The first step to starting a business is deciding to start a business. They say the first step is the hardest and in our experience this is especially true when it comes to starting a business. Getting over the mental roadblocks can be tough, often harder to overcome than the challenges you’ll face once you actually start the business. Fellow entrepreneurs share their thoughts below.

Cristina Leone | Jewelery Designer

To be honest this was not planned at all. I started designing simple earrings when I was 12 years old and this was just a hobby until I turned 15 and I paid my first trip to Spain with the money I earned from selling to my friends in high school. Was not until I finished university that I was able to study jewellery making for two years in Venezuela (where I am originally from) and then the real dream started. I moved to UK in 2013 without any expectation to re-launch my brand in the UK market but God has a plan for us and I did. I can’t lie, it was challenging at the beginning. I remember being lost and not focused at all; but here I am helping wonderful women feel powerful with her accessories. Read more>>

Peter Watts | Co-Founder/CEO

When I was a former principal of Thurgood Marshall Middle School, I saw the need and the disparity in education around black children and foster care. They were disproportionately affected and I wanted to do something about it. My wife and I began researching around the country the ways in which organizations and businesses were supporting foster youth. We found that many organizations were doing some really great work, but we knew that those students in our schools weren’t succeeding academically nor were they graduating high school or being accepted into college as a higher rate. We decided to launch our Foundation. We wanted to see every foster youth and in particular black and brown kids finish school and go onto college. We wanted the same things for other people’s children that we had desired for our own three children who finished college. Read more>>

Spiral Fitness | Fitness & Yoga Virtual Platform

When COVID-19 happened both of us were working at a physical studio in Los Angeles. We both have a love for fitness and the industry and didn’t want to sit back and wait for everything to reopen. That’s where we came up with the idea for Spiral Fitness. After working in a studio setting for so long we knew we wanted to be entrepreneurs and wanted to create a space where instructors can take on that role as well and grow individually. Read more>>

Demetrius Bethea | Demetrius Bethea | Serial Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

I initially started my first business in 2017 with the thought of helping people and making money. I knew I did not want to work a 9 to 5. Amongst my peers I always heard people discussing problems in corporate America and I knew that I wanted to be a part of the solution. At only 23 I was ambitious however I had a lot to learn about the way business works and the best way to be of service to those I serve. Over time I realized that the money I sought out to make would take some time however in the process I was able to serve those I came in contact with in a multitude of areas. I would say that my mindset shifted many times throughout my career however it was the initial thought of helping people that has stayed consistent. As I embark on my next venture that is the sole intent, To be inclusive and assist the underrepresented and underprivileged men and woman of color, lgbtq + and any and all members of a community that has struggled for equality to have equal access to the tools and resources they need to achieve financial freedom. Read more>>

Jennifer Adams | Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #110390, CEO of JAdams Marketing and Phd Student

After going through a divorce and taking over everything financially, I needed to make extra income to survive. While working full time as a Trauma Therapist in Community Mental Health, I began to think of ways to do so. Since I have an extensive background in Journalism and Marketing through magazines, radio and more- I decided I wanted to launch a Marketing Agency because I love storytelling through visual media mediums. For each client that books my services, I make sure to create a unique vision portrayed through Digital Advertising, Public Relations, Influencer Outreach & Content Creation. Read more>>

Nathan Hemmens | Entrepreneur

Starting at a young age, I always took the initiative to be independent. As the years went on, I’ve taken jobs to pay bills, but I found myself knowing and having better ideas that the owners I worked for and was getting a lot of money for those ideas. However, it paled in comparison to what they made. This was not satisfing to me since I enjoyed being independent and wanted to be able to solely rely on myself for financial support. It is very important to know that your team is your best asset. Just because you want to be independent from having a “boss” doesn’t mean you should start your own business alone. My advice for someone who would like to start there own business would be to do your homework, know the business you intend to engage in, and seek lots of professional advice. Surround yourself with likeminded positive individuals who are already successful on the same path as you or a few steps ahead. Read more>>

