There is a wealth of research that indicates that certain habits can help increase your productivity, creativity, and/or drive. So, we thought we’d reach out to respected members of our community and ask them what habits they feel helped them succeed.

Sean Martin | Singer/Guitarist/Audio Engineer

A dedication to investing in your own abilities and knowledge. Collaboration can break down without a vision of what isn’t there, but pining for what you don’t have won’t get you closer to what you need. The gig economy brought a mentality of multitasking, which is a skill on its own, but when in a medium like music or art, a true understanding and focus on the emotional impact of your medium will illuminate the parallels to the visceral reaction we want from our audience. Read more>>

Anna Christensen | Actor

Being self-employed and working from home during the pandemic, it’s very easy to get caught up and feel like you should always be working, because you COULD always be working. It’s very tempting, and I definitely had a couple of months where I was keeping myself busy just for the sake of being busy, but gradually I could feel myself getting burnt out and not enjoying my job anymore. So I switched up my schedule, setting myself firm “work hours” and “free time hours”, which has really helped. That way I don’t feel guilty when I end my working day, and I’m also more focused and motivated during the hours I am working, because I’ve had time to recharge and relax. Read more>>

Anna Luena | Musician, Healer, Teacher

The greatest habits I have learned so far are to maintain a positive mindset and never stop believing in myself. By monitoring my thoughts I have been able to manifest incredible peace, opportunity, and meaningful friendships into my life. I understand now that I was the only circumstance getting in the way of my success. I remember when it used to be hard for me to visualize a life where I didn’t have to struggle to make ends meet and I was starting to believe the outside voices that I would never “make it” as a full time musician. Yet here I am, an unsigned, indie artist living solely off my passion for music and art. Inspiring and changing the lives of everyone I come into contact with. I encourage everyone to find a positive mentor, do your own shadow work, meditate and listen to your spirit guides, and go live your true lives purpose. You are the only person who can unlock that potential for yourself. As long as you are living your purpose, the universe will provide. Read more>>

James Christopher Knight | Photographic Artist

I believe two habits were most useful in helping me create a successful career in art. They are simple, but together, they are powerful. They’re like John and Paul. Individually both are amazing, but together they’re The Beatles. Habit number one: Show up and do the thing you intend to do over and over again. It seems obvious, maybe too obvious, but it’s a basic principle that needs to be habituated. It’s not a sexy habit, but looking back over my life, where I wasn’t successful, I see that I was half-assing my efforts. I wasn’t showing up. Where I was successful, I showed up repeatedly, most notably when it was difficult. Where there was discomfort, I learned the most significant lessons. When I experienced the harshest (but honest) criticisms, I made the most profound changes in my work or process. Like jumping in a cold pool, sometimes you need not think, jump in and start swimming. Habit number two: Accept what is. I believe it’s essential to learn how to accept or allow our emotions and thoughts. Read more>>

Gavin Brivik | Film Music Composer/Producer

I think the most important habit for success is your mindset, especially with a musical career. One thing that has helped me continue to learn and enjoy my craft is to stay in the mindset of a student. I am always studying, and open to learning to new ideas. Along with this idea, is creating a daily routine. While in school, we have a rigid schedule with classes and meetings. I try and keep a pretty consistent routine where I write music, study scores, look up new software, and try to learn new ideas that help me better my music. The key word in this is “try.” Read more>>

Tiffany Darrell | Caterer and Event Planner

From the very beginning I have treated my Business like a corporate company and made a Business plan and marketing plan and carry a strict weekly schedule to keep myself on target as a Entrepreneur. Every Monday I set aside time for Invoices, bookkeeping, responding to emails, setting up consultations with clients and site visits. Every Tuesday and Wednesday I make sure the staff has their schedule and make payroll and follow up with clients and any vendors. By Thursday we are preparing for all our weekend events. By keeping myself to a schedule I stay on task and execute most my goals each week. Then throughout the week I update my social media and website and other adverting that needs to be updated. I would say all the tools I learn in my college education Im still using to this day. I work with Spreadsheets, Word, Powerpoint and other software for organization and email marketing. I also attend Networking events and other events frequently which is important in the Hospitality Industry. Read more>>

