“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Bianca Scaglione | Business Owner & Instructor of Dance

The importance of maintaining good values were instilled in me from a young age. There are many important values that I believe people should possess as good humans. To this day, I truly believe that honesty is the most important value. As an artist in 2021, honesty is a very hard trait to come by in the people you interact with and meet. I think honesty is a necessity if you’re interested in having a transparent, real and authentic career backed with longevity. During the beginning of the pandemic, I started a Tik Tok page. It organically evolved into a dance page. My content is very comedy-heavy. I bring a satirical twist to try and lighten the harsh world that is dance. I have enjoyed the process thus far, and I am grateful for the platform I now have. For me, I believe that keeping it real and honest is always important. I want to be a role model for younger dancers in the next generation. Read more>>

Lacey Lechner | Principal

Sourcing and buying buying authentic items absolutely matters to me the very most. My company represents some of the most iconic/legacy Danish brands in the territories of California and Arizona. I am 0 to 100 on this matter…it’s a non-negotiable factor on any of my projects..if a client wants a fake..it’s not going to happen. It’s the responsibly of many parties involved to educate on this huge issue in our industry. Read more>>

Shelly McKay | Cannabis Educator & Patient Advocate

Compassion and integrity matter the most to me. My mother was a nurse. All I saw my whole life was my mother taking care of people. In my life and in my work, I am a caretaker. That extends to the network of people around me. Compassion matters for a lot of different reasons. In the big scheme of things, there’s a lot going on and taking the time out for your fellow humans is important. In the context of the cannabis industry, California was the first state to enact medical cannabis. It was for patients, to be used as medicine. When Prop 64 was passed, it left the patients behind by eliminating free access to cannabis donations. It also helped to drive people out of the legal market, making it harder for veterans, those fighting illnesses, and more to have safe access. Read more>>

Romina Valenti | Dog trainer; actriz and dancer

I think in regards to having a business a principle that I try to follow is being of service, providing something that will bring value to somebody else’s life. Remembering that no one owes you anything no matter how much knowledge you have about something, the humbleness, respect and work must be the same. Sadly I don’t remember who said this (and it’s not an exact quote) but a video I saw said, the end goal shouldn’t be more money, a car, buying your mom a house, the goal should be being of service with whatever you do because then it’s something higher than you working through you, and through that you’ll obtain all those secondary things mentioned. Read more>>

Joey Delgado | Musician, Guitarist, Vocalist, Composer, Technical Producer,

I believe the most important principle that matters to me is being authentic. As an artist and producer, I have been fortunate to have the financial freedom to create art and music that matters most to me. I have created a means to support my self financially that does not conflict with my music. in other words my first objective is not to make money, although I believe if you create from the heart, success will follow. Read more>>

Mya Baker | Filmmaker and designer

Being a person of my word matters to me the most because it’s what my mother taught me. My mother used to tell me, “Your word is all you got.” I believe that. Unfortunately, that is an uncommon thing now with people. Read more>>

Susy Porter | Integrative, Miracle- Minded Coach

Honesty, integrity, and showing up for my clients. The work I do is a sacred calling. What matters most to me is that I hold a safe space for my clients. As they Re-Write Their Life in my course, it is a privilege to support them as we excavate and bring to light hidden beliefs and painful narratives. Nothing is more fulfilling than holding this space for the healing of others. I experience healing within myself as I witness their awakening. Read more>>

Maithillee Zaveri | Artist

1. patience: It is important to me, because i believe, without patience you can not succeed. it is always a testing phase in everyones life in someway or the other, but what matter’s is how one perceives it & learns visualize a situation from another person’s perspective & responding with kindness & respect. 2. authenticity: One needs to be real whether in business or otherwise in general too. in the art fraternity, i believe there is no space for artists who aren’t authentic. as an artist, your creativity must continue to expand not by copying others but finding inspirations from/through them that’s called an artist’s authenticity. 3. vision: as an artist, one must have a vision/aim as to where he/she wants to reach. what is the artist trying to convey to his/her audience through his/her artwork. Read more>>

