Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Alfonso Lugo | Music Producer, Singer Songwriter, Voice Over Talent & Sound Engineer.

Taking risks is probably the most difficult and important part in any business or career path. If we all knew the way, we all would be making it and the world would be way different. Me moving countries was probably the most important risk I’have taken. Read more>>

Marina Iliganoa Satoafaiga | Marketing & Business Development Manager

In my career thus far, a recurring (and necessary) theme has been risk. Whether it be a first-to-market program or the decision to move onto a new role, without risk, my career would be quite stagnant. Read more>>

Judy Liang | Permanent Makeup Artist

I learned to risk take by “begin with the end in mind.” I learned this in the book 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey. That book changed my life. I choose to act, speak, and be from the end person that I see myself to be. A person who encourages others to find their voice and dare to live out their truth. That is what I’ve done in my business. I often ask my client deep questions about their life to find a true connection with them. It’s a risk because some people may find it too personal but I never see my client as a transaction but rather a relationship that is meant to change each other for the better. I always tell my client the truth about which permanent makeup procedure to do or NOT to do even if it’s not the best move for my “bottom line.” I think the risks I take to be vulnerable with the people that have come through my path has really worked out for me. I learn something new from each of them and it has really made my business so much more meaningful and fulfilling to my soul. Read more>>

Michelle Hoogveld | Painter + Mural Artist

I tend to get excited by the idea of risk because it comes down to mindset. Often I feel like the choices I make within my art practice are a reflection of how I take risks in real life. They may seem spontaneous, other times premeditated, but usually it is based on intuition and the willingness to be open to the unknown. Not to take away from the presence of fear. We all have it, but the one thing I love about mindset is the capability to push through the limits that hold us back and if anything – at least try. That is where real exploration happens. The exploration of yourself, the world, new concepts, ideas, love, connection and so on. We have the choice to create so many things based on how we choose to think and what we are willing to take risks on. It becomes a decision. We can choose to ask that embarrassing question, we can choose to say hello to that stranger; It’s a daily, if not moment by moment process, and where we place our mindset tends to permeate into every aspect of our lives. Read more>>

Annette Davey | film & TV Editor

taking risks is a big part of having a successful career. there have been several times in my career where an opportunity has presented itself but its scary and risky but i think if you take the jump its usually for the best. Several times i have been offered an opportunity to work in different countries on different projects and each time i have embraced the risk it has turned out really well. At the beginning of my career i saw an opportunity that i might be able to take and i worked super hard to make it happen and to turn it into the opportunity i saw could be involved. This meant working really hard and doing 2 jobs at the same time to make it happen but it opened up the doors of the film industry to me. Read more>>

Karen Avital | ECE Program Director & Early Childhood Specialist

My first memory of taking a risk was at age 7, I was at a friends house and loved practicing cartwheels (I literally thought I was a gymnast, ha!) I decided to cartwheel off of a flight of 4 stairs at her house (umm, that didn’t go to well). I ended up in the ER with a broken arm. Apparently, I was known for taking risks as a child, and my sisters took part in inspiring me. When I was 3 my sister spun me around by my arms (dislocated my elbow), the same day the cast came off I hopped on my sister’s very cool banana seat bike and caught my leg in the wheel. Back to the hospital the same day to place a cast on my leg! I was very creative and ambitious as a child (with a few broken bones along the way). I had a lot of freedom to explore the outdoors. I truly believe that this is where a lot of my risk-taking skills started building. When my parents got divorced at the age of 14, I was pushed to take more risks, and geez did I jump for them. Throughout my life I’ve always had a “go experience new things” kind of mentality. Read more>>

Bob Malone | Musician

Just about everything great that’s ever happened in my life and career can be traced back to a risk I’ve taken. The most damaging artistic choices I’ve made were fear-based – and those choices can be very hard to see at the time, because they can result in perfectly acceptable work – professional, clever, musically impressive, but meaningful to no-one. The songs of mine that people love the most have always been the ones I was absolutely terrified to let anyone hear. Read more>>

Jamie Renee Smith | Actor, Director & Private Acting Coach

I actually talk a lot about taking risks with my students. (In addition to acting and directing, I am also a private acting coach and teacher.) I am a firm believer of the adage “Without risk there is no reward.” Having been in the entertainment industry for twenty seven years now, I can certainly say that I live my entire life as a risk taker. Think of it like this: anyone who commits to pursuing a career in the film industry is essentially taking a risk with that career choice alone. In my pursuit of following my acting and directing dreams, I have risked conventionality and stability. I am still unmarried and don’t yet have children, not because I don’t want those things, but because the thirst and drive for my career takes precedence at this juncture in my life and the nature of my everchanging schedule makes it difficult to form stability and to make commitments to other things in life. I’ve risked that stable lifestyle of a white picket fence, the 9-5 job with benefits and health insurance, a couple of rugrats and a dog. Read more>>

