Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Lee Altman | NBA Manager at Uninterrupted & The SpringHill Company

The concept of success is subjective and there is no set blueprint to accomplishing it. My personal definition of success is being of service to others. Like the great Muhammad Ali said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” The most important factor in my professional success has been my passion and belief in the mission and message behind my work. Read more>>

Renae Regehr | Mom, Therapist and Co-Founder of Care For Women

This is a great question because behind every success in our charity, Care For Women there are a team of people who have helped make the success happen. We have a strong leadership board who know how to agree and disagree respectfully so all ideas and options are thought through together, and we have also created a network of advisors we can call on and lean into their expertise when we have questions – be that branding, to finances, to organizational structure. Read more>>

Maya Howard | Culinary Nutritionist, Herbalist, Author

As a young leader whose soul mission is to empower and teach BIPOC communities to embrace holistic wellness practices, self-care, and joyful living, the most important factor that has led to success (as I define it) lies in practicing radical self-care myself! It’s amazing to so present in a time when people are realizing that self-care extends beyond physical comforts. For me, self-care looks like establishing boundaries within my professional relationships that allow me to feel safe enough to live and work honestly, vulnerably, and authentically. Read more>>

Adam Kang | Real Estate Agent

It’s all about taking risks. Taking a chance and going after what I want no matter how “realistic” or not it may seem to others or even to myself. You never know how it might end up but you miss 100% of your shots you don’t take. I also make sure I surround myself with people I can trust and push me to become better. The moment I find myself not in that situation then I pivot and make adjustments. You have to be adaptable in any industry you are in especially when it comes to Real Estate. Read more>>

Chelsea C. Williams | Founder & CEO, Reimagine Talent Co.

Undoubtedly the most important factor behind my success is my faith in God. It’s what I stand on through the ups & downs of entrepreneurship. It’s the source that empowers me to show up with heart, intention and vision. My go-to scripture is Ephesians 3:20, “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” I’m so grateful that I can stand on God living within me and working through me. It gives my life more meaning and absolutely a necessary assurance. Read more>>

Kehinde Aragbaye | Personal Development Coach / Kehinde Aragbaye

I wouldn’t limit success to just one important factor. It’s definitely a few different factors behind success. But I’ll choose two: Vision and work ethic would be my top 2. I’d like to think of myself as a visionary. Before I started my company I had somewhat of an epiphany where I say what future success looks like for me if I had the courage to start this journey. That glimpse into the future is what gets me out of bed each morning because I know every day is a new opportunity to try and manifest that vision I saw. Read more>>


Lover Boy | Podcast Host/Producer

I am a huge supporter of the idea that the people you surround yourself with can make or break you. If you keep bad influences around who don’t have a similar push to achieve their goal, who don’t support you, and who don’t give you the love you deserve, it’s hard to expect growth. When you find yourself surrounded by people who work hard, give and receive advice, and root for you, it’s a lot easier to have the strength and support it takes to become successful. Read more>>

Tony Galla | Musical career for over 50 years.

Never giving up. If you are determined whatever your desire is to become in this life, never get discouraged and always have the faith and attitude that you can succeed no matter what. Read more>>

Chris Herren as Faust | Award Winning Magician, Pantomime, and Storyteller

I will always attribute my success as a magician and pantomime to the guidance and support of my small circle of mentors. I believe that it is so important to be able to listen to advice, but also stay true to your own visions and goals, no matter how strange or weird they may seem to be. If you are so fortunate to find that small circle that understands your creative expression, I truly believe that inspiration will spark and possibly surprise you. Read more>>

Clint Schwabedissen | Video Director & Development

My answer will be a primary answer, but sometimes we need to bring it back to the basics, and that is dependability. The reason I receive new and reoccurring projects is because clients can depend on me. There’s that popular saying of “Your network is your NetWorth” and that is true. However, if no one in your network can depend on you to be the solution to the problem then what good is it. I complete the projects, in the timeframe expected, and produce outstanding results each and every time. Read more>>

Lesly M. | Holistic Esthetician

The world of beauty has always been something that I have wanted to take by storm. Ever since I could remember I’ve wanted to raise the vibration within the female collective and amplify any kind of vision or standard of beauty they needed to come to life. I was never chasing the idea of success, the act itself was a labor of love. One of my favorite aspects is the collaboration process with each and every client. It always feels so special to have them turn to me and trust me with their aesthetic goals. Read more>>

