King: Artist & Musician

I’m inspired by many things. I’m pretty sentimental, so anything that sparks memories of my childhood—all kinds of 80’s music, pipe organs, opera, classical music, black and white photographs of my grandparents, renaissance art, the victorian era, foreign films, connecting with nature, the paranormal, ancient folklore, the Philippines, gothic cathedrals, Catholic saints, freethinking. Depeche Mode, Giorgio Moroder, Kate Bush and Andrea Bocelli are a few of my favorites. Love, pain, death, and the unknown. Read more>>

Judy Kwon: creator, actor, writer, comedian, mom, artist

I am inspired by moments of greatness. I have had moments of it. Artists that are fearless and able to tap into their deep inner self, selflessly give themselves to tell their truth and bare their soul, it is awe-inspiring and like a drug. It takes all the stars to line up for that to happen because it’s not totally in your control. Read more>>

Samantha Cutler: Founder of Petite ‘n Pretty

As a mother, business leader and woman, I am most inspired by our young creative community. Before I started Petite ‘n Pretty, I did not realize the magnitude of brand loyal and extremely engaged children, tweens and teens that are in the digital space. Our fans are always writing “fan mail” with awesome creative ideas, new product concepts and telling us about their lives. It’s always so encouraging to be a “safe” space to our young audience to connect with. There are thousands of young creators who are just starting their make-up pages and channels. As a beauty brand made for young creatives, we are here to cheer them on, from day one. Read more>>

Melissa Hibbert: Beauty Expert and Brand Consultant

I am inspired by Beauty – from the Inside Out. As a creative business professional I’ve spent a large part of my career helping women (and some men) look good providing quality makeup and grooming services. However, as I matured in the business the essence of my work was to help them feel confident from the inside out. To be able to feel they are worthy of looking good and being cared for helped to transform how they see themselves and show up in the world. Read more>>

Jaryl Lim: Cinematographer

I cast quite a ridiculously wide net in terms of my interests, but I think the common thread is story. Films are a major part of my life and continue to inspire me creatively. I absolutely love Roger Deakins’ cinematography in general, because it’s beautiful but always in service to the film; never calling attention to itself, never for the sake of it. Similarly, photographers like Gregory Crewdson, Steve McCurry and Henri Cartier-Bresson speak to me the most, with their ability to tell ethereal stories with just a single iconic image. Prints of Kupka’s Mme Kupka among Verticals and Monet’s Lilies hang on my walls at home, and serve as monoliths to my love of colour. Novels such as 1984 and Dune have probably done more than any other source to instill in me a lifelong love of science fiction, and the importance of story and characters in worlds imagined. On the other end of the spectrum lies Yuval Harari’s Sapiens, which in combination with Catch-22, has created in me a paradoxical blend of cynicism and genuine hope for humanity that definitely shapes my work. Read more>>

Maisie Bull: Songwriter & Musician

I feel lucky to be able to find inspiration absolutely everywhere – from the ocean to the trees to the city to the people living there. I am inspired by the pursuit of something more. Not necessarily happiness, nor “success”, but rather a constant journey of growth and learning. We all deserve to love ourselves and our lives and if I can learn to exist that way, maybe I can help other people feel the same passion for life. Things are quite difficult a lot of the time and I want to play my part to make life better for others in whatever way I can. Read more>>

Christina Ashkarian: Artist & Business Owner

For me inspiration has many faces for example a butterfly flying past me while stuck in traffic, cultures around the world, altruistic acts of kindness, my immigrant grandfather, the way music has the ability to make you feel, getting your hands covered in dirt from gardening or paint from making a masterpiece and lastly love, that love stuff is the reason i do anything. The inspiration list could go on. I make it a point to always be inspired, even if it is the smallest thing. however this is all on. a good day, How do you stay inspired on a bad day? For me or anyone who is highly sensitive, as long as there is suffering in the world, I/we suffer too. I have accepted this ugly truth by having to extract inspiration out of unsuspecting places, I paint my way out of the darkness with colors. The key to finding it on a bad day is to be intentional, look for it. My ability to create such beautiful pieces comes from all of these little sparks . In my opinion you can not be an artist without inspiration, they go hand in hand therefore I remain consistent on allowing life to inspire me, even though the bad. Read more>>

Eduardo Gómez: Artist

Inspiration comes from so many different places for me. Culture, history, sports, current events, fashion and music are some personal favorites. I also find inspiration from family, friends, and fellow artists as well. Recently, I was inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in a quarantine series of 119 consecutive watercolor paintings based on the postponement of the Los Angeles Dodgers 2020 season home opener. Read more>>