Michael Chomick | Thought-Provoking Visual Artist

For me, the habit that I feel that has helped me to succeed in my 3 decade, and counting, art practice would simply be one of a continuity of producing my thought-provoking works. Over my 30+ year career I have always been willing to delve into different genres which allows me to have never experienced the so-called artist block. Having made works that explore genres such as: pen or graphite drawings; clay sculptures; oil paintings and mixed media constructions, all the while with a core theme addressing the human condition. As I developed my own artistic language over the years it has become crystal-clear that what I have been producing is a strong reflection of the times that we live in. So with that as the initial starting point of a work, especially when working in what I refer to as mixed media constructions, the piece has a seed of an idea to develop on. The American singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, and civil rights activist, Nina Simone stated it so succinctly when she said “The duty of an artist is to reflect the times”. Words that inspire me and my art practice. Read more>>

Natalie Pappas | Model/Talent Agency Owner & Dog Lover

From a young age, my parents instilled in me the work ethic I still use to this day. My father is still working and hasn’t retired from his Industry of 50 years now, so to me that is absolutely impressive. Work hard, pay your dues, be likable, and you will succeed. When you love what you do, it isn’t work, it is an investment toward your future. One habit I use daily and pride myself on, is communication. Responding in a timely manner, being kind yet direct, and accommodating as much as possible has served me for many years. Read more>>

Arie Rose | Latina Actress & Motivational Speaker

I always start my morning on the right side of the bed. How do I do that? I wake up and intentionally set the tone for the day. I play my favorite feel good playlist. I then read a passage in one of my devotional books (I have about 6 I switch between) and then I get on my IG live everyday at 8am and spread the knowledge from the word I just took in. Being able to inspire people before I even start the day sets the tone in a positive manner for me. Read more>>

Juice Harris | Filmmaker & Artist

In order for me to be the best version of me, I had to sit down and envision the highest version of myself, then align with that vision. I meditated on the person I wanted to be and asked myself how does that person live everyday. I came up with a short list of habits that I know practice daily that’s drastically improved my life. I wake up early. No later then 5:30am. I have more energy and can get more things accomplished. There are fewer distractions too. Meditate 15 to 30 minutes every morning. Write down my intentions for the day. I like to attack everyday with a plan. The feeling of accomplishment I have crossing things off my list of things to do is a tiny victory. Read… a lot. I get in a couple books in a month. I also like to read a screenplay a day. Your diet is not what you eat physically, but what I intake mentally. Reading allows me to digest experiences and learn things from different cultures and point of views different from my own. Exercise. I like to get in 5-6 days of exercise in a week. Working out is a stress reliever. Plus I just like to look and feel good about myself. Read more>>

Joy Sunday | Actor & Storyteller

Making sure to renew my faith in my talents and abilities has born the brunt of a lot of my success. When I’m confident about my work, I want it to go places, and so I do what I need to to make sure it gets there. I’ve noticed that when I’m faltering in self-confidence or feeling invalidated, I falter in my consistency because the urgency isn’t there. But those lucky days when I feel in my heart that my dream will be my reality, the path becomes clearer and I trust and hold myself to walking it. That means I make sure I have enough time to shine, that I’m keeping myself sharp and curious, that I’ve done my research so that I can feel fully prepared to do my best, because I know it’s mine. My self-confidence is rooted in plenty of self-accountability and openness to learning. I’m always seeking enrichment because it keeps me excited about the world and all the corners of it I can explore (which extends to my art). So whatever’s piqueing my interest at the moment, I pursue it. Read more>>

Greg Monterrosa | Owner @ Milk Room

Letting go of self-doubt, and allowing myself to be my true self in the present. Creating healthy rituals has been crucial. in leadership, we have to take time to fill our cup so we may serve/lead others. When my mind and heart at open and clear, I get to thrive. Read more>>

Sam Madani | Co-Founder & CEO of BOMANI Cold Buzz

For starters, this is a perfect question to ask anybody at BOMANI Cold Buzz. Habit building is a core part of our culture – in fact, everyone at our company has read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. We buy a copy for new team members on their first day! While each of us has their own individual habits, we’re also proud to say that we’ve worked together to develop a few habits that we believe have been critical to our success. We’re humbled and grateful to say that having launched merely two weeks before shelter-in-place orders, we’ve successfully expanded our presence to the point that our alcohol-infused cold brew coffee can be purchased in 34 states. We’ve earned authorizations at key retailers including Whole Foods, Total Wine, Gelson’s, Stater Bros., and more, we raised $3.5m in our seed capital raise (making it one of the largest seed rounds of 2020), and we continue to grow rapidly month over month. Read more>>

Yasmeen Brown | Podcast Host/ Social Media Manager

My ability to accept “No’s” is definitely a habit that has contributed to my success thus far. Read more>>