Jaye Ew | Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist

There’s not a single day that goes by that I don’t think of the numerous risk I’ve taken to get to where I am today. The first of many risk to follow, was leaving my cooperate background in order to start my business professionally. This was a huge risk as I had no industry relationships, contacts, or even a portfolio prior to making such a decision. I choose to leave a perfectly well paying job (stability) to embark upon an amazing entrepreneurial journey not knowing where it would lead me. As I began developing a portfolio, my business began to gain more traction in Las Vegas. Soon enough that traction would lead me to working in LA and commuting pretty often. That brings me to probably my biggest risk up to date; uprooting my business from Las Vegas, and moving to Los Angeles permanently. Relocating to LA (in the middle of a national pandemic), risk taking has truly ran synonymous with my business development. No risk, no reward! I often tell my peers, to reach the level of success I’m aspiring towards, you have to find a comfort in being uncomfortable. Read more>>

Michael Rhambo | Entrepreneur & Creator

I use to think about risks so much to the point where I wouldn’t take any. Part of taking risk comes with failure. Accepting failure is better than not trying.. but if you continue to put in the work, the results will come… Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. Read more>>

Daphne Lee | Artist

The idea of risk doesn’t come up too much because the way I look at life is a from a different perspective. I believe that your journey is already destined and our job is just to ride the wave and enjoy it. I guess the idea of risk is equivalent to going for what I want and removing fear from my goals. Read more>>

Mira Peterson | Entrepreneur + Social Media Strategist

Through the years, I’ve seen through family and friends so much wasted potential due to fear. Fear of failing, what others might think, angering parents or spouses that don’t approve. We cannot make progress in comfort zones and people’s opinions don’t pay the bills. We as individuals need to remember that it is our life to live and if we feel strongly about something, if we are filled with joy or passion over an idea, it’s our calling to pursue it no matter how scary it could be. My favorite thing I like to tell myself before taking a risk is “F** it!” and I’ve learned whatever happens after those kinds of decisions is usually magical. Read more>>

Susan Vishmid | Professional Ballet Dancer & Pilates Instructor. Artistic Director & Choreographer At Freaks With Lines

Taking calculated risks in life and business is absolutely essential in order for your business to move forward. When I finally stopped caring what others think and just went for what I want to achieve good things started to happen. Fear of failure is not an option for me. I am not afraid even if I make a wrong decision because success is not achieved without failure. No one achieves success in anything without trial and error. Understanding that there is no “right way or no “one way to do thins is also key to risk management. we do the best we can with the time, resources and information we have available to us at any given moment. Read more>>

Daniela Baldwin Vega | Social Media Strategist & Founder of Leo Social

Risk is essential to living a fulfilled life. It’s a scary thing – what ultimately gets me through taking a risk is knowing that the outcome will always pay off. Wether that is a massive win or a lesson you can learn from. Read more>>

Paras Borgohain | Screenwriter

I think any career choices that you make, or any life choices for that matter – are in some way against someone else’s plan or idea of success. There will be obstructions. Choosing something to do – something that makes you tick every day is a leap of faith, so you set out on a path that you think is for you. What you’re risking is not being rewarded for your faith. And if you care about how other people perceive your success, you’re also setting yourself up for potential humiliation. But I believe one shouldn’t care too much about what others see. If you feel that joy shooting through your body when you work yourself silly at the profession you’ve chosen, “success” will inevitably follow. When I made tall claims about joining show business as a kid, it was about becoming an actor. I eventually realized I still did want to be in show business, but more behind the scenes. There were a bunch of severely traditionalist people in my family who equated my choices with inferior intelligence and life skills. Read more>>