Blanca Velazco: Student & Entrepreneur

My motivation is driven by my father’s entrepreneurial mindset, practices, and successes. With my business I wanted to bring attention to how meditation, relaxation, among other mental health practices are crucial to navigating a society that could really affect self esteem, self confidence, and the way we perceive ourselves within society. Read more>>

Rosalyn Yoon: Illustrator

Even though it may not always show in my work, fashion and architecture are always inspiring me. Walking around neighborhoods or landscapes and seeing the different forms and the people that fill them. Sometimes I look at movies for the same reason, studying the set design or costume design. California offers so much inspiration that I took for granted after moving around the East Coast for a few years. Read more>>

Madison Sloane Holland: Marketing Maven – Community Catalyzer – Podcast Producer

Community. The world itself is so transformative, commYOUnity, commUNITY… It’s become clear to me that we as people thrive when we come together and create. In community we get to see ourselves through many mirrors, and get more aspects of our being reflected back to us versus when we are alone. We need these mirrors to grow beyond what we can see. People who value community are the kinds of people I look for in my life because it is the place I experience the most inspiration, fulfillment, and accomplishment. I’m inspired by people who are living their truth and creating businesses that reflect that and I’m even more inspired to continue to bring these kinds of like-minded individuals together. Read more>>

Emily Petrie: Photographer

I am inspired by what makes people tick, a great playlist, gathering around a campfire, and visual storytelling. I light up when I have the opportunity to work with non-traditional folks, who are authentic, quirky, and creative. I am awestruck when I see or create images that break down societal norms and show that all kinds of people, love, and life experiences are valid and beautiful. Read more>>

Madison Calderon: Sustainable DIY Fashion Designer

I get inspired by other creatives I’m surrounded by but first and foremost I take most of my inspiration from my inner child! It’s the most pure and sincere outlook of the world and I love creating through the eyes of my youth! Kids don’t have shame, they do things because they like it and that’s how I like to approach my art and creative process. Everything I create and bring to life comes from a place of love. Read more>>

Portia Scott: Graphic Designer & Photographer

I’m inspired by music. When I’m driving or going for a walk, a particular song may come on, and sometimes my mind wanders off to a time and place that helps me creatively. Music wakes me up, helps get the day started, and brings something out of you that you didn’t think would end up on a canvas. Read more>>

Julia Luckett: Photographer

My inspiration stems from the intimacy of a moment, and my craft is looking at the light, the gesture, and framing to create a photograph that reflects that moment. There are so many ways we connect with each other, and my work is focused on that connection. I love the challenge of photography, as it’s rare when all the elements perfectly present themselves for a great photograph. It requires intuition and an attention to detail. Read more>>

Jesse Smith: Dancer

I was struggling a bit with this question for the past year. My whole life, dance has been front and center. I constructed my identity around it, my ego around it, and my relationships around it. I figured during a moment where I was gifted what seemed like endless time, I would find solace there. However, I didn’t really feel like dancing. I typically used it as a method of expression, of release, and it became a space that I didn’t feel comfortable in. I realized that by devoting my whole self to dance, that I limited my whole self. So over the past year, I’ve been seeking, expanding, growing, shifting, changing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing; I was enjoying the full breadth of my complexities. I found inspiration in this process. I was inspired by watercolors, and live instagram sets by my favorite artists and DJ’s. I found it in my cooking, and my three hour long FaceTime calls with my friends and family. Read more>>

Sharon Wang: Blogger & Influencer

I’ve always been inspired by connecting with people across the world through traveling and food. I love meeting new people who grew up with different backgrounds, but still finding little things that make us more similar than different. I’m also deeply inspired by small businesses who have to constant courage to bring their ideas to life and take a chance on themselves. I’ll always support businesses that are doing their best and providing good products to their customers! Lastly, I’m forever inspired by my Asian American and Pacific Islander community. I stand by and stand with my community. #stopAAPIhate. Read more>>

Celia & Joe Catalino: Owners of WHAT TO DRINK, an Online Wine Shop

Mostly, we’re inspired by the freedom to live an unconventional life. We strive to be creative on our own terms and to always look outside the box. We’re also inspired by culture, by thoughtful food and agriculture, by human connection, and by small businesses who care about more than just trying to sell you something. We live and die by afternoon drinks on our back patio on a sunny afternoon, and dinner parties with friends that last for hours and hours. We love killer tacos, and love sharing where to find them even more. Read more>>

