To persevere or to pivot is a question that do-ers have been asking themselves since the beginning of time. It’s never a straight road when you are doing something new, blazing a trail, breaking a ceiling, or pushing boundaries, so it’s only natural to wonder whether to give up midway. How do you know whether to keep going or to give up?

Dom Deshawn | Hip Hop artist and overall creative

I think it depends on the individual and the goals they’re trying to achieve. When it comes to my music, I really do have a belief I will get to where I want to go. I’ve had very clear goals outlined and know what it will take to get there. At this point, it’s not IF, but WHEN I’ll achieve those goals. What separates the ones that make it, in my opinion, is that they did not give up. Maybe it’s some stubbornness involved, but I don’t see myself giving up after coming this far. The love for what I do and my determination to live out my dreams are some of the driving forces to keep me going. It’s not easy and will take years to get there for me(including myself), but I want to succeed so much that giving up does not cross my mind. Read more>>

Chrystal Christie | Social Media Creator, Small Creative Business Owner & Graphic Designer

Keep going or give up? This is such a loaded question but It definitely goes through a lot of creatives heads at least 1 to 1000 times in their career. It often creeps up at the worst times, maybe you make a mistake on an art piece you’re working on- GIVE UP. Maybe you just finished an extremely intricate piece- WHATS THE POINT? We could go a lot deeper into the existentialism of it all but we’d be here for days. Our reasoning to do anything really, all stems from how passionate we are about what we do. Why does anyone do anything? There’s something inside us that feels like a little fire full of desire that comes out when we’re about to start a new project. It’s all about how we can tame and control that fire to last and not burn out. Read more>>

Mana Srisudthayanon | Visual Development Artist & Illustrator

The most important thing to me is how important that thing is to you or is it the most important priority right now? I believe if we find the answer to support our action we will know if we should continue or not. For example, it has many times in my life I want to quit drawing, not because I don’t like it anymore but the path to making it to be a career seems to be very hard. But think twice it’s the thing that I love to do no matter what. My life without drawing seems to be just life but not living. Luckily I still have time and nothing else to worry about so I can continue my goal. Read more>>

Nojan Rahimian | Surreal Emotionist Artist

If you enjoy it and it is not harming anyone else then keep going. Read more>>

Bronté Weiss | Pastry chef

I’ve been in the culinary world since I was 16. I’m almost 29 now. And in those 13 years, I’ve seen it all. I have built up a pretty thick skin. One of my first restaurant experiences after culinary school was as a pastry chef on the dessert line at a prestigious restaurant. I was working directly with the executive pastry chef, a man, learning the menu items. On more than one occasion he would raise his voice at me, and even try to tell me I would never make it in this industry. I took that constant criticism and turned it into ambition and drive. And every job I’ve had, I sometimes have his voice in my head telling me to give up or quit, and every single time, I prove him wrong. There are many times I’ve wanted to back down, or give up, but it’s in those moments that I become a better pastry chef. Read more>>

Jonathan Gaietto | Actor, Producer

The truth is, if success is something you are after, you never give up you simply just change your approach and adapt. Especially within the creative realm when so much is regulated by our “inspiration”. It is important to find other new and creative approaches to staying and remaining inspired. Obstacles are simply part of our process in art. The last large obstacle I faced was on the Set of Clowning. It was a Thursday and we showed up to our studio location to film early in the morning only to see a forest fire on the hill directly behind it. Obviously we had to cancel the shoot location that day. However we moved some things around in the schedule last minute and we were able to shoot some other scenes. The scenes we ended up shooting that day became some of the most powerful moments in the whole movie “Clowning”. Read more>>

Rickey Teems | Filmmaker

I know. The audacity to even mention, giving up. The dream bulldozer. The ambition disrupter. The entrepreneur’s kryptonite! Why would anyone opt for giving up when they could simply gaze at a few motivational memes, and then cruise control to billions and a new condo in Successville, right? So maybe my next few words won’t be as applicable to those of you with a Nipsey Hussle level of, well, hustle. This is more for the countless aspiring and accomplished dream chasers who struggle daily on their quest to achieve and/or maintain success, and I do not fancy myself above the fray. Read more>>

Joey Tapz | Singer/Rapper

The beauty of life is that it’s truly up to you. As artists, we all deal with mental health issues fighting ourselves within our own heads, Doubt is our biggest enemy. One thing about it is.. you can sit and think about the what if’s or just take the leap and change your whole life. The steering wheel is in your hands. I took the leap and I am nothing but grateful for the journey I have been able to Experience. I can’t say it was easy but I can definitely say it was worth it and for that reason, i will always encourage you to take the leap. Read more>>

Gary D’Andre | Educator/Spiritual Consultant

You keep going when you feel it in your soul that you know you are on the right track to something brand new. It feels like this natural pull to keep fighting even when you’ve put your all into it and still come up short. It’s something that you have always desired, and the Universe has provided you ample opportunity to try again and learn a new skill or perspective from the actions taken to get there. When the door continually gets slammed in your face regarding a situation, or you notice the outcome each time is not worth the energy being put into that particular moment that’s when I know to make a lateral move elsewhere. Read more>>