Andreas Kraemer | Master Business & Life Coach

Every decision we make, every move, whether we sit still, or move defensively, or move offensively, is a risk. This is because every choice has an outcome that supports either our ability to stay exactly as we are, or to move forward, and those outcomes all have pros and cons. In our survival setting, every potential outcome is colored by the possibility of danger (the cons). There is not one single thing you can do or not do in the course of your life that does not contain the possibility of danger on either a micro or macro level. In our thriving setting, every potential outcome is colored by opportunity for happiness (the pros). Just like with danger , there is not one single thing you can do or not do in the course of your life that does not carry the opportunity for happiness on either a micro or macro level. When I think about risk in my decision making, I do two things: 1) I take an honest look at what I am focused on, and I ask myself: “Am I weighing potential cons (danger, life of survival) more heavily, or am I weighing potential pros (happiness, life of thriving) more heavily?” 2) I make sure that what I am choosing is about the long term, not the short term. Read more>>

Ashley Reed | Small Business Owner & Digital Producer

I definitely view risk as the gatekeeper of opportunity. When I think about all of the risks I’ve ever taken, big or small, I think about how it was almost ALWAYS a game-changing opportunity on the other side of it. You have to ask yourself “Will I be able to forgive myself for not taking this risk in the years to come?” “Will I always think what could’ve been if I don’t do this?” If your answer includes even a hint of YES it’s not worth it. It’s not worth playing it safe. You live ONE life. Seriously, let that sink in. One. Not doing something because you’re waiting for enough time, enough money, enough knowledge is reckless because the perfect conditions do not exist. Take the risk and make do with what you’ve got right NOW at this very moment. The rest will come. Being a risk-taker has completely changed my life. It’s how I got to LA, it’s how I started my business, it’s how I’ve received the career opportunities I have, and how I’ve made some damn good memories on the way. The life I am living is 75% a product of risks I’ve taken in the past. Read more>>

Jeneta St. Clair | Comedian, Actor & COO @laughteroncall

I’m a bucket list kind of person. I couldn’t tell you what is on my bucket list, but I subconsciously have a list. I want to try everything at least once. I love facing my fears. Maybe I’m a fear junkie? Addicted to excitement? Whatever it is, it’s some risky behavior. I see risk as a challenge and an opportunity for growth by putting myself out there in my career, life, and love. Without this I become stagnant. I can definitely be one to procrastinate, but the more I push myself to get out of my comfort zone the easier it is the next time…and the time after that…and the time after that. You get it. You might as well rip off the band-aid. I read this quote by Sir Kenneth Robinson that said, “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” I keep going back to it because to me it gives you permission to be weird, be creative and take risks. I’d like to think I’m all of the above. Read more>

Denise Yolén | Filmmaker, Writer, Actor

I don’t think about risk because being an artist in itself is a risk; it’s inherent in the function. I don’t think about being black, I just am. I don’t think about my heart beating, it just beats. I don’t think about breathing, I just breathe. I’ve always believed to be an artist is a life long flight by the seat of your pants. I’ve never been paragliding but I imagine it’s quite similar. There’s ups that can make you feel like you’re going all the way to the moon (I mean, what could possibly stop you?) and downs that can truly feel like near death experiences. (Those moments you just know, this is it… I’m gonna crash) and just as you brace yourself for the landing, to your delighted surprise, the wind takes you up again- and you keep floating. You just keep going. Making a film is always a massive risk. There is always going to be the potential to feel like you lost a lot of time and money. But that all depends on your WHY. If sales disappoint will you be disappointed in what you poured yourself into? Are you proud of the work you’ve done? It all depends on what your endgame is. Read more>>

Stephanie Strange | Strange & the Familiars

I’ve always enjoyed taking risks with my lyric-writing. Sometimes the audience gets to see more than we intend for them, and that’s when things get interesting. I use a lot of dark humor, sarcasm, and silliness in my writing, so choosing a setlist can be a risky proposition. Read more>>

Yayun Hsu | Producer

I think the most important factor behind my success is to get out of my comfort zone. I’m born and raised in Taiwan, I came here to study for a Masters Degree in film when I was 24. Coming here to pursue the “Hollywood dream” alone is not easy especially when English is not my native language. I tried my best to do everything, even though it might take longer for me to learn, I still put all my heart in it. “Fake it until you make it.” This is the motto I keep in mind when I’m pursuing my career. No one knows everything from the beginning, you just keep doing it, learning from the mistakes. Success won’t be too far from you. Read more>>

