There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Cassie & Sabrina Glow | Sisters & Award-Winning Voiceover & Singing Talent

In the Voiceover industry, your name is your brand, so we are lucky that our last name, “Glow”, is so memorable! [Side note, our last name was how we originally and accidentally got started in the entertainment business. When we were little, we were holding hands and swinging our arms while singing “G-L-O-W, G-L-O-W, G-L-O-W, we-are-the-Glow-Girls!” in dance class. Read more>>

Nina Tulio | Salon Business Mentor and Educator

I would have to say 2 things are incredibly important. 1st things being consistent. Constant in the way you show up. Consst. Consistent in the way you deliver a message. Consistent in the way you treat your clients.  Read more>>

AJ Jenkins | Record Producer/Audio Engineer

Finding a community of creatives and clients who support each other. My business started and grew organically on Instagram during the pandemic and I was fortunate to meet right people at right timing whom I could trust and have honest conversations about what’s going on. Read more>>

Sean Matthews Brett Hazard | Hollywood Executive Producer Teams Up With Real Estate All Star to form Hazard | Matthews Group.

Our strong industry relationships make us successful. Reputation is everything in the real estate business and at H|M Group, we fight for our clients like it’s our own money on the line. Trust is crucial when working with high-net worth and celebrity clientele. Real Estate is a service based industry and we pride ourselves on the unparalleled service we provide. Read more>>

Sean Gunnell | Professionally trained and award-winning screen and stage actor

The most important factor behind my success is gracefully staying in my authentic lane. Pursuing a professional acting career in Los Angeles has been the Mount Everest of my life thus far, and the fact that it has been both exhilarating peaks and exhausting valleys is just how I would want it to be. Since arriving in town back in July 2014, Read more>>

Maximilian Schlossberg | Master Dog Trainer

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, often talked about how the secret to his success was that he ‘loved’ his users. And because he ‘loved’ them he was constantly thinking of how to help them, not himself, and the rewards came as a byproduct. Read more>>

Blake Hare | Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success is my self confidence, this trait was instilled in me since childhood by my mother. I can’t thank her enough for helping me believe in myself that I can do anything on this planet I put my mind too. With that self confidence it breeds my thirst for knowledge, advancement, and perfecting my craft in life. Read more>>

Kenneth Brown II | Professional Musician; Inglewood native; Junior Music Performance Major at Morehouse College

There are many factors behind my success with self-motivation, leading those factors. I have always believed in myself because I knew I wanted a music career and was willing to do whatever it took to make my goals a reality. As my talents began to shine, my confidence grew. High standards played a huge role in being self-motivated. Read more>>

D2Millertime | Music Producer

Dedication. There are too many days to count where I wanted to give up and stop making music. More often than not I’m not just the producer. I’m the producer, the engineer, the promoter, I’m hitting up friends to get certain pictures for the album/single, and planning dates and schedules to make sure everything drops on time. Read more>>

Kate Williams | model, actress, and artist

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is to always learn. I need to constantly educate myself on better ways to evoke emotion, pose, create or find the best lighting, know business aspects, and different artistry techniques such as set design, stying, makeup, hair, editing. I do such by watching instructional videos, reading books and magazines, and collaborating with other creatives. Read more>>

Ryota Sakai | Owner of Delinquent Bros.

My Clothing line was inspired by the 1950s clothing style and graphic prints and seems to fit along with vintage clothing style. Most people tend to like unique and cool clothes, especially in these times and as well as in the past. Style is an everlasting cycle for fashion. Read more>>

Kym Gold | Designer and Entrepreneur

Perseverance, dedication and passion are huge parts of my business success. Making the constant choice to keep going and giving it my all even when there are challenges has been key for me on this journey. The other side of that is passion. Without passion, making that daily choice to keep going would be much harder. Passion fuels me. Read more>>

Nicole Kaplan and Heidi Webster | Hosts of The Pink Lemonade Stand Podcast

Our motto is “Squeeze the Day!”. Whether it’s one of our guests or our listeners, if we make someone smile, laugh, and forget their troubles for an hour, then we have done our job. On our podcast, the Pink Lemonade Stand, we interview people who were able to find the sweet in the sour and maintain their zest for life. Read more>>

