Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Jianna Maarten Saada | Writer | Director

I think people still see Hollywood and moviemaking as glamorous but I’ve never seen it that way. It’s a lot of work and commitment. If you are writing you are spending hours upon hours alone in a chair in your head and when you are directing you are totally absorbed in the process and the shots and making your day, you barely have enough time to wash your hair. That’s why all the ladies on set wear hats – they probably don’t have time to wash their hair. I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t totally love it. Many people move to L.A. for the glamour and maybe fame – I’m not sure. But the actual process has very little to do with either one of those things. Read more>>

Greta Gasparian | Founder + CEO of Plan Chicly

When it comes to the stationery and organization industry it seems like it might be an easier route since you are dealing solely with paper products (most of the time) when in fact no matter what industry you are in there will always be a long process of production. Even for something as simple as a lined journal, not much to do right? Well, it takes anywhere from 6-9 months to produce. Why? Because if you are looking to be different and provide the best quality product at the best price then every inch of that journal needs to be thought out. From the binding to the paper quality, to the cover, and even the printing process. When we were designing our journals (it’s a gratitude journal + journal in one) I wanted something timeless and durable so it could be a keepsake to customers, something they could always have and refer back to. Read more>>

Jeremy Subadya | Upper Cervical Chiropractor

One thing that the general layperson is unaware of is that in the chiropractic world there are a lot of different specialities. For example, there is sports chiropractic or there are offices that focus on pediatric care. The focus of my practice is upper cervical and typically a lot of the clients that I see have complex neurological issues. Read more>>

Lindsay Kaye | Artist & CEO of Lively Ghosts

Within the industry I’m in, the mantra of “Community over Competition” is a strong one. I was pleasantly surprised to see how beautiful and supportive this community is, as opposed to being competitive and brash. It aligns with my own mentality, which makes me even more proud to be a part of this industry. I’ve found such a strong network of fellow creatives in the art world as well as in the spooky community specifically, and having such a positive foundation really allows for a more enjoyable experience of my craft overall. Read more>>

Safura Salek | Designer

Unfortunately, I think architecture and design is one of the most undervalued professions out there. The prestige of an Architect seems quite high when people find out what it is you do, but most people don’t understand the amount of work and the type of work an architect does. There is an intensive curriculum with many sleepless hours and many years of study to gain a degree. Then there are years of ‘paying your dues’ in an industry that is incredibly short changed either by clients or by employers. It takes quite a long time and sometimes rarely a moment where the value of your work is compensated appropriately. That said, it is still an incredibly gratifying profession. In which you are able to see the work you’ve created out in the world, and in some small way, leaving a bit of a mark; either personally or globally. As someone who has a degree in Architecture and has worked in that profession for over 20 years, I have decided to also include interior design in my brand and company. Read more>>

Lauren Elle Hansen | Astrologer

It is no coincidence that the astrology industry is on the rise at this moment in time! Saturn is in Aquarius, just like it was in the early 90’s and the mid 60’s (astrology revivals!). Aquarius is the sign of astrology itself, the sign that represents the cosmos and the collective consciousness. As Saturn, the planet of bringing things to reality/career and industry, moves through Aquarius through March of 2o23…expect to see this magical industry increase in relevance. And expect yourself to maybe, just maybe, finally give an astrologer a shot at assisting you in further self-discovery. Read more>>

Jacques DeVore | Strength and Conditioning Coach, CSCS, Health and Wellness Coach

My path to this business was different than most. I was in the world of finance for most of my working life and had been involved in a sports performance center in Santa Barbara that is still there after 20 years and currently owned by two of my coaches that worked for me. I finally decided to leave finance and take what was a hobby and completely step into the health and fitness industry full time and leave finance. 7 years ago I opened Sirens and Titans Fitness in Los Angeles. I realized that I truly loved this business and that I needed to see if I could make it work on a larger scale. Read more>>

Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero | Immersive Media and Experiential Desginer

Whenever we hear that a work of art “stands in the intersection of art and technology” or is “multimedia” what we are actually hearing is that a work of art is a product of a collaborative process. There’s a general understanding of a piece of art as the materialization of one artist’s unique vision. However, this doesn’t hold true for interactive art, as it is by its own nature, a product of the cross pollination of multiple disciplines. These multiple disciplines need multiple perspectives. Even in cases where we see a piece where an artist appears as a sole author, there have been hours of consulting and research where the expertise of other people from other disciplines had informed and shaped the decisions taken by the artist. There’s no author in its ivory tower in interactive art. Read more>>

Vicky Dalli | Lawyer,Actress,Model

That in order to be a good actor,you must be very intelligent.For some reason some people underestimate an artist’s intelligence,let’s say comparing to a scientist’s.I actually believe that about almost everything…You have to be clever to be great at something. Read more>>