Sarah Wahl | Artist & Yoga Instructor

When I hear risk, I just think of taking a chance on yourself, a leap of faith. When I was 18 years old, having never visited, I took a risk and moved to Los Angeles. I had applied to colleges in and around Pittsburgh, where I grew up, and nothing felt right. Then one day in my guidance counselor’s office I saw a poster for an acting conservatory in LA and I knew this was it. That might seem like crazy risk but at the time I trusted my gut and need for adventure, and I was off. Moving to LA changed the course of my life, I learned so much moving to a new city at 18. Listening to that inner voice and trusting myself brought me out here. It takes a little bit of risk and courage to leave a job that is no longer serving you, ending an unhealthy relationship, or even something like traveling to a new country. I have been through that, I felt so stuck in a job I hated and was unsure of my future. I took a chance on a yoga training in Mexico, started a health and wellness business that helped me cultivate a life I wanted. I left an unhealthy relationship and moved out of my apartment. Read more>>

Nicole Arena | Event Producer & Founder of The Social Arena and Green Ribbon Parties

I have always been a planner from the age of 12 and yet the greatest/most impactful decisions I have ever made have sort of been risky ideas that just came to me and were never a part of any grand plan so I would say that if your intuition is telling you to do something that you should listen. I had a great career as a fashion buyer in Manhattan and I suddenly moved to Los Angeles for a relationship. Then when there were layoffs at my company in 2007/2008 I quickly decided I would try event planning, a career I knew nothing about. I needed to learn the event business and sought out a famous event planner by attending all of her son’s baseball games (we had a mutual friend) and I approached her and asked to work for her and she said yes. I started my first company, Green Ribbon Parties so I could execute my own vision and have my own clients and it’s always risky to start your own thing since you won’t have consistent income, which I was used to coming from a corporate background. But you get used to the ebbs and flows of it. Read more>>

Anie Delgado | Recording Artist + Songwriter

Embarking on a creative journey of any kind is brave and there’s risk involved. As an independent artist. when I started, I was risking both time and money. Starting a career as an artist is much like starting a business, you have to invest in yourself. I try and look at these investments as an investment in my development as a human being as well as into my career. When I first started I thought, ok if this doesn’t pan out, at least I won’t spend my entire life wondering what could have been. This first leap has gotten me used to taking risks every day. Like releasing music, putting my voice out there on social media, etc. I’m comfortable with it now and am a firm believer that if you don’t ever jump you also will never fly. Read more>>

TImothy Courtney | The Palm Springs Psychic Medium & Celebrity Photographer

Overthinking whether or not I should live out my purpose, my heart’s deepest desires is a set-up for a not-so-fulfilling life and a second or third choice job working for someone else’s dream. As a kid, I remember most adults talking about working all their lives at jobs they didn’t like or enjoy, much less being fulfilling. I thought they were crazy! Why would anyone spend their entire living doing a job or career they didn’t like or were not fulfilled doing? I remember being around twelve years old, making a promise that I would work and create my income with my talents and gifts. I have kept this promise to myself; a creative artistic spirit suffers when they squash their dreams because of their fear and doubt. I believe that our spirit or soul that is filled with talent, creativity, artistry, and passion wants to soar! We know what we are here to do, so do it. It can be a painful life journey when we say no or someday to our hearts calling or dream. Read more>>

Casey Myers | Nonprofit Founder, Director, and Educator

I believe life is about taking risks and trusting your gut. In 2016, I left my job as a manager in the admissions department of a university to backpack the world for a year. The trip transformed my life and led to me volunteering in the largest refugee camp in the world and eventually earning my Masters degree and founding my own nonprofit. Personally, taking risks also pushed me to invest in my first home at a young age, take in senior dogs, and this summer I will marry my best friend who I convinced to visit me in Greece only 2 months after meeting me. Risk is about trust. How much do you trust yourself? Do you trust that you have the foresight the take advantage of what opportunities lay before you and the knowledge or the stamina to overcome what obstacles and issues may arise? If you do your due diligence to prevent disaster and accept that some things are not in your control but you will handle it to the best of your ability when things go wrong, then you are ready for greatness that few will ever be brave enough to seek. Read more>>

Letticia Bissondut | Actress + Photographer | Art Director

Honestly, my usual way of dealing with risk is figuring out if it the thing that I am viewing as a risk scares me and if it does, I almost aways run towards it. I do trust my gut and make sure that I am making informed decisions but I do think it’s healthy to run towards your fears and know which battles are yours to take on. Read more>>