Raven Russell | Artist

Love. I think the most beautiful experiences we can share with each other are bonded and fortified in Love. I feel that through Love we can motivate the change or growth we desire in ourselves and the world. Love requires the best of ourselves and makes space for the worst. Love heals and I think we have all needed some healing. Read more>>

Allison Levine | Marketing Communications, Event Planner, Journalist, Podcast Host, Wine Educator

There is not one single value or principle that matters most to me. I believe as a small business owner, as well as as an individual, values like integrity, honesty, accountability, responsibility, respectfulness, openness, and kindness are all important. Yet, when I think about the values and principles most important to me, I see how they are inter-connected. Ultimately, you cannot have one of these values without the others. Read more>>

Marco Martine | Actor. Writer, Producer

Family. Specifically, my wife and child. They are my bedrock. And when business slowed down and finances tightened, it was as if that issue never existed. Also, the support that I receive from them is phenomenal. From helping me prep for a shoot or audition, to encouraging me when I’m at my lowest points – which every artist has. Without them, I honestly don’t know where I would be or if I would have a positive outlook on things as I currently do. Read more>>

Jason Xanon | Content Creator & Photography/Video

Simple… loyalty, compassion, authenticity and kindness. Creating a brand, making music, and maintaining a healthy relationship are crucial factors. Being genuine and authentic about my approach, and how I conduct myself in a personal and professional setting is extremely important to me. Being in the field of creative work should never feel forced, and I know that I personally have to remind myself how incredibly important it is to feed your soul with positive thoughts, good actions and, of course, love. Being a better human being is the first step, otherwise, you won’t find a connection with your audience and your message will be lost in all the noise. Read more>>

Kevin Stiller | Cinematographer

When I began my career, I would often dwell on the mistakes I made. I would replay them over and over in my head and criticize myself for hours or sometimes days, even if it was a simple mistake most people would never recognize. It was not until years later that I began to realize the importance of recognizing and owning up to my mistakes. Once I allowed myself to see them as stepping stones of my craft, I felt a critical and freeing shift in my thinking. Mistakes became opportunities for improvement and growth. Read more>>

Katonya Breaux | Founder and CEO

Authenticity. Authenticity matters most to be because it’s the easiest and most fulfilling way to exist. Pretending takes work. Being or doing anything other than what is a reflection of your true authentic self can be exhausting and provides no long term benefits for yourself or those that are impacted by your presence. Read more>>

Ale Rubiera | Cinematographer and Still Photographer

One of the most important values for me, personal and professional wise is honesty and respect. I strongly believe that following those values on set as a cinematographer can definitely make a huge difference in the development of a project. If everyone respects each other, the general atmosphere on set will be positive and smoother and it will allow everyone to enjoy better what we love to do and that is shoot. Also, being honest is something that rules my way of being and working, it is really important for me because it always allows you to be trustable to all of the team members. And trust each other is for sure something that makes stronger teams. Read more>>

Brittany Bush | Flower & Food Artist

The value of clients putting their trust in me, is irreplaceable. It is something I do not take lightly and carry with great pride. Read more>>

Joshua, Alexander, & Nick Fisher, Tassopoulos, & Kreider | Hosts of The Charity Stripe Podcast

The principle we value most in our work is “enjoy the content you’re making.” We firmly believe that in order for our work to have the best chance at positively resonating with others, we ourselves must find it interesting and entertaining. If we have a segment on our podcast, or make a sketch, and it’s not something we find funny or intriguing, but rather it’s made purely off the fact it’s “what we think the audience will enjoy,” it most likely won’t hit. Whereas, if we lean into making content that interests us, the odds of it striking a good response with viewers is astronomically greater. In short, we try our best to make what we love, and love what we’re making. By doing that we feel it’s the best way for others to love what we do too. Read more>>

