We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Jenny Drew Garabedian | Co-founder & CEO

We still have a long way to go, but there has been little moments that I feel are important to share because they have led to our success thus far, and I hope this can lend some sort of inspiration to anyone reading this. Every “successful” idea we have had for all the babies has truly been because we trusted a gut instinct. I was in the shower when I came up with “the lil’ sweat set,” and didn’t even question that we had to do it. Shortly after, it has been our bestselling product for babies. Then, 6 months into being a company, a lot of customers asked about us doing matching adult sets. So, we listened, without even questioning it. Read more>> 

Guyla J | Hairstylist & Marketing Specialist

There are many factors that contribute to the success of Guyla J Styles; however, the most important factor would be having a diverse skill set as an entrepreneur. I think it is important to be knowledgeable and skilled in many areas and never stop learning. This has opened many doors and allowed me to advance in my career. Read more>>

Jordan Stolch | Personal Stylist & Image Consultant

Consistency and routine have been the major driving forces in my professional success. I’ve always been a very focused person, so to be honest, I think they are characteristics I developed at an early age. When I set out to accomplish goals in my career, I always start by getting clear on what the outcomes look like and identifying the steps required to get there. I put systems in place, like benchmarking, concrete timelines, accountability check-ins, and daily targets, which all ensure there’s very little wiggle room to fall off course. Consistency and routine have become so ingrained in my professional life that they’re now almost formulaic. Read more>>

Ayden Nguyen | Dancer, Actor, Singer & Entertainer

I feel the most important factor to my success has been originality – staying true to myself, creating content that is organic, and just being genuine and sincere. Being in this industry, we are often told what to do, how to dress, how to dance and how to gain attention of the masses. But I have always stuck to what feels right, what aligns with my personal style and avoiding any fads and trends, so that we don’t get lost in the process. Read more>>

Nicole Spruill | American Designer, Creative Director & Founder

There are several factors that go into the success of the brand, Nik Spruill. Starting a high-end, luxury fashion brand means that the product itself has to be of high quality. High quality fabrics, materials, unique, cutting edge designs and workmanship all need to be exceptional. To make sure that it gets into the hands of our target market, the branding itself is strong with clear, solid communication in marketing and sales strategy. This comes from the creative direction displayed in our photography, social media presence, packaging and lifestyle choice the brand represents. Read more>>

Yvette Dominguez | Pastry Chef

The most important factor behind my success is being able to provide for my customers that have dietary restrictions with custom cakes. This is a group of people who normally would have a difficult time finding suitable options for a special event, or even for a simple indulgent moment. I decided to make that business decision eleven years ago because of my younger sister. While that wasn’t my initial insight for what would later be my business Endless Creations, it proved to be my inspiration. It all started with not being able to find a vegan cake for my sister’s quinceñera. Read more>>

Tigerlily Hill / Nik Stewart | Talent Manager & Swimsuit Designer

The management agency, Nothing But Net International, manages a diverse and small group of talented individuals in the fashion and entertainment industry. Under that umbrella, is the swimsuit/body line, Nothing But Net Body. The founders of both companies, Tigerlily Hill and Nik Stewart engage in perpetual conversations that highlight their out of the box thinking, a mantra on being transparent, and ensuring that their passion for diversity and eco-friendly products are observed every step of the way. Read more>>

Kiok Kang | Publicist & CEO

Number one – empathy. I value empathy over everything whether I’m dealing with business or in my personal life. I truly believe that I’ve been able to build my career successfully by understanding this one trait. I can’t tell you how many times having empathy has gotten me to understand certain situations where normally I’d react before assessing a situation or would take it personally, when in fact, it wasn’t a reflection of my work or myself at all. By having empathy as a part Glowing PR Agency’s work culture, I believe it’s been able to create a more conducive working environment as it allows us to better understand each other’s feelings and reasonings behind various strategies for our clients. Read more>>

Jenna Carara | Professional Ballerina & Pilates Instructor

What I have learned over the years is that it is extremely important to enter into situations grateful, excited, and ready to learn with an open mind. I have been so fortunate to have worked with many different professionals over the course of my career – photographers, videographers, choreographers, other dancers, directors, and more. I constantly remind myself that there is so much I can learn and so much these amazing people can teach me. I don’t ever shy away from honestly telling these people how thankful I am to be collaborating and working with them. Read more>>

Sydney Noble | Founder

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is being authentic. Authenticity breeds trust with your consumer/viewer. People can tell when you actually care about them and their well-being. As a brand we move from a place of selflessness, constantly asking what can we do to make the best product/experience for our consumers. That’s why we source only all natural non-toxic ingredients because we care about the health and wellbeing of our customers. When you burn one of our candles you don’t have to worry about harmful toxins being released into the air or ingredients being sourced from unethical places. Read more>>

Nicki Tedesco | Songwriter, Recording Artist & Bassist

I tried for so long to figure out what was the best method to drive viewers to my Youtube channel. I also tried for years to figure out what was my musical style to represent on my albums. Once I got into minimalism I learned this one question: does it bring you joy. Basically, if something doesn’t bring you joy, it has no place in your life. So once I only followed plans or tasks that brought me joy, I was right where I belonged. I was able to just be myself, doing what I wanted to do. So for example, the songs I started to write were ones that I liked myself and it didn’t matter if I didn’t think anyone would like them. I started making the videos I wanted because that’s what I was interested in. Read more>>