Erica Reese | Dating Coach & Self Worth Mentor

Definitely listening to my soul my gut my intuition! I always have felt intuitive from a young age and as I’ve gotten older I’ve been able to develop this more just by tuning in daily even hourly sometimes to see what feels right, what feels off and making moves from their accordingly have made a massive difference in my money, relationships and it’s majorly helped me with clients successes! The cool thing about this skill this habit is anyone can develop this. Read more>>

Kenda Moran | Writer & Producer

I try to be a “Yes, and…” person. I leap at every opportunity, then try to exceed expectations, giving more than what is requested. As a producer, that often means coming early and staying late, and anticipating fires before they need to be extinguished. As a writer, it means listening to collaborators, going above and beyond with research and preparation, plus adding my own unique spin on the material. From my first day as a Production Assistant, I showed up with willingness and enthusiasm, and I have tried to maintain that same level of eagerness with every project. I pride myself in being able to hop on a train in the direction it’s already heading, help shovel coal, and even assist with a few engine repairs when appropriate. But it wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles and took the required rite-of-passage improv class that I learned the term “Yes, and…” which perfectly sums up my approach to all creative work. Read more>>

Luis Miranda | Brand Strategy Consultant | Dj & Music Producer

First I would say the habit of thinking big and keeping my dreams and goals alive. It’s something that, besides setting your bar higher, will buy you a lottery ticket to your dreams. When do people ask me how I was able to release an EP with a top record label? The answer is easy: because I gave it a try and sent them my music, not once, but many times and I didn’t care about being rejected. Obviously, you have to have a minimum level of quality but my point here is about self-confidence and not being the person, yourself, who limits your possibilities. Visualizing and reevaluating my goals is something I do 2-3 times a year. I’m a visual thinker, so I use a combo of post-its or digital tools to write them down, consolidate them into smaller ones, classify them in order to define a plan in the form of to-do lists. At some point, I’ve realized that, intuitively, I was applying sort of a scrum methodology without knowing it. Collaborating and learning from others has been very fulfilling and inspiring, and an important habit while making new friends on the go. Read more>>

Joy Wang | Cinematographer

Read books for at least 30 minutes before going to bed every day give me immense satisfaction as a filmmaker and a storyteller. What can be more nurturing than learning about others’ lives on a daily basis? With books, I get to hop from one country to another, join various journeys and adventures and converse with great authors of our time. In a way, my life has been expanded and as a result, my heart as well. Read more>>

MzMetchi | Owner of The Blueprint Media Company and Lavish Looks By MzMetchi

Being consistent in all I do has helped me tremendously in business. Even when I didn’t feel like putting the work in, I did it anyway. I believe that is the way to take things to the next level. Read more>>

Dimitri Fostinis | Entrepreneur | Livestream Talent Manager/World Travel Cinematographer/Influencer

I feel like once I started seeing moments that I could label as “successful,” it was all I would focus on. As days go on, I would try to pick apart the experience and map out how it all happened. – “What did I do to achieve this?” – “How can I adapt these traits to further success in different ways?” – “How do I keep this momentum?” – “Have I just been an expert at manifestation? Along the way of my business growing, I just noticed how things really just started landing in my lap and I just run with it. Some people may be different, but I think constantly about succeeding and money and how I can make the next check. I feel like I put myself under pressure in order to force myself to do better. If I believe that I cannot and will not fail, then there is only one way to go when i’m under pressure. Successful people don’t work for money, they make money work for them. To become a millionaire, you need at least 7 sources of income. Using these phrases and statements, I make a constant effort to make the next big step. Read more>>

Anthony Fuentes | Artist/Designer

I know it might sound a bit trivial but I have somewhat of an addictive personality accompanied with some OCD behavior. Believe it or not i feel like this has contributed to my success in my works. It is hard for me to go through my day with out having done something that adds to my goals that I have. May it be a painting that I am working on or a new garment design idea, I work towards being better as an artist/creator everyday. Sometimes the work I do for the day might be as major as a forty eight piece order of tie dyed t-shirts, to as minimal as a touch up on a canvas piece I have been working on for a month. As long as I contribute a bit of my time to my career a day I feel as though I’m getting one step closer to success. Read more>>

Arte [Pronounced Art] | Recording Artist

If I’m being honest, I still feel like I haven’t reached the level of success I’m working for but there’s been lots of progression over the years. I can say my progress came from failure and using the opportunity to be better and learn from my mistakes without questioning myself or the process. I learned to take strategic risks and consistency which is now a habit I’m proud of. Read more>>