Monica Ramon | Actress

I notices that some talent that start acting are expecting to become successful too soon.,then when they don’t get the results that they were expecting,they feel very disappointed and some of them want to return to their countries of origen with a heartbroken. That s very sad because some of this talent with a little bite of more patience and hard work could make it in Hollywood! I truly believe this,I have seen people that I love with all my heart and that they are full of talent giving up too soon!. Read more>>

Liane Walker | Managing Director, Foodie Digital

The online recipe niche is very technical. From outputting recipe schema to having competitive Core Web Vitals, a lot of very specific technical tools need to be used correctly by recipe content creators for their recipes to have a shot to being discovered online by search engines today. Read more>>

Tatiana Bascope | Writer & Producer

Wether it be writing, acting, producing or honestly even being instafamous or TikTok famous now a days. It really requires work to succeed. To be seen in a sea of people that are trying to be seen. It requires so much work ethic, so much discipline, so much time and so much self love and integrity. People think becoming an actor or a filmmaker or even being famous is “like super easy” when actually it’s probably one of the toughest, most sacrificing jobs. To be truly great, to make worth while content, to be able to create takes work. Talent will only take you so far. Discipline, determination, consistency and character are what will fuel your career. Even if you’re really talented but you’re difficult to work with you probably won’t get booked often. If you’re an amazing writer but can’t meet deadlines chances are they won’t hire you again. Read more>>

Maria Pasquarelli | Postpartum Doula & Mother

I am a postpartum doula and so many people think all doulas do birth. There are, actually, several types of doulas that exist, but most people automatically think, “oh, you do birth!” I actually do not do birth. My work, as a doula takes place, mostly, after a new baby has come home. So, while I will meet with clients before baby comes and we will talk about birth and prepare for the baby’s arrival and talk about recovery if there is a birthing parent, my work is focused on everyone getting adjusted to life with a new family member! If anyone is interested, there are actually doulas who do birth, postpartum, loss (which includes abortion support), and there are even doulas who focus on end of life. A doula is really a support person and our work is often tailored to each individual client/family!. Read more>>

Uhlone | Music Producer

There are many misconceptions about the music industry for instance people think it is a massively large circle of people, but in reality, it’s very small. Read more>>

Sarah Stallman | Voice Actor & Musician

I think there’s a misconception about voice actors and musicians in general that having an agent or manager automatically means you’re going to be successful. As awesome as that would be, it’s just not true. Yes, it’s one step that can improve your chances of booking work, but it’s not a magic wand that makes work suddenly appear. Those agents and managers can only get you work if you’ve done your own work first. In both music and voice acting, it’s all about running yourself as an entrepreneurial business. Learn your craft (and keep learning), have materials online where people can see your work, have the right equipment (and know how to use it), connect with other creatives, and one of the most important elements that people tend to forget – lift each other up! I get most of my work, especially in music, through referrals. Read more>>

Meghan McDonald | Musician and Filmmaker

I think it’s fairly common knowledge that the music industry is not very fair to musicians, but folks would probably be surprised to hear just how bad it is. I also work in film and have been able to get gigs that pay — sometimes pretty well. But with music, that is far less often the case. I’m generalizing, but it seems to be that folks either have to have contacts in the industry or be independently wealthy (or stable) to become successful earlier. And also considering how streaming services are kind of a scam, it can be discouraging. So it’s a pretty steady, slow climb becoming a professional musician — you have to be somewhat of a masochist and really in love with your craft to stick with it for longer than a few years. Read more>>

Endless Lens Photography | Doren & Emily Sorell, Photographer & Designer

We feel that most outsiders are unaware how much editing — post-processing — comes into play with photography, even with merely making a photo deliverable to our clients as a finished product. We, as professional photographers, shoot RAW, and RAW footage is much flatter (neutral) than shooting with JPEGs, which bake in a “look,” and we do that on purpose so we gather more information in the original files, so we have more latitude to play with in post. Even the image on the back of the camera — on the screen of the camera — is actually a pre-baked JPEG preview that doesn’t truly represent the RAW captured image. Only once the photos are imported into a RAW converter and we work on the images do they come to life. In essence, we’re adding back into that “flat” image vibrancy, shadows and highlights, saturation, etc … which many outsiders don’t realize. Read more>>

Sarah Nicklin | Actor

The hustle and the constant rejection. Outsiders only see your wins – they only see when you’ve booked a role and when your film or show is premiering and coming out. They don’t see the work that went into getting that role and also all of the rest of the work that went into all of the other roles that you didn’t get. Outsiders are only seeing the tip of the iceberg and, yes, people “know” that acting is difficult and that there’s a lot of rejection, but they don’t REALLY know just how much of that there is. What it shown on social media just adds another layer to this perception since social media only shows the “glamor” side of the business, but doesn’t show any of the work. And as an actor, we also always feel pressured to constantly show that – that we’re always working, always in demand, career is going great, the life of an actor is fabulous. Read more>>