Marina Mathis-Kidd | Owner/Executive Producer of Brown Girl Productions, LLC and Creator of The Monologue Room LA

The most important factor is to accomplish our mission which is to change the life of one actor/creator at a time by providing a platform to showcase their talents. Read more>>

Ron Husband | Artist

Executing the fundamentals. Read more>>

Francesca Patrón | Theater Director | Storytelling Coach

Aside from a work ethic that won’t quit, and a commitment to continuing to grow as an artist, I would say the key factor behind my success has been mastering the art of collaboration. Read more>>

Mark Joseph | Recording Artist

The most important factor is to be 100% myself and to do it unapologetically. It’s important to know who I am and not shy away from that, because THAT’S my brand. My authenticity. People know when you’re faking the funk- when it’s not authentic. They can see it, feel it, and hear it. The mantra I live by is, “take up space.” I take up space as a Gay, Black man by choosing not to water myself down to make others comfortable. Read more>>

Dr Elizabeth THREATT | Leadership coach and Educator

Prayer Read more>>

Brittney Mortl Chardon | Comedy Festival Coordinator

Golden Artists Entertainment has begun a new event called The Worldwide Comedy Contest and Awards. This is our third venture into the comedy event space, the other two being The U.S. Comedy Contest and The Portland Comedy Festival, both highly successful events that will continue for years to come. Read more>>

Chase Crawford | Film Producer + Founder of Four by Three

Wow… You know it’s really hard to give you the “most” important factor… There are a lot of factors. We have a joke around the office that Four by Three’s real motto is “Do The Impossible.”… I am always pushing the team to new levels and we are really excited about what we have in store for us on all ends of the business. Read more>>

Dani Sanchez | Content Creator

Being authentic. No matter what type of content I’m making, I make sure that it’s true to what I believe in and something that I can stand behind. A big part of the SuperDuperDani brand is built upon positivity and creating a welcoming community for anyone who enjoys geeking out and playing games, which is something I’ve always been passionate about creating and maintaining. Read more>>

chimaroke onyebuchi | Stylist, advocate, & entrepreneur

For me the most important factor/ factors behind the success of my brand are definitely collaboration and an unwavering sense of self. Without the collaboration of other small businesses and foundations the brand itself wouldn’t be as well rounded as it is today or shed light on various social issues and give access to those who want to contribute in different ways to their community. Read more>>

Billy Mustapha | Dancer and Choreographer

My authenticity has been pivotal to my success as a dancer. My ability to create art that speaks honestly about who I am or what I am feeling is an asset that makes my work relatable and allows the audience to be easily moved or impacted by what I am doing. There are so many artists in the dance industry. Read more>>

Jeremy Michael Pereira | Actor & Artist

Being KIND! I think that kindness goes a long way in any industry. Creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere, especially when working with others, leads to more opportunities and a more pleasant experience on a set, no matter who you are or at whatever level you are at. Read more>>

Quie Anthony | Q Bwoy (Aka Quie Anthony) Los Angeles Reggae Promoter & Ambassador

The most important thing to my success is that I actually love the product. In reggae music promotion, marketing and production the product is entertainment and culture. In 1993 when I began my nightclub promotion career in Los Angeles, culture was not easily found or celebrated in this city. Read more>>

Richard Ayoub | Project Angel Food Executive Director

The most important factor behind the success of Project Angel Food is leading with love. Everything we do is rooted in love. We infuse love into our meals by having members of the community help cook and package the food for people they may never meet. When fear comes into the equation because of challenges like a global pandemic, we walk through the fear and keep love at the forefront. We never forget how vital this nutrition is to our clients. Read more>>

Samed Yadegari | Co-Founder: Digital & Branding Director

Find the right team or build it. Differentiate your organization from competitors.
Prepare to fail, learn and grow. Find the right team or build it. The most important thing is to find the right people to work with. This will make or break you and looking back at my career prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur as well as now I’ve made sure to surround myself with those who help me grow and continue to add value. Read more>>

Flavia Watson | Music Artist, Songwriter, Producer

Perseverance, do it yourself & the path of least resistance There are so many no’s in this industry. So many road blocks and bumps along the way. So many times you may want to give up, but don’t give in!!! Keep going, pivot, find the next path with some kind of opening and see what happens. Read more>>