Leah Zaccaria | Yoga Studio Owner & Instructor and Author

Community! We are hardwired for connection. We are meant to be around other people. We are reflections of each other and by being together we hold each other accountable, we develop compassion and empathy and we love deeper. We do not grow in isolation. Community is the key for growth in every aspect. Read more>>

Fernando Lujan Mote | Meditation Teacher & Storyteller

The principle that I hold closest to my heart, and which serves as the foundation pillar for my company, Lovetoday, is that of self-transcendence; in other words — the realization that “every individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature”. What I love about self-transcendence is that it is more than just an abstract mental concept. Through embodying conscious, intentional practices (such as meditation), self-transcendence can go on to become a beautiful and integral lived experience. Ever since I started living in accordance to this principle, my life has become less of a doomed rat-race towards an absolute end and more of an infinite cosmic dance which is trusting, compassionate, inclusive and loving. These days, whenever I look up at the starry night sky, I feel as if I am observing just another facet of myself, and this helps me to feel a wonderful sense of peace, belonging, and purpose. Read more>>

Micah Wright | Musician

During my 9 years of living and working as a musician in Los Angeles, I often find myself in situations that require difficult decisions, testing who I am as both an artist and as a person. These situations have taught me a lot about myself, and I would say that, artistically, these principles are most important to me: Be true to who you are, and be true to your artistic vision. It’s ok to go against the grain. As long as you are genuine with your art and put in the necessary work, there will be an audience for you.  Be continually learning, and don’t be afraid to try new things. I really enjoy the diverse workload that I have, which would not be possible without this mindset. Take care of yourself physically and mentally. I have found that I am much more inspired and motivated when I am taking time to be active and clear my mind. For me hiking and exploring the natural areas around LA has become an almost daily routine. Read more>>

Beoncia Dunn | Visual Artist, Creative Director & Wardrobe Stylist

As an artist, my work has and will always be meant to uplift & to impact my people to continue to press forward. It is important that we continue to create art with the intention to uplift & inspire because some people may need the message from our work more than we do. Whether they see our work in the same way that we intend for it to be perceived or if they view our work in a completely different way. I am but a vessel; I will continue to use my gifts to impact the world in Love & Light. Read more>>


Kelly Hinkle | Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach

Singing is one of the most vulnerable and personal things a person can do. It takes such bravery to actually sing out-loud, alone, and try to do it well. When you’re singing, the very instrument you’re playing exists inside of your body! Since it’s such a personal and emotional activity, I truly believe that the voice can’t be separated from personal growth and self acceptance. So often singing is approached with harsh rules, aggressive exercises, and unforgiving expectations. But I deeply feel that nothing stops a singer from progressing more than fear and self doubt. I believe when singing is taught with understanding and compassion towards the individual and their emotions, every singer learns faster and can overcome the challenges that hold them back more efficiently. The most difficult sticking places a person can face aren’t in the voice, but in their mind!. Read more>>

Jordyn Randall | Actress, Web Series Writer & Director

Authenticity is everything to me. When I see people being unapologetically themselves, expressing themselves without a care in a world it really warms my heart. Read more>>

Lynne Vinkovic | Rose farmer

The principle that matters most to me is being exactly who I am. Sharing what I do and acknowledging the fact that this is not perfect and sometimes my roses are not happy Patience is seriously needed. This is not a manufacturing business. The rose bushes give me what they want, period. Read more>>

Martina Berducci | Wellness Coach & Founder of Live Honestly Healthy

Authenticity. Valuing and honouring who you are is one of the biggest acts of self-love and that’s when real transformation begins. Living in alignment with your true self will attract more abundance in your life, more meaningful relationships and above all it will guide you to more inner-peace.
There is a quote by one of my favourite female authors, Melissa Ambrosini that says “You are the embodiment of love and you simply being here is a miracle”. A beautiful reminder that you are enough and that it is our birth right to shine in this earth. Read more>>