Ashlee Abrams | Performing Artist

This is a funny one. In the early 2000’s, everyone I encountered had the same way of greeting me – “WOW you look like Britney Spears!”. What could be seen by many as a great compliment quickly turned to a major irritation for me! After years of this, one night I was chatting with my Mom about wanting to earn some money of my own as I approached high school graduation. “Why don’t you do Britney Spears birthday parties?” my Mom said. My reaction was that of a typical teen – telling my Mom that was the dumbest idea ever. But, it got the wheels in my head turning….what if I used my background in theatre to portray a variety of characters at birthday parties? If I could dress up as Britney Spears and perform for kids, why not Barbie? Alice in Wonderland? A Princess – or many? What began as a half-hearted suggestion from my mother snowballed into Beverly Hills Princess – the business I have run for the entirety of my adult life. Read more>>

Koren Owens | Interior Designer

As a teenager running around the streets of Los Angeles, I never thought of the future. Yes, I was responsible and I had a steady job, but that was as far as I looked forward. Then I had two children. I was nursing my youngest one day, and I thought… I need to plan for the future. And that’s when I began plotting and dreaming of my own Interior Design firm. Nine years later and here I am. It began with an internship with the talented Ruthie Sommers where I fell in love with the world of interior design. After that it was one foot in front of the other… hurdles, moats, online Zoom school with my kids, I’ve tackled each problem and kept moving forward. Read more>

DJ Hustle | DJ & Actor

It would need to start with a purpose and vision. The idea has to be meaningful to yourself and relevant to your potential clients or customers. This connection is important to the success and longevity of a thriving business. The process should be well thought out. Completing a SWOT Analysis will also bring clarity and direction to the business development. Read more>>

Raul Rodriguez | Juice Bar Owner

For my partner, a life-threatening cancer diagnosis of his child became a life-changing wake-up call. The family was experiencing a difficult and painful period in their lives. Today, the family is a family of a “child cancer survivor” and they are eternally grateful for God’s provision. They show gratitude by giving back to the communities we serve in. It was during the child’s medical treatment that the two business founders joined in their mission to better educate themselves and their families for healthier eating habits. They headed down a path of many questions – Why wait for illness to occur before we decide to change our eating habits? Wouldn’t life be better if we avoided illness by creating healthier eating habits and not wait until we are ill? These questions and many others followed these gentlemen for days, weeks, and months to follow – This education and healthy life practice became their mission. Their mission became our company’s mission of providing healthier eating alternatives. Read more>>

Helen Bradley | Professional Artist, Creativity Life Coach and Expressive Art Facilitator

I knew it was time for me to leave a 20-year administration job. And if you know me… I am not a desk gal at all. Before that job in administration, I was a Kindergarten Teacher which I loved… A teacher of early education. On the floor most of the time… exploring and creating a place for these children to express freely and grow into the strength of who they were. I had a strong niggle on many levels, that it was time to leave administration. What I did not know, is what was next, except, what I did know is it dealt with creativity. I actually said a prayer every day “Dear God, given my gifts, talents, skills, experience, education, desires… what would you have me do? “ I also took a class called “Artist Way” designed around the book “Artist Way” written by the masterful Julia Cameron. I can actually say doing this class, and the exercises assisted in stepping into my life’s work. Two of the creative practices in this book are “Morning Pages” and “Artist Dates”. Morning pages is 3 handwritten pages of free form writing to get the gunk out of your consciousness. Read more>>

Daniel Kronfli | Family Man and Head Dishwasher

I grew up in a entrepreneurial family. My dad and his brother owned a business, Their dad and their uncles owned business. I was always around it, My parents always said, “Do thing right the first time so you don’t have to do it again.” “Take pride in what do you.” “Nobody will ever hand anything to you, you need to work hard.” “Make a decision and execute it to the best of your ability.” My Mom introduced us to the beauty of food and hosting. She loved to cook large meals for her family and her friends, and we always hosted at our house. After working in a cubicle for 6 months after graduating from college, I quickly became the best person in the office to only make $28,000/year, that solidified it. I needed to work for myself, I needed to open my own business so that my hard work can go towards a brighter future for myself and future family. I had done a lot of projects in college on bars and restaurants, given my background growing up, it was almost a no-brainer for me. Read more>>

