We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Bob Chitrathorn | Vice President

What makes a person happy? Why does that make them happy? Well there are so many different ways that people can answer this question. There are so many different things that makes people happy in so many different ways, but let me see if I can keep it to a few and see if they tie in. Being able to spend time with the one’s I love makes me happy. It makes me happy to smile with them, laugh with them, and it makes me especially happy if I am the one who is able to make them smile and laugh. It really makes the world that sometimes is so hard to understand, pause for a second and in that second, it all seems to make sense and brings all the things you do into perspective. Being able to donate and contribute to my community makes me happy. Read more>>

Ashlee Carignan | Master Pilates Instructor

What makes me happy first and foremost is of all my clients., seeing their progression from start to finish and accomplishing their goals, and building strong relationships with them from friendships to trust. Being a part of their fitness journey and trusting me with their bodies and goals is the ultimate feeling — priceless. I’ve been teaching for 15+ years and every morning I wake up I feel grateful that I get to do what I love. I truly believe when you are sincerely grateful, that brings you happiness. Success and happiness is no accident. It’s hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrificing, and most of all, loving what you do! Read more>>

Chris Cirak | Author & Speaker

It is imperative to recognize that happiness derived from external achievements, e.g. career, family, wealth, prestige, is only temporary. That’s not a bad thing, nor is it a pessimistic take. It’s just an acknowledgment of the impermanent nature of life. The more we depend on things in our environment as the source of our happiness, the more we stress about losing them. Thus, we can never find permanent happiness because when we have it, our clinging to it makes us fearful and unhappy again. Deep down we sense that we live in a world that is always changing and trying to keep it from changing is our biggest stressor. The key to permanent happiness is found in the exploration of one’s true nature. Read more>>

Denise Hooper | Makeup Artist

Travel, travel and more travel. Nothing makes me happier than a boarding pass. I love researching the perfect lodging experience. I have lists of restaurants, shops and coffee spots all over the world… Places I’ve been and places I plan to go. Travel is like an art, history, culture and photography workshop for me. I honestly don’t know who I would be now if I hadn’t traveled. I don’t know what I would look forward to or what I would daydream of it if wasn’t for travel. Read more>>

Brandon G. Alexander | Actor & Founder

People make me happy. I really love people, from all walks of life. We’ve all been placed on the earth to have an experience. Each day is an opportunity to navigate it and the people you come into contact with in a new way. I’ve found a brief encounter with a stranger leaves a lasting impact. Whether it be good or bad, I can almost guarantee you may not remember their name but you’ll remember how they made you feel. I love that about life. It’s always a new adventure just around the corner. Read more>>

Raymond Ramirez-Manzo | Calligrapher & Stationer

I am happy when I’m pursuing an ambition. I’m a very ambitious person, so I really need that in my life. It gives purpose to my days when I’m striving for a goal and I get so passionate about it. If I have set my eyes on something, my mind and body achieve symbiosis to let me get there. Also, when I know I am taking good care of myself – mentally, physically and soulfully. I am happy when I know that I am nourishing my body with good food, routine training, skin pampering and love. Consciously checking with myself all the time and just basically doing things that makes me feel like I get to keep my mind and spirit free. Read more>>

Arthur Trace | Magician

Creating makes me happy. I love putting something out into the world that speaks to and of me. It gives me purpose. Magic is a challenging art form that gives me plenty of opportunities to do just that – i.e. building props for my show, writing a script for a new routine, blocking the staging of a performance, etc. Read more>>

Hope Easton | Cellist & Songwriter-Singer

I think I’m happiest when I am being creative. I love recording songs, because you get to hear other sounds that intertwine themselves into the sounds/words you have made. It fulfills the sound creating another entity which becomes like an art piece. Even creating a landscape with plants and planting a garden, the growth of vegetables fruits and flowers is also very fulfilling to me and does relate to music as it is a tangible physical expression of life and energy. Read more>>

Ali Salomi | Entrepreneur

I enjoy this question because I believe that I have unlocked the key to happiness for myself. I have found that happiness comes from growth. Any area of my life that I am not happy about, it is because I am not growing in that area. However, what throws a conundrum to this equation, is that in order to grow, you need to have Joy. Without Joy, you will not be able to grow. One can even dive deeper into what growth actually is. I believe that growth is our perception of how life should be in the very moment of our life, and getting closer to that perception is growth. Read more>>

Michael R. Moore | Photographic-Artist

Creating adds to my happiness. It begins with the process of visualization. Which inspires images. That starts to formulate into energy which excites me. As the excitement builds. I start pulling the elements together to breathe Life into the final photograph. I also find happiness just walking around and shooting whatever catches my eye and pulls at my heartstrings. Why does creating add to my happiness? As a shy six year old photography entered my life and it was Magic. When I saw an image appear in the developer it was Magic, It opened a world of communication for me. While opening me up to expressing how I saw and felt about my surrounding the world. Taking viewers on journeys. To this day 47 years later the Magic is still Alive and Living. Adding to my happiness. Read more>>

Allison Honeycutt | Artist

What makes me happy: a cool breeze, a sunbeam through a prism casting a rainbow streak, the rustic facade of a building with the paint faded just so, the sound of water, a special rock, an interesting stick, a delightfully knotted ball of string, the face of an animal relaxing, a plant creeping toward the sun, piles, a wind chime, a bird song, a leaf crunch, a woodland path, the ocean, the smell of pine, the smell of rain, colors working together, an odd texture, awkward balance, a quiet moment, a thick memory, love, a project that is clicking, an unexpected laugh, putting energy into something and watching it grow, something weird, beautiful decay, attaching one object to another, sifting through sand, seasons, every object in its place, shadows, comfortable underwear, a bee rolling in pollen, things very small, things very large, relief, working with my hands. Read more>>