Amber Caudle | CEO/Chef

I have always taken big risks in my personal life and businesses. Taking big risk, allows me to push myself outside of my limitations and comfort zone. This always leads to growth and so many lessons. I think sometimes people are nervous to take risks because taking big risks can lead to failure. And fear of failure gets in the way of taking risks. I believe that my greatest lessons have come from me falling on my face and having to get back up again and push forward and try again! These failures have been profound on the success of all of my businesses. I do not believe I would be where I am today with my three restaurants, if I wasn’t willing to take risks and put myself out there and push thru the fear! The best rewards and greatest lessons come from falling down and having the courage and faith to get back up and try the next thing! I never play it safe in my personal or business life. Playing it safe leads to feeling complacent. And that is not an option for me. I am always pushing myself to be the best CEO, the best leader and the best version of myself I can be. Read more>>

Oludara Adeeyo | Psychiatric Social Worker & Psychotherapist

When I think of risk, I think of fear. The greatest accomplishments are usually beyond fear. The biggest risk I will always take is to bet on myself and go after whatever is in my heart when it comes to my career. I walked away from a career as a journalist to chase the dream of being a mental health professional. The biggest career risk of my life as not strayed me wrong. Read more>>

Jamee Kyson | Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter

One of the most impactful thought questions I have asked myself is, “If you suddenly realized that this all was a dream, what choices would you make? How would you craft your life differently?” At some level, I believe that this is not merely a thought exercise, but this life IS our own special dream to craft and create. The trick is that creating a very big life means taking very big risks and having a lot of faith that the Universe will co-create with you and truly have your back. I asked myself this thought question in 2015, and came to the very clear conclusion that my purpose in life was to create music that would positively impact the world on a global scale. At the time, I was neck deep in a prosperous science career, having recently obtained my Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA and working as a postdoctoral research fellow in a prestigious lab. I made a move that most thought was ridiculous and way too risky: I left a stable and thriving career in research to pursue my dream of becoming a successful singer-songwriter. Read more>>

Margot Mejia | Playwright

I’ve never waited for an opportunity. If a door wasn’t open. I opened it. If I didn’t know how to do something. I learned on the job. As an early career playwright we often have to produce our own work. Taking on multiple roles for a project you wrote is a huge risk, and can sometimes even be emotional when going back and forth from creative to producing roles. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked with some amazing collaborators, most recently with director Michael Alvarez of “The Muse Collective”. Read more>>

Ama Houedjissi | Writer and Image Maker

I think risk is a requirement, especially in the entertainment industry. Simply deciding to be in this industry felt like a risk, but one that I needed to take. I moved to Los Angeles in 2019 to pursue television writing. I didn’t have a job lined up, and didn’t know what would happen. What ensued was an unprecedented pandemic, unexpected solitude and time to write, and my first film. How could I have predicted that? What I learned was that with risk requires trust, and faith. That sometimes risk means disappointment, but other times, it’s the greatest reward. But, the most important part is that I did it myself. I think about the Toni Morrision quotation from Sula, “Yes, but my lonely is mine. Now your lonely is somebody else’s. Made by somebody else and handed to you. Ain’t that something? A secondhand lonely.” In this same vein, choosing to risk really meant betting on myself and taking responsibility for whatever happens. No matter the outcome, it was mine, made by me and that was important and took a lot of courage. Read more>>

Nadia Murdock | Mindset and Movement Expert, Positive Body Evolution Advocate

Risk-taking hasn’t always been second nature for me, overthinking and fear has held me back from truly taking risks in the past. The pivot for me was when I started to change my perspective on circumstances and life in general. Once I realized that I can’t control all outcomes and truly let that go, taking chances became less difficult. A business coach that I had worked with in the past would say to me all the time “Closed mouths don’t get fed”. Anytime I am feeling hesitant about taking a risk, I remember this phrase, and I am immediately encouraged to go for it. Read more>>

Dr. Raquel Hammonds | Founder and CEO, The Fertility Advantage | Creator, Thryve Global.

Risk taking, in my opinion, is the single most important aspect of growth and career development. When you consider the stats, that of all practicing Physicians, 2% are Black Women, it is proof that the will to take a risk is what separates the dreamers from the doers. As the product of a single mother, my options were often times very limited, so at every turn I had to trust that not only was the risk worth the reward, but I also had to remember that God uses moments that seem impossible to carry out his good, pleasing and perfect will. From student, to Doctor, to Black Business Owner, to Director—my life is a constant reminder to…jump, and watch God blow your mind. Read more>