Andrew Young | Head of Scripted Content at Brandon TV

Success means a lot of things to different people. It’s really hard to judge success of a person because we don’t really know what underlying goals they’re trying to achieve or accomplish. Every one of us have different goals in life that we are trying to achieve. The definition of success itself is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So if I base my answer off that definition I believe since starting my career in film 5 years ago, so I believe I have achieved a moderate amount of success since arriving in Los Angeles back in 2015. When I first moved out to Los Angeles with my two other roommates we had no place to live, no connections, and no jobs lined up. We basically just packed up and moved cross country and just hoped for the best. Read more>>

Shana Martin | Owner & Chief Cat Officer

Without a doubt, the customer experience. As a luxury cat hotel, Club Cat’s commitment to providing our customers with a first-rate customer experience is the main reason for our brand’s growing success. It is our greatest value proposition. For die-hard cat parents, this is especially important. Club Cat’s value proposition is why we exist. Meaning, the customer experience is embedded in Club Cat’s DNA. This can be best framed up through Simon Sinek’s iconic concept of “The Golden Circle.” People don’t buy what you do, or how you do it, but rather they buy why you do it. “What” we do is we provide unique, superior accommodations for cats only while their cat parents are away or unable to keep them at home temporarily. Read more>>

Tani Roberts | Owner and Designer

We always remind ourselves that we are not making our tables for us but for our client. This includes their personality. So I take notes as we work together of details that I believe will be important to them. We want them to fall in love with the piece we make for them. Next, is we really don’t look at what our competition is doing. It takes away from what you are at your core. You can make adjustments to trends and marketing but you can only be a success if you stay true to who you are as a company. This doesn’t mean not taking input from your team. They are part of your company for a reason, don’t be afraid to listen. and of course love what you do – be proud of the product you make, if its not right fix it! Read more>>

Kym Kral | Standup Comedian & Podcast Radio Show Host

The most important factor behind my success is my absolute honesty and transparency. I am my brand and my supporters follow me because I am always 100% honest, no matter how awkward or unflattering. I received one of the biggest compliments today after releasing the newest episode of my podcast Kral Space from a listener who said, “You lay your heart out like an open book. It takes guts.” When building my business and career I made a promise to myself that I would always be honest. Say the quiet parts out loud so people would feel less alone. Being a human can feel so isolating at times and I know I can definitely feel terminally and hopelessly unique. Read more>>

Allie Guillerm | Pilates Instructor & Business Owner

The most important factor behind my success and more importantly the success of my brand is authenticity and passion. Working with people, caring for other human’s bodies and teaching them movement can be draining.  You really have to care about what you are doing to care for others, to succeed at it, and to keep clients coming back, specifically to you. With a market that is extremely saturated in Los Angeles (I can’t tell you how many times friends from home referred to Pilates as “so LA”) I had to create a studio that would stand out among the many. While I haven’t seen many Punk and Fitness cross overs, it’s not just a gimmick or a theme for the studio. I truly and authentically love punk rock, rock n roll, and metal. Walking in the doors, the studio is 100% me. Read more>>

Jalysa Harris | Actress

I think the most important factor of success is 1st recognizing why you’re are doing what it is your doing in the 1st place. Once that is established then you then create your purpose and your purpose is truly the driving force to why you wake up every day. Why you choose to be in the line of work. I do believe if it is reasons that are superficial and surface such as money and clout then I think once those accomplishments are achieved the passion is lost. You desire for success/brand have to be for reasons deeper. They have to be for purposes that are I think beyond such as you know pleasing your audience responding to the black community. Read more>>

Hasmik Amirian | Master Ballet Teacher

The most important factor behind Amirian Ballet Academy’s success is our full commitment to shaping young ballet dancers, not only as technicians, artists but most importantly as people. We believe that instilling the discipline in our art form is not only going to help our students become the best dancers they can be, but also will help them in their everyday lives. Read more>>

Robert Cook | Artist

Support In order to thrive as an artist I rely on support from those around me. The power of this support ebbs and flows, so it should not be thought of as, say, a stage for me to stand on, but rather as an invisible force generated by my interaction with the world. Another way of saying it might be, I didn’t find the support, pre-existing; I generate it with those around me. This begins with my wife, who works a full-time job, while I run the household and work on projects. Next is my family, who have been supportive of me all my life. Then my friends, current and past, my community and clients, and ultimately my world. Read more>>

Mohammed Ali | CEO/President

A genuine and consistent personal relationship between my clients and I as the owner of my company. This has proven to lead to more business/profits, however that is one benefit of many. My responsibility is to protect people and/or their businesses. Being extremely aware of that creates natural emotions toward the type of relationship I have with my clients using my services. When I experience these emotions I automatically take action to consistently make sure I am providing what I promised them. Not letting them down incentives them to refer my company because not only are they vouching for the quality of the service I provide but also helping me expand because they are helping me out as friends we have become. Read more>>