We asked rising stars from the community to open up to us about their end goal. We asked them where they want to be, professionally, by the end of their careers and have shared some of those responses below.

Stephanie Catlow | Photographer & Educator

To be completely frank, I’ve never given much thought to the “end” goal when it comes to my career as I’m constantly in the midst of “starting”. I’m a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, with endless ideas and ventures, that never do I give myself the time to stop and fully contemplate the end of it all. But in posing this question, I’ve come to realize that anything and everything I do entrepreneurially is focused on impact. It has always been, and will always be, my goal to help inspire and influence younger generations to harness their creativity and curiosity. So at the end of this career, if I’ve been able to encourage and influence young minds to pursue their own creative endeavors and use that passion to help others, I will deem it the ultimate professional success. Read more>>

Stephen Madaus | Hair Loss Specialist

This is a great question considering I never imagined myself ever having a career in Hair Loss. Life is a journey and at times it will take us down different paths to find your calling. I had my own struggle of losing over 70% of my hair 8 years ago. I know the frustration people are feeling when it comes to trying to find resources to help with their hair loss. Generally, our first line of defense gives us hopeless answers with very little compassion. Then we are forced to jump into the Hair Loss Google Rabbit Hole. Talk about losing your hair even more… It’s my mission to help others filling that void bridging the gap of their research with education specific to their Alopecia. My end goal in my career is to change the Industry and mentor Image Professionals who have a passion to help their clients with hair loss. The more that we can educate and train Image Professionals on how to better serve their clients- the bigger positive impact we can make for the Alopecia community! Read more>>

Tulio Diaz | Photographer & Image Creator

I would love to be revered as one of the best Photographers in Southern California. The go-to guy for photography, the pro people hope never retires. I want my photography to become art on people’s wall at home, I want my photography on display in businesses, restaurants, etc… I want people to stare at my photography with admiration and place themselves in it subconsciously and play out a story within their thoughts. Read more>>

6 Points | Music Producer

The end goal for me is to have my music last forever. I really strive myself on making music that is so undeniable that even if you’re not a fan of that genre – When you hear a song from 6 Points you like that one. By the end of my career I see myself kicking back in a mansion somewhere in Malibu… Grammy’s and Plaques everywhere to show that I really had a positive impact on the culture of music. Read more>>

Roxana Line | Songwriter, Music Producer & Storyteller

It’s a moving target! I think it’s important to realize that as you progress through your career, especially in creative fields, you find new opportunities that end up shaping who you are and, in many cases, may alter your course. It’s not necessarily because what you originally had in mind becomes irrelevant, or because you give up on your dreams, on a contrary, you just uncover aspects of your true self in the process and adjust your aim towards the goals that were there all along, you just couldn’t see them as clearly. Right now, my biggest goal is to bring to life the animated musical I am currently writing. I also would love to expand my catalog of thematically entangled concept albums. I currently have only 2 of those, both in the process of a staged release. I am certain, however, as I achieve these goals, new bigger ones will end up taking their place. I am not even sure if there can be the END goal to a creative career, I think the goal is to never stop creating. Read more>>

Lance Richlin | Painter & Sculptor

My end goal is to create a great work of art. I want it to be technically spectacular and deeply meaningful. I want it to do justice to an idea and get the viewer to understand it. That’s not easy if the idea is complex and all you have is mute stone or oil paint. Finally, the work should move the viewer emotionally. It’s difficult to predict how a work will impact people. My ideas are of a religious nature and hopefully, by the end of my career, I will have something worthwhile to express to the public. Spiritual ideas change as life goes on. A person my have an insight but it can be refined with more living. And how one would express that insight changes with the artist’s development. –There are youthful insights that are correct but not mature and ways of painting them changes with the experience of painting. So I have a lot to look forward to. I think in my 80s, I’ll be doing my best work. Read more>>

Krista Driver | PsyD, CEO, Author & DNA Detective

My end “goal” is to be diversified and to not necessarily have an “end”. Let me explain. My education is in Psychology and that is “lane” I stay in for the most part. Meaning, I have a clinical case load, I supervise Interns gaining hours for licensure and I develop programs at the nonprofit counseling center (Mariposa) where I am the CEO. The cases I have are fascinating. I specialize in NPE (non parent expected) and Adoption. NPE’s are those that have taken a home DNA test and discovered a long kept secret ~ that their birth certificate father is not their biological father. I help them navigate that journey and I help them build their tree’s and find living relatives. So far, I’ve solved several cases and the work is so fulfilling for me. The work with Adoptees is much the same, whether they knew they were adopted or not… I help them discover their biological family story. For me, to be diversified means to also work in “other” lanes simultaneously. Read more>>

Melodie Yashar | Designer, Researcher & Technologist

I will be building and deploying technologies for the Moon, as part of NASA’s plan to sustain a permanent human presence on the Lunar surface. Read more>>