Anthony Lu | A Guy That Just Likes To Eat Good Food and Share it With People

It started out with me helping my friend with his ice cream shops social media for free while developing my own boba concept, Creativitea. Together we created a unique selling product, which was an ice cream cone with 10 individual scoops of mini ice cream called the Ice Cream Bouquet. This concept immediately went viral, getting featured on major food publications which converted to an influx of social media followers and customers. This was when I realized that I was actually good at creating content that can generate massive amounts of impression and reach. I decided to leave the boba business and started to run restaurants social media accounts for free to see if this was really something I wanted to do full time. I landed my first big client Mei Zhou Dong Po, an international Chinese restaurant with 4 locations in Los Angeles, from there I started to get more and more clients and eventually started my own social media marketing company called Shiro Studio, named after my pet Shibainu, Shiro. Read more>>

Jessica Denison Kevin Whitmire | Goldie Swan Production Company, LA/NY Based

In 2010, our collaboration started at undergrad in the middle of nowhere in central Pennsylvania. At first our training solely focused on stage acting, but as we began to develop original content (digital and live) we found ourselves identifying as performer creators. Whether it was a film, solo performance, dance, trapeze, mime–we were challenged to tell a story. Our love for vintage feels stems from a cabaret performance entitled, “Glitter in the Gutter.” In this skit we both fully embody and bring to life the intimate and obsessive relationship between Pop Art icons, Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol. This was the first original work where we began to blend film with live performances. The skit turned into a show which eventually found its way to NYC’s Manhattan Repertory’s Solo Festival. Since then, the idea of creating vintage content has grown into a production company. Read more>>

Andrew Davies | Co-Founder of The Bible Players & Charactours

Great ideas often come when someone combines two old ideas, creating something amazing and new. That was the impetus for my starting The Bible Players. I was teaching in the world of Jewish education and at nights performing sketch and improv comedy. These were two great worlds that weren’t talking to each other at all. So I thought there could be a niche for a Jewish Comedy Group that used the tools of Improv and Comedy to explore Jewish values and stories. We started 10 years ago and have been performing and writing and growing ever since. Read more>>

Christine Haynes | Creative Director

I’m passionate about building small businesses. Launching my own design studio has allowed me to curate a clientele of fellow entrepreneurs who’s missions I believe in. It makes me happy to see everyone succeed. Read more>>

Dani Maloney | Director and Founder of Dani Maloney Dance Collective

Dani Maloney Dance Collective, also known as DMD, was officially established as a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization on September 2nd, 2020. I was determined to provide artistic experiences while COVID-19 indefinitely halted the performing arts from operating. I wanted to provide job opportunities to dancers, giving them meaningful work while paying them a fair wage. It is also deeply important to create work spaces that prioritize safety and where the rules and regulations put into place by the CDC and the state of Nevada are constantly followed and respected. DMD is a traveling contemporary dance collective that is based out of Las Vegas, NV. The collective aims to bring impactful movement and artistry to both screen and live performance, combining athleticism, acrobatics, partnering, contemporary dance, and a narrative that will carry audiences through an entire piece. From September to December 2020, I fought for grants, fundraised, and got my company’s business affairs in order. Read more>>

Cathleen Abalos | Illustrator and Visual Development Artist

When I first started to exhibit at conventions as an artist, it was mainly to get my artwork and my name out there and to network to find work in the animation industry. I didn’t realize that selling my artwork would become a separate entity entirely. Read more>>

Alyssa Caverley | Journalist & Founder of Soirée Candles

I have been in journalism and media for over 10 years! When the pandemic hit and we were forced to reevaluate how we were going to produce our shows, we had a few weeks where we were dark and there wasn’t a lot going on. As part of one of my assignments as a journalist, I was sent to Paris to do a story on fragrance houses and how they work/their influence on Parisian culture. While in Paris, I learned the intricacies of fragrances and decided to put that knowledge to the test by making candles and mixing the scents myself. From there, my husband made an off-handed comment about turning it into a business. I brushed him off and said that I didn’t have enough guts to start my own business — too many unknown variables! But the more I thought about it, the more the idea started to appeal to me. I host a podcast called ’80 on the Dollar’ that focuses on female entrepreneurs and many of them have the same message — if you’re scared, just take it one step at a time, but make the leap and don’t look back. Read more>>

