The turning point in so many great stories hinges on a risk someone took – so we asked folks we admire to tell us about a risk they are glad they took. Check out their responses below.

Steven Le Vine | Publicist & Founder

When I was fresh out of college, I decided to build my own shingle around some clients I was representing during off-hours. These were not clients that would be competing in any way with those I handled during the day working for a large PR firm in the New York area. My roster began growing quickly, and I was more excited by the opportunity to carve out my own path, charting a course further in line with my own intentions, passions, and values. Those closest to me felt I would risk throwing a wrench into my professional future. But something in me told me I had to chase it. It was almost as if I could see my future unfolding before me, and all of the possibilities, and that unless I took this giant leap into this great and scary unknown, there would be more even more of a risk to my long-term happiness and fulfillment. This was the time, and it needed me to act. Read more>>

Sat Devbir | Spiritual Teacher

I took a risk when I left my corporate job in luxury hotels to pursue my passions in the wellness industry. From a young age I looked at entrepreneurs in awe, thinking “I don’t understand how they live with the pressure of generating business without the security of a steady paycheck”. My social programming was to play it safe with all the benefits of working for someone else. It became apparent where all that programming came from when I decided to take a risk and leave my career. I was met with fear and concern from those around me. Lucky for me, I had aligned with myself enough through yoga and meditation at that point to trust the inner voice that was guiding me to expand. As soon as I took the risk, I started to truly understand how people thrive when branching out and running their own businesses. Read more>>

Maxine Bascue | Founder

I think there is no reward without risk. I started MASONgrey as a creative outlet that was meant to be just for fun, it was a side hustle that allowed me to experiment with an industry I love, fashion, and also try my hand at running a business. I left my secure, corporate career to fully commit to MASONgrey because I really believed in its potential. I’m so glad I did! Read more>>

Kinya Claiborne | Editor-in-Chief

I’ve never been a risk taker. I’ve always played it safe in work, life and relationships. Stepping out of fear and fully into faith, I left my consulting job at Metro + McKissack & McKissack after nearly a decade, to take the next steps in my career as a full-time entrepreneur, managing a dynamic team of two-dozen STYLE & SOCIETY team members spanning the globe. Know that success isn’t measured by the amount of instagram followers or the money you make. For me, everyday is a new adventure and my success is measured by reaching my own personal goals and using my influence to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Read more>>

Stacey Wodin | Stellar Lifestyle Management Owner

A risk that I took was ending my 20 year career in the domestic field in order to start my own company. Read more>>

Herve Levy, CCM | General Manager & COO

Back in the days, I was a waiter at a four star hotel on the beach in Del Mar. I was doing very well, making anywhere from $150-$500/ night in tips plus $7.50 per hour. One day, my manager pulled me aside and offered me the position of Restaurant Supervisor. That was a step up from where I was, opening a door to becoming a manager some days. The problem? It was paid $10/ hour NO TIPS. After thinking about it, I was single, no kids, leaving in a small apartment. I didn’t want to be a server my entire life and that was my time to change my career. The following day, and after asking a meeting with my manager, I said Yes. Read more>>

Jasmine Rezonable, J-Boog | Founder & Head Pancake Artist

Around the age of moving out I had taken a few risks, but never as big as this one. Thinking back to how I felt at 18 years old living in Livermore, CA I can remember the feeling of needing something new in my life. My hometown of Stockton, CA had provided me with all of the opportunity possible and now that I had lived in Livermore for a year and a half I had another decision to make. I had the difficult choice of renewing another 12 month lease where I was comfortable and knew what my next steps were or go somewhere where I knew no one and had never been before in the hopes to find new opportunities. I chose LA. We took our first trip to LA together as a family to look for a new place to call home and I remember finding places that looked great from the outside, but were horrible on the inside. Read more>>