Davion Robinson | Collegiate Athlete & Social Media Influencer

Besides the man above who has blessed me exceedingly, I would say the most important factor behind the success of my brand so far is quality. I demand and expect myself to put out content on my platforms that I know stay true to me, but will be seen by many. The consistency of choosing quality over quantity has been the difference maker for me. Read more>>

ariel pe | Business Owner / Lakewood City Council

The most inportant factor behind my business is being engaged with the community. Being involved in multiple non-profits anllowed me to give back to the community and at the same time the by product of being involved allowed me to build my brand / business. Read more>>

Simon Davies | Executive Director of a national charity

Being authentic, focussed and unafraid of setbacks. The emerging generation of customers expect honesty, transparency, and commitments beyond profit. Old style capitalism is dying and being replaced by more thoughtful entrepreneurs.
Never forget to keep the core of your business stable and robust. Do not lose focus on your mission for the sake of a fast buck. Read more>>

Jacquie Lowe | Founder & CEO of Heron & Pine

It is so hard to narrow it down to one factor that has led to my brand’s success. If I had to choose one, I’d say persistence is key. Prior to launching my women’s hat company, Heron & Pine, I had no experience in the e-commerce or fashion industry. My background is in engineering, so there was a steep learning curve to get up to speed. After ending my 9 to 5 job everyday, I would get right to researching hat manufacturers. Read more>>

Ariel Maldonado | Artist and Environmental Educator

Consistency and being friendly to everyone, especially anyone who could be a potential networking connection! Showing up regularly is truly half the battle. Not giving up after getting rejected is the other half. I have been rejected countless times and it can be infuriating or feel personal, Read more>>

Emmanuel Osorio | Filmmaker / Artist

I was born and raised in Los Angeles around the outskirts of Downtown L.A. in a lower income neighborhood, so I knew from a very early age that I would have to work very hard to be successful. Growing up, I saw many businesses come and go, and many store owners struggle to keep from closing. I have always been interested in movies and the arts, so I created the goal to aim towards a career in Hollywood from a very early age. Read more>>

Kelly Graham | Creative Multi-Hyphenate and Baker Extraordinaire

You have to believe in yourself and believe that you are enough. That mindset can be hard to reach but it’s a major reason for my success and why I keep going. We are all worthy of achieving our wildest dreams. You just have to be yourself and go get it. Read more>>

Rae Mystic | Photographer & Multi-Artist

The most important factor behind my success & my brand is finding new ways to navigate my business in trying times (COVID) while providing the experience I did before the pandemic. Setting myself apart from other artists – being a jack of all trades and being capable to jump in where I am needed on the fly & commiting to my aesthetic. My #1 objective is to visually MAKE an artists presentation & better their business with my visual work. Read more>>

Sade Morris | Writer and performer

Hello, I am Folasade,a writer,actress, model,singer and dance.You could say I have my hands in many bags.Literally.Growing up I loved trying all different activities and sports.Whatever I saw I wanted to learn about. My curiosity and impulsive actions often led me to taking big risks and following my dreams.When applying for colleges I knew I wanted to study theatre. Read more>>

Jessica Law | Creator

Success is such an interesting word, and the definition of it has evolved over time. When I first moved to LA, the idea of success was working with the biggest Artists on large productions, proving that my success was somehow tied to the project. And after working with Artists such as Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, or Megan Thee Stallion, it didn’t necessarily define my success but prove my level of work. Read more>>

Jeong A Cha | Nursing Student & Co-Founder of jjengas plants

Our business has grown exponentially since we started in October of 2020. As we launched during the pandemic, in person interactions were very limited. However, we truly believe the most important factor for the success in our business was our authentic genuine personalities we show on our social media. We try to be as “real” as we can when it comes to talking about our plants and who we are as a business. Read more>>

Can Canel | Composer, Music Producer, Guitarist

Planning the day well and successful time management is very important. I try to use the time effectively. Being able to work under pressure is a big part of my work. A typical day for me could be, 10 hours of nonstop work in the studio, then going hiking or for a golf tour with friends, and always aiming not to end a single day without learning something new! Read more>>