Angela (Angie) Glucksman | Baking Instructor and Early Education Teacher

My full time job is being a state preschool teacher for LAUSD. I’m also an adjunct teacher at Pierce College. However, my bread baking classes are my passion. I started this business because I truly love baking bread and I love teaching others. I’ve always been a baker. I remember baking with my mom and my grandma at a young age. By the age of 10 I was baking cakes and breads on my own. I’ve dabled in cake decorating and bake all of the birthday cakes for my nieces, nephews, and my old children . So baking has always been a love of mine. I learned to bake sourdough from a friend of mine who is actually a former student’s mom. She lives close to my school and would always bring me loaves of sourdough fresh out of the oven. She always said she would teach me but I didn’t think I had the time. Well, when the pandemic started I found myself at home with more time on my hands. So I called my friend and I said that I was ready to learn. Read more>>

Batel Tamiet | Designer and Art Director

I was inspired by how impactful legacies can be. I didn’t just want to run a business, I wanted to build a foundation and a space in which I could water, nurture, and grow. The icing on the cake would be to witness the fruit of my labor in this lifetime. I believe that starting your own business is not only numbers and transactions, but rather a way of sharing a story, building relationships, and changing the way of things in the world. Read more>>

Dawn Stillo | Yoga Teacher/Therapist

A month after lockdown in April 2020, my dear friend Jennifer Elliott came over to visit, I had recently moved so I thought she was coming over to check out my new place.. The first room I took her to see was my detached :she shed, that I transformed into my yoga studio where I zoom classes from, Jennifer abruptly said, “I have to tell you the real reason why I’m here!” with a huge twinkle in her eye. She went on to ask me to partner with her in opening a virtual yoga studio and school run by Yoga Therapists (us), ideally with a path for students to become certified yoga therapists! Jennifer and I have have traveled together to numerous yoga festivals, we’ve led teacher trainings, and hosted an international yoga retreat together. All of it was joyful, seamless, and FUN! There are certain energies when combined, elevate you. Jennifer and I work hard and well together, I instantly felt from her excitement in that moment, and knowing her work ethic, it would be a successful endeavor. Read more>>

Jamieson Murphy | Founder Whiteout Media

Starting a business sounds both fun and terrifying. There are a lot of pros and cons, risks and financial uncertainty that came to play before I started one of my businesses. When starting a business timing has to be everything. Before launch I made sure I had a plan and a way to execute my said plan. I started the business with a partner at first then went my separate way because my partner and I didn’t see eye to eye 24/7 and that is something that is necessary when starting a business. Read more>>

Andres Rovira | Film Director & Producer

The odds of finding real success as a film director can be compared to trying to win the lottery. There is a lot of waiting. Waiting for a manager to get you that job, waiting for a producer to read your script, waiting for an idealist dream of working on set to magically manifest. But a career this challenging will rarely fall on your lap. You have to put in the work and grab it by the horns. That’s why I decided to become a production company owner, so I could find my own jobs and then hire myself to direct, edit, but most importantly, be the producer, so I can control the outcome. Rather than working as a for-hire director, running a production company allows me the creative control and freedom to do things my way, as long as the client is happy with the final cut. I highly recommend anyone interested in pursuing a filmmaking career to take the plunge, start an LLC, make a website, and start calling yourself a production company owner as early as possible. Because you have to be more than just a director to succeed. Read more>>

Elena Gonzalez Santulli | Art Director & Founder of Made By a Woman

I am the founder of Made by a Woman, a brand supporting woman-identifying and non-binary artisans. I became established in 2020, and will be launching in Spring 2021. When I started Made by a Woman, I didn’t realize the potential for the community it could generate. I doubted my ability, and didn’t think I was in any position to start a business. The business morphed into many thing in the early stages, and I had a lot of layers to unpack to make it genuine or I knew it wouldn’t last long. I don’t have a degree in business, and most road blocks came from a learning curve. I often questioned hiring outside of my skillset; but as a struggling artist, that wasn’t an option. I educated myself, and made it a few steps ahead each day. I believe ideas come to us to spark a bigger connection, and we shouldn’t ignore them. It’s up to us to find the message, and it doesn’t have to be glamorous. It all starts in your room while you build your business plan. Read more>>