Alan Mitchell | Coach & Trainer

If you never thought about giving up what on something you do (work, business, hobbies, etc) you never cared about it in the first place. I say that because it’s not easy! Being a young man raised in Compton, Ca/South Central if you gave up on anything I mean anything it would be seen as a sign of weakness. When people saw weaknesses they’d pounce on them. Manipulate you! My faith in God, my wife to be, my brothers (my circle), my parents they help me keep going! With the TRUTH! With ACCOUNTABILITY! With the trust and leadership instilled in me. I have no choice but to keep going. I have to get everything God set for me to have in this life! Read more>>

DD Hairston | Author

There came a point in my life where I felt like I had lost everything I worked so very hard for. Not only had I lost my material possessions, but my body, mind, and voice had also abandoned me. I didn’t know which way was up or what to do with my life. I was honestly broken. It took my mother’s words to slowly see some semblance of myself. I began escaping into my thoughts and wrote my first novel. Even though I have eleven published books on Amazon, each day is a struggle and reminder to push forward and never give up. That dark place is too real. Read more>>

Justin Yau | Music Composer

For a music composer, if I were to give up, I should have done that before I started. To be honest, I don’t think I will ever be certain when it is time to give up. If I had drawn a clear line where I said its time for me to stop then maybe this line of work isn’t for me. For me, it really comes down to whether you appreciate what you gained rather than what you could’ve gained. At the current point of my career, I have made countless mistakes and regrets. But if I dwell on those things then I am sure I wouldn’t be able to mentally keep going. Read more>>

Kandee Lewis | Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Friend! Community Leader, Healer, Advocate, Black Woman; CEO, Blessed!

Life will send you messages to let you know if you are on the right path. I’ve had hundreds of messages affirming my work, life, and this path I’m on. I’ve also had messages that tell me when I need to change direction or course. I became the Executive Director of Positive Results Center (PRC) in 2008. There have been many blessings and people I have encountered, but there are a few times that stand out clearly: One such was in 2013. PRC hosted a conference, Stop The Pain, a Teen Summit on Dating Violence, Sex Trafficking, and Bully Prevention at Cal State Dominquez Hills College. There were over 1000 people in attendance of all ages, ethnicities, and genders. I just finished giving the opening address, releasing everyone to a full day of 40 workshops. Read more>>

Jess Rionero | Writer + Director + Producer

The advice I was once given was to “keep chopping wood.” It’s a simpler, more poetic way of saying “keep going,” especially when you are lost. This is the premise of our human existence. We keep going, because it’s just what we do! The answer is just continue to continue. Giving up is a slippery slope. Give up what? Dreams? Goals? Getting out of bed? Life altogether? I’ve had my entire existence spiral from refusing to pick up a hanger off the floor. “What’s is the point?” I asked myself, as this hanger will just end up on the floor again. Read more>>

Raina & Ruben | Artist/Designer & Blacksmith

Our creative process, business and life are one in the same. All aspects are led by an inner impulse, bringing deep meaning and fulfillment. When something begins to feel out of alignment or like we’re mindlessly going through the motions, we pause for a check-in and redirect our energies as needed. What no longer holds meaning falls away as we carve out a path that continues to light us up. Read more>>

E.P. Evans | Actor, Hiphop Artist, Entrepreneur, Nurse

I think the best answer is to always persevere rather you take a break for a while from your goal never give up on what you initially envisioned for yourself to achieve. Especially if it’s a life long goal Read more>>

Lora Levison | Performing Artist & Freelance Community Director

During times where I feel a significant level of discomfort, I’ve learned it’s time to shift towards something BIGGER, ultimately to grow, glow and level up. Leaning into the unknown while showing up for yourself is always a challenge, but why give up when the next chapter is vastly approaching and the best has yet to come? I do things for myself to feel better about myself every day to feel good in my own skin. Life is all about sharing real and raw stories, to help others feel less alone and more human. I decided to share my life story through my up and coming musical, “Father Daughter Dance.” Read more>>

Tiffany Wooden | Very up and coming fashion designer

I think that the defining moment of knowing when to keep going or give up, is when you’re literally at the biggest crossroads in your life. And you’re suddenly asking yourself, why did I start fighting in the first place? How much of my heart am I willing to sacrifice? And I think that if you remember why you started the dream, and looking how far you’ve come, you don’t really have to sacrifice hour heart. Also, ask yourself “when is it not worth it anymore, when is it no longer fun?” Read more>>

Lesette Maxwell | Actress, Director, Writer

Truth be told, I asked myself this all the time. And I still find this question popping up in the back of my mind sometimes to try to scare me out of the things that actually matter to me. This has always been a scary industry to try to break into. And your twenties is a scary time as it is, even for those pursuing something a bit more… stable. And it’s a disheartening, terrifying world. I’m shocked I’m not a Nihilist by now, to be honest. It’s too easy to feel like giving up, across the board, really. Especially last year, I found I was driving myself insane with the constant internal battle between “There’s only so much I can do,” and “I must do everything I can.”  Read more>>

Sacred Amos | Entrepreneur & Photographer

For me giving up is really hard, it’s not apart of my thought process when I am striving to achieve something that I want. Do I get frustrated, angry sometimes and super emotional…Yes and sometimes I will walk away. I always come back and I keep pushing. Take a break, gather your barring’s, giving up it not an option. Why? Because everything in life, Good or Bad, happens for a reason. It is apart of the journey! So is being honest with yourself. This thing that you are doing, are you happy or just getting by? No matter the struggle do you feel fulfilled at the end of the day? Are you making this decision or feeling this way due to fear or a lack of motivation or is this simply not right for you? Maybe it is taking you away from what truly inspires you and makes you happy. Read more>>