One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Natasha Jimenez | Headshot photographer & Entertainer

I’ve always been drawn to faces and people. I love making people feel good and seen and I achieve that by creating an environment that’s comfortable and loving. I like to think of my photography sessions as a creative collaboration where I support and give you the tools to capture images that let your inner light shine. On my journey of life I’m always looking for ways to help others and in headshot photography you’re dealing with people’s dreams and aspirations. The actor or entrepreneur is choosing me to help them get to the next level and I’m always honored when I get that opportunity. Read more>>

Rik Dobson | Electronic Music Artist

I am greatly inspired by the rich diversity of cultures across the world. As a musical artist, I draw much of my inspiration from the East, especially India. For many years, I struggled to find my musical voice, until I came to Los Angeles where I encountered Buddhism and Indian Classical music. Without knowing It, I had always been seeking this. I must have been Indian in my previous life! I’ve always been captivated by how language, music, art, philosophy and way of life differs in the East from the West. It fills me with a sense of wonder and excitement and I hope to convey that feeling and inspire others through my music. Read more>>

Arezou Yaghoubian | Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon

I am inspired by many things, my patients, my students, my friends, but most importantly I am inspired by my parents, they are the reason I am where I am today. Their perseverance and strength immigrating from Iran to the US with two small children and starting their life from ground zero has given me the drive to be the person I am. Their hard work and dedication has shown me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Despite all their hardships, they showed my brother and I unconditional love, support and gave us a happy home. Randy Pausch said it best, we cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand. Read more>>

Arun Ganapathy | Composer & Music Producer for Film, Games and TV

These last few days have been rather difficult for me with the passing of my incredible and loving grandmother. Honestly, I’ve found it hard to be inspired recently, but as I look for comfort and inspiration, or something that just makes me laugh, I turn to video games, music, and anime. I feel that as we grow older, it’s harder to maintain a deep connection with your inner child. I truly “never forget my roots” because they’re still so ingrained in everything that I do and create. Don’t get me wrong, new stuff is really cool too, but there’s a reason that being “classic (maybe timeless)” has such weight to it. I am grateful for so many entertainment franchises that have spanned the life of my childhood and into my adult life, and these certain ones fuel my love for the art form. Read more>>

Hannah Fira | Lead Singer

I feel most inspired by great stories. It has always been my greatest aspiration to tell stories that connect with people and entertain them in a deep and meaningful way. I feel so proud that we have created a purposeful story in our upcoming album From Vegas With Blood which is set to release at the end of November! It’s a vampirate fantasy adventure that tells the story of Fira and Vette as they set off to save their realm from the forces of Fear…the demon king who is threatening to destroy their home. I also am very much inspired by lifestyle fantasy play! I have always been involved in cosplay. For the last few years, I have been a member of the Sabretooth vampire clan as a part of the Endless Night Vampire events and community. This has also been a major inspiration and influence on our work. Read more>>

Abigail Collins | Wedding and Boudoir Photographer

Inspiration is incredibly important now more than ever during this crazy time in our lives. We are frozen in little bubbles trying to stay safe and healthy while navigating life in isolation. In order to stay positive through it all, I try and allow my mind and heart to only be pulled toward what inspires me. I’m attracted to beauty first and foremost. Beauty for me lies more in how something feels than how it looks. Beauty lies in colors, in motion, in softness, in contrast, in the shapes people make when they touch each other, and the way light bounces off their skin, or in stories that touch the very core of me. During their vows, one of the grooms I photographed recently spoke of the grace in which his wife handled the last months of her dad’s life. He talked about the delicate strength in which she took care of him, and made him laugh up until his last moments on this earth. Read more>>

Freddy Fox | Artist & Fine Art Photographer

I am constantly inspired by the art and real life beauty I see everyday in online galleries, social media posts, graffiti art, gallery art, commercial art, cinematography. I feel my own sub-conscious is an amalgamation of all this, combined with my life experiences and personal interpretations; help to create the metamorphosis from an intangible thought or emotion to my final printed art concept. Read more>>

Baywud | Singer-Songwriter & Musician

So many things. I’m inspired by the good things in life, the bad things, the beautiful things and the ugly things. I think people inspire me more than anything. The human condition is such a delicate thing. Trying to figure out why people are they way they are and why they do the things they do is just so interesting to me. I’m fascinated by it. What is it that makes someone smile. What makes someone cry. What makes you angry or what makes you love. I want to know all of it. There is just so much beauty in all of the many imperfections of the world. You can find beauty in anything really, if you just look hard enough. There’s something beautifully perfect about the imperfect, if that makes sense. There’s so much to be inspired by in this world. Read more>>

Cloris Chou | Freelance Illustrator & Pet Portrait Artist

As a pet portrait artist, I’m most inspired by my two fur babies, Kai (the Husky) and Bella (the black-and-white cat). I include them in a lot of my work, from branding to products to photos. They make me smile every day and I’m grateful for their companionship. I know other pet parents feel similarly—I’m honored I can help them celebrate their pets in a unique way! Read more>>

Jaydene Oconnor | Private Chef & Catering

I knew in my heart when I was a little girl that food, cooking and all things culinary was my career path. I loved being in the kitchen trying to create new ideas, experimenting with spices and fresh ingredients. There are so many amazing Female Chefs out there that have inspired me but I remember watching Julia Child on Tv I loved her fearless cooking style and attitude I knew this was my calling. Being a chef is more than simply a profession, it’s my passion, I get inspiration, I can be creative and show my artistic side and it makes my soul happy to share my passion for food with others. Read more>>

Heather Hale | Film and TV Director, Producer & Screenwriter

I’m inspired by everything. Literally, everything. All around me, everyday, are ideas: comical scenarios for situation comedies, ironic juxtapositions or poignant insights that beg to be high concept feature premises or explored as zeitgeisty themes, fascinating strangers with unique quirks and idiosyncrasies, overheard snippets of dialogue or terrific names that beg to form the basis of an intriguing new character or concept. I am especially inspired by our connectivity – not what delineates us – that’s too obvious, on-the-nose and we are bombarded with it everyday! But rather how our bodies, relationships, families, communities, companies and countries are vital yet delicate ecosystems just as my vegetable and koi water gardens need to be tended in the same way as our individual health, friendships, creativity, intellectual and spiritual stimulation. Read more>>

Michael Seril | Small Business Owner, Fitness Coach & Community Leader

My greatest inspiration has been my awesome parents Alando & Felicidad Seril. Both immigrants from the Philippines, they came to this country to establish a better life for their family. Their willingness to sacrifice so much for my sister and I has been my greatest motivation to succeed not just in my professional career but also to become the best person I can be. There’s not a day that goes by that I forget and I make sure that all their sacrifices and hard work did not go to waste. Read more>>