Kynsley Akens: Vegan Chef & Community Partner

I am inspired by community. I have had the privilege of growing up in a city that acts more like a village. Multicultural and multifaceted, I’ve learned so much from my community members of different ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. And regardless of our differences we help each other to achieve our common goals. When someone helps me, I am in a position to help someone else and that cycle echos throughout our community structure. I love engaging with my neighbors and helping others. When my community is thriving, that means I am thriving and that’s every bit of inspiration to me!. Read more>>

Ross and AJ: Comedy Duo

When people find success doing what they’re passionate about. And that goes beyond showbiz stuff. Just when someone identifies the psychic income that they get from basket weaving and then goes after it is inspiring. Read more>>

Emanuel Keller: Music Producer, Mixing Engineer & Cellist

As a music producer I see myself as someone who aims to create worlds where songs can exist. It’s a rewarding job and I’m lucky to have people around me who support my visions. To do so and to keep getting better, I absolutely have to find daily inspiration and personally, I find it in the small details that make any creation a memorable one. What do I mean by that? Food is a great example. To me, it can be a meticulously constructed delicious bowl of Ramen, crafted by someone who had this knowledge passed to them for generations. It is the scene in the movie where all the elements of sound and visual are blended together to make you, the spectator, feel the emotion that the creator had chosen for you to experience. And of course, it is a piece of music that sometimes tells a story you felt but never had the words to express until that one person, knew exactly what you felt, wrote it down on a piece of paper and turned it into a moment you can never forget. Read more>>

Amy Tintera: Author

I’m inspired by other writers! I’m certainly inspired by other authors, but also by writers in other mediums, like television or film or playwrights. I love to see how other authors approach story and character. Seeing another writer execute an old trope can be both inspiring and a lot of fun. Read more>>

Priscilla C. Scott: Photographer

I’m inspired by many things, color, nature, and travel. I’d say my main sources of inspiration are music and film. Not only are they sources of inspiration but they’ve acted like friends or companions in my life. They’ve been my best friends since I learned what music and movies were. The depth of inspiration I gain from those two are vast. It goes much deeper than just loving the way a song sounds, or what kind of picture a movie can paint. I dive into researching everyone who worked on whatever it is that I’m inspired by. I end up learning so much useful information. If you’re ever having a frustrating day, watch a documentary about a person who inspires you. I can’t promise that it’ll make you feel happier, but I bet you’ll experience some kind of connection and your entire being will have just absorbed cool, useful information. Read more>>

Vanessa Dunn: Dancer • Yogi • Pilates • Wanderer

I am inspired by movement. Any kind, anywhere, by any means. We were created to move. Our body, mind and spirit feel best when we can create clear flowing channels of energy within and without us. Movement allows us to experience our full potential. Read more>>

Vicki Anderholt: Bunny Rescue

Ever since I started rescuing rabbits I have become more and more inspired to help these sweet voiceless animals. They are so innocent and so sweet and they can not tell us anything at all. Dogs bark, and cats meow. Children cry and people talk. But rabbits have none of those capabilities. And on top of that, they are so stoic and will not show their pain, because if they do, they become more vulnerable to the predator! They really need humans to take care of them, but humans have not been kind to rabbits. People breed them with hardly any decent knowledge of how to breed them for health and temperament, and instead breed for so many wrong reasons, and we allow it……..there are no licenses needed, no fines, nothing. And then every year we euthanize 3 million rabbits in our shelter system. How is it that Americans can allow this? I’ll never understand! If I was young, I would become a politician just so I could somehow make an impact on the lives of rabbits. Read more>>

Nil Erbil: Designer

I started playing around with design at an early age – experimenting in my room and changing objects around which drove my parents crazy. I have always been curious and inspired by different cultures and aesthetics from around the world. I am a world citizen and have been traveling since a very young age. My parents sent me to different countries for summer school every year, and as I got older, I continued my travels by studying abroad. I loved immersing myself in new places and admiring different lifestyles. Today, my exposure to other cultures around the world translates into my work as a constant source of inspiration. I love to mix and match different styles and tell a story through every space that I create. Read more>>

Najeeb “godchild” Jones: Producer/Audio Engineer

I’m lucky enough to have a really dope group of friends who make amazing music. I feel like every creative is familiar with the ups and downs that come with attaching your entire livelihood to something you started doing for fun as a kid. Luckily, when I look to the talent of the people around and see the way they’re able to build lives for themselves based on those talents it reminds me that there’s a place for me out here as well. Read more>>