Marla Mervis-Hartmann | Body Positivity Coach, Reiki Master & Speaker

Love Your Body Love Yourself was created when I healed my relationship with my body and food. When this happened, I knew that helping people develop body confidence to stop letting their food obsessions block them from sexual intimacy, financial success, and consistent self-love was my mission. Ever since I can remember, I have had an issue with my body. I was always concerned with what I looked like and did many things to control my weight: over-exercising, under-eating, throwing up, cleansing, and restricting certain ‘bad’ foods.  I tried the myriad of choices that a desperate woman has. Nothing I did ever helped my disgust and body shame. I would lament, cry, and ultimately soothe myself with food. I was on a cyclical pattern of restricting, overeating, shaming, and repeat. After years of struggling, I dove deep into recovery. I found many tools to support myself; Reiki, Tantra, Breath-work, Kundalini Yoga therapy, and so much more. Read more>>

Shawneshia Stoneham  | Entrepreneur and Makeup Artist

I feel like very early entrepreneur has had their phase of doubts or in other words fear of failing. The way I overcame this phase is shutting out any inch of doubt in my mind and replacing them with motivating aspirations and encouragement to myself. First, I had to set goals for myself and identify what I actually wanted out of my brand. After, identifying that starting my brand would be great for my own self development, where I will be able to be an asset to myself and use my skills and qualities for the advancement of my own business, everything else came naturally. I began to realize that being a business owner was something I wanted to pursue and that I was good at it, I understood that not everyone will accept my ideas or even be on board with me throughout my journey and I accepted it. You have to be your own biggest fan is what I learned in the early stages of starting my business. That is what has gotten me this far. Read more>>

Amy Stock | Gallerist

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, becoming an entrepreneur always seemed like it was a part of my destiny. But figuring out what that looked like took time. My gut had always told me to be patient when it came to figuring out what that business venture would eventually look like. After working in sales and marketing for 15 years and always quickly tiring of the current job I was in, a friend challenged me with the question, “If you could do anything, what would it be?” I took a few months to think about what I loved and excelled at in past jobs. My favorite job had been managing an art gallery, but I knew that if I worked in that industry again, I wanted to be the one that made the decisions. I then took about six months to familiarize myself again with the industry, reading lots of books on the economy of the art market and also entrenching myself in the current art scene where I lived, Long Beach. Read more>>

Kim Saigh | Tattooist

I wanted to open my own business for the freedom of calling my own shots, and navigate my vision of what seemed like an ideal work environment. Read more>>

Enrico Busto | Bespoke Hatmaker

The best advice I’ve ever had when I was thinking to build my own business was :”Don’t do it”! I always had the spark and willing to start my own business pretty much for not being in a company that was not mine, that was not running as I want, It doesn’t matter if you are the marketing manager or the CEO, you have always people to report to and the willing to design my own job. Starting a business for me is a perfect combination of madness and preparation mixed with a high pain threshold. So the only way for me was doing something I’m deeply passionate about because you’ll spend days and nights thinking about it. I always had a passion for clothing and hats. I’m a collector. and my mom was a seamstress and made me all bespoke clothing since I was a newborn. She always told me to look at how clothes look from the inside, so you can understand the quality of the craftsmanship. Read more>>

Jessica DeShong | Host of “Miss Jessica’s World” on Youtube Kids

I’ve always loved the idea of working in children’s programming, but I knew what I wanted to create within the industry didn’t exist yet. The goal with my Youtube Kid’s channel “Miss Jessica’s World” is to help foster the love of learning through music, movement and cultural exploration. Kids have incredible imaginations and generous amounts of curiosity. I want my show to be a smorgasbord of ideas and fun experiences they can learn from and enjoy. Read more>>

Devan Nichols | Founder at Contour Creative

I have always been enamored with graphic shirts and thought it would be fun to make my own sometime. I followed local and inspiring businesses that made clothing, but their product never truly resonated with who I was or my price range so one day I decided it was time to make my own! My husband and I were about to move into the tiny house we built, so there wouldn’t be space (or budget!) to get a screen printing setup. A friend recently showed me how she block printed on paper and I did a little bit of Googling and figured out how to do it on fabric. Before Contour, I had a small card and print business, and when I posted my experimental first tee shirts on Instagram, I immediately got a message from one of the shops that carried my cards; they wanted my shirts! That was the moment I realized I could make shirts for more than just me:) Read more>>