Aaron Fokus” Switzer | Director

The most important factor behind my success thus far has been 2 fold really. My determination to create something memorable drives me to succeed and though theres been plenty of things i had to figure out on my own, most of my greatest strides toward success happened because of the people i teamed up with. having the right people in your corner and on your team will take you much further than you probably thought was even possible. there are a hand full of people who, had i never met them, I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I’m at today and I am truly grateful for each one of them. Read more>>

Mely Gutmann Rocio Ibarra and Lis Caceres Mely Gutmann Rocio Ibarra and Lis Caceres | Quesalis Owners

My mother Lis, whom this business is inspired and named after, a fearless selfless immigrant woman, cancer survivor warrior single mother of 4 girls, survivor of domestic violence and a true entrepreneur at heart. I’ve learned so much courage from her and determination the true success behind our business is Family Unity. Quesalis is a reminder to never give up, that anything is possible and that is also possible and a joy to work with family. This is a family owned business that thrives because we believe in each other, we work together and grow together. Read more>>

Sean Lazarus | Music/Fitness Therapy

It begins with faith in yourself and the purpose of what you do. I don’t believe in the word “can’t.” Next, you have to have a logical process and a plan for what you do. You have to learn how to creat a process that works and stick to it. Skip the steps and you fail. You have to be patient, and know that failure is just another step to success. Giving up is not an option. Most importantly…Love what you do! Read more>>

Gabe Gordon | Co-Founder & Managing Partner

I think I can narrow it down to two big factors: blind passion and continual flexibility. You have to do something that truly excites you. For me, that’s always been working at the intersection of talent, storytelling, and brands – whether I was at the beginning of my career at William Morris Agency or as I was founding Reach Agency. That passion has fueled me to go all in, be relentless, and keep striving to do something better. Read more>>

Juwan | Brand CEO, Songwriter, & Recording Artist

The most important factor for success, personally, is consistency. Being consistent with myself has kept me on the path of elevation necessary for me to continue this journey in artistry and branding. Not only has this allowed me to grow, but it keeps the quality of my work high as I’ve set a standard for myself. Read more>>

Mark Allen Felton | Musician/Producer

The most important factor behind my success is that I always believed in myself. No matter what adverse situations that may have appeared, I never let go the belief in myself. I was always under the thought process of, if you don’t believe in yourself, then nobody would believe in you. That type of thinking, has helped me stay the course, in the pursuit of me achieving my dreams. Read more>>

Dana Claire | Award-Winning Young Adult Author

The most important factor behind my success and really the motivation for putting the proverbial pen to paper was my mother. She encouraged me to pursue a life-long dream to be a published author and write stories that would appeal to young people. When I was a young girl, my mother, an elementary school teacher, inspired me to create imaginary worlds between the pages. My room overflowed with books, a sea of rainbow-colored spines. And every night, we’d cuddle and read together. As I grew up, we had made a promise to write a book together, a mother daughter co-author team. Read more>>

Oli aka Colifused | Owner & Show Host

I have never thought about success. I always have been doing the way I thought it is the best to run a radio. I even don’t know if there is success in the radio business. The artists and the listeners have to enjoy what we are doing. We don’t need to be number 1! The artists have to be Read more>>

TaSh Elzie | Creator, Educator, Entertainer

The most important factor behind my success is that I do not fit in a mold. I consider myself a “now that I have you here” type of person. On Tiktok, I have over 111k followers even though I do not have a niche. I tell jokes, lip sync, work out, and perform comedy duets with friends, but I take advantage of the attention from those things to talk about things like human rights, mental health, and social justice. “Now that I have you here and listening” let’s talk about The Crown Act. Read more>>

Chloe Copoloff | Songwriter & Artist

As a songwriter and artist, the most important factor behind my success is vulnerability. When I was a senior in high-school I went on a trip throughout the deep south to learn about injustice in America and the Civil Rights Movement. The slogan of the trip was “Courage recognizes courage”, meaning, if you have the courage to open up and be vulnerable, somebody else will too. This stuck with me. The experience taught me that sharing your story, no matter how uncomfortable it might be, can help somebody else more than you know. Read more>>