Andrea Regla | Realtor

I’ve probably become a little too comfortable with taking risks! Just recently in the past couple years I have came to understand that everything I want is on the other side of that fear of failure and/or loss that comes with risk. It’s now become my mantra to always go all in on everything I do. Whether it’s an offer I’m writing,negotiations or a home project and relationships.. I’m always going all in and risking it all. I am always prepared to make any outcome work in my favor. I think playing it safe has it’s time and place, and of course the reward has to justify the risk. I have made plenty of mistakes that could prevent me from taking any more chances in my career,life and love…instead those mistakes are now my reasons to go harder after what I want.. (and with more experience) Take risks: if you succeed,you will be happy;if you don’t, you will be wiser. Either way is a win in my book. Read more>>

Kenneth Lumpkin | Influencer/Platform Host/ Entrepreneur

There are so many uncertainties so many what ifs and but what about this types of thoughts. What most don’t get is that above all else you yourself are the biggest obstacle when it comes to taking risks. Most will talk themselves out of a risk just because they can’t see how it will effect them past that moment. I had always looked at risk taking as a game of Russian roulette so to speak there is a chance it could work out but there is a chance you totally bomb. It wasn’t until I got out of my way and took the risk and bet on my platform that I realized the real understanding of no risk no reward. Its bigger than a saying its a lesson in itself, that lesson is you can spend every second of everyday questioning everything or you can just take a chance on it and if it bombs you learn from that fix the things that didn’t work and try again. Once I understood that, I got that you can’t be successful or get put on the right track to being successful with out risk taking and thats how its help me along my journey and the path I’m on. Read more>>

Aishia Deal | Media Personality / Healthy Relationship Educator

Risks taking in business could be the difference in the success or failure of a business. Speaking for myself I’ve never been a risk taker not in personal life so it was incredibly hard for me to roll the dice in my business life but the greater the risk the greater the reward right? Covid-19 has forced a lot of business especially Entrepreneurs to depend on Social Media, Zoom, Webex etc for meetings, conferences, sales etc. I’m grateful because I do radio and that’s something I’ve been able to do from my home as well as the Thursday group I teach and a few other things I do weekly. 2020 was all about risks, it was something business wise we’ve never seen so there was no “How To” handbook we had to figure it out along the way, I’d say I have a Black Belt in Risk Taking now lol I even have the shirt. Read more>>

April Littlejohn | Writer, Director,Ttheater Producer

Coming from a career as a stuntwoman, there is always a measure of risk. Obviously. You can’t feel safe looking down from a 600ft building. There’s risk. For me, it’s about managing those risks and how I react to them that has made it possible for me to start my own business and create a new career as a writer and director. When I got a job doing stunts, it was very straightforward. Can you do the job or not? Are you going to be safe and not get hurt, or are you going to cost the production time and money? It’s a lot of pressure and in the case of my stunt career, often a gamble. Things went wrong all the time. Sometimes I got hurt and sometimes I was a superstar. When I started my theater company, the risks were different. They were emotional and financial. I had to take a risk in order to get my work seen. As a writer, it can be hard to even get someone to see a few pages of a script let alone produce it. I found I was waiting around for someone to choose me, and although I was terrified to put my work on stage, I felt like it was a greater risk not to. Read more>>

Marc Ranger | Entrepreneur & Financial Executive

My baseline philosophy that I remind myself when it comes to risk is that if you’re not growing, it means that you’re not taking enough risk. Embracing risk and getting out of your comfort zone as a lifestyle in my opinion is essential to creating a better life. If you can make taking risk a habit and not be overly concerned about what other people think, you can create a higher tolerance for risk and accomplish more than others. It’s very hard and I don’t always want to do it but it’s essential to progress and happiness long term. When you live life on the edge, you have a better view. Risk taking is essential to growth in business in particular. With risk comes a lot of fear and fear is paralyzing when there is money on the line, a lot of unknowns, and no guarantees. Taking risk in business means that things will not always feel intuitively right, but you still have to jump. It’s the first and biggest step. Taking risks also forces you to figure things out. Complacency is the biggest enemy and sometimes you have to create pressure by taking risks. Read more>>

Andrea White Marinas | Pilates Instructor & Studio Owner

I think you have to believe beyond doubt in the value of what you do and your ability to do it well. There’s a certain thrill of forging your own path and owning it. Sometimes you fall, but along the way your calling becomes clearer. I always knew I wanted my own Pilates studio and envisioned what it would look like and the experience I wanted to create for clients. It took several years, but eventually the pieces came together and here we are! My advice to anyone really wanting a career dream to come true is to be very specific about what it would look like, and keep taking small steps to get closer. Read more>>