Dr. Sneha Gazi, PT, DPT | Physical Therapist, Host of “Fit As A Fiddle”, Execute Director of “PTIS”

Physical therapy is usually seen as massage and exercise, done typically in a gym setting. People imagine that they would need to go see a PT for something like back pain or an ankle sprain. What many people don’t know is that PTs work in many different types of settings and provide a variety of different services. PTs can be found in hospitals treating ulcer wounds, in skilled nursing facilities treating elderly people, in the neonatal intensive care units helping to position preterm babies, backstage on Broadway helping performers stretch, and on the sports fields treating acute injuries. People also might not know that there is a whole field within orthopedic PT called pelvic health. This is one of my many specialities! We treat many things, including issues with bowel, bladder and sexual function, along with pregnancy and postpartum concerns. Read more>>

Koi Anunta | Professional Musician (Violinist, Pianist, Singer)

I think most non-musicians probably envision “what musicians do” to be an alcohol-laden, drug-driven free-for-all where a bunch of half-awake, slovenly guys get together in a garage and wail incoherently on their instruments until the police come to stop the cacophony. And in the case of many “hobby musicians,” that certainly may be. At the highest levels of the music industry, however, performing music is just as much of a “real job” as any other. Admittedly, there aren’t that many other industries where an activity that many people find “fun” and “creative” ends up being something you can also actually earn a living with, and that’s where I think the disconnect lies. If most people spend their lives doing jobs that aren’t very enjoyable, the idea that you can actually get paid to do something you genuinely love must seem like a fantasy–like being on a pro sports team, or a video game designer. Read more>>

Carolina Reynoso | Actress and Buzzfeed Creator

One thing that people are probably unaware of in the entertainment/media industry is that everyone knows everybody and connections are super important. I think people forget often times that everyone in Los Angeles, specifically people in the entertainment industry, knows EVERYBODY. So if you think that just because you’re on set you can start acting like a brat, people will remember that and tell everybody (snitches get stitches don’t apply here), and suddenly you can’t find work because no one wants to work with you. I’ve always prided myself on trying to be the best version of myself on a set or in a work place so I can be remembered as someone who was fun and nice to work with. Also, you should just be nice to people in general. Don’t project your personal struggles onto others. Read more>>

Nicole Richardson | About Nikki Rich CEO of The Nikki Rich Show TV & Radio Show Iheart Radio & Podcast in LA •Oprah Winfrey Network Ambassador/OWN Media & Press•Toyota Rav 4 Series Fresh Perspectives Radio Host • Amazon’s 2x International Best Selling Author •3x Amazon Best Selling Author •For(Bes) The Culture Member • 2 Seasons NYFW HITechModa (Plus) RunwayModel •Contributor For TMZ/Corresponding •7x Featured Cover Magazine •10x National Billboards LosAngeles CA, Memphis TN , Hawthorne CA, Atlanta GA

One thing the industry is unaware of is my educational Background. I am in my 2nd year of Doctorate in Business Administration, Masters of Business Administration, Bachelors of Criminal Justice with a Minor in Education. I am an educator taught K-5 for over 7 years. Read more>>

Conphidance | Actor, Writer, Producer

The mental strength it takes to manage a business, play different characters, smile in front of flashing lights and go home to deal with personal matters that can be extreme but every time you’re in the public eye in any way, you’re expected to be top class, as if nothing else is going on in your life. Read more>>

Jessica Sherman | Casting Director, Non-Profit Founder/President & Hobby Baker

Tootsie, La La Land, Glow, Entourage, Master of None, The Kominsky Method, and Barry. These are just a handful of examples that depict Casting Directors as jaded gatekeepers; intimidating creatures who hope to sabotage an actor’s experience. That is by far this biggest misconception of my profession. I believe this image has been created simply because few people really understand what it is we actually do. Casting is both an art and a craft. Think of it like putting together a living puzzle, where the picture morphs as you put the pieces together. With every new piece set in place, the shape, texture and color of the next changes instantly. Our job is so much more than just sitting in an audition room, but rather having the ability to see multiple versions of the same picture. This is where being really familiar with both established and emerging talent around the world is incredibly important. Read more>

Britt’nee Cornelius | Massage Therapist

A lot of people always look at Massage as a Luxury and it’s not just that there is also a health side to it. People who have cancer , lymphedema ,etc benefit from massages. Read more>>