Zavier Croft | Social Media Manager & Content Creator

I think it’s a mixture of persistence and being adept. I will never be completely satisfied with where I’m at in life or business and I use this to grow at least 1% every day. Success to me is personal and although I’m hard on myself, the goals I reach are achievements in my eyes! I knew I was jumping head first into a world that I knew so little about, so I had to change my entire routine. When I started my agency I was lucky enough to meet a lot more experienced entrepreneurs early on and it was like my first day of school all over again…only this time I actually enjoyed what I was learning. Read more>>

Michelle and Tyrone Kirby | Owners

What has contributed to our success has been our upbringing, our Family and our Friends. We both come from humble beginnings. We understand the value of a dollar and making a little turn into a lot. For our family and friends; We started from scratch and grew with them. Every referral, every social media share, every tag, every prayer has gotten us where we are today. Read more>>

Matt McGee | NA

Our cocktail taste good. It’s as simple as that. We give people a product that they want to buy again and again. Read more>>

Zane Persaud | Freelance Videographer

One of the biggest factors that has lead to my success is honestly just going all in. I made a decision that if I didn’t give it 110% then I would really never know if working for myself as a freelancer would work. Going all in meant becoming as official as I could with a website, business cards, logos, and educational courses to keep me continually learning and growing. Without the drive to give it my all I wouldn’t be where I am now. Read more>>

Katie Groven | World Champion Dancer and Personal Trainer for Dancers

The believe one of the most important factor behind my business success is my persistence and consistency, It’s choosing to follow up with a big client even when you feel like you’re “bothering them.” It’s showing up for your clients when you only have two, it’s showing up on social media even when the insights tell you no one is watching. It’s trusting the process and believing that all the work you’re putting in now, is going to lead to something bigger in the future. Keep planting the seeds, it may be months or even years until the success comes, but if you’re consistent, it will be there. Read more>>


The people. It’s a challenging time for the industry and hiring people but there are still great ones out there. We are so lucky to have found the people that work for us. We are out in the public eye a lot so they find us too! I love what I do and have found a crew that wants to follow that lead. In northern California every chef makes good food, it’s our people that keep the guests coming back. Read more>>

Rama Mayo | amateur fisherman

Perseverance. Perseverance to me is why we get anywhere. One of my mentors, Dr. Romanelli, would always say that it takes ten years to build a brand. I didn’t really believe him until we started working together for a long time… ten years later, now we have Green Street. Read more>>

Melanie Flowers Tate | Owner, Tate’s Box

Hello, and thank you for the opportunity to share our brand. The most important factor behind the success of the Tate’s Box brand is the fact that we are living the journey along side our customers and they are our extended sports family. We know there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. I often say we are not a brand we are a sports family. As parents of four children (two who are currently playing High school and College Football) we have a shared experience with our customers. The messages on the balls are exactly what Parents, Grandparents and Partners are looking for in a gift. Read more>>

Seth Grady | Producer | Engineer | Artist

The most important and key factors in the current success I have, is collaboration, focus and consistency. Read more>>

Kacie Albert | Nail Artist

I think the main thing that has brought me success is remaining authentically myself. Although my page is centered around my nail business, it’s still a representation of my life. Whether it’s my art or me ranting about X, Y, & Z on my stories, I make sure to stay true to who I am and not water myself down for anything or anyone and I think that resonates with people. Read more>>

Yavin | Musician/Artist

Winging it. I guess I should probably give that a “don’t try this at home” kind of disclosure, but quite honestly I really would recommend it to anybody else in my field. I’m an artist, and an independent one at that who functions with no manager, no outside sources of funding, no team, it’s all me. And although that certainly can be daunting sometimes, a lot of the time it’s what allows me to keep my art (and myself) honest. My creative process is incredibly sacred to me, and in today’s world where creation is becoming more and more homogenized and art is being capitalized on at faster rates than ever, I never want to see myself lose sight of the adventurous nature of creating. Read more>>

D’erreus Johnson | Graphic/Fashion designer

Persistence is the biggest key factor behind the success I have thus far. Staying consistent through the obstacles life throw at you is a struggle within itself. Read more>>

Ju konye Mbamah | Film photographer

The most Important factor behind my success is always staying genuine, true to self and keeping real people around me I feel like the more Recognition you get it’s easy to get lost in that and you should always aim to be grounded Read more>>