The first step to starting a business is deciding to start a business. They say the first step is the hardest and in our experience this is especially true when it comes to starting a business. Getting over the mental roadblocks can be tough, often harder to overcome than the challenges you’ll face once you actually start the business. Fellow entrepreneurs share their thoughts below.

Gia Ching | Founder & Managing Director of GCC Consulting

Having worked in fashion, beauty and aesthetic medical practices for the last decade I identified a strong need in the digital marketing and creative design industry market for emerging beauty brands and medical professionals. I also knew that I had enough experience with proven branding conceptualization and go-to-market strategies to help brands and professionals make an impact in their prospective industries. Read more>>

Lisa Ohanian | Owner/Director/ Choreographer of iDance Academy

My thought process was to just simply start doing what I LOVED!! I’ve been working ever since I was 16 and I’ve worked for SO many different people, and at the end of the day, after watching them make all their money, they just weren’t happy. It was pretty sad to be honest with you. Read more>>

Isabella Mastrodicasa | Manager/Producer, Founder of Never Settle Media

When I started Never Settle Media I wanted to create a female-led pool of multi-faceted artists and to implement my consolidated experience in managing storytellers in Hollywood and my knowledge of the entertainment industry with digital platforms. Read more>>

Taryn Ferrer | Wealth & Mindset Coach

The primary intention for starting Money Honey LLC was to teach women what I wish I was taught about money and the mindset to accumulate wealth. Learning how to manage money, reach financial goals, and invest gave me confidence to pursue every dream I desire. I love seeing that transformation in the women I coach. Read more>>

Sarah Ford | Skincare Expert & Laser Tech

Honestly , I did not plan to start my own business. I call it “accidental entrepreneurship” , I love what I do and I love helping others and that drew people to me. More word of mouth and people kept asking for me, I felt at that time it was best for me to branch on my own. I wont lie, it is scary, but anything out of your comfort zone will be scary. Read more>>

Presley Aronson | CEO, Artist, and Philanthropist

I have always had a passion for the entertainment industry and being creative. Starting my own business lit a fire inside me to continue to grow as an entrepreneur. Growing up, I would watch my dad run his own company and be an entrepreneur that inspired me to follow in his footsteps. Read more>>

Miss Birdy | Miss Birdy | Contemporary Muralist

When I choose to become a full time muralist 8 years ago, I was looking for freedom in my life. Opportunity to create my own schedule and follow my own rules. Thankfully at that time I had the tenacity to pull the rip cord and jump in, I had no preconceived notion of how things would go, I just wanted things to be different; and I wanted to focus on the work I was best at. Read more>>

David Aguilar | Owner

When we thought of our business we knew one thing, Vegan taquerias were non-existent. I (David) came from a family that owns a taqueria & so it was important to me to make the same authentic Mexican food available for the vegan community. That idea has led us to where we are today. Read more>>

The Loopy Spoonie | Disabled Entrepreneur

I grew up having to buy speciality bath and body products because of my sensitive skin. Eventually as I developed more and more allergies I ended up having to learn to formulate my own specialty bath and body products. Read more>>

Allison Angol | Event & Decor specialist

Being able to have quality time giving back by being an entrepreneur. Not being limited to salary but creating your own salary. Family is everything to me so having the flexibility in creating a schedule to be effective in the marketplace as well as at home with my family. Read more>>

Cameron McKinney | Physical Therapist and Entrepreneur

I love this question. I’m not sure I had a clear thought process behind starting my own business. I feel I was always led to do it by something other than myself. Read more>>

 Jeff and Lucas | Video Production

We knew that having the freedom to work on our films while earning money with our own video production company is key. The start was tough, discouraging however we kept pushing seeing the possibility year after year. I think most folks want the now result when in reality any business takes time to build. Read more>>

Tiffanie Vu | Jewelry Designer & Occupational Therapist

To be honest, I never would have imagined being a business owner if you asked me a few years ago. It happened organically and Earth & Soul Collection was the byproduct of finding a creative outlet during peak COVID. My plans changed when the pandemic hit two months away from graduating to receive my masters degree in Occupational Therapy. Read more>>

Margo Moritz | Commercial Lifestyle Photographer

Becoming a photographer never started as a business idea for me. It came through an unfolding of following what I loved to do, recreating who I thought I “should be,” and letting my gut guide me through the meandering process of discovering who you are. Read more>>

Jurni Rayne | Restaurant Owner

Honestly, I got tired of not being promoted and training my boss. Lol. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for over 20 years and have an undergraduate degree in hospitality: restaurant management. For some reason, I was always good e laugh to give extra work and to train new hires (even those who were going to be managing me), but not good enough for promotions and pay raises. So, I decided to open my own restaurant and give others who look like me opportunities that I was not afforded. Read more>>

Shannon Haly | Irish Designer

Non Physical started really gradually. I started sewing when I was around 15, mainly so I could make my own clothes for parties. After awhile some girls in my school started asking me to make dresses for them, and I think it was maybe two years later that I was consistently making prom dresses for people out of my parents kitchen! I decided to set up our website and instagram page in my final year of school because I wanted it to expand outside of my hometown. Read more>>

Maya Nora Sirohi and Mariell Lødøen Stene | Owner and Designer of MAYA MARIELL

One of our best memories together consists of sharing clothes, putting together outfits and heading out into London’s nightlife. Inspired by London’s diversity we developed a common passion for fashion and art. Halfway through our degree we played around with the idea of creating our own brand, but didn’t feel ready at the time. Read more>>

Sarah, Sandra and Samantha Gomes | Sisters and Co-Founders of The Sisterhood Studios

The Sisterhood Studios is a small local business founded in June 2020 by us 3 sisters, Sarah, Sandra and Samantha. We started with Hand-embroidered and Batik facemasks in hopes to provide an environmentally friendly option to disposable masks. Since then, we have grown and expanded into other products that are made in small batches, keeping sustainability and the wearer in mind. Read more>>

Yuji Tyler | Creative Director of Brand Development

Everyone wants to create some cool stuff right? It’s even difficult to get to the grassroots. They can get tired of the process until the point you can create. For example, If you wanna become a DJ from the ground up, you need to start by downloading all the songs, finding out what’s the best fitting equipment you need to get for the style you wanna play, learning how to use them, and find a person that can teach you or go to youtube university or years. Read more>>

Nisha Bhatia | Culture enthusiast, co-parent, daytime supply chain consultant

Me and my husband Jay, are born and brought up in India. We have been living in the US for about 20 years now. When our daughter was born, I always worried about what I would tell her and teach her about the world. How will we help her belong but at the same time, remember and embrace her roots, India, Hinduism, our family’s culture. Read more>>

Dominic Vigil | Audio Engineer & Music Producer

In the field of music production/audio engineering, starting your own business (or rather, making yourself your own business) becomes the natural path for most people. It wasn’t necessarily an intentional thing for me, but it’s certainly an aspect of my work life that I cherish. It gives me the freedom to spend my time how I want, the ability to work from home, and hosts of other benefits without too many negatives. I get to live and survive on my own terms, and I’m not sure I’d be able to live any other way! Read more>>