Nick Long | Indoor Farmer

Start as small as possible and patiently build the fundamental skills to run my business – In the beginning, I had a bold vision for an agriculture empire. Not only did I want to build the largest indoor vegetable farm in my hometown of Monrovia, I wanted to start a lavender farm (my favorite herb) and potato farm (my favorite vegetable), just to name a few. But something I learned early in my entrepreneurial journey was that investors want to invest in something physical that already exists. Investors don’t want to invest in a good idea on paper that’s never been materialized. So when I decided to take my favorite hobby from just a hobby to a professional career, I started as small as possible. I grew one tray of microgreens in a small grow tent in the corner of my parents garage. I then convinced my parents to let me turn my bedroom into a farm. Read more>>

Sarah Elaziz | Beauty-Preneur

I have always known at a young age that I was going to be in the Beauty Industry. Not just as an artist, or business manager for large brands, but truly Invade the Industry & leave my mark. After serving 17 years in the industry, I felt that it was time to pursue creating my own beauty line. I started with La Bhanga (@labhanga) a Clean, Luxury CBD Skincare Line. Combining my passion for beauty & cannabis I started the creation of La Bhanga in 2015- well before it became a new beauty trend. My understanding of the Cannabis Plant from seed-to- product in combination with my savviness & passion for beauty led me to believe that I was truly onto something- the “future of beauty”. I started with creating at home body products using organic ingredients & pure extracts of CBD oil from plants in my garden. Shortly after in 2016 I started the formulation development for skincare. Read more>>

Samm McAlear | Multi-Disciplinary Creative Director + Designer

It was something that’s been always been a goal of mine, ever since i tried to start a clothing line with my friends in 5th grade. As i grew older i had a couple other random business come and go with time, but through those experiences I realized there was no feeling quite like building something from the ground up and being your own boss. As I graduated from college my ultimate goal was to start my own design studio/agency, but realized from everything i had learned up to that point, how important it was to not only have a plan but also to have the relationships to allow for the business to grow. So i ended up deciding to go work at adidas right out of school to gain some additional real world experience in a setting where i would have something to what I was making and a part of. Read more>>

David Nitzsche | Owner & Editor

I found myself always reaching out, making new connections, and looking for work that would not only challenge me, but was something that I really wanted to work on. Starting my own editorial company felt like the perfect vessel to take that journey to the next level. Editing is one piece of the puzzle, but the interaction and communication, the organization, and the hustle, are all aspects I love about this business. Once you have a kid, you tend to think about the future a bit more and so far, I like where it’s heading. Read more>>

Brighton Boerner | Owner & CEO

After a few “big girl” jobs I realized I was unhappy working the normal 9-5 hours. I wanted to be my own boss, create my own hours, and have the ability to work wherever I was in the world. A flexible working schedule was key for me. Read more>>

Stefanie Girard | Art Candy Machine Curator and Artist

Helping others. I launched the Art Candy Machine to give artists a way to safely display and sell their art and give art collectors a fun way to see and buy art when all the indoor galleries were closed. It is a huge hit as many artists need the focus of a specific Call for Art to create and the feedback of sales, on-line promotion and positive comments keep that creativity in motion. For patrons of the Art Candy Machine it is giving avid art collectors and first-timers alike a fun activity outside that allows them to safely support living artists and buy something unique and personal either for themselves or as a gift thus continuing the “feel-good” experience. Read more>>

Thomas Lavin | President/ Luxury To The Trade Home Furnishings

When I was a kid, my sister and I played office with my father’s leftover folders, office equipment and work ephemera. It was in my youthful games that the future was sown. After job-hopping for several years as the quintessential roaming admin, I took a job in to-the-trade home furnishings and felt like a duck in the water. While I was selling beautiful product, the most salient features in our industry are relationships and service. For those are the foundation of our business. Having been an ambitious young man, I saw opportunities in the marketplace to open — and collections that had not been represented in Southern California. We started off small – with 1 employee in 3,000 square feet. Twenty-one years later, we have two dozen on the team and, 25,000 square feet combined in two locations (Pacific Design Center and Laguna Design Center). And playtime foreshadowed life : My sister is my CFO; it has become our vision with us both bringing different expertise to our business.  Read more>>

Arnold Kalsians | Father & Entrepreneur

When I first came to United States, I started working at a company that sold window covering products. From there I was recruited by one of the customers to join their team. Unfortunately, the owner passed away a few months after I had started working there. The owner’s wife decided to close the business, and that formed an idea in my mind! I can do this business, I am familiar with the products, can do the work, and know the industry. Read more>>